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School Girl with two older men

A school girl has rough sex with two older men in a car.
I had just turned sixteen in the previous week and I was feeling slightly left out. It seemed like all my female friends had lost their virginity except me.

They would all sit around during break and lunch times in high school discussing their sexual experiences whilst I sat quietly next to them and listened. They all expressed how good it felt, and often told me that I was missing out. I really wanted to save myself for a decent lad, but I didn't want to feel like the odd one out anymore.

Today was different, the sexual experiences which had just tickled my eardrums began to turn me on. I could feel my pussy becoming slightly warm and wet. I tried to control myself, but my pussy soon began to vibrate due to receiving a text on my mobile phone.

"Hey chick, it's Darren. We met the other day at the party, I was hoping we could meet up soon? Give me a text back soon and let me know."

An instant smile appeared across my face, I couldn't control myself, I instantly texted him back implying that I was free to meet up at any time. Moments later I received another text message.

"If I remember rightly, you attend that high school near the small down by the lane. If you're free now then I'll come pick you up and we can catch up."

I asked him to come pick me up in around ten minutes from the front gates. I tried to sneak away from the girls without noticing but I got caught.

"Where are you off to Ciara?" asked Sarah.

"Um, I've just got to nip to the toilets, I'll be back in a minute."

I knew I was lying but I just wanted to hurry up and make myself look presentable for Darren although I could barely remember him. I found myself almost running to the toilet. I quickly combed my hair, and pushed up my slightly below average breasts. I turned around to look at my big firm booty in the mirror - it was looking super big today. I applied a little bit of lip gloss to my lips as I could feel my mobile phone vibrating against my left nipple through my shirt pocked.

"You're taking the piss now love, I've been waiting here for ten odd minutes," shouted Darren down the phone, "Hurry up then, I've got things to be doing later." I could never remember him being like this.

"Sorry, I'm coming," I apologetically said whilst speed walking to the front gates.

Once approaching the gates, I could see that Darren wasn't alone, it looked as if a few of his friends were joining him. I ran over to his old looking car, and climbed in to the back seats.

"Wow you never told me she was this beautiful Dar, might have to swap her for my bird," said the lad sat in the passenger seat. I could see his eyes gazing up and down my petite pear shape body.

"You must crazy mate, god knows where your bird's been."

I could see the chick beside me giving me a dirty look, I knew she wasn't happy. But we both sat quietly in the back of the car whilst that lads sang along to the music.

After around twenty minutes of driving Darren pulled in to what looked like an abandoned car park. No one was around except us. What have I really put myself in to. I must be stupid. I don't know this lad.

"You two can go do your own thing for a while, leave me and my bird to talk," said Darren, whilst looking at the chick beside me.

"No Dar, come on, don't do this. Me and her can just chill here in the front, and leave you two to it in the back," said Darren's friend from the passenger seat, he looked in to my eyes as if he was asking me for an answer, "So what do you say?"

I shrugged my shoulders, I didn't know what to say.

"No mate, it's not going to happen. There's a few blankets in the boot, and a little patch of grass over there, do your own thing," said Darren.

He got out his car, and pulled the girl who was sat next to me by her hair and dragged her out the car.

"Get out you dirty bitch, don't even know why my lads with you. Oh yeah you're an easy fuck!" shouted Darren in her face.

But she still didn't say a word. Both her and the lad in the passenger seat walked off together. I'm not going to lie I was scared, scared of what he was going to do to me. Why did I have to put myself in to this situation.

Before I knew it, Darren was sat beside me stroking his cock through his jogging bottoms. His mature twenty-two year old faced gazed at me, whilst he lent towards me to gently stroke my young face with his other hand. He slowly moved his other hand down to caress my slightly below average breasts and nipples.

I tried to move back away from him - but he just moved closer and closer. My heart began to beat faster and faster as I could feel his warm breath touch my neck. I knew it was out of my control now. I just kept wishing and wishing this was all a dream.

"Don't look so scared sweetheart, it's not like you weren't expecting this. I'm not going to pick up a young girl from school for no reason."

"Look, I don't exactly know what I'm doing, I've never done this before, I'm, I'm, I'm a.."

"Come on, just shut up already, I know you're a virgin. Just let me control you, everything will be OK. Just enjoy yourself," Darren said as he winked at me.

My heart beat continued to speed up and he grabbed my hips to pull me closer. Darren kissed me on my cheek as he pulled down his jogging bottoms with his other hand and his large cock sprung out before me.

With encouragement from Darren I lent over and gently gripped my hand round his thick cock. The warm sensation began to turn me on, I could feel my tight pussy warming up. I began to softly stroke his cock. I gripped it tighter and began to trust my hand back and forth. I could feel my pussy beginning to drip. I slid my left hand up my mini skirt, and moved my black and red lace g-string to one side. I instantly started rubbing my clit in a circular movement.

"What are you doing you silly bitch, concentrate on me."

Before I could say a word I felt Darren's left arm which was behind me grab my hair.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I pleaded.

"Yea that's right girl, beg, beg for my cock."

He pushed my head onto his large 9 inch cock, until my lips were firmly wrapped around the head of it. "Lick then suck. Yea that's right, lick then suck."

His commands were making me real wet, I began to lick all around his thick cock when I heard the back door of the car open.

"Aye my boy getting some action there," said Darren's friend whilst he caressed my big booty firmly with his big manly strong hands.

"Yea, she isn't any good with sucking dick though," Darren said while laughing. "Oi what have you done with your girl then Harry?"

"Didn't want to fuck, so I left her. You know how I do. You know what though Dar, let me have a bit of this girl," Harry said whilst running his fingers up and down my hot wet pussy.

"Na boy, it isn't going to happen, she will give you a show though, she will show you what her virgin self can do."

I slowly raised my head to look at Darren's mature older face again. His dark brown eyes gazed in to mine. His dark stubble on his face led me to kiss his tender juicy lips.

I looked behind me to see that I was bent over in doggy style with my g-string clearly on show where Harry had pulled up my mini-shirt and began to spank my big bare booty.

"Get the fuck off her now Harry, I'm not even joking, if you're going to watch then climb in to the back with us, if not fuck off," said Daren whilst pulling me by my arms. "Stop making me do all the work here, climb on top of me," he said whilst his frustration began to build up.

I was so scared, I never wanted to lose my virginity this way. But I quickly climbed on top of Darren to stop him from becoming angry.

He led his big fat hard cock flat below me, and pulled my g-string to one side. He began to slap my tight wet shaved pussy with his hard cock repetitively. I could feel my pussy dripping as I pleaded for him to put it inside me.

Darren lifted me up, then immediately slammed me down on to his thick hard cock. I screamed with both pain and pleasure as it felt like the thickness of his cock slightly ripped my pussy, but the length of his cock was giving me an outburst of pleasure.

He grabbed hold of my booty to pull me up and down. With each thrust his dick went deeper in deeper inside of me until I couldn't take it anymore. I could feel both my legs and pussy tingling. I couldn't help but to scream with pleasure as my tight wet pussy exploded with juices. My toes curled so tight and I pulled myself closer to Darren's big manly body.

I felt a warm sensation stroke my cheek, I looked to my right to see Harry ejaculating all over me which made me even wetter.

I could feel a vibrating sensation on my leg coming from Darren's pocket, he pushed me off of him, and insisted that Harry had a go on me. He quickly climbed out of the car and slammed the door shut. I could just about make out what he was saying on the phone.

"Hey baby, yeah I'm just at the shop getting you your birthday present." ... "Obviously I'm not going to forget." ... "Ok see you in a bit, I love you."

I was guessing he had a girlfriend. But it was my first ever time of having sex, and I was going to have sex with another man straight after... At this point I was so horny that I was up for anything. Harry placed me on my back and quickly spread my legs as he lent over me.

"Well look at you, gorgeous and young, just how I like them," whispered Harry in to my ear.

I now had time to look at him properly, he was slightly tanned, and looked even older than Darren, but he was clean shaved, with blue eyes.

"Talk dirty to me baby, do you really want me to put it in you?" whispered Harry

"Yea, yea. I want it real bad, but how old are you?"

I felt his slightly smaller cock slide in to my dripping wet pussy, I didn't moan as much this time as it wasn't so big, but it still felt good. Harry gripped on to my skinny legs and pounded his 6 inch cock in and out of me. I could hear a loud slapping noise where his balls slapped against my skin. I pulled myself back, and wrapped my legs around Harry's big broad shoulders, as he continued to thrust his cock deeper and deeper in to my pussy!

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