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Scott - Michelle and Amber

I knelt down next to Mama in the bath and ran a scrunchie across her shoulders. Her head was back against the little purple pillow, one of those that suctions onto the side of the tub. I bought it for her from Wal-Mart. She had a scented towel across her eyes and her breaths came in slow and rhythmic succession so I knew she was asleep. I moved the scrunchie across the front of her chest and watched the water and soap flow down over the vast expanse of soft flesh. I dipped the little plastic mesh down in the water and brought it up allowin’ water to flow in a steady stream across her thick nipples. It won’t gettin’ in any way, shape or form excited by this, it was just interesting the same way running yer fingers across the hairs on your arm is interesting. Her breasts was so large they was facinatin’ to play with and look at. She didn’t have a blue vein anywhere to be seen, not a single solitary stretch mark and nairly a dark hair or mole on her lilly white skin. Quite honestly my Mama had the most perfect set of knockers in the world! I laughed at the irony that she was completely out of her freakin’ mind and that bein’ the case there won’t not a man alive that would ever enjoy these breasts.
I felt a little sad to be completely honest with you. It don’t seem right that a beautiful woman ought to go her entire life alone and wastin’ away in her home just cause the dear Lord saw fit to scramble her wires. But such is the case and ain’t no point in questionin’ the ways of God.
Mama’s chest rose and fell as she slept and her thick hard nipples dipped down into the warm water and then gently eased back up and out. I watched the crinkled brown flesh slowly submerge, the blue-gray cinnamon scented water wrap around and hug her nipple like a lover then, just as slowly, her tight little bulb of a nipple would rise again and the water would reluctantly release the little brown acorn like a it was sad to see it go. Then it would start all over again. Something about this hypnotized me and I found my thoughts driftin’. I couldn’t stop thinking about Suzanne and Amber. I felt like I had made a mistake doin’ anything with her Mama. Hell, I knew I made a mistake! How could it not be a mistake? I knew Amber would think I was fuckin’ crazy if she ever found out. Amber and I have been friends since we was kids and I never thought about her or her Mama like that. Now…now all that was ruined by the fact that I went off and did something stupid. Why did I let myself loose control like that? Well, it coulda been because I was in a house with both of them walkin’ round naked most of the time. Any man exposed to the two of them naked or damn close to it all the time is bound to loose control sooner or later…
“Scott, I think my boobs are clean.” Mama said.
“Scott, you been rubbin’ that thing up and down across my boobs for like ten minutes, I think they’re clean.”
“Oh…sorry Mama.”
“Why’re you here? Don’t you know I need my alone time?”
“Ok…I’ll just go see how Mrs. Blissitt and Amber is doin’. It’s been a while since I seen them and she sure has been nice helpin’ us out.”
“Why are you here? Go, get! Lord have mercy, like I can’t even take care of myself.”
Mama did this stuff from time to time like crazy people do. One minute I’m a kept man, prisoner forced to wait on her hand and foot and next she wants me gone. Hell, I knew as well as a squirrel knows a nut that she would be screamin’ chores for me to do in half an hour! So’s I ran outta there like a bat outta hell. Long as I had an excuse she couldn’t get too pissed later on, not that she would remember tellin’ me to get lost.

Mrs. Blissitt was on her shift which meant she wouldn’t be home hardly a’tal until another week. That’s how it is for nurses, couple weeks on and no free time and couple weeks off. But Amber won’t home, probably off with friends. This totally sucked because I would have been happy as a titmouse in May if she coulda been round to do somethin’ with. I missed Amber. She was closest thing I had to a best friend and I felt odd about her Mama and me so seein’ her woulda made me feel about a million times better ‘bout myself. For some reason I thought about Michelle. Sure I liked Michelle but she was a bit clingy and more a woman clings less I like ‘em. Maybe that’s my Pa in me? But all the same I was thinking ‘bout her so I figured I’d go see her and she might know where Amber is.
Michelle lives with her grandparents on account of her parents splittin’ up and them fightin’ over who gets who. Turns out that both ran outta money after about two years of fightin’ and during that time Michelle found livin’ at her grandparent’s house better than livin’ at  either one of her parent’s house. I found out later on that she had a sister that was pert’much supposed to be bout ten times cuter than Michelle but younger. I hadn’t never seen her cause she lived with Michelle’s Mama.
I knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. It was Michelle that came to the door, her normal excited and spunky self. I didn’t even get a good chance to look at her ‘fore she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me inside.
“Scott! I’m so glad you are here! Why didn’t you call first?”
“I got a rare moment away from Mama so I thought I would come over here.”
“You wanted to see me?”
“Yeah, is that cool?”
“Is that cool? Are you crazy! That’s awesome!”
I didn’t have the heart to tell her I really wanted to see Amber but hadn’t been able to find her. Michelle hopped back like a giggly little school girl and then jumped forward again huggin’ and kissin’ me on the cheek. Made me feel just a might bit uncomfortable on account of not really havin’ spent a whole lotta time with her. Finally she stopped when I didn’t do much in response and stood with her hands behind her back and her chest thrust out like one of them little Japanese school girl drawings I seen in the five and dime. Her hair was pulled up in pigtails and she was wearin’ what looked like an old gym class outfit. She was pert’ near about as cute a button.
“Can you help me with something? I been trying to hook up my stereo for like the past half an hour and nothing about it works yet. I’m about to loose my mind ‘cause without music I might as well be dead.”
“Sure, I’ll take a look.”
I figured it won’t plugged in most likely but it would give me somethin’ to do. Now you people who ain’t from the south you might’a just thought it fine to walk right on in and make yourself at home but I’s been raised with manners and without a proper invitation down into her house I won’t gonna move. Michelle didn’t do none such thing, just stood there with her hands behind her back and rocked to and fro like she was gettin’ ready to burst out somethin’ any second. All this made me powerful uncomfortable for two reasons, one cause like I said I won’t about to just make for her stereo even if I knew where it was…and I didn’t. Second I got a good look at ‘sactly what little Michelle was wearin’ and to be honest with you, it won’t much! I recognized the gym shirt from middle school and Michelle had grown two ways since then, up and out. It barely covered her fairly substantial breasts and from the swell of white flesh hangin down from under the front of her shirt she won’t wearin’ no bra. It was like two creamy melons pressed tight up into a little cotton sack and they was about to drop out. Only thing holdin’ that shirt down over them was the swell of her nipples which was like two little ripe peaches with a pouty hard point at the tip of each one. It was about the most damn erotic thing I’ve ever seen.
As if this wasn’t enough to make me twist around to make room for a certain growing part of my anatomy, her shorts were so tight I could tell you two things, she won’t wearin’ panties and from the look of her camel toe, she had a pussy to put porn stars ta shame. Holy mother and Mary, why’d she have to look so good?
“I love music, do you like music? I love all kindsa music. What’s your favorite music to listen to?”
She paused just long enough to let me catch a breath before she started back up again.
“You ever listen to music that makes you feel a certain way? If you can get my stereo workin’ I’ll play you my favorite song. I love it! I got it recorded over and over on the same tape so I don’t have to rewind.”
“I’m sure I can get it workin’. You wanna show me where it is?”
I backed up a couple of steps because Michelle charged me with that shirt that damn sure looked like it was about fly off the front of her tits any second and she leans in close and says, “It’s in my bedroom.”
 “Scott!” Michelle’s grandfather called out from the other room.
“Yeah Mr. Barefoot?” I replied.
“Glad you’re here! This girl has been about to drive me plum crazy!”
“Yeah, she wants me to fix the stereo.”
“Right, right, who you think is going to win this year?”
“I don’t know, hope it ain’t the Steelers again.” I said.
He just made a moaning sound like I was an idiot and pulled the paper back up to his face. Michelle rolled her eyes, grabbed me, and pulled me up the stairs.
Her room was a pure mess! Clothes everywhere, all sorts of intimate little things just layin’ around. In between all this were little plastic baggies that littered the floor. It was all the stuff from her new stereo and it was all here and there on the floor. I don’t even think she had tried to put it together, probably just been waitin’ for someone to come along and do it for her.
“Think you can fix it?” She asked.
“Sure but there ain’t nuttin’ wrong with it, you just ain’t hooked it up yet.”
“I know silly, that’s why I asked you.”
She pressed in close and put her chin on my shoulder and batted those long lashes up at me. Like all this flirtation was necessary, I was gonna fix it.
While I found all the parts and started to hook things together she made an attempt at putting clothes away. I couldn’t believe how little those shorts were. Damn that girl had a fine little ass! That was the kinda ass you could wrap each hand around and hold onto all night. She stood on her tiptoes and pretended to get something off a tha’ top shelf and I knew she was puttin’ on. This girl didn’t need me to put her damn stereo together, she just wanted to get me in her bedroom and tease.
“So you normally dress like that round your granddaddy?” I said.
“What? What’s wrong with this?” She said looking down. Half of a light pink puffy nipple was exposed. Fuck this! I walked my ass over and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me so I could kiss her. I touched my lips to hers and my lips were like bees to honey, sweet on sweet. I was burning hot and I pushed up into her so she could feel just how sweet on her I really was.
Michelle held up her hand and put a finger to my lips and said, “Shhh, we gotta be quiet.” Then she kissed me again.
I finally got a hand over one of those soft round titties and lord it was mighty soft. As soft as the skin of her breast was the skin of her areola, that swollen fleshy nipple of hers that I said looked like a little peach, well that skin was soft as warm silk. Apparently she has some sensitive tits because Michelle responded like a kitten in need of a tomcat! All moanin’ and squirming and purrin’ and rubbin’ all over me. She grabbed holda my ass and yanked me forward so she could rub herself all over my love rocket. She wrapped a leg around me and we plum fell right back into the closet. That little gym shirt was outta the way now and I could see for the first time that she had some big round pink puffy areolas, pert much like little soft titties on top ‘a titties. Damned’ist thing I ever seen. Nice petite little round silver dollar pancakes just ready for some syrup and I was hungry to get me a taste. But before I could get my mouth over that silky soft little flesh she reached up and pulled the shirt back down and looked out to the hallway.
“Why don’t we close the door?” I said.
“Naw, we can’t. Just keep kissin’ me.” She said.
That we did too, kissed like we were never comin’ up for air. Bodies writhing together like snakes in a pit. I was still in pants and she was still managin’ to keep those little short shorts on but the heat in our groins were like preheated ovens and ready to bake. I had my hands all over her ass and was makin’ sure to get those little shorts as much outta the way as possible. Then I did it. I’m tellin’ you right now. Sure as you and I are talkin’ I shoved my hand down the front of those little shorts and touched that secret fire pit that was burnin’ up my crotch. It was like puttin’ my hand on a moist little muffin straight outta the oven. I slipped a finger inside and HOLY SHIT! Now I won’t too experienced with girls but I was pretty sure that just touchin’ a girl between the legs don’t make ‘em drop to the ground and roll their eyes back in their head but that’s exactly what Michelle did! It was like I had hit some magic sex button and she went absolutely fuckin’ crazy! Hell, I couldn’t even keep hold of her cause she went to rollin’ around on the bottom of the closet with her jigglin’ teenage breasts and both hands buried t’winced her legs. She kept her eyes rolled back and I’m pretty sure her fingers were finishin’ what I had barely just started.
“You alright?” I asked.
“Oh God, you are good.” She said.
I looked at her like a dog looks at someone that just made a odd sound, head cocked and eyebrows up. Hell, I hadn’t done nuttin’ but touch her.
“I ain’t never felt nuttin like that Scotty, you pretty much sent me over the edge.”
“Well, I’m happy I could help Michelle but…”
“Get the stereo hooked up and I’ll play you my favorite song by Prince and then you just wait and see what I’ll do for you.”
I guess I had thought with her layin’ back in the closet with her legs open wide, her shirt up and her boobs hangin’ out and her pink little pussy soaked and open like that, well, seemed only reasonable that we were gonna fuck. Mrs. Blissitt came back into mind and I thought I’d have a little story for her. Amber don’t want a guy who is shy and inexperienced and fuckin’ Michelle was pretty much all the experience I could ask for. In fact I could pretty much get used to being with her.
I plugged in the stereo and Michelle popped in her favorite Prince song, Erotic City. I hardly had time to prepare before she leapt up on me and wrapped her legs around my waist and we dropped to the floor.
“You kids a’right in there?” Mr. Barefoot asked.
“Yeah! Scotty just fixed the stereo is all. We just dancin’ is all.” Michelle said.
I don’t know about dancing but Michelle’s hips sure were moving. She moved down my body like a cat sniffin’ for mice and when she got to my zipper she damn near ripped it off.
“Fuckin’ hell, Amber won’t kiddin’!” Michelle said.
“What? What did Amber say?” I perked up hearin’ Amber’s name.
Michelle looked up at me through half moon eye lids and licked her lips in front of my cock she was strokin’ then said, “She said you weren’t much soft but when you got hard it was like a horse! Damn Scott, this song gets me so horny.”
Prince was singin’ about takin’ some girl’s cherry but I was pretty sure Michelle hadn’t retained her cherry for quite some time.
“Oh…Scott…Mmm…You…are…so…BIG!” Michelle said between licks. The girl was going at my cock like a lollypop and I was really wondering how many times she had done this with her granddaddy just sittin’ watchin’ TV in the other room?
“Oh Scott, I want to ride this fuckin’ monster so bad.”
“Yes! Please.”
Michelle pouted. Listen, I’m sure you’ve seen girls pout before and I’m sure it affects everyone different but when Michelle’s bottom lip poked out like that my cock went ten layers harder.
“Oh Scotty, I can’t.”
“Why the hell not? Cause a your Granddaddy?”
“No, course not, he ain’t gonna come up here…well least I don’t think he will. Naw, I can’t because I ain’t got nuttin. Did you bring anything?”
“ Won’t like I was plannin’ this or something.”
“No, that’s what I like about you. You are so…well anyway, we plain can’t do it then.”
“Well wait, so you are just gonna leave me…Michelle, I’m hard as jackhammer on concrete!”
“Scotty, then you’ll have to put yer pants back on.”
“Well I doin’ nuttin without some kinda protection but if you put your pants back on we can pretend and that always gets most guys off.”
“Most guys?”
“Yeah, well I was out with Ricky on Saturday and he didn’t seem to mind.”
Ok, let’s stop here. Anyone else find this as a bit particular? Here I am with my cock hard and stickin’ straight up, Michelle practically naked and drippin’ heat like a lioness at the zoo and she is tellin’ me about dry humpin’ Ricky on Saturday?
“I don’t want to Michelle.”
“Why not?”
“Well…it’ll make a mess in my shorts.”
“So I don’t want to.”
“Here, just relax.” Michelle said and proceeded to straddle my cock like a trained bull rider. Now I can tell you from the benefit of years of experience that she could move her hips like no other girl I’ve known since. She had this rocking motion that wasn’t so much front and back as it was sort rolling and gyrating and rocking all at the same time. Needless to say that I was ready to shoot a huge load in only a few seconds and Michelle made sure my cock was securely zipped back in my pants so that the entire mess went there.
I left not just slightly disappointed and with a feeling of stupidity I probably deserved for having a brain located somewhere around the location of my bits and tackle.

“So Michelle says you helped her hook up her stereo.” Amber said with a knowing little smirk. We were hangin’ out on her porch a couple of days later and her Mama was still workin’ her shift. Amber had just made some sweet ice tea and we were enjoyin’ a hot summer evening.
“Thought you were gonna get you some pussy huh?”
“What? Me? I was just helpin’ her out. I won’t…”
“Oh, bullshit, you wanted to tag that little ass of hers, well you and about every other guy in most of the state. But you didn’t get nuttin’, that I know.”
“No I didn’t.”
“I know.” She said and put her feet up on the rail around the porch. A dragon fly landed on her toe and she watched it. Her toe nails were painted pink with little stars for decoration. It made her feet look cute. Amber looked cute.
“So she told you everything?” I asked.
“Naw, she just said you’ve got a huge dick.”
“Cause you told her.”
“No, cause you pulled it out and tried to fuck her you loser! God Scott, she told me the whole story.”
“So how you know we didn’t do anything?”
“Because she’s a fuckin’ tease and everyone knows it. Listen Scott, Michelle ain’t gonna fuck nobody that ain’t either got a nice car, lots a money or both, preferably both. Michelle is a gold digger or better known as a whore. Scott, you ain’t got a chance in hell of nuttin’ but blue balls with that girl. She is just waitin’ for Mr. Money and screwin’ with Mr. Right now. That what you are? Nuttin’ but a Mr. Right now? I thought you was better’n than that.”
“I guess.”
“Don’t know what you want her for no ways. You can get better.”
“Like who?”
Amber didn’t say nothin’, just lay back and held a glass of tea to her chest. Beads of water ran down the sides and soaked into her little summer shirt. She won’t wearin’ no bra, she rarely ever did and I could see her tight hard nipples through the fabric. Man, what was wrong with me? I turned back to the yard and stared at the willow tree. We used to make whips outta them long branches hangin’ down and go after each other like you wouldn’t believe. This made me smile.
“You know something?”
“What’s that?” I said.
“I ain’t gonna tell you.” She mocked like a little ten year old.
“Cause you’ll just laugh and after you been goin’ round fuckin’ everyone I know it don’t seem right to tell ya now. Just thought I’d never have ta tell ya.”
“Amber, please, just tell me. I swear I won’t tell nobody. It’ll just be between you and I.”
“Well, I was gonna tell you. I wanted to tell you because I…well…don’t matter now anyway.”
“Amber, just tell me for the love of Christ!”
“I’m a virgin!” She shouted and crossed her arms and turned away from me.
“You serious?” I asked.
“Would I joke about something like that? God Scott, you can be so retarded sometimes!”
All the stuff that Amber’s Mama said came runnin’ through my head. Who was lyin’ to me? Someone was lyin’.
“So why didn’t you want to tell me?”
“Because you idiot! I wanted you to be my first! I’ve always wanted you to be my first. Damn it Scott, you just plain stupid ain’t cha?”
I stopped dead. My whole world had just changed. Holy fuckin’ shit! Was she serious? Why had her Mama lied to me? I was really confused.
“Shut up! Now I feel stupid!” Amber walked away from me.
“Amber! Don’t! Why do you feel stupid?”
“No! Just go home to your crazy ass Mama! Get outta here! I don’t want to see you no more.” She said.
Somehow I just knew if I let her get inside that door things’d never be the same again. Right then at that moment Amber was the only thing in this entire world that meant anything to me. She always had been. I knew it down in my bones.
I grabbed her and tried to wrap her in my arms but Amber is Amber and I shoulda known what was comin’. She may be small but she is a little firecracker and she turned and kicked me square in the shin and then knocked me one right across my jaw!
“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” She was cryin’ and hittin’ me and cryin’ some more.
“God Amber, you can’t! You can’t hate me! Don’t you know that’ll just about kill me? I love you Amber! I’ve loved you since I was 4 years old! I think I would do anything in the world for you! I love you with everything I am even though I’m pretty damn stupid! If you want Amber I’ll love you till my dyin’ breath! Just don’t hate me! Not that! I love you, I love you, I love you.” And I pulled her close into my arms. She cried and sniffled and when she was done soakin’ my shirt she looked her big brown eyes up at me and said, “You mean it?”
“Of course! I just about worship everything about you. You are the most amazing girl…”
“Ok, now shut up! God, you sound like a damn lame Romeo.” She said smirking and wiping her tears. I could tell she didn’t really want me to stop.
“Ok, ok. Man, I don’t want to ever let you out of my arms.”
“I love you too you big dumb ass! I always have.”
“Why the hell did we wait so long? God Amber, this is the best day of my entire life!”
“I know, now just hold me because I don’t think I can stand it if you don’t.”
I held Amber until the sky turned crimson and the mosquitoes started eatin’ us alive. Then we went inside…

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