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Sea Girls Part Five

Two young men meet at college and fall in love and have a wild adventure.
Sea Girls. Part Five.

It took three weeks for our passports to be received and we were straight round to the American Embassy and they knew that we would be applying and it was Thomas who we had to thank that we didn’t have any problems there. The same day a telegram arrived from home asking me to give them a ring, which I did and dad passed over the message which was the date and time of the plane we were to catch at Heathrow airport.

During that last week, we took all that we wouldn’t be needing to our homes and said our goodbyes, promising to write as often as we could. Even so, we still had two suitcases each, mostly with our female attire because we had to be dressed in male clothing because our passports stated that we were of that gender.

Our last night in the flat was just one long night of being serviced from behind, not forgetting the oral side of sex, fucking each other first in the kitchen, then the sitting room and finally in the bedroom. We even had it in the bathroom with one of us sitting on the pan as the other got astride and virtually impaled ourselves on the upright erection so that we could kiss and hold each other tight as we fucked in this way.

We were quite bleary eyed when we made our way to the airport the following morning. Not knowing, we queued before the booking in desk with other people only to find that we needn’t have queued there at all for our tickets were waiting at the first class desk. With it being first class, we didn’t have to pay the excess weight with us having two suitcases each.

It was an hour spent in the waiting lounge, first class at that and by holding Rosie’s hand, felt that he was trembling.

‘It’s my first time in a plane,’ he stammered.

‘Mine too, but let’s enjoy it,’ I said, me having collywobbles too though I didn’t let him know that.

There were only two other people in the first class lounge and shortly after being given a fruit cocktail, free, we were the first to board the plane and shown into that section of the aircraft where we met up with Mr. Altman and Thomas and two other men that were travelling with them. We learned later that their names were Patrick Murphy and Richard Stirling, both ex-army and really bodyguards for Mr. Altman. The latter named man, though he used to be in the S.A.S., he wasn’t related to the David Stirling who started that division of the army. I got to know him quite well later.

It was only a short stop for the aircraft and we were soon trundling down to the far end of the airfield where we had the thrill of us actually being in a plane as it took off. Rosie, sitting next to me, held my hand tight as we felt the surge as the powerful engines roared and shot us down the runway to soar up in to the air and through the clouds into brilliant sunshine.

I had to prise my hand free from the strong grip of Rosie when the plane settled down in its flight towards Kuwait and got a sickly smile from him as I did so.

‘Wasn’t that exciting?’ I asked of him, bubbling at the thrill.

‘I was nearly sick,’ he moaned, but brightened up once the aircraft was on an even keel and we were served drinks from a pretty stewardess. Though my whispering to Rosie that he looked much prettier than her when he was dressed up helped settle him down and I think, enjoyed the flight overall.

We were unable to speak to the others during the flight and, knowing our place in society, didn’t approach Mr. Altman until he spoke to us after we had landed at Kuwait International Airport.

‘Glad that you two made it,’ he said, ‘for I’m looking forward to having an excellent dinner tonight aboard the “Marianne”.’ This was the name of his yacht moored there.

This gave me trepidations as we didn’t know the first thing about cooking aboard a ship let alone a yacht, and just hoped that they had the right kind of food and ingredients that we would need.

It was a stretch limousine that took us from the airport with our baggage and put us down at a stone jetty where a motor launch was waiting which quickly took us out into the harbour to pull up by the gangway of a massive white yacht. It had three decks and found out later that it had twenty suites aboard and best of all, a magnificent kitchen. This was where I was corrected that the kitchen aboard any floating vessel is called the galley. But that was after one of the guards showed us the cabin I would be sharing with Rosie. This in itself was quite sumptuous. A double bed and its own toilet and shower and plenty of cupboard and drawer space.

When left alone inside, we hugged and kissed each other in this floating hotel of sorts and quickly undressed, out of the now hated male clothing and had a quick session on the sucking of each other’s erection, having our first time of sex on board before getting dressed up in our female attire.

Sexually satisfied and dressed as we now liked being dressed, made our way to the galley to find that we had a helper there which was a godsend. He saw to the basic rudiments of a kitchen, such as peeling potatoes and preparing vegetables as well as doing all the washing up afterwards. He was an Arabian by the name of Daoud, though he wasn’t quite sure in what country he was born in, he held a Kuwaiti passport.

We found that the yacht was well stocked which pleased us and it wasn’t long before Thomas appeared to tell us that there would be sixteen for dinner in the dining room and that there was a total of fourteen crew members to be fed as well. This involved setting up two menus every day, one for the guests and one for the crew, for we didn’t think it would go down very well if the crew were to eat the same sumptuous meals that we would be expected to serve up. Though we did make two exceptions to this, that being Daoud and Phillip who was the dining room steward, who also doubled up as the barman when not serving the meals. These two we had to keep happy in their helping of us to make a success of this undertaking, and it worked, for we got along fine.

I was rather dubious about what we should serve up with this being our first meal aboard this yacht and having to make a good impression, I decided, after looking at what was stored aboard, chose Lobster Thermidor as being the main course.

Now this is a meal that takes time to prepare but I knew we would have just enough and so that is what we went for, and without blowing my own trumpet, it was a great success. Mr. Altman couldn’t praise us enough afterwards and even had us go into the saloon to be applauded by all those that had dined at the table.

We were then the best thing since sliced bread. Even Phillip and Daoud said that they had never eaten such a fine meal, mind you, we ate the same as they did. Well, what would you expect?

Where we had the main dining room one side of the kitchen, on the other side we had the crews mess room, and we then found out that they had two sittings because they always had to have at least one man up on the bridge, well two really. The man in charge and the helmsman, and with the engine room, another man had to stay on duty while the chief engineer had his meal. It was then that I noticed that one of the body guards had his meal separate from his colleague as one was always on hand even in the dining room, though not actually eating with the guests, but more or less somewhere there in the background. This I found out when I was finally bedded with Richard Stirling. I didn’t know at our first meeting that he was a man to go for male sex, but I was proved wrong, for he hit upon me only after having been on board a week.

‘Nicky,’ he began one evening after dinner had been seen to. ‘Will you come and have a drink with me?’ It was only then that I knew that he wanted sex with me. I was right about his age, guessing that he was about forty odd years old and as he was good looking, also looked like a man who knew how to handle himself. I also hoped that he could handle me in the right way when I accepted his offer.

I think that Rosie was a bit miffed at me being asked for this drink and him not included and came to the same conclusion that I had already formulated. So I went along to his cabin which he shared with Patrick and found that we would be alone having this drink for Patrick was now on duty.

‘Rum, whisky, gin or vodka?’ he asked when I sat down on his bunk after entering the cabin.

‘Gin and tonic please,’ I said, settling down and waited for his approach, which wasn’t long in coming. He passed me my drink and sat down next to me with his, and I waited as I sipped my drink for him to make the first move. Though to tell you the truth, I did want him to.

‘You surprised both Patrick and myself when we first saw you on the plane coming out to Kuwait being dressed in male clothing and then seeing you aboard wearing a dress. Are you bi-sexual or homosexual?’ I was wearing a dress with the usual underwear at the time.

‘Both,’ I lied, me not yet having had the experience of getting my end away with a woman.

‘So am I,’ he said. ‘Though I am more of a man to be the one to give rather than receive if you know what I mean.’

‘Well as you’ve brought the question up so fast, the only thing I can say is that I don’t mind the not fucking side of it, but if you are not prepared to suck then I’ll finish this drink and go.’ I was really laying down the rule here. If he wanted to fuck me, he had to respond by at least sucking on me. Well, it’s only fair don’t you think?

‘Well Nicky. I’ve never sucked on another man......’

‘No suck. No fuck. It’s as simple as that. I don’t mind you fucking me but it’s not going to be one sided if you know what I mean. Rosie and I both fuck and suck each other and she’s quite miffed that I’ve left her alone tonight to come into your cabin.’

‘Well she...he can always get together with Darren, the second engineer. He’s, er, somewhat of the same persuasion that you two are,’ he said rather lamely. This gave me food for thought that if Rosie was to be able to have this Darren, he couldn’t really object to me having Richard who obviously wanted to fuck me. Looking at Richard sitting next to me looked liked a strong man and not that bad looking either, but I was going to stick to my guns, no suck, no fuck.

‘How long will we be on this yacht?’ I asked.

‘I think for another five days, why?’

‘Well you seem to travel all the time with the boss, but the second engineer won’t,’ I countered with.

‘I’ve been with the boss as you call him for the past year and know of many men at places that we’ve stopped at would just love to have Rosie in bed with them.’

‘Okay. You seemed to have sorted out the problem of Rosie, but what about us? Okay, I can see your hesitation, but it is still a suck or no fuck. You can spit it out if you want, but then you’ll never know the true meaning of love even without being fucked.’ The ball was now back in his court. It took a few moments before he acquiesced to me demands.

‘Okay, I agree,’ he said. ‘Let me fuck you and then I’ll give you a suck, okay?’

‘No. You suck on me first and then I’ll let you fuck me,’ I countered with. ‘We’re not playing chicken here.’

‘Okay,’ he said with a wry grin on his face, and I passed him my glass and stood up and slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders and let it slither down my body to show me in my female underwear but with a full erection jutting out in front of me. I stepped out of the puddle of my dress and picked it up and laid it over a chair and sat down next to him and waited for him to make the next move.

He surprised me by getting up from the bed and instead of going down on me there and then, took all his clothes off and showed me exactly what I thought had been hidden inside his trousers. A nice big, large and lengthy organ and I couldn’t stop myself from reaching out and taking hold of it and pulling him forward for me to take that glorious looking cock head into my mouth. I only gave him a brief suck and chew before letting go of that wonderful tool he had and pointed down to my erection that was sticking upright from between my female clad thighs.

It seemed that he gave out a sigh as he went down onto his knees and I saw that he licked his lips first before opening his mouth and took the head of my cock inside. No way was he a cocksucker, but I suppose it was his first time and I think it was this that made me come sooner than I would have liked, but come I did. He gave a snort as the first surge hit his upper palate and took the rest without any noise until I’d finished coming and we was also quick to pull his head back and spit out that lovely semen of mine that I know Rosie would have run it round his mouth before swallowing. But he was a tyro in this form of sex, but at least he had sucked on me and therefore earned his right to now fuck me.

‘That was lovely Richard,’ I lied, ‘though when Rosie and I do it to each other, we swallow what comes out, but I’ll forgive you in this being your first time. Now you can fuck me,’ I said, as I then got up onto the bed proper and bent forward on my knees and waited to have that lovely organ that I had seen, given to me in the right place.

He was quickly up behind me and rammed himself into me without any finesse and what was more, he wasn’t even wearing a condom, but, what the fuck, I didn’t care for I just loved being fucked bareback, to be able to feel the real man behind doing what I loved being done to me, and then to be able to feel the spurting semen spraying my insides.

He was quite vigorous in his moving himself in and out of my back passage as he fucked away and I was filled, not only with his cock, but joy at having another man shaft me in this fashion. I even crooned out for him to move harder, loving the smacking of his thighs up to the cheeks of my bum. It was even better as he started to come, gripping my hips even tighter as he pulled me back onto his forward thrusting until he held me firm as only his hips jerked away as he sent his sperm up into my backside.

I was in heaven again at having a strong male penis up inside me, creaming my insides with his coming, loving the thrill it gave me, and sighed when he came to a halt, his cock still throbbing away where I liked it most. But gave out that cry as the toy that had just pleased me was being pulled out for me to feel the cool air waft round my shrinking arsehole.

‘Thank you Nicky, I needed that,’ he panted as he sat back on his heels.

‘I needed it too,’ I said, turning round, ‘and if you’d worn a condom I’d be sucking on you now. Go and wash yourself and do it properly.’

He gave a sigh and me a smile before getting off the bed and going off into his bathroom. His body was strong with solid thighs, a nice shaped bum and big shoulders that had muscled arms attached. I found out later that the yacht boasted a small gym and it was there that he worked out and kept his muscles toned up. He looked even better from the front when he returned from the bathroom. His muscled chest, lightly covered in hair and a fairly trim waist and a nice flaccid dick hanging between his thighs which swayed about as he got back onto the bed.

He fell on top of me and kissed me which was a surprise for I didn’t expect this from him, but it was only lip kissing, not a open mouth one. It took me a few minutes to get him to roll off onto his back so that I could move down the bed and take the whole length of his deflated dick into mouth to suck and chew on. He gave out a groan as I did so and I think he enjoyed what I was doing for he stroked my hair while I was down on him.

I didn’t stay long in his cabin for I knew that Rosie was upset at me going off with Richard and so when I got to our cabin, I took Rosie round the world sexwise which pleased him.

We had just finished serving up lunch when Thomas came into the galley.

‘The boss wants to see you,’ he said to us both and we duly followed him into the now empty dining room except for Mr. Altman sitting there.

‘Well my two sea girls, you did me proud with the meals while here which I think helped our talks. We’re off tomorrow after breakfast, so be packed and ready. Thomas will give you the details.’

With that said, he got up and left the dining room where Thomas then told us that a private jet had been placed at the boss’s service and we would be flying off to Houston, Texas. This thrilled us and next morning, leaving the cleaning up after breakfast to Phillip and Daoud, we left with the others to be escorted to this private jet that was soon in the air on the way to the States.

There was only the six of us and we had plenty of space in this ten seater plane, being served by a lovely looking stewardess. I noticed later during the flight that both she and Mr. Altman disappeared into what looked like a small cabin at the rear of the plane and from the look on his face later, guessed that he’d fucked her back there.

I whispered to Rosie who was sitting next to me of what I think went on at the back and wished that we could do the same. He grinned and wished we could too, but we didn’t, but some time later we had the chance in another plane and we went and joined the mile high club by fucking each other miles up in the sky, but that was later.

Eight hours out from Kuwait, we landed in America, another first for us and cars were waiting to whisk us off to a lovely big apartment where we would be staying. It was back to work for us as it had its own kitchen where we cooked up and served dinner to the rest.

Mr. Altman was often out with the other three on business leaving Rosie and myself alone, but always returned for dinner which we had ready for them. But when the cat’s away, we mice played. Read that as having each other twice during that free time we had.

During that week we stayed there, Richard fucked me twice and Rosie once, for he said that he preferred me to Rosie but I had insisted that he saw to him as well as me. That was the pattern we set and carried on like this for a whole year as we travelled all over the world in the service of Mr. Altman, saving all our bloody good wages which was piling up nicely for our future restaurant.

We went to many out of the way places where there was oil, Borneo, Venezuela, Indonesia and many more as well as staying quite often in the States and England. It was during this year that we turned Thomas into being bi-sexual as was Richard, by getting him to fuck Rosie while I was being fucked by Richard, which meant that neither of us two went without sex at not be alone at night in bed. Richard quite often then, slept in bed with me and Rosie went and slept with Thomas, but it was Rosie and myself together most nights.

As much as I loved Rosie, I liked the bodily hardness of Richard, a real man in all senses of the word. Strong in both character and mind and had a nice big cock when it was fully erect. Though I didn’t get to fuck him he at least sucked on me and eventually got round to swallowing my come instead of spitting it out.

Then came an event which changed things somewhat. We got involved in a hijack.

We were once again in Kuwait on board the yacht “Marianne”, and with the boss’s business finished there, had the yacht set course for Durban where he had more business to attend to. He used the yacht as he wanted to have a long rest for a change and so that was to be our destination. It would take us just under fourteen days covering just over five thousand nautical miles.

Mr. Altman had since acquired a girl friend, i.e., bed mate, and so we had twenty one people aboard, so we only had three to serve in the main dining room and eighteen in the mess room for the crew, that last total was including us galley staff and the two bodyguards. The mess room had two sittings because the bridge, engine room and a bodyguard still had to be on attendance whilst at sea.

The bridge and engine had two shifts, them changing every eight hours whilst the bodyguards took it in turns between day and night at being on hand. We were six days out of Kuwait and somewhere off the Somalia coast. It was after dinner and Rosie had gone off to Thomas’s cabin while I had Richard in with me for he was on the day shift this week.

He liked seeing me pull off my dress for him to see me in my lingerie and I got onto the bed and lay back with my erection lying up on my stomach as I watched him undress. His naked body shone in the dim bed light, nice and bronzed from his sunbathing, his cock sticking out nice and hard and it waved about as he got onto the bed with me.

We varied the sequence of when he sucked on me, preferring it after he had fucked me, and so I moved down and took the head of his cock into my mouth, pushing the foreskin down with my lips. Now I could really tease the G string and make him tremble with delight that the sensations gave him. I also gently nibbled the bare flesh as I sucked before releasing him and slowly nibbled my way down the length of his shaft and made him quiver again when I took his balls into my mouth to agitate the growing sperm inside them.

I didn’t do this for long as I wanted this hard piece of flesh up inside me and so released him and got out a condom and rolled it right down over his cock and moved round and up onto my knees. He had said that he just loved fucking me as I liked him doing it too. The entry was lovely, feeling every inch of him as he slowly slid inside till his sturdy thighs came up to my bum cheeks and could not get any further inside me. My muscle kept flexing away at his shaft, making his cock twitch inside before he began to move and slowly massage my canal from the inside.

I always seemed to drool when I had such a length of this hard flesh moving inside me, such was the pleasure I got from being reamed. Though like always, this pleasure doesn’t last long and he was soon holding my hips tight in his hands as he began to ram himself hard into me as he also pulled my body back onto his. Then came his shuddering as only his hips jerked away as he came inside me, and I could hear his panting and grunts as he shot his load. He then leaned over my back and even in the coolness of the cabin with its air conditioning, he was still sweating as I felt drops land on my lower back.

‘As lovely as ever,’ he panted, giving my waist a squeeze and began to pull out to my cries of dismay as this happened, the most hated part of the coupling to my mind. I quickly grabbed some tissues and pulled off the used condom and went down on him to suck out what was left and licked the head clean before falling back for him to then see to me.

With it being quite cool in the cabin, I pulled the covers right up because I was feeling somewhat chilled as he came under the covers and slid down the bed until his head was lying on my stomach as he took me into his mouth to suck and chew on my throbbing cock. His hand worked on me as he sucked and it didn’t take long for me to send my seed into his mouth which he swallowed and then began licking me clean.

He was just about finished when the door to the cabin was suddenly crashed open and the main light turned on. I shot up onto my elbows and I felt Richard freeze beneath the covers.

In the doorway stood a swarthy unkempt man with a sub machine pistol pointing at me.

‘Get up,’ he snarled at me, waving the gun to indicate me to get out of bed. His English was bad but I understood his demand. ‘Get up and get dressed,’ he said. I felt Richard give my thigh a pinch and as he hadn’t moved, I guessed he wanted to stay hidden beneath the bed covers. It was a bit difficult to get out of bed yet leave him covered, but I managed it. The man gave out a laugh when he saw that I was wearing my female underwear and was still chuckling when I picked up my dress off the chair and put it on. His eyes were on me all the time and so never noticed the hump still under the covers.

He prodded me out of the cabin with his gun and I went as directed with the poking gun until we were up in the lounge. There I found half of our crew already there being covered by another two gunmen as more of the crew were pushed in to join us until we were all twenty of us were assembled. The odd one not being there was Richard. This was noticed by the boss and I managed to sidle up to him and whispered that they missed Richard and to warn the others that he was at the moment, undiscovered. He knew straight away that he would be our only hope and therefore managed to speak to the others in not mentioning him at all.

We were now being covered by five gunmen, all swarthy looking Arabs as we sat and didn’t stop us from talking quietly to each other. It was obviously a hijacking and we were now hostages for whatever ransom they were going to demand. Being off the Somalian coast, it was assumed that they were from this country. I heard the yacht’s captain tell Mr. Altman that it seemed that there were at least eight of them that had come alongside in two black motorised dinghies and boarded from two sides, catching those on the bridge unawares.

We all looked rather miserable for the rest of the night, sitting there in the lounge until daylight, being questioned as to who was in charge of the boat and finding out that it was Mr. Altman who was told that we and the yacht would be putting in toward the coast where we would be held until ransomed.

When it was fully daylight, the apparent leader of these men wanted to know who was the cook on board and Rosie and I slowly raised our hands and we were then ordered to cook a meal for them and those in the lounge. It was here that we found out that there was indeed eight men holding us hostage. There was some laughter from these men when the one that had got me out of my cabin spoke to them, though they spoke in Arabic, I understood that he was telling them that I was actually a man dressed up as a woman. One even grabbed Rosie and put his hand up to his crotch and laughed out loud at feeling male genitalia there too. This made them all laugh again as we were pushed at gunpoint, out of the lounge and into the galley to start cooking everybody breakfast.

We asked if we could have another to help us and it was agreed and I pointed at Daoud, but as they could see that he too was Arabian and spoke the language, wouldn’t let him come with us and so we had Phillip.

In whispers, we found out that he had been told that Richard was at large and so he wasn’t mentioned again as we cooked breakfast for all aboard. Them all having to eat in the lounge with their plates on their laps. The hijackers took it in turns to eat, the one looking after us making sure that we didn’t add anything strange to the meals that they would eat.

After the meal and with the things washed up, we were ushered back out into the lounge and there we stayed until lunchtime. It was the same process as at breakfast and the next time we were allowed in the galley was to prepare for dinner. I went in early to get food and things from the storeroom which was next to the galley. I had one man guard me and he followed me into where the stores were kept.

When inside, he gave me a push towards the table that was in there and then forced me to lay forward over it. I guessed why he did this and wasn’t surprised when I felt the hem of my dress being lifted up and pushed up onto my back, leaving my bum bare. I felt him moving behind me and guessed that he had slung his gun over his shoulders as I now felt one hand on my hip and I heard him spit and guessed that his was lubricating his cock and his other hand then came onto my other hip and felt the head of his cock nestle to my rear entrance. There was no finesse for he just shoved his erect cock straight up into me and began his movement in the fucking of me. There was nothing I could do to stop him, not that I really wanted too, for he was quite big in that department and it gave me a weird kind of thrill to be fucked by this Arab terrorist.

It wasn’t a bad fuck at that from this man and he was soon really ramming himself up against my backside as he began to grunt at each shot of his seed being sent up into me and finally came to a stop leaning over me and then came a loud thump and he fell onto my back and slowly slid down from me, his cock sliding out too.

I turned my head as he was falling away from me to seeing a grinning Richard looking at me and my bare bum.

‘I would rather had done that instead of him,’ he said as he bent down and turned the terrorist over and gave him another big thump at the throat. I had straightened up now, my dress covering me once again. I had watched him in horror as he had struck the man at the throat.

‘You could kill him doing that,’ I said.

‘That was the intention,’ he said. ‘So that’s one less. Do you know how many there are?’

‘Eight,’ I said. ‘Including him,’ pointing to the man on the deck.

‘Seven left then,’ he said as he began pulling the gun free and slinging it over his shoulder. ‘Perfect,’ he said when he found two grenades in the man’s jacket pockets. ‘Stun grenades. Here, take them,’ he said, handing them to me.

‘What will I do with them,’ bewildered at him giving them to me. ‘Where will I put them? I’ve got no pockets in this dress.’

‘You’re wearing a bra. Stuff them in the cups,’ he said. ‘Now listen carefully. I know that two are on the bridge at the moment and one down in the engine room, that leaves four of them to guard you all. Tonight, there will be only one on the bridge and one in the engine room. Two I think would be guarding you while the others sleep. Now I am going to take care of those not in the lounge and I want you to take care of the two that will be guarding you.’

‘Me! How?’ I demanded.

‘Stay awake and as close to five in the morning as you can, I want you to pull the pins out of these grenades and roll them towards the terrorists. You’ll have five seconds before they explode. Don’t worry, they will only stun you. It won’t be so bad if when you’ve thrown them, close your eyes and keep your mouth open. That way you won’t suffer.’ Liar, I found out later.

‘I’ll be outside when they go off and I will then come in and take care of them.’

‘How will you see to those not in with us?’ I stupidly asked.

‘I didn’t spend all those years with the commandos not to know how to deal with them. Now killing this man here has given me a hard on which I’d like you to see to.’ He had a big smile on his face as he pulled this erection out of his trousers and I couldn’t get down on my knees quick enough at seeing this rampant cock wanting service. It was only later that I reflected at how insensitive I had been in kneeling down next to a dead man while I sucked on another man’s cock, but then the man had just fucked me without asking which was really rape, so this I think absolved me for not caring about him.

Mind you, it was lovely sucking on Richard’s throbbing cock and the emission I got went smoothly down my throat when he came inside my mouth. After licking him clean, I got up as he put himself away.

‘How do I explain that this guard is missing?’ I asked of Richard.

‘Just say that he went out through the mess room and don’t know where he went. I’ll get rid of his body where they won’t find him,’ and guessed that he was going to dump him over the side.

I gave Richard a kiss who didn’t seem to mind kissing the lips that had only just come up from being around the head of his cock. I went back out into the galley with the things that I had gone into the store for. With these placed ready, I went back into the lounge to collect Rosie and Phillip to help getting dinner ready.

‘Where’s Ahmed?’ I was asked by their leader.

‘Who?’ I asked, knowing exactly whom he was talking of.

‘The man guarding you. Where is he?’

‘I don’t know. He went off through the mess room, but where to, I’ve no idea,’ I said. He then gave out a torrent of Arabic which I didn’t understand and shrugged my shoulders as I called out for the other two to give me help in the galley. Another man was sent to guard and watch over our cooking. It was very uncomfortable for me having these two grenades stuffed into the bra cups as they kept rubbing against my chest with every move I made. But I suffered them knowing that they would help us later to be free of these villains.

There was some muttering amongst these guards when they ate at different times and guessed that it was about the disappearing Ahmed. With dinner finally over and the things cleaned up, we all settled down to sleep in the lounge and as Richard had predicted, we had two different guards watching over us, guessing that they had slept sometime during the day to be able to stay awake for the night.

I had opted to sleep on the carpeted deck quite near to where the guards were sitting with their guns across their laps. I had pulled Rosie with me and we lay down side by side and it was when all were settled down that I whispered to Rosie what had occurred earlier, well nearly all, leaving out the fucking and sucking part. His eyes were wide open at hearing of the killing of the guard by Richard and they widened even more when I slipped the two grenades out of my bra and lay on them till five o’clock in the morning.

I didn’t get to sleep at all I was that wound up and from where I was lying, I could see the clock on the wall of the lounge and watched the hands slowly make their way round the face until it was a couple of minutes to the hour. I gently prodded Rosie awake and she knew what was about to happen and what I wanted her to do. I got the grenades out from the uncomfortable place I had put them and held down both the clips for Rosie to pull out the locking pins.

I let go of the clips, hearing them click and counted to three and quickly tossed them towards the two guards. One had been dozing and the other suddenly sat up as they bounced towards them. I then laid my head down on the carpet with my eyes closed and mouth open as they exploded.

Christ! The blast nearly split my ear drums but didn’t knock me out and saw Richard burst into the lounge and with a short burst of gunfire, killed both of the guards. What pandemonium we had there then with half of our people knocked out and the other crying out at the pain to their ears.

I was up quickly and went over to Richard who was just checking to see that the two men were indeed dead and straightened up satisfied that they were.

‘The others?’ I asked in rather a loud voice for my ears were still ringing and couldn’t control my voice.

‘Dead. All of them. We’ve now got control again of the yacht.’

He quickly went over then to see to Mr. Altman who had just groggily risen up from the couch where he had been sleeping and Richard told him that we were now all free and had his hand shaken in thanks.

With everybody now coming round, the captain quickly had the engineers sent below and he and two others of the crew went off to the bridge. It was only a couple of minutes later that we felt the yacht heel over onto a new course and could feel that they had also increased the speed to get us out of the Somalian sea limits.

By the time that everybody had been able to return to their cabins for showers and shaves etc, Rosie and I began to see to getting an early breakfast ready and it wasn’t until after the meal that I was called out to speak with Richard and Mr. Altman.

It was Richard who spoke first, telling the boss at how I had helped him by first, concealing him in my cabin, to which I guess that the boss knew that he’d only been in there for sex with me, but didn’t comment on this as Richard continued. By staying concealed, he was able to move about in various hiding places until he caught the first guard in the store room, omitting that I was being fucked by him at the time, and killing him and throwing his body over the side.

He told of giving me the grenades and the instructions as to how and when to use them. During the night he first took out the man at the helm and then the man in the engine room. Next was to find the sleeping ones in various cabins knowing the total of men from me, knew that the last two were in the lounge. That it was my using the grenades that helped him take these two out without any loss of life from our side.

‘Well I must really congratulate the pair of you for what you have done. You Richard for acting as you did and you Nicky for your assistance. I will see that you both are suitably rewarded when we get Stateside for you have undoubtedly saved me several million dollars if not more. Congratulations once again,’ he said as he shook our hands. Richard went off to go to sleep while I had to slug away in the gallery and by dinner time, I could hardly keep my eyes open and Rosie made me go down to our cabin for he would see to the rest of dinner for which I was thankful and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep.

Rosie, bless him, didn’t wake me when he came off duty and got into bed with me without disturbing me but woke me up in the best fashion in the morning by having my morning erection in his mouth, sucking away. I gave out a pleasurable groan as I stretched while he sucked and came with some force into his mouth which I think he enjoyed. Well I enjoyed my turn in going down on him and taking all of his emission to roll round my mouth before swallowing.

It was a happy yacht full of people this next day that we had got away so lightly from these hijackers and come the end of dinner, I asked Rosie if he would go to Thomas’s cabin as I really had to thank Richard in the only way I knew. He understood and went off and I didn’t have any problem of getting Richard to come into mine that night.

‘I want to really thank you for saving us,’ I said as I helped him off with his clothes and quickly went down and gave his erection a quick few sucks before slipping my dress off and getting onto the bed on my knees.

‘And I want to thank you for the help you gave me from the beginning,’ he said as he pushed himself up into my backside.

‘Thank heaven, for nice big boys,’ I crooned, singing that famous songs but putting different words as he moved himself in and out of me, ‘they rise up in the most delightful way.’ Then he began to sing in not a bad voice, the same song with different words too.

‘Thank heaven, for girls like you, you pleasure me in everything you do,’ and we both started to laugh at this and it brought him to a stop and I had to move myself back onto him to remind him where he was and what he should be doing to this sea girl. So back to the job in hand, as the saying goes, but the job wasn’t in hand but up inside me, and I gurgled away in delight as I felt him start to come inside me. What delight to feel it throbbing away and the exquisite jerks the head of his cock gave as it ejected his seed albeit into the condom, though I really did like being fucked bare back to actually feel it splash my channel.

After the hated pulling out and feeling my ring puckering up as I pulled off the soiled condom and taking as much of his erect piece of meat into my mouth to finish off the job. Then I had the pleasure of him sucking on me till I came and could see that he did in fact like doing this to me now whereas he hadn’t at first.

So for the rest of the following week I was being fucked by Richard and fucked by Rosie who I was able to fuck in return on our trip down to Durban. With our safe arrival there, we left the yacht having heard the boss tell the captain to give Somalia a wide berth on his return trip to Kuwait where the yacht was based.

Rosie and I were given some time off, three days really for we stayed over two of them days in an hotel and so we didn’t do any cooking while the boss saw to his business in the dealing of oil. Rosie and I both sent off postcards to home as we did from every new city that we visited and when the boss finally finished his business, we flew off to the States to finish up on the huge ranch that he owned.

We spent a week there assisting the cook that lived on the ranch, learning the way that the Texans liked their steaks and fritters. We only tried once at the riding of a horse but gave it up with not really knowing how to handle one. It was on our third day there that the boss ask me into his study.

‘Well my favourite sea girl,’ he began, offering me the chair before his desk while he went and sat down behind it. ‘The pleasure of being behind this desk again is due to you and Richard. I’ve given him a suitable reward for taking back the yacht though he said that without your help, he wouldn’t have been able to succeed. What could I give you that you desire most of all?’

With that question being asked, I took the bull by the horns.

‘A restaurant in London that I could give it the name of Marianne’s,’ I said, my heart in my mouth. I’d deliberately picked the name of the yacht, as I had found out earlier that it was also the name of his late mother after whom the yacht had been named.

‘Not necessarily give, but be a partner where you and your guests would be treated to the finest of meals but at no charge whenever you were in London.’ The palms of my hand were sweating now as he leaned back in his chair and studied me for a few minutes while he thought this over in his mind.

‘So you want to leave me? Desert me?’ he said.

‘No! Not really, but it is the dream of Rosie and I to have our own place and in taking on the position of being your chefs was to earn enough money to buy such a place. It’’s just that you have now just given me a chance, a chance to realise that dream earlier than we thought.’ I shut up then, for I didn’t think I could put it any better and the least said etc.

‘Hmm,’ he muttered. ‘Give me a day or two to mull this over. Partner you say?’

‘Yes sir,’ my heart beating wildly that he hadn’t turned me down straight away.

‘I’ll think about it,’ he said and I knew it was time for me to leave his study, so I stood up and thanked him and left. I kept it to myself for the time being as I would rather tell Rosie later in bed.

I got Rosie to fuck me first, soothing my inner passage as he normally did when inside me, loving his movements that gave me pleasure and thrill as I felt him come inside me as he rode me bare back. I groaned as usual at his withdrawal, hating the loss of that lovely organ that I worshipped and fell forward on the bed as he left it to go and wash himself.

With him getting back onto the bed, I moved so that he could assume the normal position we used for this form of sex and I got behind and between his legs. I bent down and gave each cheek of his bum a kiss before straightening up and pushing my erection into that lovely orifice to give him the same pleasure that he had given me.

I just loved riding him bare back, feeling the heat of his body surrounding my cock and having his muscle keep squeezing me as I moved slowly backwards and forwards in his heavenly cavern. I even teased him by pulling right out before pushing myself back inside him to his gurgles of dismay and joy at the withdrawal and re-entry. But nature takes over and I was soon holding him tight to my thighs as I pumped out my semen into him, getting little cries of delight at every spurt that I’m sure he felt.

I came to a halt, leaning heavily against his rear as I panted, gathering my breath back before pulling out knowing that he hated this part as much as I did. But out I came and went off to the bathroom to wash myself very carefully.

It was then onto the bed and into his waiting arms I went for us to kiss and cuddle and as we settled down, I told him of what I had said to the boss.

He gave out a cry of delight and an instant erection at the possible thought of our own restaurant in the very near future. Me, feeling his cock rise up so quickly, caused mine to rise up too, even though I’d just fucked him a few minutes earlier, I was up as hard as he was and so he turned round on the bed and got us into the sixty nine position so that we could both suck on each other at the same time.

For nearly an hour we sucked and chewed, well nibbled really, on each other, not forgetting to take the lovely pair of balls into our mouths to gently move them about in their sac. That was a lovely hour in doing this and when nearing our peaks, to take the bare head in to suck and wait for the surge of seed that we soon gave to each other to savour before swallowing.

Rosie fairly bubbled for the rest of the short time we were at the ranch, for the day before we left, the boss called me into his study again to give me the news that he agreed to buy a restaurant or place that could be turned into one. The task for this he had given to Thomas to use several agents to find such a place in a most fashionable area. But, he had said, this would take time and if the place found had to be converted, it could take as long as a year. I was over the moon with this news as was Rosie when I told him. What was one more year to us? Nothing, considering we were still only in our mid twenties and had expected to work for quite a few years before we had enough money to buy a place of our own. I think it was having told the boss that the name for the restaurant would be Marianne’s that swayed him though by doing so knew that he would lose us as his chefs, well he would have done eventually.

We had left the ranch and was once again travelling around the world visiting new places as well as some that we had been to before, though the thrill of this was on the wane. The only thing that kept our spirits buoyed up was the sex we had together, was getting even better as time passed. We still had our flings too, me with Richard and him with Thomas.

We’d been away from the ranch a month before Thomas, on the side, told us that an agent had found what could be the perfect place for us and contrived the boss’s itinerary for us to stop over in London. It was in a small side street in Belgravia that was admirable both in size and location and Thomas had the power to set things in motion in the purchase, leasehold, and of getting a reputable firm to turn the place into our work place and dream home for it would also include the apartments above. It was a feverish week for us there in drawing up rough plans of how we wanted the interior set up but left the interior designs to others to work their magic. Ten months was the estimated time and this time period seemed to lag for us as we carried on being the chefs for Mr. Altman.

But the time eventually arrived when we were told that the place was ready and the boss made it a point for us to return to London to see the finished premises. It was a dream of a place and a contract was drawn up between us that he, the boss, would receive two thirds of the profits for the first year. Half for the second and a third for the third year, after which, it was ours with the provisio that he got free meals at every visit. This we agreed to and signed on the dotted line and a week later, left the employ of Mr. Altman.

In that last week, I spent every night in bed with Richard to say our goodbyes as Rosie did with Thomas. As much as I loved Rosie, I still had a certain amount left over for Richard, that hulk of a man that had muscles like I’d never seen on another man, and with a cock that had given me so much pleasure.

Mr. Altman and the others didn’t stay for the opening as it would be at least two weeks for us to get in some decent staff and all the necessary foodstuffs. It was also a painful time for both Rosie and myself to tell our parents that we were both gay and would be living together.

Mum cried when I told them after dinner the night I stayed over at home. Dad accepted it philosophically adding that he still considered me to be his son and loved me in spite of what I had said. Mum finally came round to accept the fact that I was in love with another man though the subject of our having sex was not mentioned.

The night we opened was a private affair having my parents and some of their friends and it was the first time that they met the parents of Rosie. They seemed to get on okay though the fact that both sets of parents now knew that Rosie and I were lovers, it wasn’t mentioned. Rosie’s parents had also brought along a few friends, so we had twelve guests to be served up the best we could produce for this opening night.

The plaudits were high and pleased us very much but it was a relief when they all left and after the staff we employed had cleaned up, we closed down and went up to our new apartments. Here, we fell into each other’s arms to kiss and compliment each other on a successful evening.

It was a lovely apartment we had above the restaurant with all mod cons and a lovely big bed into which we went and it was sheer heaven at having got past our opening night and could now really relax and enjoy ourselves in the loving we had to give to each other. The thrill of being dressed up as females and of seeing each other in this attire when the dresses came off. To stroke and fondle the erections we had and then to be able to use it in the right place, up inside each other.

The pleasure of being inside Rosie, slowly stroking the inner canal as I moved both my body on him and run my hands up and down his waist, hearing him croon out his pleasure as I shafted him. Then had the extra joy at having him inside me, giving me the same pleasure as he fucked me until his seed surged up and out for me to feel it.

This was our heaven and we made the most of it and the finishing touch was that I had bought a sprig of mistletoe which was now hung above our bed and what we couldn’t stop giggling over was that one such as this was what had brought us together in our happiness.

* *

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