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Sea Girls Part Four

Two young men meet at college and fall in love and have a wild adventure.
He said that he had hated taking those female things off as we got dressed into our male clothes after breakfast and was eager for us to go out and buy him a set. This we did and didn’t care what the shop assistant thought as I made sure that the bra we bought would fit him. So with his lingerie bought, we also went into a beauty parlour where I bought a cosmetic case with all the creams, powder and make-up inside before we returned home.

It was good that we hadn’t been called by the agency with a job or two for we both had fun of getting dressed up as two girls, both of us getting erections as we pulled on our stockings, having it get in the way of our arms as we fitted the strap studs into the tops of the stockings. From behind, wearing the underwear and our hair down, we really did look like females and it look so incongruous when seen from the front with our erections standing out proud. They clashed together when we kissed and both of us were hungry for them to be used in our normal fashion.

It was a glorious session we both had, fucking the girl that we had dressed up to be. After which, we played about with the cosmetics in trying to make our faces look like real women. Mind you, it took quite a good few days and goes at doing this before we could put the stuff on properly and it was several weeks before we were brave enough to actually leave the flat wearing these clothes out in the open.

What a thrill that gave us, walking down the street as women and trying to emulate the way that they walked. Though bearing this in mind when we had got dressed for this parade, we made sure that we wore tight underpants to prevent our erections poking out the front of our dresses.

In between this, we both had various jobs from the agency and we were now beginning to be asked for by name such was our cooking abilities being recognised. Most times we worked at a place for at least a week if not a fortnight while the person we were replacing was on holiday so didn’t do many one night stands for when a chef was off sick.

Rosie got his end away with the head chef again at the hotel he was working at, and even, with my permission, let himself be fucked by the chef during the afternoon break. I, at the same time, was back at the Cavalleros where instead of Stephen just sucking on me, we finished up fucking each other and he wasn’t bad but not as good as Rosie when he used his cock up behind me.

It was through him that I learned of a gay bar not far from where we lived and so Rosie and I began to go there on a regular basis when we had some nights off. We were surprised at how many couples, all men, went there, and got on quite well with them, all knowing that they fucked their partners. As Rosie and I now had sex with other men at various times at work, thought it a good idea to have another male or two spend the night at our place, just for us to have a full night of sex with another man so that we could appreciate each other even more.

There was one couple in the bar that we got on very well with, drinking and talking, and found out that they quite often swapped partners. So one night, we asked if they would like to come to our place for dinner, and stay if they wanted to. They agreed to this and so set it up for the following evening where we would meet in the bar early for a drink before going to our place.

We made sure the flat was clean and tidy and had laid in the makings for a good meal before we went off to meet them. They were Robin and Andrew, though they called each other by their female names when alone at their home, they then being Robina and Andria.

I think that all four of us were excited when we met in the bar and only stayed for one drink before leaving for our place. It wasn’t that far for us to walk and were quite pleased with the pad we had and said so as we opened some bottles of wine to drink as Rosie and I began preparing our dinner.

Both Robin and Andrew couldn’t praise our cooking enough when we’d finished eating everything we’d cooked. Both saying that we would do well at any high class hotel or restaurant for they couldn’t fault the presentation or taste of the four courses we produced. We had gone through four bottles of wine and it was when we were having coffee and brandy afterwards in the sitting room that the subject of our sleeping arrangements were brought up.

It was shyly asked, by Andrew I think, of who would be sleeping with whom. It had already been decided between Rosie and myself that he would be using the spare bedroom this night and as I finished my brandy, stood up and held out my hand to Andrew.

‘Time for bed,’ I said and saw that with my hand out to him that he blushed and took it as he stood up. I saw the smiles on the faces of Rosie and Robin as they too got up and followed Andrew and me to our bedrooms.

It seemed strange to see another person undress in my bedroom as we took our clothes off, to have this other naked man before me, having an erection the same as mine and also see that he wasn’t quite as big as Rosie. But an erect cock will give the same pleasure disregarding the size and length of it, for it would still seem to be the right size when inside.

‘Kiss me Andrew,’ I said as we moved towards each other.

‘In a bedroom, my name is Andria,’ he said shyly, his eyes sparkling, which I believe was in seeing the size of my organ that he would soon be having. We came close together in an embrace and kissed, our cocks clashing as they were pressed up between us.

His kissing technique was different to Rosie’s as I’m sure mine was to him, but it was still another thrill just to be kissing someone else in my own room.

We broke off the kissing and got onto the bed where alongside, were several packets of condoms as well as a pot of cream, but as I got a condom out for me to wear he wanted to give my cock a suck first before I fucked him. This he did, taking the head into his mouth and worked his tongue round it very well indeed, using his teeth too to rasp the swollen head before letting it go, a big smile on his face.

I rolled the condom down on myself and he said that he didn’t need the cream as he got onto his knees, presenting me with the view of his rear end which wasn’t unlike that of Rosie’s.

I felt him give out a shiver when he felt the head of my cock touch the aperture it was going to go into, and holding his hips firm, I leaned in and felt his sphincter muscle automatically trying to prevent the entry, but failed, and I soon slid myself up into his backside.

There was an explosion of breath from him when I was fully inside and tight up to the cheeks of his bum, having held his breath the whole time that I was slowly pushing myself up into him.

‘God that’s big,’ he breathed out with the gasp, his muscle flexing itself round the shaft, and I then began to move, trying to give him the best fuck that I could. I think he liked it for he was softly crooning as I held him tighter to myself as I came inside him, jerking away with my hips until I had given out all that I had there in my balls at the time. I even evinced a cry from him as I pulled back out of him before pulling off the condom with some tissues at hand. He rolled over onto his back with a big smile on his face which I think mirrored mine for having such a good fuck.

‘That was really wonderful Nicky,’ he said, his eyes shining. ‘I just hope that I can give the same pleasure to you.’ I smiled back at him before leaning over him and taking the head of his cock into my mouth for a little sucking and chewing before rolling a condom down over it. With that on, he moved over on the bed for me to assume the position and when settled, he moved in between my open legs and stroked the cheeks of my bum first before holding my hip with his left hand. I didn’t flinch as he had when I felt the head of his cock touch the entrance and made myself relax as he pushed himself forward and had the pleasure of that small bit of pain as he widened the entrance and felt the head move in to be quickly followed by the shaft as he filled me with his lovely throbbing organ.

With him fully inside, his other hand came to my hip and he began to fuck me, moving himself backwards and forwards. It was lovely to have a different person doing this for me to compare the technique between him and Rosie. There wasn’t a lot of difference with the movement of a cock up your backside with it just going in and out, but it was other things, like making the cock twitch, the way your hips were held and the stroking of the waist with the hands. Just little things that made the difference.

Andria wasn’t as good as Rosie in this, but I now loved a hard cock inside and fucking me irrespective of who it was behind doing the fucking. I loved the soothing massage that seemed to iron out the wrinkles and gave me peace of mind as well as pleasure. But this sexual act never lasted long with, I think, the duration usually being between two and three minutes of having an iron hard piece of flesh moving inside the back passage.

The tightening grip on my thighs and the faster movement was the prelude to his coming and then being held firm, his thighs tight up to the cheeks of my bum, he jerked away with grunts as he came inside me, finishing off with a big sigh as he leaned over my rear end.

‘Nice and tight Nicky,’ he said. ‘It was great.’

‘That it was Andria,’ I replied and gave out the usual cry as I felt him pulling out for me to feel the air waft around my shrinking ring which always seemed so cold after the heat I had received.

I quickly turned round and used some tissues to pull off the condom as it was still hard and sticking out from his thighs as he sat back on his heels. With this lot dropped onto the floor, took the shiny head of his sperm covered cock into my mouth to suck and pull out the last remains of his coming as well as licking the head clean.

I flopped back onto the bed and opened my arms for him to move into for us to kiss after our session of fucking each other, and this we did for nearly an hour until we were both up hard again for us to fuck each other again before cuddling up to go to sleep. It was oral sex together when we woke up, loving that hard morning erection to suck and chew on and then get the flavour of his seed when we both finally came in our respective mouths.

They left after breakfast with them saying that we should next time, go to their place for dinner and sex though they admitted that their cooking was nowhere up to the standard of Rosie and myself. This we did a few weeks later when we had a night free from work and a few more times over the coming months, though we really gave them a shock one night.

That was because the pair of us went to the bar dressed up in our female gear. What a furore that caused when we entered and got many compliments from the regulars and were asked to have sex sessions with quite a few couples, accepting one or two at a later date. They too seemed to get a thrill at seeing us in our underwear and we had some good nights dressed up like this, but overall, it showed to us that we really preferred the union of us two.

We even began to go to our jobs dressed up as females and got quite a few comments at us doing this, some good and some bad, getting called all kinds of names with the latter, I’ll leave you to guess what they were. But we didn’t care now as to who knew that we were gay.

We had been with the agency for three years before we had a change that helped us with our future aim of having our own restaurant. It was one of the few occasions that we were working together in quite a fashionable restaurant, dressed in our finery, preparing dinner and seeing that it was served up to our liking. The serving had almost come to an end when the maitre d’ came into the kitchen.

‘There’s a Mr. Altman an American oil magnate that wishes to have some words with you,’ he said to the two of us, and we both looked at each other, questions in our eyes. We took off the hair nets we wore whilst working with food and shook our heads to make our hair fall down which now settled nicely on our shoulders and checked each other so that we looked okay before going out to see this man.

The restaurant was still half full and we were led to which was the most prominent table of the place which held eight people sitting there. As we got closer, a middle aged man stood up as we approached and stopped just before him.

‘I asked to see you to compliment you on one of the best meals I have ever had in London. It was superb,’ he said, which brought smiles to our faces. ‘Here’s my card,’ which he gave to me as I was standing the closest to him. ‘If you are free sometime tomorrow afternoon, I would like to have words with you. I’m staying at the Savoy.’ I looked at Rosie who gave a slight nod of the head and I turned back to this magnate.

‘Would three thirty be alright?’ I asked.

‘Excellent. I’ll see you then,’ he said, extending his hand which I shook and he also shook Rosie’s before we went back to the kitchen.

‘What do you think of that then?’ Rosie asked.

‘I think that he might, just might, be offering us a job,’ I replied. ‘We’ll talk about this at home tonight. Let’s get finished here first.’

And so we carried on till the finish before going home to our flat where we were soon undressed and in bed together.

‘Well what do you think of this oil man?’ Rosie asked after kissing my cheek, his hand running up and down my chest.

‘I think he wants us to be of service to him,’ I said.

‘I like it when you service me,’ he said with a giggle. I turned and kissed him.

‘I like the meat you serve to me too,’ I said, now rolling over on top of him, squashing my erect cock on his stomach alongside his erection as I gave him a deep open mouth kiss, letting our tongues play with each other.

It was a few minutes later that we began to service each other, something that we never tired off, using our erections to give pleasure to the both of us in the giving and receiving of it. The best fuck is the one that we have in the mornings with that iron bar of flesh at its hardest. We also liked the cleaning up process of sucking out the dregs of sperm as well as the licking of the exposed head with the foreskin pushed right back.

We only did the dinners at the restaurant so had the morning and afternoons free and it was after our lunch that we got dressed in our finest and took great care of our make-up before leaving to go to the Savoy. We presented ourselves at the desk just before the stipulated time and were told that we were expected and had a bell boy escort us up to the suite that this Mr. Altman occupied.

‘That’s what I like about you English. Punctual,’ he greeted us with a big smile on his face and an outstretched hand. ‘Thank you for coming Miss Craig, or are you Miss Roznoir?’ he asked still holding my hand.

‘Actually it’s Mr. Craig, me, and this is Mr. Roznoir,’ I replied and he dropped my hand like a hot brick.

‘You mean you’re..........’ He didn’t really know what word to use as he looked at us dressed up as females, incredulity on his face.

‘The word here in England is gay Mr. Altman,’ I said, giving him my best smile.

‘Well this is certainly a surprise. I never dreamed.... thought that you were females. It’s incredible! You certainly fooled me. But, well, I’m almost lost for words. Never mind, please sit down,’ he said, indicating a sofa that was opposite to an armchair. ‘Would you like a drink?’

‘No thank you,’ I said for the pair of us as we sat down. This action we had now a lot of practice in the way a woman sits down, smoothing out the back of the dress and sitting down, keeping our legs together and not sprawling like a man with his legs apart.

‘I’m still amazed,’ he said, shaking his head slightly as he sat down opposite us. ‘Do,......’

‘Yes. We sleep together and are partners in the full sense of the word,’ I replied, now being able to say this without blushing in admitting that we fucked each other.

‘Well it rather negates the question that I was going to ask. After such a wonderful meal last night, I was going to offer one of you a job of being my personal chef,’ he said.

‘Yes it does, for though we’re not bookends, we are still a pair and will stay so. So if that was to be the question, the answer is no,’ I said, starting to rise up from the sofa.

‘Wait dammit! Sit down!’ he said as an almost demand, looking somewhat flustered at my direct response. ‘I....Godammit. Will you both work exclusively for me? It means a lot of travelling between the States, Europe and the Middle and Far East, though it’s not for sightseeing. Business. Oil business. I have a couple of yachts that I use as an office outside of Europe and the East. My agent usually sets up the accommodation when I’m not staying at the ranch.

The pay will be comparative to your abilities though you won’t be spending it as you’ll be on expenses. Well? What do you say?’

‘Thank you for the offer. Er, can Rosie and I talk this over first? I replied.

‘Certainly, but don’t take too long for I’m flying out the day after tomorrow,’ he said.

‘Just a few minutes will do,’ I answered.

‘Okay,’ he said getting up from his seat. ‘I’ll get myself a drink while you talk.’ He went across the room to a small bar as I turned to Rosie.

‘Well? What do you think of this?’ I asked.

‘It sounds like a dream come true,’ he said in a low whisper, his eyes alight. ‘Getting wages and not having to spend any of it. Saving it up for our real dream.’

‘So we say yes then?’ and he nodded and so I sat back and with Mr. Altman seeing this posture, came back over and sat down with his drink.

‘You’ve decided then? What’s the answer?’ he asked, sitting forward.

‘Yes, we’ll take up the position of being your personal chefs,’ I said back.

‘Great!’ he replied. ‘You’ve got passports?’

‘Er, no,’ I said a little crestfallen at having to say this.

‘Dammit!’ he exclaimed and slumped back in his seat, taking a big swig from his glass before getting up and going over to a phone. He dialled a number and spoke a few words before coming back to us. ‘I’ve asked my secretary to come in as I need a few details,’ was all he was able to say before a door opened to the suite and a young man came in with a folder in his hand. Mr. Altman stood up and gestured for him to come closer.

‘This is, er,.....’

‘Rosie and my name is Nicky,’ I supplied.

‘And this is Thomas,’ he said, introducing his secretary who we shook hands with. He then went on to tell Thomas that we were going to be his chefs as he called us, thankful that he didn’t use the word cooks. He told him of the problem of passports and what was his itinerary in the near future. This he was told before turning back to us.

‘A month. Can you get passports by then? he asked.

‘I should think so,’ I answered.

‘Good. When you’ve got them, take them to the American Embassy for visas. Thomas, contact the embassy so that when they are presented that they are given visas immediately. Also book another two seats from now on when flying. Cable the “Marianne” and get the cook thrown off, okay?’

‘Yes sir,’ Thomas replied, having written down his instructions in his notebook.

‘Now give Thomas your phone number...’

‘I’m sorry. We’re not on the phone,’ I said. ‘But this number will be able to take any messages,’ and I gave him my other home in Harrow.

‘Fine. Thomas will pass on the date and flight number when we stop at Heathrow on our way to Kuwait.’

Kuwait! Rosie and I both looked at each other with smiles on our faces at this and I think that he was now looking forward to this as much as I was.

‘Okay then. Welcome aboard,’ Altman said, standing up and offering his hand. ‘Till then Nicky. Is that short for Nicholas?’

‘Yes sir,’ I replied.

‘And Rosie?’

‘It’s really Georges sir. French,’ said Rosie, ‘but Rosie’s a play on my surname the first part being Roz which in English is Rose.’

‘Well seeing as you seem to dress the way you are, we’ll keep it to Rosie and Nicky. Thanks for coming and agreeing to be my chefs.’

We shook hands with both him and Thomas before leaving the suite and as we were alone in the lift going back down to the lobby, we hugged each other in delight of the job we had landed and hoped that all went well with it.

We didn’t have time to go to our flat but went straight to the restaurant for our stint of cooking more delicious dinners for the diners, but, boy, didn’t we really have a good fucking session when we did get home. Both of us were as happy as larks and couldn’t wait to get our passports which we applied for the following day. We had to get these forms signed at the local police station showing them our birth certificates and giving our N.I. numbers to prove who we were in this application. The photos didn’t take long and we soon gave these in for our passports.

We both went to our respective homes to tell our parents that we had finally taken on a job full time and mine were very happy for me in getting this position of working solely for an oil magnate. Rosie’s parents were delighted too, though we both said that we couldn’t stay overnight as we still had to work that evening in the restaurant.

Our next task was to inform the letting agents that we would be vacating the flat in four weeks time and also gave in our notice to the agency the same day. Now we just couldn’t get the following days past us.

We even had Robina and Andria round for a dinner celebration one night and made it a foursome sex wise that night. What joy that was to have a cock up the backside whilst sucking on another rampant cock and having your own sucked at the same time. Now that was pure heaven. Filled with semen in both holes and yet still giving out your own supply. Mind you, it took all night for each of us to have his turn being the recipient of this delicious form of sex.

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