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Sea Girls Part Two

Two young men meet at college and fall in love and have a wild adventure.

So it wasn’t with any reluctance that, after saying goodbye to my parents, went back off to college. While sitting in the train, I gave thought to the condoms and cream that I had in my bag and the vision in my mind of the backside of Rosie. This gave me a massive hard on sitting there and had to really study the advertising panels opposite me to take my thoughts off of him and was fortunate enough to lose the tumescence before I had to get up to change trains.

It was only four stations on both lines and I was soon at Stanmore and out and making my way to the college. Here, I found that Rosie had got there before me again and it was a lovely welcome I got when I entered our room. His arms opened for me and went into his embrace as we kissed and welcomed each other back for this, our second year.

That was all we had time for as we were supposed to start right away into our new duties now being second year students. These rules or tasks, whichever way you looked at it, was that we were now responsible in the actual cooking of all meals for the students for this our second year.

There was a rota system for only four at a time were in charge of the cooking of these meals with the rest of us assisting where and when needed. Rosie and I had been scheduled for the first nights dinner along with two of the others, both girls, for this was the kind of pairings that the teachers had insisted on. So we were on dinners for one week and then it would be breakfast and a week later, doing lunch. Then we would have two weeks as being assistants before starting the cycle again.

So Rosie and I with the two girls did dinner that night with those that had assisted, dined with the others and us four had our meal after the rest had eaten. By the time we had finished our meal, we only had time for one beer before the bar closed and it was two tired persons who went up to their bedroom. But this didn’t stop us from, when undressed and naked, having our ritual kiss under the now sad looking mistletoe before getting into one of the beds.

Here we went into a clinch and kissed each other, our hands caressing the other’s body, not missing out on the erections that we caused to grow with our kisses and hand movements. It wasn’t long before we were in the reverse position to be able to take the cock head of each other into our mouths to suck and gently nibble on.

How glorious it was to once again have his cock in my mouth to lick and suck as my tongue teased him till he erupted and filled my mouth with his coming. I had let go at the same time and we both could feel the semen being moved over the raw flesh of our cock heads before we swallowed the essence of each other.

Even while I was sucking on Rosie’s cock, I had the thought running through my mind of how would it be if it was up inside my backside. At this point, I was a bit on the shy side in bringing up the possibility of us both fucking each other and so carried on having the pleasure of his cock in my mouth while mine was in his without bringing the subject up. I did a week later when we changed over to the breakfast shift.

We had finished for the day and we only stopped in the bar for one beer and were soon up in our room where we got undressed. I think he looked forward to us being in bed together as much as I did, and found out a few minutes later that this was the case.

We had our ritual kiss under the mistletoe, pressing our bodies close up to each other, squashing our erect cocks up tight between our stomachs before we broke off and got onto one of the beds. Rosie’s eyes were shining and he licked his lips before moving closer and kissing me as we nestled into each other’s arms. Now was the time I thought.

‘Rosie....Rosie,’ I stuttered. ‘I....I. Do you like what we do in bed here? Sucking on each other?’

‘Oh Nick, yes. Of course I do. I couldn’t wait to get back here to be in bed where we are now,’ he said, kissing me again.

‘Well, I wondered if you would like to take the loving we do with each other a, er, a little further?’ I managed to get out.

‘You mean the ultimate union between two lovers?’ he smiled at me as he asked this.

‘Yes. I’ve come to love you very much and I’ve found that just sucking on you is not enough. I want to fuck you and have you fuck me.’

There! I’d finally said it, and was a bit surprised when Rosie had a fit of giggles, squeezing me as he did so.

‘I’ve come to love you too Nick,’ he said, ‘and I think that our minds are in tune with each other, for I was having the same thoughts myself but didn’t know how to say the right words.

You don’t know the torments I went through the whole of the holiday, wanting you. Wanting your cock in my mouth, to suck and chew on and take your seed to taste and swallow.

Oh darling the answer is yes to both! I too want to make love to you in the only way that we can really show each other of the love I have for you, and that is to let you stick that lovely cock of yours up inside me. And if you love me as much as I have come to love you, you’ll let me do the same to you.’

I think tears came to both our eyes at this double declaration of the feeling of love that we had for each other, and he surprised me again by adding some more.

‘So much that I wanted us to get closer together, I even went out and bought some condoms for us to use, hoping against hope that we would be able to use them on each other.’

He really burst out in laughter when I told him that I too had bought a dozen of the rubbers with the same trepidations in mind as he had.

‘Oh Nick, I’m so glad that you had the same thoughts as myself, for I didn’t really know how to say what I wanted most in the world, and that was for you to fuck me. And,’ he gave me a shy smile, ‘that you would let me do the same to you.’

That was it that we both were of the same mind and thoughts and now we were about to bring ourselves that much closer in the only way that men could and that would be the joining of our two bodies into one as we made love.

Rosie pushed me back and rolled over to be on top of me, his eyes bright as he looked into mine.

‘Will you fuck me first? I ask this for I’m frightened that I might back out at the last minute.’ He asked this in a quiet voice and I pulled his head down and kissed him before speaking.

‘Rosie. I’ve loved having your cock in my mouth, and all through the holiday I’ve had dreams of having the full length of you inside me. To give me the ultimate pleasure of us being together and that we are both of the same mind, I’ll go first and then you can have me in the same way.’

We kissed again and I think that his erect cock was hurting him the same as mine was doing to me and he rolled off of me and reached out to the drawer of the bedside cabinet between the two beds.

‘Oh shit!’ he exclaimed. ‘I’ve left mine in my suitcase.’ I chuckled at this and had a job of speaking properly.

‘Don’t worry for I’ve already put mine in the drawer, as well as some cream,’ I added.

So he pulled the drawer open and got out a condom and the small pot of cream and rolled back to me and lifted himself up to be on his knees to look down at my body.

‘I’ve taken it into my mouth,’ he said as he opened the wrapper and pulled out the condom, ‘and just hope that it fits and that I will get the same pleasure that I had in the sucking of it.’

I smiled up at him before he lowered his head and took the head of my now really throbbing organ into his mouth for a quick suck. It was only a quick one to make it jump and twitch at his action before releasing me and then rolling the rubber down over the head and shaft till it was fully covered.

‘You put the cream on,’ he said as he moved over to let me rise up, well in the body sense I mean, for my cock was already up waiting to have this experience of fucking another male up the backside.

With me moving about, he was able to get into the middle of the bed and what a sight that was that came into view as I shuffled round and got in between his open legs. The cheeks of his bum there before me as I opened the cream pot and took out a blob which I smeared over the head of the condom and wiping my finger of the residue at the entrance to his backside highlighting the target which was now there on offer for me to realise what I had dreamed of during the holiday.

His bum was like a pale white peach, the cleft separating the two halves and the creamed orifice I was about to stuff my prick into. I shuffled closer till the head of my cock an inch or two from the target before I paused and stroked both halves of this peach, the fruit of which I was just about to dip into. This stroking of his bum caused him to give out a shiver as he waited for this, the moment of truth that he was about to know what it meant to be the recipient of another man’s love and need of him.

I put my left hand onto his hip as I held my cock straight with the other as I nuzzled the head to the entrance of his being and felt him give out a tremor as he felt the touch of my cock head to his rear end.

He muttered something which I didn’t catch but when it came to my turn, it must have been something along the same lines that what he was about to receive etc.

With the head of my cock firmly in place at his entrance, I let go with my right hand and held his other hip and pushed my body forward.

God it was tight! I could feel that he was using his sphincter muscle to try and stop the intrusion.

‘Relax Rosie,’ I said, still keeping up the pressure. ‘Relax that bloody muscle.’ He must have done so, for all of a sudden, I was sliding up into him.

What an incredible feeling that was to have the head of my cock suddenly be encased in his body heat, hotter than his mouth and then to get the same along the length of the shaft as that followed until my thighs were tight up against the cheeks of his bum.

Though my cock, measured from the base at my stomach to the tip was seven inches, I only got about six of them inside him for the cheeks of his bum prevented him having the whole length of me up inside him, but six inches of a blood engorged cock was enough for him to what it was all about.

‘Christ!’ he gasped, the single word coming out in an explosion of breath that he’d been holding in as my thighs came up against his bum cheeks. ‘That hurt.’

‘Shall I pull out?’ I asked, worried that I’d really hurt him.

‘No!’ he cried. ‘It hurt at first, but now that you’re there......Oh Christ! I can feel every throb of your heartbeat. It’s incredible!’

But now that I was fully in, well as far as I was able to go inside him, started to move myself backwards and forwards in the fucking of him. He actually started to croon as I moved myself in and out of him, though out is the wrong word for it was more of a forward and backward movement, not the actual pulling out of him.

It was fucking great!

But the actual thrill of fucking him up the backside was short lived in this first time of fucking anybody for I’d not yet had the pleasure of having a woman. Too soon, my mind was crying out as I quickly reached my peak as I moved my cock inside him in this mode of having sex. Too soon as I held him tight with my hands as I rammed myself hard up against his bum cheeks as I then gripped him tighter as I began to shudder, my sperm shooting out into the rubber as I came, in what felt like to me, the most I had ever expelled from my balls.

He knew I was coming, not only from my grunting but of the short sharp stabs of my cock as it was only my hips that were moving at this point as I came inside the man that I was now really feeling that I had fallen in love with.

I had come and conquered as it were as I felt absolutely drained as I leaned over his rear end, panting heavily and saw, but had not felt, sweat dripping off my forehead to drop onto his lower back. He was now gurgling beneath me which quickly turned into a cry of alarm as I began to pull myself out of him. His sphincter muscle, instead of trying to stop my entry, was now gripping me, trying to prevent the removal of that piece of flesh that had invaded the very being of himself.

He gave out a cry as I finally left his body, him falling forward onto his front, me thinking that I’d hurt him and quickly fell onto his back to try and soothe him. I was wrong for he was crying at the loss, he said, feeling the thing that had given him pleasure being withdrawn from his body and it wasn’t until it was my turn did I realise exactly what he was saying.

But as I didn’t get a coherent reply, I lifted myself up off of him and off the bed, on wobbly legs I might add. I went into the bathroom and used some toilet paper to pull off the condom and dropped the lot into the bowl and flushed it. I wet the flannel there and went back with it to wipe the residue of cream from his bum before getting back onto the bed to cuddle him.

He had rolled over onto his side for this and we were both almost incoherent in our speech as to how wonderful an experience it had been, him in the loving of having me inside him and me saying at how I loved him for letting me fuck him.

This lasted a few minutes before I moved up, knowing that now it was my turn to have the experience that Rosie had just had, of having a male organ pushed up inside of me. I had loved having it in my mouth but now was to be the test that I could take and love having it actually pushed up into my back passage.

I got another condom out of the drawer and as he rolled over onto his back, his face alight and his eyes, well, shining doesn’t sound enough, for there was more meaning to the look that they conveyed and the one that seemed to be the most expressive was one of love.

Trying to hide the emotions that must have been showing in my eyes, I bent my head down and took the head of his cock into my mouth, that lovely cock, and gave it a few sucks before rolling the condom down until it was completely covered.

Words were not needed as I moved over to let him rise to his knees as I assumed the same position that he had been in, on my knees, bent forward, leaning on my forearms thus making my bum stick up. I flinched at the touch of the cold cream, much in the same way that he had done, and said a small prayer as I felt his hand come onto my hip and felt the head of his cock touch the cream at the entrance to my grotto.

My mind was telling my body to relax at the first pressure to my rear entrance, but the body was not reacting as the muscle there started to contract. This made the entry a bit painful as the head of his cock widened my back passage for the first time, but once the head slipped in, the rest of his shaft moved in smoothly.

Oh my God, it’s incredible, my mind shouted out though it was a grunt that came out of my mouth. I’m sure that I could feel his heart-beat, throbbing away through his prick that was now fully up inside me.

‘My God! It’s lovely,’ crooned Rosie, almost echoing my thoughts as he was motionless behind me which was somewhat aggravating by him not moving. All that moved were his fingers flexing themselves on my hips and his cock that was pulsating away but the bugger wasn’t moving.

‘Move Rosie, for Christ’s sake!’ I gasped. ‘Let me feel it move.’ This then triggered him off and he began to move his hips backwards and forwards, making his cock slide inside me.

It was incredible! Being able to not only feel the heat of his cock, but having it slide in my back passage, giving me a thrill as he did so. I found I was also drooling at the mouth at the wonderful sensations that rippled through my body by having him fuck me.

But like me, it wasn’t long before his fingers tightened themselves on my hips and began to pull me back onto him as he began ramming himself tight up to my thighs, making a slapping noise as the naked flesh came together.

‘Arggh,’ he cried as he held me tight and stopped moving, just letting his cock throb and pulsate away as the sperm was ejected into the condom. I swear I felt his coming but that, I think, was just my imagination at the thrill I was getting of having him where he was now.

He too was sweating at the effort he’d put into his fucking of me, for I felt drops of it splash down onto my lower back as he leaned forward.

‘Stay where you are Rosie,’ I grunted as I was now taking his full weight on my rear and lower back as I began to ease myself forward. His hands slid up my sweaty body until he grasped my shoulders as I became prone on the bed, lying on my front with him now fully on my back and still with his cock up my backside.

‘Keep moving if you can,’ I gasped out and his hands then slid under me to hold my shoulders from underneath and began rocking himself on top of me, his cock still up hard, moving at the same time. It was glorious!

But nature had its way and he was soon deflated enough for it to suddenly slip out to my cry at the loss of that wonderful throbbing organ that had just been giving me the greatest pleasure I had yet known. It was just as good having his cock there as it was in my mouth though I didn’t get to taste his sperm this time. We sorted that out later for after we had fucked the other, the condom would be stripped off for the recipient to then suck out any residue of semen and finish off by licking the cock head clean.

But with this being our first time in the fucking of each other, the condom was pulled off and dropped onto the floor as I rolled over onto my back and took him into my arms for us to kiss and tell each other at how wonderful it had been. We didn’t do more than that on this night for with our shift at cooking had changed so that we had to be up and working at six in the morning for the seeing to of breakfast.

Over the following weeks, we would either suck each other off or fuck one another nearly every night and before we knew it, Christmas was upon us again.

On reflection and looking back to that Christmas party we had, I kissed most of the girls under the mistletoe there but didn’t get the slightest arousal from the kissing of a female and yet, just the touching of lips with Rosie would always bring me up to a massive erection.

Before we left the party, I acquired a fresh sprig of mistletoe to replace the sorry thing of last year that was still hanging down between our two beds and with this fresh sprig up, Rosie and I kissed each other and went and fucked as we gave each other our Christmas greetings and the present of having a cock once again shoved up our back passage. Not only that but a good slug of our sperm because for the first time, we had each other bare back. That means without using a condom and it was an even greater thrill to actually feel the semen hitting the inner passage when he came inside me. The drawback to doing it this way meant no sucking of the rampant cock until it had been properly washed, but by then, most times it had begun to deflate.

We both had tears in our eyes as we kissed our goodbyes in the bedroom before saying goodbye to the rest before we left to go to our respective homes for the Christmas break.

I won’t say that Christmas was a bore this year, but it wasn’t the same with not having Rosie there to see to my needs in the sexual content at night in bed. Also, there was only one day that I could raid my mother’s lingerie drawer and dress up in this attire and masturbate while looking at my reflection in the mirror dressed in this fashion. I also tried for the first time to put on some of her make-up but didn’t do a very good job of it and soon washed it off.

Christmas day passed and so did the New Year and it was time to return to the college for our final six months.

Christ! We’d only been in the room five minutes before we were both naked and I was on my knees having him stick his cock up my backside and take me to heaven in this glorious fashion. He loved it too when I got round to fucking him before we turned round and sucked each other’s cock, not forgetting to pay homage to the balls that produced the sperm that we would taste and savour before swallowing. Girls? We didn’t need them.

But now in this latter part of our course, we tried to put all we’d learned into producing mouth watering meals for that would be part of our final examination. The first part of this being that we, the twenty of us, selected at random, a menu each. We couldn’t see what the menu was as we picked them and found that half were for a lunch and the other for dinner.

They were basically the same in the format, this being a soup, entree, main course and a dessert. These four dishes would be rated from one to five in points with an additional three that could be earned for the choice of soup chosen and of the vegetables selected to go with the main course. So there would be a total of twenty six points to be earned. Eighteen points or less would mean a failure. So with four teachers marking the meal that would be served to them meant that the topmost marks would be one hundred and four and if seventy two or less, you failed.

Now my menu for dinner showed the soup of my choice to be a compliment to the entree and main course. This also applied to the luncheon menus I found out, for Rosie had picked a lunch menu.

We got these a month before the end of the course, giving us one week to think on what and how we would prepare this meal and then take it in turns to cook and present this meal to the four teachers to evaluate, which started on the third to last week at the college starting on the Monday.

This would be done in alphabetical order and so I would do my dinner on the Tuesday of this first week, my surname being Craig, and Rosie would do his lunch on the Wednesday of the second week, his last name being Roznoir.

Rosie was in somewhat of a tizzy when he saw his and it wasn’t till we were in bed that night that I could calm him down. For some reason, I don’t know why, but when we were in bed together, we only spoke French, well, I suppose it’s the best language when making love to someone. It has a lovely purr when spoken softly into the ear that you are nibbling.

So with these whispered words, I kissed him, moving my body down until I found his erection and took the head of his cock into my mouth to suck and tease him. I then couldn’t say these words for its rude to speak with your mouth full. I loved to feel his legs tremble when I lay half across them as he neared his peak and to feel his body tense up and know that he was about to give me the nectar from his now, really hot and throbbing cock.

Though the emission in quantity is only between a tea and dessert spoon, it still seems to be a ladle full when it erupts and fills your mouth. It’s only experience that stops you from gagging with the first copious jet that hits the roof of your palate and wants to slide down your throat. You hold it there in your mouth until he stops pumping his hips up to you and feel his body relax that you know that he’s finished in his coming. Then you can roll it round over the head of his cock before swallowing it and then licking him clean.

This release calmed Rosie down and he was then able to see to me in the same fashion. That we later then fucked each other goes without saying.

The days passed quickly and it was the start of our exams as it were, and though I seemed to have forgotten to say that when you do the breakfast shift, that’s having to start at six in the morning, you do get to have three hours off during the afternoon.

So on the day that it was my turn to cook and serve up the four dinners for my exam, I was in a similar state as Rosie had been when he first saw his menu.

After we’d done our lunch time stint, we went up to our bedroom where we got undressed and went to bed together. Now it was his turn to calm me down and he made me forget the forth coming dinner by getting me up on my knees and have him enter me from the rear, without a condom I might add.

It was lovely to feel his hard cock once again slide up into me, smoothing out the kinks in my canal, his hands stroking my waist and back as he slowly moved himself backwards and forwards, his hard shaft moving like a well oiled piston. The gentle kiss of his thighs as they touched the cheeks of my bum as he did this until he got to the point of his coming. Then it was a smacking of our bodies as they clashed, feeling his balls bounce off me. His movements faster and more rougher as his fingers held my hips to pull me back onto him as he tried to get more of himself up inside me. Then came the lovely feel of his sperm shooting out to coat my insides as he held me tight as his hips kept pumping away.

My own cock would now be throbbing away and bouncing up and down, my balls swinging low below and me dribbling at the mouth as I had the pleasure of giving him pleasure at the same time as he fucked me.

But it’s an experience and pleasure that doesn’t last long and I gave out a cry as I felt him pull out, leaving that vacuum behind as the air seemed that much colder wafting round my ring piece as it began to shrink back in its closing.

I sighed in pleasure and fell onto my side as he left the bed to go and wash himself, a practice that was strictly adhered to when going bare back for the sake of hygiene. We had no worries about Aids for neither of us had been with another man in a sexual contact so we often had our anal sex without the using of a condom.

With him now having washed himself, he got back onto the bed to receive a kiss and cuddle for a few minutes before it was my turn to get up behind him. His legs apart for me to get in between them and stroke the cheeks of his bum that my throbbing cock now wanted to penetrate.

With him lying forward on his forearms, his bum was high up and just at the right height for his ring piece to be level with my erection, which I guided to the orifice that was there in front of me. My left hand was on his hip as I held my cock in my right, guiding it to the right place.

Like me, his body flinched at the first touch of the head of my cock at his entrance and with just a slight pressure of my body, let go of my prick and placed that hand onto his other hip and slowly eased my body forward.

I could feel the resistance of his sphincter muscle as I kept up the pressure, watching the head of my cock get compressed slightly as it began to move into him and suddenly lose sight of it as it defeated his muscle and moved in, the shaft quickly following until it was out of sight and my thighs were tight up to the cheeks of his bum as his body heat now surrounded the whole length of my cock that was now buried inside him.

It’s a similar pleasure you get in the giving as in the receiving as you slide back and forth in that tight aperture, crooning out words of love as you shaft and fuck the one you are giving the ultimate proof of this love. But it is still a short lived pleasure for it isn’t long before nature takes over and you are soon thumping away at his rear as the sperm surges up from your swinging balls and erupts in that tight backside.

He too gave out a cry as I moved back and slid out of that hot interior of his body and got off the bed and went into the bathroom and carefully washed myself before returning to our bed for a kiss and cuddle from him. We did this along with much stroking of each other and fondling that which gives both of us pleasure till we were once more aroused for one of us to turn round and both take the head of the throbbing cock head into our mouths to suck and gently chew on while using the tongue to excite the erogenous G string area.

This form of sex can be prolonged more than when fucking but the end result is the same, the coming of the body fluid to be savoured more by now being able to taste it before swallowing it and cleaning up the cock head.

I was much calmer now when we got up and had our shower before getting dressed and returning to the kitchen for me to prepare this meal for four. In this, you were allowed to have an assistant, this being Rosie, and so I cooked this meal that could possibly be the means of me getting a good position in some hotel or restaurant.

The soup of my menu which I had to select, I chose to do a French onion soup. The entree would be a fillet of sole meuni ère with the main course being Duck à la orange, the vegetables chosen were mange-tout and new potatoes. For dessert I did a crème de menthe sorbet.

Rosie did the actual serving of each course as I was seeing to the next one and I’m sure that they were delighted in what I had cooked, well Rosie and I both enjoyed what I had cooked as we ate the same afterwards. We had a good drink in the bar afterwards before going to bed to hopefully celebrate a successful exam.

We then, well almost, did the same for Rosie when it was his turn to cook though it was more of a quickie for we only had an hour beforehand for his menu was for lunch. His menu was Vichyssoise soup, his choice followed by scallops in a cream sauce. Being really French, he picked Provençal chicken served up with French beans and duchess potatoes and finished with profiteroles with chocolate sauce.

Here, I assisted him and served up his cooked luncheon to the four teachers who would mark up his rating, though we couldn’t celebrate with a drink till after dinner. But we had a good fucking session afterwards and as we lay there when finished, gently stroking each other’s cock and balls did Rosie bring up the thoughts that had even run through my mind.

‘Nicky,’ he began after giving me a kiss. He now always called me Nicky when in bed ever since we had started fucking each other. ‘Nicky. I’m going to miss this,’ he said as he held my cock in his hand, slowly moving it as he gently squeezed it. I turned my face to him and saw that he had tears in his eyes. ‘Also being in bed with you every night. Can’t we somehow stay together?’

Our minds might have been on different tracks, but were going in the same direction for I had had the same thought running through my mind.

‘Rosie, Rosie darling,’ I said, my voice a little choked up with emotion at seeing those tears of his. ‘I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be than with you. I’ve not been looking forward to this course ending and ..., and us having to part.’ Holding his dick in my hand doing the same as he was doing to me. ‘Have you any ideas, for I have?’

‘Yes I have now, though I didn’t really have any plans for the future when I first came here, except for doing well and then getting a job doing what I like doing. But since meeting you, I ...I’ve found that I like doing what we have been doing together and want somehow for us to stay together. Do you want to stay with me? Really stay I mean?’

‘Of course I do my love,’ I said, and meant it, in spite of seeing the anguish on his face and in his eyes. ‘I do want us to stay together. Like us getting a flat or something and living together and finding a job where we can work together and spend every day, and night, with you,’ I said, giving him a harder squeeze, my throat blocked with unshed tears and unable to say anymore, with my arm up under his neck as we cuddled together and almost cried. It was quite a few minutes before he could speak properly without choking.

‘I said that I had an idea now and it was that we should try and stay working together and saving up enough money to be able to start a restaurant, the both of us.’ I pushed away a lock of hair that had fallen across his face before giving him a kiss on the nose. His hair was now as long as mine for he’d stopped having his cut too and we both sported pony tails now, though for hygienic reasons, wore caps whilst in the kitchen or doing food preparation.

‘That is a very good idea,’ I said. ‘I’m sure I could squeeze enough money out of dad for at least three months rent on a flat. Would you be able to get the same, though it wouldn’t matter if you couldn’t, for we would just have to find work quicker, that’s all.’

‘I don’t think that’ll be a problem though the flat would have to have two bedrooms. Just in case either of our parents paid us a visit for it would look strange to them if we only had the one bedroom.’

‘Do you know Rosie. I don’t care now if my parents find out that I’ll be living and sharing a bed with another man. My mother has asked if I’d made any girl friends here at the college. I told her no, that I was too busy to make any attachments. But now, I just don’t care if they find out that I love another man,’ I said.

‘Oh Nicky,’ he said as he moved out of my arms and rolled over on top of me, his cock which had now become aroused, getting squashed between our stomachs causing mine to rise up. ‘I do love you too,’ he cried, literally, for a few drops landed on my cheek before he kissed me quite passionately, which led on to his continuing his movement on top of me. This was in the mode of when we first went to bed together and I think we both enjoyed it, having our erections masturbated this way. We both cried with relief as we came, smearing our stomachs with the outpouring semen, which gave us an extra pleasure of then licking each other’s stomach to remove the sticky mess we’d made.

‘Tell you what,’ I began after we had settled back down, an arm under each other’s neck. ‘We finish here next Friday and on the Saturday, that’s what, three weeks away from now, it’s my twenty first birthday. Why don’t you come and stay over at my place for the weekend and join in the celebration?’ He gave out a chuckle.

‘That’s a good idea. That would make it, er, the 12 th ,’ and gave out another chuckle. ‘You can then come over to my house for mine which is on the 26 th , exactly two weeks later. We could then tell our parents exactly what we are planning.’

We then passionately kissed each other to seal the pact we had just made to be together in the future.

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