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Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Eight)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!
Chapter Eight: Morning Glory

I awoke a little earlier the next morning, to find myself laying naked underneath the bed sheets. An outstretched arm crossed over my bare chest, the wonderful sensation of soft skin hovering over my own flesh. I laid there, facing the door on my side. I could feel the warm breathe of Julia laying close behind me, as she snuggled up tight against the warmth of my own body to hug onto.

A soft moan slipped from her lips behind, as I rolled gently over onto my back and looked upon Julia who had opened her eyes to look upon me.

"Hey babe, I thought you might be awake. I'm gonna have to go soon, or else Amanda might wonder what I'm doing!" she told me with a warm smile.

She pulled her arm across towards her a little more, as her palm gently caressed across my chest. Her legs wandered, almost crossing links with my own down below the sheets. Rubbing her own body gently against my own. I hadn't really noticed yet, but as with almost every morning for a teenage boy, I had awoken with a full on erection under the sheets. My cock lifted the sheet below like a formation of a tent as Julia glanced down towards it.

"You must have been having a nice wet dream last night hun!" she said to me as she caressed my chest with the softness of her fingers. She raised her leg in an arch at her knee, as it gently rubbed against my cock and I gently moaned a little to let her know I enjoyed it.

Her hand circled around my chest, before it slowly began to turn south. It disappeared below the sheets and it wasn't long before I could feel her soft skin upon my hard firm cock. Her finger brushed across the length of my shaft, up and down, and then to my hairy balls. Gently and carefully playing with them, teasing them, caressing them in her soft hand.

I groaned a little, closing my eyes and forcing my head deeper into the pillow below me, releasing a heavy breathe of her touch. Her fingertips fluttered across my balls and back towards my hard erect cock once more. She gently brushed the tips of her fingers up and down across my shaft, back and forth which turned me on more and I could feel my body temperature rising.

Her head leaned into my neck, as she breathed hot air upon my skin. She softly planted soft wet kisses upon my neck, working her way back and forth upon it and occasionally using her wet tongue to lick in small circles upon my neck which was driving me insane.

Her fingers were still gently brushing against all sides of my cock, but especially the tender and more arousing underside as her fingertips trickled their way up and down, and brushing alongside the length of my shaft. Her hand then opened wide, and she gently wrapped her fingers around the thickness of my hard erect cock, wrapping it tightly together in a grip.

Her head moved down, towards my chest as she began to do the same thing that she had done to my neck. Planting soft gentle kisses upon my chest. And then, using her wet tongue just a little to lick around in circles, and especially upon my nipples which were growing harder from the wetness of her touch and cool air of the room.

Her hand began to stroke my cock within her grasp. Slowly rising and lowering up and down as my foreskin slipped back and forth. The head of my cock was soft yet offering a slight firmness to it's perfection of it's bulge. I moaned a little louder as she jerked my cock slowly and kissed and licked me upon my chest and nipples. She raised her head a little and looked upon me above. "Shhh hun, you might wake our guest!" she softly spoke to me as I tried so hard to keep my own sounds to a minimum but everything was such a wonderful sensation that I struggled to control even that aspect of my body, occasionally biting my own lip to try and hold back the groans and moans of sexual ecstasy.

She continued to kiss my chest, as her hand began to move a little faster now below the sheets. I deeply breathed in and out with each thrust of her hand that jerked my cock. She pulled the covers back to reveal my naked body below to her, and the sight of my throbbing cock in her grip as her hand twisted at her wrist offering the gentle jerking movement within.

It didn't take long before my own body began to get involved, as my hips began to rock with the motion of her jerking my hard erect cock in her hand. Rolling and raising my hips a little, as my cock thrust in and out of her grip as it tightened around the shaft of my cock, not wanting to let go of it.

Julia leaned into the side of my head, and began to whisper words into my ear, softly and sexually in her tone of voice. "Mmm babe, keep doing that for me hun. Thrust your hips and slide your thick hard cock deeper between my fingers as I stroke your hard cock in my hand!" as I closed my eyes to hear her talk dirty to me, the first time a girl ever had to sexually arouse me more.

"That's it babe, jerk that thick hard cock, deeper and harder for me. Imagine it's my tight wet cunt you are fucking, deeper, in and out, harder and faster. Pounding away into my fleshy mound that only you can have. I want to feel you cum inside of me hun, I want to have that sensation of wave after wave of your wet sticky and creamy cum splashing inside mixing with the sweet taste of my own wet juices together. I love stroking and jerking your cock for you hun, I love the feel of how thick and hard your cock feels in my hand, and how you explode with your creamy cum all over. I want you to cum for me babe, I want to make you cum so hard and deep" she continued on, arousing me more and more.

My hips were rocking and bouncing off the bed, as my cock thrust harder and deeper between the tight firm grip of her fingers wrapped around the thick hard cock in her hand. I moaned a little louder, unable anymore to control the sounds erupting from my lips. "I'm gonna cum Julia!" I called out to her softly.

She knew I was close, as my cock began to pulsate and bulge, my balls tightened and the head was swelling. "Cum for me babe, splash all your cum out and give me all you have sweety!" she whispered into my ear once more. She raised her head and looked down to my cock being jerked faster and much harder in her grip.

I couldn't resist any longer, as my cock exploded. I thrust deep up off the bed, my cock forced it's way through her tight grip as a wave of creamy white cum splashed out of the slit upon the swelling head of my cock and flew into the air a little before crashing back down accompanied by a groan of immense pleasure and ecstasy.

I lowered down, and knew I wasn't finished. I thrust once more, and a second wave of cum splashed out of the slit and into the air, crashing down upon my cock, her hand and the bed below. Cum continued to slip from my slit of my swelling cock, still gripped tightly in her hand as she jerked it a little longer, tried to raise and release every drop I could manage from inside of me.

I crashed back down onto my head, breathing hard and heavy. Sweat dripped from my face and chest. My cock beginning to soften inside of her hand as she released her grip and allowed it to slip back down upon my body. She wiped the few drops of cum upon the bed sheets as she turned to look at me with a warm smile.

"Did you like that babe!" she kindly asked me, and knowing in truth the answer.

"Yes, thank you Julia!" I informed her, still through deep breathing and trying to regain my composure.

"Your welcome hun. Hopefully we can do more a little later as she leaned in and kissed me upon the lips. Not a quick kiss this time, and by no means a long hard kiss. But a gentle caress of our lips combined together to form a sensation that swept through my body, warming my heart and offering a sensation of butterflies that fluttered within my body.

She then pulled away and climbed over me as she headed to the door and opened it. She stopped, and turned back to look at me as I stared across at her in her soft blue nightgown. Her beautiful shapely body and perfect skin of her legs and arms on display for me. "You had better clean up a little, put your sheets in the washer when your ready and I'll get them clean so no one knows" she said to me as she left.

I laid there, naked and still this feeling of what I considered falling in love with this older girl who had came into my life and it still seemed like a dream this was all really happening to me. I closed my eyes, a little weary from the jerk off that had just happened and it didn't take long before I had fallen asleep after a hard morning wake up call I received....

Coming soon.... Chapter Nine: Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves....?
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