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Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Eleven)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!
Chapter Eleven: The Blindfold Test

After I had showered, got dressed and returned back downstairs, both Julia and Amanda stopped me to inform me that the two of them were heading into town to do a little shopping together and be back soon. They went off, and returned a few hours later with bags in their hands of clothes. We sat down to eat our lunch and then settled down upon the sofa with a nice cuppa.

I was sat between the two hot girls, as they teased me slowly by placing their hands upon my thighs and rubbing it back and forth. My cock already was beginning to awaken as it slowly rose to attention, forming a bulge within my trousers. Amanda's hand couldn't resist the touch, as she stroked up and down the length of the shaft that shaped the long stretch of erection between her fingers and through the fabric.

"Looks like he's waking up a little babes. Maybe we should play a game with him!" Amanda said to Julia with a twinkle in her eyes.

"What you got planned?" Julia replied, curiously.

"I know a perfect little game, let's see if he knows the difference between the two of us!" Amanda continued on. She rose up and pulled me to my feet. I just let her do to me as she wanted, as I stood there, my cock pushing it's way forward away from me through my trousers, forming a tent like appearance below.

Amanda disappeared to the upstairs bedroom for a moment, before returning with a piece of thin silk like fabric. She folded it up several times and then placed it around my eyes to blind me from seeing anything and tied it around the back of my head.

Amanda then got me to lay down upon the floor, placing a soft cushion where my head would lay and told me to remain silent and still. I could hear the two girls step away from me for a moment, and the gentle sound of whispering for a brief while before they returned.

"Okay babe, let's see if you can tell us apart, and if you get it right you may get a present!" Amanda informed me.

I lay there, uncertain for a moment before I could feel the warm breathe of someone approaching me slowly. A soft pair of wet lips suddenly embraced my own lips and kissed me. Gently and sweetly in a romantic sexual encounter together. After a moment they pulled away.

"Alright, which one of us just kissed you?" Julia asked me.

I tasted the wet lips still upon my lips as I licked them, and then spoke. "I think it is Amanda!" I stated. Silence grew for several moments before a reply.

"Congratulations. You got it right!" Julia said. "You win a prize!" she added with a wicked smile to her face. I couldn't see what was going on, but the two girls had a little something wicked playing in their minds.

Amanda stepped across, and stood behind Julia as she slowly ran her hands down her front and slipped one hand below the hem of her jeans. It delved further down into her panties and underneath as she began to gently rub Julia's pussy and I could hear the soft moaning of her purring ecstasy of being touched but unsure exactly what was going on.

Amanda pulled her hand free from within her grasp, as her fingers gently glistened of wet juices she had rubbed upon her fingers. She stepped across and kneeled down at my side.

"Open your mouth babe, your about to taste something really special!" as I opened my mouth and she slipped her wet juiced fingers between my lips and for the first time I could taste pussy. It was a sweet taste, a beautiful aroma that drifted up my nose from her fingers as I licked and sucked on Amanda's fingers.

"Do you know what your tasting babe!" Julia asked me as she stood over me, as I gently shook my head in reply.

Amanda leaned forward, and whispered in my ear. "Your tasting Julia's dripping wet pussy on my fingers" she informed me. I heard what she said but couldn't take my lips away from the wonderful taste I was taking in as I suckled on those fingers more, trying to get every last drop off them.

Below, Julia knelt down and began to undo my trousers as she pulled them down and released the bulging erection of my cock into the open, cool air. She looked up at Amanda who smiled, and then lowered down as she opened her mouth and softly and gently wrapped her lips around the rim of the head of my cock and began to suck on it.

I gasped in pleasure at being sucked on, as Amanda pulled her fingers free and ran her palm back and forth across my chest. I still couldn't see what was happening, but in truth I didn't care as I could feel those warm wet lips wrapped upon the length of my cock and sliding back and forth. Her tongue flicking and licking along inside her mouth, covering the shaft with her silky wet saliva.

Amanda was getting aroused herself as she watched Julia sucking my cock further down, before she slipped off her top to reveal her bra and unclipped it as she leaned over me. Before I knew it, I could feel one of her succulent soft breasts upon my lips as I opened my mouth and took it in. I flicked my tongue upon the nipple which was hardening inside my mouth, and wrapped my lips upon the soft flesh and sucked on her breast.

Amanda's hand was drifting down to her own body, as she slipped it under her own jeans and down below her panties which were getting wetter and slipped a finger inside her deep wet cunt. She began to rub and play with her own dripping pussy as I suckled on her breast. I could hear the warm breathing and soft moans of pleasure erupting from her lips. Her breathing growing harder as she played harder with her pussy and rubbed her clit. Her concentration upon watching her best friend Julia continuing to suck on my thick hard cock inside of her warm wet mouth.

Amanda's moans grew louder, and I knew she was close to cumming as she exploded into a beautiful rhythm of ecstasy from between her lips as she orgasmed, her body gently shuddering from the explosion ripping through her body. It took several moments for her to regain her composure as she pulled her hand back from her pussy, and covered in pussy juices of her own delight.

She pulled her breast away from my mouth that I had been sucking on for a while now, and offered her fingers to me. I took them in and had my first taste of Amanda's dripping wet cunt in my mouth. Drips of her juices slipped upon my tongue as I wrapped my lips around her fingers and sucked and licked upon the aroma that was driving me crazy.

Julia's head continued to bob up and down, my hard, thick cock slipping back and forth inside and out of her wet warm lips as she sucked and licked her way upon the length of my shaft. Amanda had decided it was time for her to join her as she pulled her fingers away from my mouth and moved down. She moved her head closer to Julia's as she saw her coming and pulled away a little and allowed Amanda to try.

My cock plopped out of one mouth before it suddenly slipped inside another warm wet mouth as Amanda wrapped her warm lips around my cock and sucked hard upon the head. She licked her tongue around the edges of the purple head of my cock as I was drawing closer to exploding. She slipped her head up and down, sucking along the length of my shaft between her lips as I had both girls sucking on me for the first time.

They both took turns, as my cock slipped back and forth inside both girls mouths one after the other. Each taking turns to suck on my cock. Occasionally, as one mouth sucked on the head of my cock, I could feel the tongue of another licking back and forth upon the length and across my balls. Playing with me and teasing me to the point of no return.

"I'm gonna cum!" I called out as I could feel my body ready to explode, as both girls placed their heads each side of my cock and used their tongues to flick and lick along the shaft.

I groaned hard, as I exploded and a wave of cum splashed out of the slit of the head of my cock and splattered back down below upon my legs and groin area.

The two girls continued to lick away as more cum spewed out of my cock and slipped down along the length of my shaft near their tongues as a little dripped upon them and they licked it up into their mouths. They then continued to use their tongues as they worked their way up towards the purple shiny head that was bulging still from it's explosion as they tasted the creamy white cum stains that was left upon the shaft and took it into their mouths. Tasting it all up as they swallowed the little droplets of cum inside of them.

I lay there for a while, my legs seemed like jelly and I didn't know if I could even stand as the two girls rose to their feet and stepped into the kitchen. Julia returning after a moment with a towel and helped clean me up a little, as I still was blind to what was going on before she stepped towards my head and pulled the blindfold off showing me a wicked smile on her face.

"I hope you enjoyed that babe!" she said to me as she stepped back into the kitchen. I lay there, my trousers down around my ankles, and the taste of pussy still inside my mouth I couldn't stop tasting it. I knew our time was going to come to an end soon, but hoped that I would be shown more by these two wonderful girls who were helping me to awaken my sexual desires.
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