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Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Fifteen)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!
Chapter Fifteen: The First Time ....

As that day progressed, from awakening in the bed after a night's sleep with two beautiful girls laying next to me, to the shower and licking Julia's pussy out, as Amanda sucked my cock and licked up every drop of cum I could give her. The rest of that day seemed slow moving, as the two girls informed me they were going into town for a while to do a bit of shopping, leaving me to clean up the house a little, which I did.

Hours later, the girls returned with bags full of items bought on their trip. They both headed upstairs and stayed there for a while as I waited downstairs, playing a little x-box and watching television to wind the day away. It seemed that day was quiet, compared to the rest of the week we had spent together as we sat and ate our lunch late on, and then the girls informed me that they had to go upstairs to do something and not to follow. I agreed, although curious as to what could be happening.

After a little while, Amanda came down on her own and entered into the living room to find me laying on the couch just watching a bit of television.

"Steve babe, I want you to come with me!" she asked of me, as I switched the television off and followed.

Amanda took my hand into hers, and led me upstairs and around the corner, down the small passageway to the bedroom door which was closed. She stopped outside, and turned to face me.

"Hun, I want you to undress for me!" she asked me, in a sexually seductive manner.

I followed her instructions, as I pulled off my t-shirt I was wearing, followed by my trousers and socks, and then my boxers as I stood there, completely naked. Amanda smiled at me.

"This is going to be a night you won't ever forget, hun!" she informed me, as she took my hand, opened the door and lead me into the bedroom.

The room was softly lit, with plenty of candles, and the sweet aroma of summer fruits that were scented from the burning flames that drifted around the room. I stepped inside and stopped, as there, laying upon the bed wearing a sexy pair of black and red lacy bra, panties, gloves and stockings was Julia. Lying back, waiting for me to join her. She looked beautiful in all her radiance and appearance. I was struck like a bolt of lightening at this vision of beauty before me. My cock was already growing hard and my burning desire inside, to be with her, was tormenting my soul.

"Every moment you have experienced so far. Every hot breath, every moan, every desire that you have felt inside. Every touch of her soft skin upon your body, and yours upon her. Every taste of her sexual energy and sweet juices have lead you to this moment hun. She awaits you. She wants to be your first. She wants you to slide inside of her and become a man. This is your day. Your perfect day that no one can take away from you!" Amanda whispered into my ear from the side.

Her warm breath flowing upon my ear and neck. Her hand caressing my chest back and forth.

"Go to her, be with her. Fuck her!" She ended in a sexually charged way.

I stepped forward, my cock leading the way as it pointed towards Julia, awaiting me upon the bed. I stopped at the edge and looked down upon her. Gulping through anxious feelings that wouldn't go away, of what was about to happen. Julia leaned forward, and took my hand as she pulled me gently upon the bed and laid me down next to her. Her hand, covered in a soft fabric of weaving lace swept across my body back and forth. Teasing me. Arousing my inner sexual lust and desires to kiss her. To fuck her.

She lowered her body over me, and gently, sexually, began to offer soft pecks of her lips that connected upon my chest at strategic places. Her hand moving further down my body, across my stomach and connecting with my by now erect cock. She caressed it in her grasp, slowly sliding her hand up and down the length of my shaft. Pulling the foreskin back and easing the swelling head into the open. Her hand teased me, drifting from stroking my cock and gently flicking her fingertips up and down the length of my shaft, to caressing, squeezing and playing with my balls.

Her tongue eased it's way around my nipple, licking around and upon it, flicking it gently and sucking upon it. She lead the way up to my neck, leaving the wet trail of her saliva upon my skin as she reached my mouth. Our lips connected, kissing. Romantically, and passionately embraced together as one. Our tongues slipping against each other. Tasting each other. We stayed like that for a while, kissing as she caressed and played with my cock in her grasp before she rolled over onto her back and let me take the lead.

I turned on my side, and stared at the amazing body before me, that was all mine to play with. My hand slowly floated across her stomach, up to her chest and caressed, squeezed softly upon her soft breasts captured within her lacy bra. I gently pulled the lace back, as one of her breasts slowly revealed itself. The nipple, was already hard and erect, offering the softness of her darker toned areola's around it. I leaned in, and used my tongue as I caressed the nipple, teasing it's way around her areola, and flicking the hard erect nipple back and forth. Then, with open mouth, I moved in and grasped my opportunity, as I wrapped my lips around the soft mound of flesh of her breast, and began to suck upon her naked body. My tongue continued to work it's wonders upon her nipple inside. My mouth occasionally pulling back and suckling gently upon her erect nipple. Warm breath broke from her lips, as moans of ecstasy erupted from above and drifted around the room.

I continued to play for a while, as moans and groans of her sexual energy played around the room. I used my tongue to work my way down, across her stomach, as my body slowly gyrated and slithered it's way down like a snake across the bed until I reached the panties at her waist. I could smell the soft aroma of her scent, and noticed a soft damp patch, already breaking upon the panties. I raised one of her legs and slipped it across and the other side, spreading them for me to explore between. I licked with my tongue, leaving a wet trail up across her inner thighs upon both legs. The closer I reached towards the golden treasure, that awaited me to explore, the aroma grew stronger.

My tongue glided it's way across the layer of lace that covered her, offering that first taste of wetness that dripped upon her panties from within. My hands worked their way up across her thighs, as my fingers grasped upon the thin straps of her panties and I slipped them down. I pulled them off to reveal her beautiful, shaven pussy, that was now on full display for me. I delved in, using my tongue to lick across the folds of her pussy lips. The juices flowed from within the grasps inside, and dripped onto my tongue, as I licked her pussy. I used my fingers, as I gently parted her lips, and saw the glistening silky infolds of her pussy. I delved deeper inside, my tongue slipped within easily, as it slid into the folds of her pussy and the juicy sweet taste of her inner labia. I rolled my tongue around, sliding it against the silky flesh inside, as groans erupted from above.

My cock was bouncing around on it's own. The smell of her sex was driving me insane, and I was growing more and more anxious about just wanting to fuck her. I made my way back up her body after licking her sweet juices out from her dripping wet cunt, and held myself over her as she slipped her hands below my body, hovering over hers. She took a hold of my cock in her grasp and positioned it at the tip to the opening of her wet pussy.

I looked deep into her eyes, that mesmerized me as she smiled and whispered, "Fuck me babe!"

I lowered my body down, as my cock plunged slowly into the silky folds, parting her pussy lips and delving deep inside of her wet cunt. I could feel her pussy so tightly wrapping itself around the girth of my thick, hard cock as I first entered her. I released a heavy, hard breath as I entered inside this woman for the first time. Her hands moved around and positioned themselves, as she caressed my ass, which lowered down upon her body.

She groaned "Ugh!" As I slipped deep inside of her pussy, the beautiful sound of her acceptance of me within her.

Her legs spread wide, as my cock pulsated inside of her hot wet cunt. She grabbed a chunk of my ass cheeks and squeezed hard, wrapping her lower legs down around my ankles, to lock me in place between her.

I then began to fuck her. Sliding my body back and forth, slowly at first, so I could enjoy every second, every slide of my thick hard cock inside of her wet pussy. I lowered my own body down, but softly lay upon her soft naked flesh, my head at the side of hers and my hands reaching back and holding onto her hips. I began to rock my hips, as my ass bounced up and down, and my cock slipped back and forth, in and out of her tight wet cunt. The sound of beautiful sex was erupting around the room. The slapping of my own body against hers, the echoes of wetness being explored from her dripping pussy as I penetrated inside of her.

My breathing grew heavier, as I began to pick up speed. Fucking her. My cock forcing itself inside, sliding against the inner silky folds of her inner labia and wet flesh. My balls slapping against her ass below, as I fucked her for the first time. I began to groan with ecstasy of my first time with a girl, and could feel my own body temperature rising as I picked up more speed. Groans and moans of sexual lust slipped from between her lips at the side of my head and into my ear, adding to my growing lust of her.

The bed was beginning to gently shake, as I lay upon Julia and my ass slamming back and forth, harder, deeper, with her long legs and smooth thighs wrapped around my own legs. Raising her own legs up, as she pushed them against my inner thighs and tried to help force me deeper inside of her.

"Oh fuck... Yes baby....Fuck me harder...Fuck me... Make me cum, baby!" She screamed out, through her groans.

I pulled myself back up, to rest upon my arms once again, and hover over her, as I slipped my head back and my mouth open wide, my eyes shut from the sexual passion, that was flowing through me. My own groans and moans of lust exploding along with her own. The mattress was wavering back and forth. My thick hard cock was slamming deeper inside of her wet cunt, as she dripped her tasty sweet juices down upon the sheets and covered my cock with them.

I knew I was close, and wished it could last much longer but the excitement, the tension and anxiety, of fucking this beautiful woman, was beginning to be too much for me, as I screamed out, "I'm gonna cum!"

I continued on the best I could, slamming my ass up and down, my cock pushing in and out of her tight wet cunt, as I penetrated her deeper.

"Cum for me babe... Cum inside of me.. It's okay... I want you to cum for me!" Julia called out to me and it was all I needed.

I released a huge groan of pure ecstasy, "UGHHHHHHHH!" as I pulled back and with all the force I could, slam my cock deep up inside of her pussy.

I could feel my head exploding inside of her, as a wave of cum spewed out of the tip of my cock and splashed inside of her pussy. My body shaking at the orgasm that was exploding from me, as I pulled back and, with force, once more slammed it inside of her. Followed by several shorter, quicker thrusts of my cock, to penetrate her dripping cunt. I gasped for air after a moment, and then fell down upon her naked body. Sweat pouring off of me onto her, as she raised her arms and caressed my back. Kissing me gently upon the side of my face.

"You did so well for your first time babe. I'm proud of you. You fuck so good!" She gently whispered into my ear.

I lay there, on top of her, as my cock was still deep inside of her and still relatively hard as the last few drops of cum dripped from my cock and mixed with her own wet juices. I tried to catch my breath back, as she tenderly caressed my back and stroked her hand through my hair. It was my first time with a girl, and I was glad, in some way, that it was over, but knew I wanted more. I had discovered what fucking a girl was all about, and wanted to explore it with the two as much as they would let me, and they did...

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