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Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Four)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!
Chapter Four: I Love My Boobs!

That next day, we stayed in once more, almost becoming a habit. Although I wasn’t complaining as by now I enjoyed being around Julia. I had grown more comfortable spending time with a girl, the most I had ever spent with any girl to be honest.

We had talked for hours about other things, and wondered what we would do that night. Julia saying she didn’t want to watch a movie again, and we should do something else. After a while she brought up maybe playing some games, and then suggested a game of cards which she used to love playing. Although I was never much of a card player, I agreed.

That night, we sat on the living room floor with a deck of cards. At first, we started out playing a game of Poker using matchsticks as a form of currency. We sat there for an hour or more, some snacks at our sides and a little alchohol to pass the time away.

After a while, she asked “How about we change this game a little?”

A little confused, I wondered what she meant “How you mean?”.

“Well how about.... !” she pondered for a moment before finishing her sentence. “.... ever played Strip Poker?” She asked.

“Hmm, No.” I told her, a little hesitant.

“Wanna play that?”

“Alright!” I agreed to it, I don’t know why because I was never that good at cards anyway and it showed in how we had played so far but maybe that was the plan. She saw how crap I was and decided to see how far she could take me.

We had played for a good length of time, and sadly for me I was right, I sucked at cards. It didn't take too long before I was stripped right down to my boxer shorts and nothing else. Julia on the other hand, was still pretty much fully clothed, just losing her shoes and socks in the process.

“If you haven’t noticed. I’m not that good at cards am I?” I said, with a soft laugh.

She looked up at me, smiling. “I’m sorry. I tell you what, one more round. If I win, you remove your last piece of clothing. If you win.. Then I will....”

She thought as she looked around and turned her head back after a few moments. “If you win, I will show you my boobs? How’s that!”

I gulped. I hadn’t seen her naked, or any really stage of her undressing since she had been here, yet she had seen me several times now jerking off naked. In fact, I'd never seen a real girl naked, apart from jerking off on the computer looking at pictures and watching porn.

“Alright!” I said. “Your on!”, maybe with a bit too much enthusiasm in my voice which she picked up on.

“I thought you might like that!” She said.

We played one more round, and it looked like I was going to lose, just a pair of threes I had going for me. Several high cards on the floor, and I knew she must have one to match. I was beaten... again.

I showed my cards and lowered my face.

“Damn it!” She said. She threw down her cards to reveal a pair of two’s only.

I looked up shocked. “I’ve won!” I said in astonishment.

She looked at me “I bet your really smiling now aren’t you!” She laughed.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized looking sympathetic towards her.

She smiled at me. “No need to. You won fair and square. And a deal is a deal I guess.”

Before she could do anything I spoke up, starting to feel kind of guilty now. “Look, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. It’s alright, I’m not going to make you do it!”

She looked at me, with a small look of astonishment on her face I had said that. A soft smile lit up the room from her lips as she looked across at me sat opposite.

“Wow, you would really let me get out of our deal?” She asked, sweetly.

“Yes. After everything you have done for me, I think it’s only fair.” I told her.

“That is so sweet of you. Thank you. But, a deal’s a deal. And I honor my deals when I make them. So I’m going to show you my boobs as agreed.” She said.

She lifted up and over her head a sweater. A tight hugging T-shirt was underneath, carefully showing the luscious curves of her boobs. “Have you ever seen a pair of boobs?” She asked.

“Hmm. Not really. I mean I’ve seen them on television and on the internet, but not like.. Real life in front of me.” I said, feeling embarrassed as my cheeks blushed red a little.

She lifted up her T-shirt, and pulled it off, throwing it to the side, revealing a sexy black lace bra over her boobs. I softly gulped. Her skin was soft, creamy and perfection to say the least. My heart was thumping fast, and faster with each waking moment of watching her undress for me.

She reached around her back and undid the bra. “You ready then...?” She asked me.

“Yes!” I said.

She pulled her bra around and it slipped off revealing her two, beautiful soft mounds of flesh to me. “Ta Da!” She shouted to me with a giggle and smile.

“Wow. Just... Wow.” Is all I could say. I was simply lost for words. I had seen lots of boobs online and in films but seeing the first pair in front of me took my breathe away.

Her boobs looked delicious, two beautiful size C cups, later discovering she was a 32C size. Two perfectly sized boobs, soft and yet a little slight firmness stretching outwards.

Upon each, two good sized areolas, slightly darker in tone, within each a hard firm nipple standing to attention. It wasn’t huge and pointy, but certainly big enough you could probably just hang something on.

I just sat there, staring at them. My first real sight of boobs in my life. Julia looked at me, a glint of happiness in her eyes of showing them to me. She could see I was transfixed by her naked upper body.

“Watch this!” She said. She wiggled her body slightly, as her boobs wobbled around back and forth. My eyes widened, my mouth dropped open. “Ha ha. I thought you might like that!” She said.

“So, what do you really think of my boobies?” She asked.

I gulped. “They’re.. Well.. They’re just... wow.” Even still I struggled for words. I felt like a cartoon, as if my eyes had popped out of my head and several inches away staring at her beautiful soft mounds of perfection.

“I’ll take that as a compliment!” She laughed.

“Sorry, I just. Wow. They look amazing on you!” I told her.

She raised her hands up, and cupped each one in her hand. Shaking them gently up and down, and raising them up and down. Her hands then began to caress them softly, all around and over. Her fingers softly rolling across her nipples and skin, her hands gently squeezing them within her grasp.

“I like my boobs. They aren’t too big, or too small. Just the right size to have them played with and sucked on I think.” She teased.

All of this obviously had got me very aroused. My cock was struggling to keep it's position hidden from view, as it bulged at my boxer shorts and the small flap as it tried to break free from within to get it's own view of her body. Julia lowered her head, and glanced down to see the large erection formed under the fabric of my underwear.

“I see he wants to come out and play again!” She told me with a smile.

I looked down and saw my cock. “Sorry, it’s just your so pretty!” I told her.

“It’s alright.” She informed me back.

“Since you let me play with your cock last night, would you like to touch my boobs?” She asked me. My first thought was, I’d love to do so much more, but I nodded quickly. She could see I wanted it badly, almost licking my lips and getting them wet with anticipation of what was happening.

I leaned forward a little, as she took hold of one of my hands in her own soft grasp and raised it towards her boobs. My heart pounded within my chest, my fingers felt like they wanted to shake but I held back. She placed the palm of my hands upon one of her perfect breasts. Her skin was smooth, so soft to the touch. Her boobs were a little firm.

She helped roll my hand gently in small circular motions as I caressed my first breast in my hand. I could feel her nipple stabbing within the centre of my palm.

She let out a soft moan through her lips. “That feels nice!” She added.

She then took my other hand, and did the same. Both my hands now gently resting upon the softness of her skin, and yet firmness of her boobs in both of my hands. I felt like I was in heaven having this opportunity to touch this beautiful young woman in front of me.

After a moment, she removed her own hands, allowing my own to remain as I continued to very gently caress her boobs. With a little confidence built up inside of me now, I carefully offered a gentle squeeze to the soft mounds of flesh in my hands. She moaned hot breathe through her lips as they parted, and closed her eyes for a moment. I stared upon her face, such an angelic appearance of female form so close to me enjoying the pleasure of me touching her.

As I knelt there, still caressing and rolling my hands around her boobs. My cock was bursting to break free and as I moved a fraction it did. The flap opened and my stiff cock protruded through the opening as it escaped it's confined room. It bounced around on it's own, with it's own mind as it wavered around below.

“Why don’t you stand up!” She told me. I didn’t really want to let go of her boobs, but I had to as I followed her command. After all, my mother told me to do anything she said.

I stood up, releasing my grasp from her boobs. My cock hanging out of my underwear almost in front of her face as she kneeled in front of me. She raised her arms up, and took hold of the edges of my boxers and pulled them down. They slipped down my legs as my cock retreated back within and then free for good in the warm cool air of the room. I stepped out as she placed my boxers to the side upon the floor.

She looked up at me, as I stared down upon her. Unsure of what her intentions were next. She carefully placed her soft palms of her hands upon my lower legs, and gently caressed them up across my lower legs, my thighs and just sliding them up and down, back and forth upon my legs and thighs.

Her hands caressing my thighs, and slippping inside and back was causing my cock to stiffen and harden more. The head of my cock was breaking free of my foreskin as it pulled back as my cock became more erect. My head rolled back a little, my eyes closing as I was losing myself in pure ecstasy of emotional feelings of what was happening not only outside of my body, but the feelings and butterflies that were erupting within me.

Her hands rose up my legs once more, but moved further north of their starting point. Her fingertips gently rolling across my balls as they hung below the erection that pointed ahead towards her. One hand gently slid back and forth under my balls and caressing them within her fingers.

The other hand moved onwards as it reached my cock and wrapped her fingers gently around the shaft. She stroked it, outwards towards the tip and back again. Softly jerking my cock within her grasp as her other hand cupped my balls in her hand and caressed them within.

I moaned through my open mouth as my head leaned back, my eyes closed at this incredible feeling rushing through my body. My cock felt wonderful in the softness of her fingers, still stroking it back and forth as she looked up at me with a soft smile.

She continued to jerk my erect cock for several more minutes before she stopped as I looked down at her. She leaned forward a little, and upright as she took the tip of my cock and very gently tapped the tip against the firmness of her naked boobs. It was a strange, yet unusual and wonderful amazing new sensation I began to feel. My cock tapping against her boobs.

“Do you like that!” She asked. I nodded down to her. She moved along slightly, and started to slap my cock against her other boob. Tap, tap, tap, tap. Just softly, before she gently rubbed the tip of my cock over her nipple.

I shuddered slightly at the touch, my legs softly shaking and she could see it was making an impact on me. I let out several groans of pleasure as she continued for a few more moments.

She then pulled her body away slightly and started to stroke me off again. Softly working her way up with pace over time. Because I was already incredibly horny by everything that had happened, it didn’t take me long this time to cum for her, as much as I wanted it to last a lot longer.

She picked up speed, jerking me faster and faster. Her grasp of her fingers wrapped around my cock tightened, offering a good firm grip of my cock within her hand. My own hips were gently rocking in motion with her own jerking of me. My hands down at my side, I groaned as I was so close.

"I'm gonna cum!" I called out, as she didn't stop or give up. Continuing her great technique of jerking my cock non-stop in her hand. I released a loud groan as my legs shook from under me, and it felt like I wanted to collapse upon the floor but I witheld the pain and numbness within as I remained standing.

My breathing was loud and heavy, as my cock erupted as a wad of cum splashed out of the tip of my cock. The first load as she jerked me flew several inches through the air and landed upon her body, unknowing to me at first as I grimaced in pure ecstasy at this emotional rollercoaster.

She continued jerking my cock, as I pulled back and thrust forward again offering a second load as my cock thrust itself through her tight grip. It splashed out as it splashed also upon her body, and some drooling down upon the carpet below near my feet. I jerked my hips several more times as she slowed her pace down, and the two of us tried to drain me of every drop of cum I could extract from within me.

The last few remaining drops splashed down into the small pool of gooey creamy cum that had formed upon the floor. I opened my eyes, my breathing slowing down now and returning back to normal as I looked down upon her. She released her grip of my cock and looked up at me with a warm smile.

I noticed a small splodge of cum had landed just above her boobs. “Oh shit. I’m sorry!” I said.

She looked down at it. “Ha ha, its okay. Don’t worry about it.!” She claimed.

Her hands rising up, and her fingers touched the cum on her chest as she gently rubbed it into her skin, and down over her boobs, giving a soft glistening to their appearance.

“There see. All gone. Cum is good for you, makes your skin nice and moisturized!” She said as she looked up at me. “So, did you enjoy that?” She asked, although I think she knew my answer. This time it was even better than the last night, and night before.

“Yeah. It was wonderful. I keep thinking I’m going to wake up from a dream though!” I claimed.

“It’s no dream. I’m happy to help you out!” She said.

She looked down at the small pool of cum on the floor. “Now then, I’ll have to clean this little mess up.” As she lifted her head to look at me again. “Why don’t you go upstairs and have a shower, if you can still stand that is. He he.”

“I think I can, barely. Thank you again!” I said.

“You don’t have to keep thanking me you know. I’m happy to do it for you!” She told me.

I reached down and picked up all my clothes on the floor. Turning I was beginning to walk off. Her hand rose up a little, and she slapped my bare ass. I turned back as I went off and smiled as she laughed a little.

I took a shower and got changed, as I returned back downstairs. Julia had cleaned up the mess, although their was still a very slight stain in the carpet from my cum I had made.

She shouted from the kitchen. “I’m just making something to eat. I’ll be right there.”

“Okay thanks.” I called back. I walked over and sat on the sofa and tried to relax after another exhausting evening between us.
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