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Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Fourteen)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!
Chapter Fourteen: It's Getting Wet In Here!

After a night of having my cock blown to the point of cumming in Julia's warm wet mouth, while at the same time I sucked on Amanda's succulent firm tits and fingered her dripping wet cunt until we climaxed at the same time, I awoke to find myself alone in the bed.

Their was no sign of either girl, as the curtains were opened and the rays of the warm sun shone across the bed sheets where I laid beneath. The still sweet musky smell of aroma from the night before still lingered around the bedroom, and upon the sheets. My thoughts soon drifted from being alone, to the soft sound of water splashing from close by. The bathroom attached to the bedroom, where the door was slightly ajar.

I rose up, swinging my legs from upon the bed to sitting upon the edge. Pulling back the sheets to reveal my naked body, I stood up and made my way slowly across towards the bathroom. The splashing and sound of water crashing against the floor grew louder as I carefully pushed the door open wider.

As I stood, at the doorway and looked into the warm room, the heat rising from within the shower cubicle and steam breaking free from the locked chamber where I saw the faded outline of two naked bodies of beauty writhed together within. The frosted glass offered the glimpse of pale pink flesh, as they stood behind with the water crashing down across them from above.

"Hello!" I softly called out, as the door of the cubicle opened slightly and Amanda's head poked around the corner to look upon me with a sweet, and seemingly innocent smile. The water dripped down from the end of her chin, as her hair was slicked back behind.

"Hey sweetie, hope we didn't wake you?" she asked.

"No, just wondered where you had both gone!" I asked, even though I had now realized the answer to my own question.

"We just thought we'd get a shower together, their's room for another. Why don't you come and join us babe?" she asked of me. I was nervous, unsure of why really after all that happened between us but for a brief moment I struggled to put my front foot forward. Amanda left the door ajar and moved back inside.

I stepped forward, a little sweat was beginning to already form upon my naked body from the heat of the water that was swirling around the bathroom. I took hold of the door and opened it, where upon I discovered Amanda stood just inside. Her back to me, as the water carefully slid it's way down across her perfectly arched spine down to the tight, and every so sweet ass cheeks of which had caught my attention. The water slipped down between the crack of her tender, soft ass and between her thighs as it dripped into a soft waterfall of water to the floor below.

I could see Julia stood, hiding behind Amanda's naked body that sheltered her from my eyes at this moment of time. The sight of the naked flesh in front of me had already begun to arouse my sexual desires. My cock slowly rising upon it's own accord as the blood pumped into the veins upon the shaft, that stretched the muscular length longer, and harder. The slightly purple head of my cock, engorged itself as it expanded out of the blanket of foreskin that protected it out of sight for most of the time.

I stepped into the cubicle, leaving the door ajar as I moved inside. As I stepped inside, my cock, which by now was long and hard pointing out in front of my body slightly brushed against Amanda's ass cheeks causing a slight sensation of higher arousal thrusting through my body. Amanda turned, as she revealed Julia's naked body to me. Those beautiful soft breasts that were firm, perky to the form standing out from her body. The curved hips that lead down to the tender thighs of her legs that stood a fraction apart, offering a glimpse of the shaven mound of her heavenly sweet pussy that awaited.

The water crashed down upon both of their bodies, as waves of the water splashed over towards myself as I stood further back. Amanda stepped to the side, as her hand slipped upon my waist and guided me between the two gorgeous girls. As I stood there, it didn't take long before both of them had a hand gently stroking, and caressing my chest and stomach. Guiding the soapy water down across my body towards my stiff hard cock that stretched out like a pole between all of us.

Amanda leaned in, as she kissed me softly at first upon my lips. The kiss turned more passionate the longer we embraced together. My lips parting as her tongue guided it's way inside of my mouth, swirling around and connecting with my own. Her hand caressed across my chest, making it's way down to my cock as she slipped her wet fingers upon it. Grasping a little tightly as she began to slowly jerk me off. After a few more lingering kisses and tongues slipping against each other, she pulled her head away.

I turned my head to find Julia's turning towards me, and she joined me in another passionate embrace of our lips together. Her tongue and my own protruded from out mouths as they licked, curled and swirled against each other out in the open air as the water trickled down over it. Julia's left hand moved down my chest, as she reached my ball sack and began to play with them. Cupping them in her hand, gently squeezing and rolling them within her grasp. Her other hand drifted down across my spine, as she slipped it across my ass and began to squeeze my ass cheeks in her grip.

Julia pulled her lips away from mine, as Amanda's hand still jerked my foreskin back and forth in her grasp. Julia's hand playfully rolling my balls back and forth in her own hand below. Amanda stepped across, as I saw her whisper something silently into Julia's ear which let off a wicked sense of a smile upon her face. As she moved back, Julia took a slight step back and pulled her hand away from my ball sack and ass. She stood there for a moment, as Amanda then leaned into me and whispered sexually in tone in my ear what she wanted of me.

"I want you to go down on Julia babe, this is your chance to taste her sweet pussy. Go down and lick her pussy out with your tongue and eat her dripping wet cunt for me Hun!" she whispered into my ear. My heart was beating heavily in my chest, pounding away as Amanda let go of my cock and allowed me to do what she wanted me to.

I knelt down on the floor and looked at the sweet tender mound of flesh of Julia's pussy for the first time. Her pussy lips were a little puffy, and tender from the sight of staring deeply upon them. The water trickled across her soft stomach down to the haven of her pussy and across her tender thighs. I leaned in towards this golden treasure I had sought for so long since I first met Julia. The thought of licking her pussy, eating her out and fucking her hopefully one day swam around my head.

Julia leaned back a little against the back wall inside the shower cubicle, as she raised her right leg and rested the sole of her foot upon a slight ledge that stuck out from the wall. It allowed the pussy to spread a little wider, as her pussy lips parted a fraction more and I could smell the musky scent of her wet body close by. As I drew even closer, my heart beat faster and deeper. Nerves wracked upon my body, as I placed my palms upon her thighs and gently caressed them from either side. Up and down, slowly stroking my palms back and forth across her soft skin from her knees up to her upper thighs and close to her dripping cunt.

I protruded my tongue and gently took my first taste, my first lick upon the sweet honey flesh of Julia's pussy. Starting from low, I raised my head as my tongue slowly licked up, caressing her puffy pussy lips with tenderness. A soft moan echoed out from Julia's mouth above which I could hear upon my lick. I went in again, using my tongue to caress and lick her pussy lips, over and over, licking upon them with my tongue going from a slow tender pace to a more faster, passionate crashing lick of my tongue upon her. Each accompanied by groans of ecstasy from Julia.

Then, I decided to go further, as I stuck my tongue out straight and headed in directly. My tongue parted her puffy lips apart, as it disappeared inside her wet cunt. I could taste the sweet honey juices that flowed within her pussy, as it splashed down in tender droplets upon my tongue. My tongue now inside of her pussy, I flicked it about, caressing against the inner soft flesh that was silky to the touch of my tongue. Rolling my tongue around back and forth, licking, caressing, flicking my tongue against every edge I could feel inside her tight wet hot cunt.

My mouth was firmly grasped against her pussy by now, as I couldn't really leave much for breathe as my tongue swirled deep inside her cunt, licking every inch of drop I could discover inside of her that she was forming of her sexual ecstasy she was experiencing from me licking her out. I eventually, after several moments had to pull back and slide my tongue out of her pussy as the splatter of water crashed against my chin and mouth, so I could take a breather of eating her out.

Amanda was watching from above as she knelt down and moved me, guiding me to sit down upon the floor and stretch out my legs. As I did, Julia guided her own sweet cherry sweet pussy over me and towards my face once more. Grasping her palms upon the wall above, and standing upright still herself. She then lowered her hips slightly allowing her sweet smelling pussy to drive towards my mouth and tongue once more.

I carried on doing what I had already begun, as her soft mound of flesh slipped against my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and slid it inside of her wet cunt once more. Again, guiding it easily as her puffy lips parted and I felt the silky edges of her inner flesh against my tongue. Caressing and licking my way inside of her wet cunt, eating her out without any thought of what else could be happening elsewhere around me.

As Julia gently eased her hips and weight up and down a fraction, causing the friction of her shaven mound to rub against my mouth as my tongue was delved deep inside of her wet cunt. Amanda dropped down to her hands and knees in between my feet that were outstretched. She took my thick, hard cock deep in her grasp and squeezed a little as she began to jerk my cock off. Rising her hand up and down, her wrist action smoothly offering the grip of her fingers wrapped around my cock to stroke it.

She leaned in as her tongue slipped from her mouth and she began to flick it over my balls, licking and sucking one in her mouth on occasion as my body was growing with lust over what was happening even more. The blood in my cock was pumping heavily as she jerked me off, before she moved her tongue and guided it up over the tender, soft underside of my cock which was so sensitive and then took the engorged head into her mouth. Wrapping her lips around the whole head and locking it deep inside. She thrust her head up and down, using her tongue inside to lick and twirl around the edges of my shaft as my foreskin slipped back and forth.

I sat there, upon the floor as the water splashed down upon all three of our naked pieces of flesh. Julia's hips grinding deeper into my face, as my tongue licked and slid deeper in and out of her wet succulent tasting cunt. My own hands rising up across her outer thighs and towards her ass cheeks as I gripped upon them, and tenderly squeezed in lustful excitement of feeling her ass in my grasp. Forcing her own mound deeper into my face and burying it there for me to continue eating out her tasty cunt.

My cock was being sucked on hard and fast, as Amanda's head bounced up and down behind, as her hands gripped and squeezed my balls. My legs were almost quivering at the build up of momentum of my cock being sucked on by her, as I knew I was going to be close to exploding for her. My own mouth was stuck to Julia's mound of flesh as she rubbed her body up and down on her own. Sliding her wet cunt over my face, dripping all her honey tasting juices over me. I used my tongue as I flicked it up across her pussy and I could see her sweet and tender clitoris awaiting me. I knew I had to play with it and taste it. I gently flicked my tongue across it as she groaned heavier and harder from my touch. I wrapped my lips upon it and suckled it like a baby sucking the nipple of it's mother's breast. My tongue still caressing and flicking upon it in my mouth.

Julia's moaned with enthusiasm as she groaned with sexual expression aloud. "I'm gonna cum babe... don't stop doing that!" she screamed out to me as I continued on. Flicking, sucking and licking upon her sweet little nub of her clitoris in my grasp. I gripped tighter upon her soft ass cheeks and forced her closer towards me as I flicked her again and again, and before long she groaned as loud as I had heard her. "Oh fuck.... I'm cumming!" I heard her groaning voice bellow out from above as her body began to shake. Her breathing grew heavier and deeper with each explosive orgasmic motion that ripped throughout her body. A small wave of her honey juices dripped out of her wet cunt as I took it all upon my tongue and licked it up like a lapdog drinking it's water from a bowl. Her body exploded into one large shake of violent thrusts of her hips against my face, burying me deep into her mound and searching for breathe.

It took several moments for Julia to come down from her explosion that ripped inside of her body, as she stayed somehow stood upright after her body shook and it appeared she was going to collapse onto my body. Below, Amanda's mouth worked harder upon my cock as it thrust deeper inside of her warm, wet mouth as her lips locked tightly upon the length of my shaft and foreskin. I knew I was about to cum myself, as the scent of having Julia cum so close to me drove me over the edge, as my cock was bulging with explosive desires.

"I'm gonna cum!" I called out as Amanda never give up or stopped her own sexual deviance of taking my cock inside of her mouth. She bobbed her head faster, harder as my cock swelled and pumped it's blood thicker into the shaft. Within moments, my cock was about to explode as I released a heavy and loud groan. Amanda's mouth wrapped tightly around the rim of my engorged head, and the eye of my cock opened wide as a wave of thick, creamy, white cum spewed out of the slit and crashed in waves into the warm mouth of Amanda.

Amanda kept her mouth upon my cock as she stopped bobbing up and down, as the cum splashed around inside of her mouth. I could feel the mixture of cum and her own saliva as it splashed around against the shaft of my cock. I groaned once more, as a second, shorter wave of cum splashed out of the eye of my cock and joined the gathering of it's other, earlier friendly swarm of swirling cum. My legs shook, as I could feel my cum slipping further back into Amanda's mouth and slip towards her throat as she swallowed it all, before sucking and trying to drain every drop of cum that she could gather from the slit of my cock.

Amanda slipped my cock out from her grasp of her lips, as it withdrew from inside of her and plopped back upon my thighs. She licked her lips, wiping the back of her hand across her mouth and licking it all clean. "Mmm, you have such sweet cum honey, I love the taste of it!" she said to me as I sat there. Exhausted from cumming and eating out Julia in this wet masterpiece of sexual cumming of three hot people. Amanda was the first to leave and dry herself off, as Julia soon followed, leaving me sat there for a little while longer. My legs still feeling slightly numb as I took my time to get feeling back into them and be able to rise up and head back into the bedroom to get dressed, for what could be another exciting day in this household.

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