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Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Nine)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!
Chapter Nine: Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves....?

A voice gently woke me not long after I had fallen asleep, as it called out to me "Are you awake?" as I opened my eyes to discover Amanda, Julia's best friend who had come over to see her after a break-up with her boyfriend stood next to the bed looking down upon me. The door was open ajar behind her, as she gently sat down upon the edge of the bed.

I turned to look at her, and laid there. The covers now back up over my naked body. My cock was beginning to rise once more with this other young woman sat in the room with me.

Her sweet smile and beautiful face, dressed in a tight hugging t-shirt from which I swear looked like she wasn't wearing a bra underneath as it appeared to show soft points of her nipples were just forming and poking out from below. She also wore some small 'hello kitty' pink boxer shorts that showed off her smooth, long legs.

"Are you alright?" I asked, unsure of why she had come in to see me.

"Yes, I just wanted to come in and say thank you for letting me stay last night. I really appreciate it a lot" she said with a sweet smile that melted me. I smiled in return.

"Steve, you show that not all guys are real jerks you know. I mean, my boyfriend, sorry.... ex-boyfriend now. All he wanted from me was to get in my panties and I wanted more. It was like, he didn't understand the concept of romance, you know?"

I saw she felt a sadness upon her face which she showed, as I tried to comfort her. "It sounds to me like your better off without him, if you don't mind me saying. He sounds like a real jerk if he just wanted to use you and not care about how you feel inside" I informed her. She looked at me, and offered a warmth of a smile once more.

"How can someone still so young be so understanding and sweet" she asked me. Then, she leaned in and give me a little kiss on the lips, nothing special or long but a friendship kind of kiss for being there to listen.

She sat there, next to me, and placed the soft palm of her hand upon my naked chest and began to gently caress me for a moment. It was having the desired affect upon me, as below the tent of the sheets began to rise. I felt a little uncomfortable, I mean I had jerked myself off for Julia and with her, but this was her best friend.

Amanda saw me glancing down at my lower body, as she turned her head and had a quick look. She saw the tent pole below the sheets and offered a soft giggle as she spoke. "Oh, I'm sorry babe. Did I make you do that?" she asked, knowing the full truth that she did.

"It's okay. It has a mind of it's own sometimes!" I said trying to joke about it.

She looked at me, with a cheeky grin upon her face and asked. "Would you mind if I, well, I don't know if I can ask...." she went on before I cut in.

"What?" I asked.

"Can I have a look at it please. I've only ever seen one before and I would love to see how big yours is?" she asked of me. I felt a little anxious at this, but after opening my eyes to the last few days with Julia I couldn't say no.

I took the sheet and pulled it to one side, as my cock bounced out into freedom. It pointed directly into the air above, wobbling around upon it's own. The shaft was hard and erect, thick in it's girth. The head of my cock was swollen and bulging and knowing it needed to blow off some steam or more soon.

"Wow, you have a beautiful cock Steve!" she told me. "It's so much bigger, and thicker than my ex-boyfriends. Your gonna make a girl very happy some day!" she said as she turned to look back at me. Smiling, she raised up off the bed and stepped over to the door. She stopped, and turned to look at me. "Thanks for listening hun, it means a lot!" she said.

"Anytime. I don't mind" I informed her as she departed, leaving me alone with my cock all ready, willing and waiting to be finished off.

After she went, their was only one thing left I could do. I laid there, closed my eyes and thought of Amanda sucking on my cock and fucking her.

I knew in some way it was wrong after I showed her my softer, caring side but I was just so horny and needed to cum so badly that it didn't take long of me wrapping my fingers around the length of my shaft and jerking it hard and fast that I exploded in my bed once more. It felt wonderful, as the creamy cum seeped into the bed and sheets around me, as I finished off getting every last drop out of me.

I laid there for a little while longer before I got up, and slipped on a t-shirt and some boxers. Grabbing the sheet off the bed, and ready to take down to put in the washer. I exited my bedroom and walked across the landing area outside.

As I made my way, I heard a faint noise. Soft moaning erupting from my parent's bedroom. I couldn't resist the urge to explore and I placed the bed sheet down upon the floor and stepped across.

I gently arched the door ajar a fraction, enough to see inside towards the bed in the distance where Amanda was laying, under the sheet which was pulled up to her waist. But the sheet was bulging into the air, as I heard moans and soft groans erupting from Amanda's lips, and her head delved deep into the pillow she rested upon. At first, I thought she was touching herself, masturbating by rubbing her soft fingers against the wet snatch of her pussy.

But that thought changed, as I saw a pair of feet sticking out of the lower end of the bed, from under the sheets. It was Julia, it had to be. She was hiding under the sheet at the lower end of the bed, and seemingly exploring her best friend's pussy from what I could imagine.

I had never seen real girls go at it before, and was engrossed by the scene I was watching. The bulge of Julia under the sheets altered occasionally as she moved around. I could hear very faint sounds of wetness upon itself, almost a slight pitter patter of water splashing into it's own small puddle in a tiny rainfall. The sound of Julia's wet tongue lapping up Amanda's dripping snatch.

Amanda continued to moan, as I stood there, and before long of watching this beautiful action in motion. My cock began to enlarge once more. My boxers were pushed to the limit, as my cock grew hard and thick fast. I knew I had to do something, and only one thing I could do at this moment.

I undid the flap of my boxers, and reached in and pulled out my hard erect and engorged cock. I wrapped my fingers around it and began to gently stroke it as I watched through the crack in the door.

Amanda's groans of pleasure, mixed with the deep heavy breathes that erupted from her lips. Accompanied by the lapping up of sweet tasting juices that Julia was working upon below for her. I got into my rhythm, stroking my cock in my hand and gently rocking my hips as I watched them together.

I was beginning to make a little noise, although I tried my hardest not to be noticed as I breathed harder, and offered slight moans of pleasure of jerking my cock in my hand. Faster and harder with each growing thrust and stroke.

Amanda raised her head, and for one brief moment I believed she had seen me. A wicked smile crept over her face as she looked down below to her lower body, and took the sheet and raised it and pushed it away.

It did reveal Julia, as she was on her hands and knees below, between Amanda's wide open legs. Her face buried deep into Amanda's swelling pussy lips. I could hear more cleanly now the slurping and tongue work she was giving her best friend.

Amanda lowered her hands down, and gently rested them upon Julia's head and controlled her movement of licking her pussy out by her actions. Julia's head bobbed up and down, and turned at angles, as she lapped up the juices of her friend into her mouth and tongue. Although I couldn't see it, the sounds sent the images into my mind of exactly what was taking place.

"Oh yes sweetie, that's the spot right there" Amanda gently called out to Julia who continued on her mission of eating out her delicious tasting pussy. "Oh fuck, I'm close to cumming babe.... don't stop licking my pussy. Eat me out sweetie, eat my wet dripping pussy!" Amanda called out to her, accompanied by deep groans of pleasure that showed on her face as it become flushed with redness upon her cheeks.

"Oh fuck yes!" she called out a little louder, as she forced her head back into the pillow below, as groans exploded from her lips. Her body began to shake a little, as Julia continued on eating and licking her tight wet pussy out. Lapping away like a little puppy dog getting it's first taste of a bowl of water. The sounds, all mixed together was driving me over the edge.

I thrust my hips harder, as I crashed against the wall at my side, almost losing my balance as my cock began to pulsate. The head swelled and turned a slight purple as I knew I was about to cum also.

It didn't take long before I give one final large thrust, and my cock forced it's way through my fingers wrapped tightly around and exploded into a wave of cum that flew out of the slit and crashed upon the carpet ahead of me, leaving a trail across it from landing point back towards me.

I give another thrust, as more cum began to pour out of my cock, as it dripped down from the slit of my cock and slipped upon the floor below, leaving bits still hanging from it's departure point.

My legs were shaking slightly, my body sweating with the ecstasy and passion I had just felt burn through my entire body. I shook my cock in my hand, getting the last strangled drips of cum off me as it slipped to the carpet below and turned my head.

Inside the bedroom, Julia had finished licking Amanda out and had moved up to lay next to her, as the two kissed each other in a full on passionate embrace of locked lips. She pulled away, as Amanda spoke softly. "Mmm, I taste like sweet strawberries!" she said with a soft giggle as Julia laughed with her.

I stepped away from the door, smiling, and was sure she had seen me jerking off over the two of them enjoying each other inside. Taking my bed sheet, I wiped the floor of my cum as best I could and made my way downstairs. Within the last few hours of this morning I had either been jerked off, or jerked my cock off myself several times. I knew this was going to be a long hard day.....

Coming Soon: Four Hands Are Better Than Two...?
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