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Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Seven)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!
Chapter Seven: I Spy.....

Several hours had passed since I had the amazing experience of having a girls lips wrapped around my cock and sucking, licking and giving me my first ever blowjob in my life. I still, strange as it felt, could feel a slight tingling sensation which I couldn't shake off.

The two of us went out for a few hours, shopping for food and things before we returned back to our home. Julia was in the kitchen putting the food away when a phone ran, as I stood at the top of the stairway and could hear just a soft mumbling of sounds coming from downstairs.

"Steve, can you come down for a moment!" Julia asked me as I made my way downstairs. As I entered into the living room Julia was stood with her mobile in her hand waiting for me.

"Hi, what's up!" I asked, and could see by her expression something was concerning her a little.

"I hope you don't mind, but I just got a call from my best friend. She's just had a big bust up with a boyfriend and wants someone to talk to, so I said it's okay for her to come here and me and her can talk" she informed me. I felt a little gutter, as I could see this as being the end of our little time just as the two of us together for the rest of the day.

"It's okay!" I told her, trying my best to act all supportive for her and her friend.

"Thanks babe. It does mean a lot to me for you allowing her to come around here, and I promise I will make it up to you for letting her come over" she said to me as she stepped across, and softly pecked me on the cheek and smiled which melted my heart.

I went back upstairs to my room, and found something to do as I sat down and started playing on my xbox for a while. The doorbell rang a little later and I could hear another voice and Julia welcome them into our home. I sat and waited, playing my games as the two of them sat downstairs talking as Julia comforted her friend through her breakup.

"Steve, could you come down please!" Julia's voice called up to me. I went downstairs and entered into the living room as I stepped inside to see Julia sat on the sofa, next to her friend.

Amanda, was a beautiful 19 year old girl, whose dark silky hair hung down across the arch of her spine. She was just as curvaceous as Julia, although from my first sight of Amanda she definitely had a larger breast size, just a little as her breasts were more prominent out front. She had on a pair of tight hugging jeans, a t-shirt which showed off the cleavage of her breasts. Her lips were rich in red colour, as her smile flowed softly throughout the room with an air of appreciation and kindness.

"Hi" I said as I entered inside and saw Amanda. She turned to look at me, and smiled in return.

"Steve, I know it's a little last minute and everything. I was wondering if it's okay to you if she stayed here tonight. It's just her parents are working tonight and she doesn't want to be alone." Julia asked me. How could I say no, not with the angelic face of two beautiful girls looking up at me, almost a glint of those puppy dog eyes you hear about.

"Yeah it's okay." I told her.

"Thanks Steve!" Amanda softly spoke to me.

"She can sleep in the same bed as me in your parents room. Thanks again Steve, it really means a lot!" Julia once again told me. "Why don't I make something to eat for us all!" Julia went on to say as she rose up and entered into the kitchen. She called me into the kitchen with her as she began to cook and then stepped across to me.

"Thanks again for this, it really does mean a lot to allow her to stay here tonight. I know we've been having lots of fun lately and I promise you I will make it up to you soon!" she told me as she leaned in and kissed me upon my lips. The first time she had kissed me, and her lips were wet, soft and wonderful to feel, and taste. She tasted sweet, and I wanted more but I knew I would have to wait.

As we cooked, and then sat down to eat, Amanda told me a little about herself, and how her and Julia were best friends and her boyfriend had hurt her by breaking up with her. We talked for hours, and it was gone eleven o'clock when I noticed the time and excused myself to go to bed.

"Well, I'm off to bed" I told them.

"Want some company" Amanda quickly snapped back with a giggle.

Julia's mouth dropped open, as she turned to her friend and gently punched her in the arm. "I can't believe you just said that!" as they both laughed a little.

I headed off to bed, and got undressed and laid there on the top of my bed in my boxers. Hundreds of thoughts were running through my mind, of Julia sucking on my cock, and the two girls making out together, and even the thought of me fucking them both at the same time.

All these thoughts were making me feel more horny, as my cock began to grow and stiffen under my boxers. I knew what I had to do, and I knew in honesty their was little chance of me sleeping until I did do it. I pulled my boxers down to my ankles and laid there. I began to move my hand down towards my cock, which by now was standing tall and proud. It pointed directly up towards the ceiling.

I wrapped my fingers around my cock, and gently stroked it, jerked it slowly up and down along the thickness of my shaft. My foreskin slipped down to reveal the swollen head of my cock. I closed my eyes, and moaned softly through deep breathing as I imagined the two hot girls downstairs playing with me. One of them sucking on my cock inside of her wet mouth, and the other letting me suck on her firm large breasts, flicking my tongue across her nipples and playing with them.

I wet my lips, dreaming away at this wonderful sexual young lust of a threesome being played out inside of my own mind like watching a movie. My hand was speeding up, faster and harder as I gripped the thick hard shaft of my erection within. I groaned, moaned louder, my breathing becoming much heavier as I built up the rhythm of jerking myself off and enjoying the ecstasy of my body growing warmer and hornier.

My hips rocked gently as my body bounced upon my bed, as I opened my eyes and breathed harder. My cock pulsated in my hand, speeding up faster and faster. Jerking harder with each thrust of my fingers wrapped around the shaft and I groaned and moaned.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see what I believed was someone stood at the doorway, peering in through the small gap of the entrance to my room. I couldn't make out who it was, as the darkness of the passageway was blocking out most of the view to just an outline form.

I was into jerking my cock so much though that I knew I couldn't just stop and see who it was. I was in the rhythm, building up the tension and ecstasy of wanting to cum so badly now. "Oh God!" I spoke out as I knew I was close to the moment. I sped up, gripped my cock much tighter and then exploded.

I let out a loud groan, a little louder than I had hoped and was sure it may have been heard downstairs. My hips thrust up off the bed, as my cock forced it's way through my grip and the cock and head pulsated as a wave of cum splashed upwards out of the tip and into the air a little. It splashed back down, upon the head and on my fingers, as I lowered down and thrust my hips again as a second wave of sum spewed out of the slit upon the head of my cock and this time just erupted like a volcano as it poured down and around the edges. It dripped down over my fingers and the shaft of my cock to my hairy balls.

The last few remaining drops of my cum filtered out of the slit, as my body began to settle back down upon the bed. My breathing, slowing down more as I felt exhausted and totally spent of every drop I could pull out of me. I wiped the cum from my hand upon the bed sheets at my side, as I didn't have a towel with me.

I turned to look across at the doorway, to see no one around anymore. Whoever it was had walked away after watching me jerking off and cumming hard on my bed. I heard the soft faint sound of footsteps making their way downstairs and knew for real someone was there, but didn't know who....?

I laid there, regaining my composure and growing weary and tired from my jerk off experience as I closed my eyes and before long, my sexual lust taken care of I softly fell asleep on the bed.

I had been asleep for hours as I softly opened my eyes to a voice that seemed to be whispering to me. I still was a little sleepy as I tried to look through them and saw Julia stood at the side of the bed. A soft blue nightdress upon her body, stretching down to her knees as she smiled at me.

"Hi babe, I'm sorry I woke you. It looks like you were a little busy last night before you went to sleep" she softly whispered to me as she pointed down to my body.

I looked down and realized I hadn't covered myself up after my jerking experience hours before. Thankfully, it was Julia who had caught me naked and not my friends. "Sorry!" I said.

"It's okay babe. I'm sorry I wasn't here to help you. I know I'm a bit of a pain, but would you mind if I slept in here with you tonight. It's just Amanda is asleep and she's hogging all the covers and snores a little. I can't sleep!" she softly asked me.

I nodded my head in approval as she smiled. "Thanks" she told me.

She climbed over my naked body and slid her own body below the covers as she took hold of them and pulled them back up and covered me and my naked body next to her. "You go back to sleep hun, I'm sorry I woke you!" she said. She leaned in and give me a quick peck on my lips and then laid back down at my side.

I closed my eyes, and turned slightly to face the door, and away from Julia that laid now behind me. I began to drift off, as I heard her voice one last time. "Oh your so warm, you must have really been going at it last night" she said as she leaned her arm across under the covers and wrapped her own body tightly against the back of mine and hugged me. Cuddling up and snuggled against the warmth of my body next to hers as I fell asleep. This was the first time a girl had ever slept in the same bed as me, and although nothing sexual was happening, and the two of us were tired, I had hoped this was the first of many....

Coming Next.... Chapter Eight: Morning Glory!
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