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Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Six)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!
Chapter Six: Blowjob Heaven!

As the two of us sat there for a moment, my heart was beating like a drum. My hands were becoming a little clammy and inside I had butterflies that were churning my insides out.

"Okay!" she said. "Why don't you stand up and remove your clothes and sit back down so we can start" she informed me.

I rose up, and began to undress. Removing my trousers, and then slipping my boxers down from the hips as they slid to the floor and I gently kicked them to one side. My cock was still a little soft although the arousal of being naked and the gentle cool air was just beginning to have it's desired affect upon the little fellow.

I moved back to the sofa and sat back down upright upon it, as I sat there and waited patiently. Julia rose from her seat and stepped across to stand right in front of me as she knelt down upon the floor. She placed her soft palms upon my legs and pulled them apart a little. She looked up at me, smiling through her angelic face and could see I was quite nervous about all of this.

"Don't worry Steve. I'm not gonna bite you!" she said affectionately. "First, let's get you a little hard shall we and prepare you!" she added on.

Her hands began to gently caress up and down my legs, occasionally making their way towards my inner thighs which was having the desired affect upon my once soft cock as it began to harden within moments. It rose up to a point it was then pointing directly towards her beautiful face as she looked down upon it.

Her hands moved further up, as one hand began to gently cup my balls and squeeze, but ever so softly and roll her fingertips along them. Her other hand moved further north, as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft of my cock and began to gently stroke me off as I sat there, leaning back with my hands thrust behind and placed upon the sofa to keep me sat upright.

Her hand was rising up and down, up and down in perfect rhythm as the blood began to pump deep into my erection and making it stronger and harder in her hand. The head of my cock began to pull free of the foreskin allowing it's full view on show for her to see.

Her other soft hand was still caressing and playing with my balls below, as she leaned in and gently blowed some of her warm air from between her lips upon my balls. The feeling of it was sensational as my legs shuddered a little in reaction to her sensitive movements.

"Alright, there we go I believe you are ready Steve. Are you okay?" she asked me kindly.

"Yes, I think so" I replied nervously still. In all my young life I had imagined this moment to be perfect, to have a beautiful girl do things to me that would drive me into ecstasy and beyond. All of what I had hoped, dreamed of was slowly becoming a reality to me.

"Okay. I'll start slow and use my tongue first" she informed me. With that, she gently ran her tongue around her luscious curving lips that were a little red from the lipstick she had placed upon them which added to the glow and shine of her face.

She ungrasped my cock from within her hand, and just carefully held it positioned upright - although it didn't really need much help to stand upright on it's own anyway, using her finger and thumb. She leaned forward, as her tongue protruded from between her lips, the wetness glistening off her as she began slowly and gently.

She started off low, as he tongue connected with my balls which send a new sensation into my body and the slightest shudder of her first touch upon me in this way. Her head raised up, as her tongue stayed connected to my body and her tongue rose along with her. Licking upon my balls and up, gently caressing in a tenderly and soft way upon the shaft of my hardened cock in her grip. Her tongue reached the tip of my cock, as it licked upon the underside of the head of my cock and then off. I let out a soft gasp of moan at the wonderful feeling.

She moved back down, licking her lips and wetting her tongue once again, as she began at my balls and worked her way slowly up across my shaft and off the tip of my cock. It was like nothing I had ever imagined it would be, it was far better. More, sexual and sensual in her way she was touching me and caressing me with her tongue. Teasing me slowly so as not to cum too soon for her but also for her to look and experience herself her affect she was having upon me.

Each caress, lick from her tongue was accompanied by a soft groan and moan from between my lips as I closed my eyes upon her reaching the head of my cock and feeling the more wonderful sensation of her actions upon the sensitive side of my erection in her grip.

She released my cock from within her small grip, as her hands moved down and began once again to slowly caress my legs and inner thighs, adding the sensual and sexual ecstasy to my already exploding body inside. She continued on several more times, each accompanied by a groan from myself and a peer upwards from her eyes that stared upon my face from below and between my legs as she rose upwards to the tip of my cock.

She spoke to me in her soft sexual tone of voice, where even just that was having such affect upon my sexual desires and arousal. "Do you like me licking your cock?"

I looked down upon her. "Oh God yes" I replied to her soft smile. "It's better than I could have ever thought of" I added with a gentle smile of appreciation.

"Good. I'm glad you like it. I'm gonna try something else now!" she informed me, leaving me wondering what she had planned next.

She leaned in towards the head of my cock, as she stuck her tongue out from between her wet lips and began to gently flick upon the head of my cock. I let out a loud grasp of excitement at her touch, followed by several quick deep breathes, my head snapping back at the ecstasy and sexual feelings that was burning inside of my body.

Her tongue continued to flick over and over upon the underside, more sensual and sensitive side of my cock. My body was shaking a little from her touch. My legs quivering with her soft hands still caressing upon my thighs and keeping my sexual desires rushing around within.

She raised her head, her tongue still flicking upon the edges of the head of my cock that was swollen and soft to the touch. Then it happened, without me noticing at first at what she was planning next. A wonderful wet and soft feeling as she lowered her head down a fraction upon my cock and took the tip of my head within her mouth.

She wrapped her soft warm lips around the ridge of my cock. The flicking of her tongue stopped as I looked down to see the head of my cock disappeared within her lips. I could hear a gentle soft soud of her sucking upon the head inside of her mouth, and the amazing sensations that was being sent from my cock to my mind and all over my body. It felt like fireworks exploding within me. I could feel her tongue begin to gently twirl around inside of her mouth, sliding around all sides of my cock as she licked it and caressed it within her grasp.

I didn't want this moment to end, my cock felt like exploding at this feeling but I was holding back as much as I could for now. Without warning, and without thought of myself I raised my hips a little off the sofa. My cock began to gently and very slowly slip across her tongue until I could feel the tip of my cock gently touch the back of her throat.

It stayed there for a brief moment before she pulled her head back as my cock slipped back down towards her lips. I lowered my hips back upon the sofa, worried I had taken it too far. But, she remained still grasped by her wet lips upon the ridge of my cock and not releasing her hold upon me.

I moaned at the pleasure I was feeling, as she continued to lick around my cock with her tongue which was so wet and I could feel the saliva inside of her mouth sticking to my cock. Then, this time without guidance or saying she herself slowly lowered her head down. My cock slipped further back within her mouth, towards the back of her throat. Her lips gripped firmly against my foreskin as the wetness of her warm wet mouth flowed across the firm erection she sucked upon inside of her.

I could not only hear but feel her sucking upon my cock inside, as I moaned and breathed heavier at this sensational feeling erupting around and inside of me. My body crashed backwards upon the sofa, unable to keep control of my own actions of sitting upright any longer as my whole body seemed to weaken at this feeling rushing through me.

She raised her head, as my cock plopped out of her lips, as she stared towards my face and I opened my eyes again to look down upon her, still breathing heavy. My cock seemed to be pulsating upon it's own at this attention it was being given to it. She curled her lips together and began to softly blow cool air from between her lips upon my cock. Even just the air being breathed upon my cock was some of the most wonderful things I had ever felt in my young life.

She leaned in again, but tilting her head to the side a little, and began low down as she locked her lips against the side of my shaft and began to caress up and down in motion keeping her lips tight against my cock between her lips. She worked her way around the two sides and the underside as I watched her slowly caress my cock gently within her grasp.

Her wet lips caressing me and moving up towards the underside of the head of my cock as I groaned with pleasure accompanied by the grip of the sofa from my hands and quivering of my legs she was still caressing with her hands.

"Do you like me sucking your cock!" she asked me as she went back to caressing it, licking it and touching it with her lips, tongue and face.

"Yes, it's amazing. I feel....!" I replied with, but before I could end she turned back to sliding my cock back within the tight firm grip of her wet lips that locked around the ridge of my cock.

She lowered her head down once more, taking my cock closer within her mouth, sliding across her tongue as it licked the saliva upon the foreskin and head of my cock. Her lips firmly sealed around my cock, not allowing it to escape from her hold upon me.

"Oh fuck!" I called out softly as my cock slipped back and forth across her tonue. Her head was slowly moving up and down, my cock slipping back and forth across her tongue as she continued to caress it, lick it and flick the end with her tongue, all still while firmly gripped within her mouth.

I was in total ecstasy and knew this wouldn't last much longer as she continued sucking on my cock and seemingly enjoying herself every moment of it. Her head bobbing up and down, my cock sliding deeper and deeper within her mouth and occasionally touching the back of her throat with ease.

One hand continued to caress my inner thigh, the other had moved up as she began to play and gently feel my balls within her grip. Twirling them inside of her palm, and rubbing and slipping her fingertips across them. All of this added more to the sexual enpowerment she had over me.

My body felt like it was on fire, and within moments I was about to explode as I called out through heavy breathes and groans of sexual lust that had overcome me. "I'm gonna cum!"

She gave several more quick thrusts of her mouth upon my cock, before she pulled her head up as it plopped out of her lips. Her hand rose up from my thighs and she wrapped her fingers tightly around the very hard and firm erection she had formed from me. She had a good grip as she began to jerk my cock off in her hand.

She jerked me hard and fast, picking up pace as my cock pulsated in her hand and she knew I was about to explode upon her. "Cum for me Steve. Cum hard and let it all splash out for me!" she called out to me in her sexual tone of soft female voice.

My hips were now beginning to gently rock in motion with her jerking action, bouncing a little off the sofa seat as my cock thrust between her tight grip upon my cock which was so wet with her saliva covering it. Then, it happened. With one huge thrust of my hips, my cock exploded as a wave of cum spewed out of the tip of my cock and rose a foot or more in the air before crashing back down as I groaned hard and loud at cumming, the best orgasm I had ever felt in my life.

It splashed back upon my cock and upon her hand as she continued to keep a tight grip and gently jerking me now. I lowered back down and then raised my hips again offering another large thrust of my body as my cock forced itself through her grip and a second, but smaller wave of cum splashed out as it seeped through the slit upon the top of my cock and slid it's way down around all edges of my cock and her hand.

I remained there for a moment, as she continued to jerk my cock within her grip and getting every last drop out of my cock as I lowered my body back down upon the sofa. Sweat glistened off my face and body, my breathing although heavy was slowly down to normal after several moments. My mouth ajar, my words lost as I licked my lips and looked down upon Julia still sat between my legs.

She removed her hand from my cock, her own soft skin covered in drops of my cum upon her. "Wow, that was just..." I tried to say but struggled through my heavy breathe.

"I hope you liked it!" she asked me smiling.

"I did. Your like.... Amazing. You certainly learnt some things!" I told her.

She laughed, "Ha ha ha, thank you. I'm happy you enjoyed it." she said to me. She reached across and picked up a towel as she cleaned the cum from her hand. In truth, I would have loved to cum in her mouth but I felt uncomfortable even attempting or asking about it and was just happy with what was happening between us.

She then began to clean me up, wiping the cum from around my cock which now was slowly begin soft and limp once more as it settled down upon my body. "There, that's the best I can do for now. Why don't you go and take a shower when you feel you can get to your feet again" she told me.

She rose up and headed into the kitchen with the towel, as for several moments I just sat there. The sensations were still running through my body and I felt unable to move after this new experience for a while. I did eventually get myself dressed again after a while as I sat there before getting enough movement again to go upstairs and take a shower.

I was hoping this wasn't over, and that more would be planned before this day was out.... and I was right.

Coming Soon: Chapter Seven: I Spy.....?
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