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Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Sixteen)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!
Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher In The Corner!

While Julia showed me her beauty and sexual pleasure as I fucked her, I was unaware that at the same time her best friend Amanda watched every moment of it. After she led me upstairs, and into the bedroom where Julia awaited me and that first moment of pure bliss and pleasure happened for myself, Amanda did not leave. In fact, she stayed.

After letting me go, Amanda stepped across into a soft dimly lit corner of the bedroom. She was dressed in jeans shorts that were up to her ample soft cheeks of her ass, and tighter than anything could imagine. A thin white t-shirt showed off her beautiful breasts to their fullest size, along with the nipples which were already quite hard and erect and showed against the soft fabric she wore. She settled herself down upon a small comfortable chair and watched as my fucking Julia unfolded in front of her eyes.

As Julia began teasing my erect cock, it stood proudly upright as I laid upon the bed at her side. Amanda stared across from the corner of the room, the tip of her tongue working its way across the rim of her own lips, caressing its way across, wetting her lips with the wet saliva upon her tongue, imagining being there with us. Using her tongue to lick upon my large cock, working her way up the shaft inch by inch, over and over as she worked her way around all sides of my thick hard cock that stood there. Amanda was getting just a little wet between her thighs, just imagining doing such a thing.

I began to take control of Julia, working my way across her soft skin, licking and circling my own tongue across her breasts and especially paying special concentration upon her hard, erect nipples which I suckled upon. Amanda sat there, still licking her own lips and watching as her own hands began to guide their way across her own body. Over the soft cotton of her t-shirt, rubbing the fabric and causing soft but wonderful friction against her hard nipples which peeked out through the outfit. Sliding her hands down, and slipping them under the hem of the t-shirt, and working her own soft hands gently caressing across her stomach,it sent shock waves of wonderful warm feelings throughout her own body.

She moved them upwards, under the top and getting to her own naked breasts as she took them in her hands. She squeezed them gently, kneading into them, playing with them, holding them in her own grasp. Her finger and thumb went to work on her nipples which were tender and sensitive to the touch. Soft gasps escaped from her own lips as she watched me suck on Julia's breasts. She played with her own ample charms and enjoying every moment of it.

As I slithered my way down the bed, working my way to between Julia's thighs and the soft aroma of her sweet pussy that awaited me. Amanda raised her top and let her breasts be free in the cool air of soft darkness. The moonlight glimmered across the window and sent fractions of light across her pale, gentle and soft skin. She rubbed, squeezed, even the odd occasional gentle sounding slap of her own hand upon her breasts as they bounced around upon her chest. Taking hold of her nipples between her finger and thumb and pulling upon them, she stretched them out and away from her succulent curved breasts before releasing them and snapping back to their original position. Using the tip of her finger as she flicked them across her nipples, she playied games with them and making her more aroused, more wet with each touch of her own hands on her own naked body.

As I used my tongue, my fingers and delved within the soft mounds of Julia's dripping wet cunt which was positioned in front of my face now. Amanda spread her legs wide, placing each thigh upon the arm rest on each side of the chair she resided upon. Small droplets of wetness dripped from the edges of the shorts, and down her thighs. She was so wet, so aroused and so fucking horny that she wanted to cum so badly now.

She moved her hands down across her bare stomach, as the warm feeling grew hotter with each caress. Unbuttoning the jeans shorts and sliding gently down the zipper, she parted the opening wide enough to see the pale pink thong panties that she was wearing underneath. She slid her hand down, under the hem of her panties and towards her pussy. The outline of her hand could be made through the jeans shorts front, as she waved her fingers around, touching and caressing across her own pussy lips and even sending a finger or two inside for a brief moment.

She pulled her hand free, and up towards her lips, as she opened wide and slipped her own fingers inside of her mouth. She wrapped her lips around them and sucked upon her fingers, tasting herself, her sweet aroma and wetness that she was making. Licking around every drop she could find upon her hand as she released them to go back to work once more. Sliding down across her naked body and under the shorts, back into the haven of her own sexual pleasure that awaited.

As she slipped her fingers back down, spreading her dripping pussy lips apart and sending a finger within the folds of her womanhood, she released a soft moan as she closed her eyes and accepted this sexual ecstasy that was building up inside of her warm body. She used the tips of her fingers and rubbed, up and down, and in small circular motions around the soft puffed up pussy lips upon her sweet cunt, as she gently began to rock her hips along with the motion of masturbating herself as she opened her eyes and watched me.

She opened her eyes just in time as I laid upon Julia and lowered my waist down as my cock plunged deep into Julia's dripping cunt. I grunted out upon entering such soft silky folds of her mound. Amanda moaned gently to herself, breathing harder with each circular motion of her hand upon her wet pussy. She watched me fucking a girl for the first time, as my body rocked back and forth. My own ass bouncing in reaction to my cock slipping in and out of Julia's wet pussy as she spread her legs wider and opening more for me to delve deeper within her wet cunt.

Amanda's own body was growing impatient as her own hands were now beginning to rub her own pussy faster, deeper and harder upon her soft mound of sexual lust. Her clitoris was sensitive to the touch and the friction of rubbing it was sending what felt like electric waves throughout her own body. She watched me fuck, harder, deeper, pounding away inside Julia's cunt and using her own imagination of me fucking her. She slid two fingers inside her own pussy, forcing her way inside the tight hole as the sounds of wetness softly echoed around her. Her own mouth opening wide, holding her breath and breathing only when she needed to as it was building up within her own body.

As I was exploding deep inside of Julia, my head swelling as the cum shot out of it and mixed with her own wet juices inside of her deep, wet cunt, Amanda was beginning to have her own orgasm. Her body began to shake, hard, fast, quick and violent shakes of her whole body, as her fingers still continued exploring her pussy and keeping the feeling going as long as she could. A soft grunt of groans tried to break free of her lips, but struggled as she orgasmed hard and deep all over her body.

Her hand slowly began to come to rest, as she stopped, and her body settled down after several moments of smaller, quick fits of shakes that still sent shock waves throughout other parts of her body. She sat there, looking over at me laying upon Julia as my body sweat heavily at fucking her. Julia gently caressed my back and told me how good I was, as she glanced over and looked towards Amanda, knowing she was watching it all unfold and masturbating herself with a warmth of a smile upon both girls faces. Amanda sat there, topless and with her jeans still open for a while as she pulled her fingers up, covered in her own gooey wet cum which she had made from delving into her dripping wet cunt.She licked, sucked and tasted more of her own juices of her hand into her mouth as she sat there staring across at both myself and Julia laying upon the bed, and hoping that she would be next in line to be fucked......
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