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Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Ten)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!
Chapter Ten: Four Hands Are Better Than Two?

I had been downstairs for a while, after putting the stained bedsheets into the washer, and went about having something to eat and drink. Footsteps softly echoed from the hallway as Amanda entered into the living room to find me sat upon the sofa finishing off a hot cuppa.

"Hey hun!" she called to me as she stood and looked over. She stood there, dressed in her pink boxer shorts and tight hugging t-shirt.

"Hi!" I called back seeing her, before taking another drink from my cuppa. I sat there, in my boxers and t-shirt. She stepped across into the kitchen and poured herself a drink before entering back into the living room, stepping across and sitting down beside me.

"I hope you liked what you saw earlier!" Amanda said to me, with a little wicked smile upon her face. I looked at her, and turned a little red knowing now she had seen me watching her and Julia in the bedroom.

"Sorry, I was just...." I spoke as I tried to find something to say why I was watching. I couldn't find anything to think of as I stammered in my words.

"It's okay. Me and Julia had a good long chat this morning before we had our own fun. She told me all about what's been happening here between you" she said, as I began to freeze a little with fear. My heart was beating fast, unsure of her reaction to hearing everything that had happened. "Don't worry, I think it's kind of cute really. I'm glad she's been helping you discover yourself" she told me, as she rested her hand upon my naked thigh.

Gently, slowly, she began to slide her palm up and down as she caressed my thigh. Her hand wavered back and forth, as it grew closer and closer to my groin. The bulge was growing on it's own, as my soft cock was beginning to harden and become more erect from her gentle touch.

"She told me everything she's done with you. She's a lucky girl to get to play with you so much. When she told me, it got me so wet and so horny that I had to get her to go down on me and lick my pussy out" she informed me. The thought of that happening in my mind was having it's desired effect on me, as my cock began to rise on it's own. Her hand caressing back and forth, as she worked her way up to my groin and began to caress the shape of my now hard erection through my boxer shorts.

"Hmm, your cock is getting hard sweetie. Would you like me to help you out?" she asked me smiling. I gulped, and nodded my head gently in response. She licked her lips, provocatively, as she took a hold of the edges of my boxers and pulled them down. My cock plopped out free as it stood upright from the base of my balls. She gently wrapped her fingers around the shaft of my cock and began to softly stroke it for me.

"You have such a beautiful hard cock babe. I bet you really enjoyed jerking yourself off watching me and Julia play with each other didn't you?" she said. I was lost though in my own mind, as the feel of her soft hand jerking my cock was so good to feel.

"I did!" I gently whispered though closed lips to her in reply. She continued stroking my cock in her hand, up and down. Slowly, twisting her hand at her wrist as my foreskin slid back and forth upon the hard cock. She was slowly building up a rhythm of jerking me off in her hand.

"Mmm, I bet the thought of Julia going down and licking my wet dripping pussy is making you so horny babe. Imagine the taste of me dripping into her mouth and on her wet tongue. Using her fingers to delve deep between the soft pussy lips I have that waits to be spread so a nice big hard cock like yours could penetrate it and fuck me hard and long" she softly spoke to me in her sexual tone of voice.

I closed my eyes and leaned back, gently rocking my hips a little upon the sofa as my cock pulsated in her hand. She picked up a little speed, jerking me harder and faster. I groaned slightly at being stroked off once more, in such a short space of time.

What I didn't know, was that Julia had come down stairs and into the living room to see what was happening. She remained silent as she made her way over to the sofa and looked down at Amanda jerking my cock and smiling at her. She knelt down in front of me, and softly placed her palms upon my thighs and began to caress me up and down. I opened my eyes to see the two girls. Amanda at my side, still jerking my cock in her hand.

Julia kneeling in front, caressing my thighs and working her way up as she began to play with my balls. Caressing them, squeezing them gently in her grasp. As Amanda continued to jerk me, Julia leaned forward and still playing with my balls, stuck out her tongue and began to flick away at the swelling purple head of my cock.

My breathing grew heavier with each jerk and lick, moans and groans swirled from between my lips. The soft feel of Julia's tongue that flicked away upon the soft head of my cock. And then, she opened her mouth a little and took the head in between her wet soft lips. She sucked on it, as I could feel the suction from within her mouth upon me that sent emotions burning inside of my body.

I moaned louder, as I gripped tight upon the sofa cushions at either side of me and knew I wasn't going to last much longer. Amanda's hand continued to jerk the length of shaft of my cock, harder, faster, picking up speed with each twist of her wrist. My swelling head of my cock being sucked on hard by Julia's wet lips.

I groaned, as my cock pulsated hard in Amanda's hand and she knew I was about to explode. "He's cumming babe!" she called out to Julia as she opened her mouth and my purple swollen head popped out of her mouth just in time as she moved away and a wave of cum splashed out of the slit. Amanda's hand continued to jerk me as I cum hard with a loud groan of ecstasy of orgasmic state. Julia's hand cupped my balls and gently squeezed, as my cock continued to be jerked hard and fast to get every drop out.

My body shook in pleasure that ripped through me. I felt like I was gasping for air for a moment as all that I could muster was more groans of ecstasy bellowing from my throat. Amanda slowed down her jerking movement, as my cock was covered with white creamy cum, as it spilled down over the edges and upon her hand. She smiled at me as I slowly came down from my pleasure of being jerked and sucked off at the same time.

She finished, giving one last final jerk upwards to get every drop remaining out of me, as she pulled her hand away. Julia looked up at me and smiled also, as I sat there, sweating and unable to move at this time. My breathing become more normal after a few moments.

"That should hold you for a little while babe!" Amanda said with a smile. The two girls rose to their feet and stepped across and into the kitchen, leaving me sat there with my cock, now soft, and very sticky upon the sofa trying to regain my composure once more. After a while, I headed upstairs and took a shower and got dressed for the rest of the day.

Coming Soon: The Blindfold Test!
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