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Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Thirteen)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!
Chapter Thirteen: Insert Here!

Several hours passed, as the light turned to dusk outside and the curtains hid our sexual encounters from the world. That night, both Amanda and Julia informed me that it was be okay for me to sleep in the same bed as them, if I wanted to. Like a kid in a candy shop, how could I resist such a sweet invitation.

As I undressed in the bedroom, the two girls watching me as they perched their small petite and beautiful soft cheeks upon the edge of the bed. Stripping off down to my boxer shorts, which I hadn't had time to change and still had some slight stains of cum that had hardened and faded into the cotton underwear upon my body.

The two girls rose, and made their way across to the bathroom where the two slipped into their nightwear out of my sight, which in a way disappointed me from viewing them both undressing and showing the bodies that I had been lusting over for some time now. In the meantime, I stepped across and laid down upon the sheets of the bed and awaited their return into the room. A small bedside lamp illuminated the soft darkness around the bed as the light turned to darkness in the bathroom adjoined to the bedroom and the two girls stood in the doorway, staring across at me waiting.

Amanda, stood with her leg arches which showed off her perfectly pinned stature of long, shining legs that stretched up towards the pink boxer shorts that covered her sweet haven that hid beneath them. A tight hugging t-shirt showed off the curvaceous breasts that had formed upon this beautiful girl. I could just visibly make out the two points of where her nipples had become erect and hardened as they rubbed against the soft outfit upon her upper body.

Julia stood at her side, a light blue nightgown that hung from small straps upon her shoulders, pulling away against the succulent breasts that pointed out from her angelic form of creation. The hem of the outfit settled to the end around the upper thighs of her smooth legs. As I looked upon these two beauties, these two angels who had shown me more than I could have imagined in all my life, my heart beat faster as if it was trying to break free from within my chest. My hands became a little clammy, and my cock already had begun to take a mind of it's own at seeing them both in it's sights and had slowly settled upon rising to the occasion.

The two stepped across, and each gently laid down upon the bed next to me. Each of them had noticed the tent reaction to their outfits and perfection that had succumbed to my erection below. "It looks like sweetie you may need a little goodnight kiss to settle you down, and we know just the way to make you feel a little more tired tonight hun!" Amanda informed me with a wicked sense of a smile upon the slight curved corner of her lips.

One hand from each of the girls on either side slipped down across my chest, caressing my upper body until the two soft hands reached the edge of my boxers. They both grabbed either side and pulled them down towards my ankles as I kicked them away. My cock by now was hard and erect, as I laid there awaiting what plans they had for me tonight.

The hands moved back up, caressing my legs and around my balls as I gently parted my legs apart a little for them to gain easier access. As one hand gently cupped and caressed my balls, the other began to softly wrap their fingers around the shaft of my cock and slowly stroked upon it, pulling the foreskin back and revealing the head which was engorged by the excitement and touch upon the branch it stemmed from.

I laid there, my cock being gently stroked by one hand of a girl, and the other hand of a different girl playing with my balls in her possession. The two leaned over me, as they both took turns for a brief moment to kiss me upon my lips one after the other. Then, working their way down across my neck, and my ear, licking, nibbling and sucking upon parts of my body that was driving torment of emotional feelings around my stomach. Using their tongues as they licked down my neck, and upon my chest. Both girls at the same time, then used the tip of their tongues to lick around my nipples which were hard and erect, although still small in stature but reacting in the way was expected to the cold flicks and wet saliva that was being applied to them.

The licks of the wet tongue upon my nipples was an incredible feeling that rushed through every inch of my body, as lips locked upon them and they gently suckled and nibbled carefully upon my nipples and playing with them. My breathe exploded from my mouth, as a wave of hot air engulfed the area above me, forcing my head deeper into the pillow at this wonderful experience.

Amanda pulled away, both her hand and her mouth from my body as I opened my eyes to see her sitting upright upon the bed at my side. She reached down, and took the edge of her t-shirt and raised it up as it stretched over her head, as her soft flowing hair slipped through the hole and fell back upon her perfect body and back as I looked upon the succulent shaped breasts that she had grown upon her naked beauty. A perfect size to cup in each hand, with areolas that had slight darker color to her soft skin that allowed her nipple that stood out proud and erect in front of her glands of womanhood.

She leaned back down and waited as Julia shuffled me over to lay upon my side and face Amanda's body, as she leaned in and whispered into my ear through her warm soft breathe. "Taste her hun, lick and suck upon those breasts, she wants you to!" she informed me as I did as I was asked. I moved in slowly, admiring these formed mounds of soft flesh upon her upper chest and opened my mouth, slipped out my tongue and wiped the tip of my saliva across the nipple. Amanda breathed gently upon my touch, feeling the sensation of being touched upon one of her erogenous areas of her body by myself.

I licked again, and again, over and over as my tongue connected with her areola and nipple. I then went the next step, as I locked my lips gently around her breasts and began to suckle like a baby upon her feeding mound of female creation. Moans of soft echoes lingered around the room, escaping from Amanda's lips. I sucked, softly and gently upon her breast in my mouth and enjoyed this sensation.

Below, Julia's hand was still caressing and stroking my cock within her gentle grasp. My cock bulging from the blood flowing within the shaft as it slipped back and forth between her fingers. Julia's mouth was nibble succulently upon my ear, and occasionally kissing and licking my neck from behind me now. Then her hand stopped jerking me off, as she rose it up and took my hand within her own grasp. Unsure of what she had planned, she slowly drifted it across towards Amanda's body.

She rested my palm upon her waist, and accompanied by her own palm resting upon the top of mine, she guided it lower down. The two hands drifted below the boxer shorts that Amanda was wearing upon her body, and delved down towards the haven golden treasure that awaited any male, and female of sexual desire. I could feel my hand gently caress across the soft shaven mound of her pussy, as it guided me lower and my fingers soon become wet at the touch of her opening of her pussy that I had finally reached. I could feel the dampness already forming, as Julia's hand grasped gently upon the top of mine and showed me how to perform how Amanda would want me to.

She helped at first, sliding my hand back and forth in slow motion to start across the mound and pussy lips that was dripping wet below. My mouth and tongue was still working upon her breast above, as my fingers slipped over and over across the soft silky flesh of her pussy lips below. I could feel her still forming more dampness with each touch of my hand upon her, and tongue flicking upon her hardened nippled within my mouth.

Julia whispered into my ear, "Slide a finger inside of her babe!" she asked of me, as she pulled my hand back and then slid it forward. My fingers spread evenly apart, as one finger delved down the center and I could feel it gently slip between the pussy lips of her haven and slip softly inside. It was moist, silky almost to the touch inside of her as I could feel her flesh slide around my finger that was stretched inside of her. Amanda moaned out as I entered my finger inside of her, a moan of sexual pleasure and excitement I was performing on her.

Julia continued to guide me, as my hand slipped back and forth and with each move down my finger delved back inside of her wet cushion hold of her pussy. Julia whispered more to me, "try two fingers now babe, and delve them deep inside her dripping wet cunt and finger her pussy hard!" she told me in her sexual tone of dirty talk. My hand moved back, and then hovered forward and I grasped two of my fingers together and the two delved deep inside of her wet cunt. Forcing her pussy lips to spread apart as I parted her ways and pushed my two fingers inside of her moist cunt.

"Now just finger her cunt babe, do it slow at first and build up speed!" she continued to guide me as my hand stayed firm in it's position over her fleshy mound and my two fingers fixed firmly within her cushioned soft flesh that oozed her bodily lust upon my fingers and hand. I fingered her, sliding my fingers back and forth as requested, each accompanied with soft moans that grow harder with each thrust of my fingers deep inside of her wet cunt.

I began to pick up pace a little, as my hands slipped with ease inside of her velvet pussy. Her pussy lips dripped with her honey juices upon her boxer shorts around her, as my fingers pushed, harder, deeper and forcing every inch I could gather deep inside of her pussy to the edges of my fingers.

"Oh fuck yes, oh God, don't stop fingering me hun!" Amanda gasped out from loud moans of sexual lust that had overcome her desires of being taken. "Harder, faster!" she screamed at me, as I continued to finger her as she wanted. Forcing and pushing my fingers inside of her wet cunt, as I used my thumb to began to rub against the upper mound of her pussy where her nubile clitoris was bulging from within the hood it hid behind. I rubbed it gently as my fingers thrust deep and hard inside. The juices flowed upon my fingers and into my palm as the sound of my actions and splashing of her wet cunt exploded around the room.

She began to slowly rock her hips a little to my actions, as I continued to suck and lick upon her nipples and breasts. Occasionally leaning across and evening out the playing field of suckling and licking both breasts one after the other. The warm air of her gradual moans exploding into my ear as my head drifted from side to side close by. Julia's hand moved away and allowed me to perfect this technique on my own.

My body laid twisted upon the bed, my upper half turned over as I sucked on Amanda's breasts, while my lower half laid flat upon the sheets as my cock was risen and pointing to the ceiling. Julia worked her way down as she opened her mouth and took the engorged head of my cock inside of her mouth and wrapped her warm, wet lips around it. I could feel my cock being sucked on, as I suckled and licked on Amanda's breasts and at the same time fingering hard inside my first pussy I had felt, as well as rubbing her clitoris.

Julia's head slid up and down, my cock drifting back and forth and disappearing inch by inch deeper into her mouth. Her tongue licking and swirling around inside as it connected with my cock inside of her. Her head bounced slowly at first before picking up speed, as she sucked harder and deeper inside. Her hand moved down and played with my balls, cupping them in her hand and squeezing them gently. Her tongue occasionally flicking across the tender underside of my swollen head of my cock as she covered it with her saliva.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum in a moment!" Amanda screamed out, as she gripped hard upon the bed sheets at her side. I moved my head away from her breasts and looked upon her face, scrunched of pure sexual lust and emotional torment that was ripping inside of her body that showed upon her facial expression. She looked down upon my face, reached over and carefully placed her palm against the side of my head and delved into my eyes. "Cum with me babe.... cum with me... I want us to cum together sweetie!" she asked of me.

I could feel my cock drawing closer to climax, as Julia continued to suck away and play with my balls below. My own hand vigorously thrusting deep insider Amanda's wet cunt and rubbing her clitoris which was causing explosion to rip inside of her stomach. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum now.... cum for me babe!" she gasped out through exasperated breathe of her final words. Her head delved deep into the pillow behind, closing her eyes tight shut, her mouth screaming loud of her sexual encounters we were having together.

Moans, groans and sexual explosions ripped around the room at the same time. My fingers still sliding inside her wet cunt, as my own cock began to bulge and explode inside of Julia's mouth . I felt Julia's hand grasp tightly upon the base of my shaft and jerk it gently as a wave of cum exploded from inside my cock and splashed to mix with the saliva of her tongue and mouth inside of her. Amanda's own body shook at my fingering her still as her body moved side to side and her hips thrust off the bed for a moment as I kept my fingers deep inside her cunt.

She fell back upon the bed, breathing hard and heavy, and sweat glistening off her perfectly shaped form. I slid my fingers out from inside of her, covered with her sweet honey and pulled my hand up and from within her boxer shorts. Amanda took my hand and pulled it up towards her own mouth, as she began to lick gently upon the fingers, tasting her own sweet taste of her pussy that had drenched my palm and fingers. She then moved it over, and offered some to me as I licked and suckled on my own fingers in my mouth and tasted her sweet taste.

Julia had remained sucked on my cock, as she drained every drop of my cum from within and slipped her lips off the tip as my cock plopped back down upon my body. Her lips closed tightly shut, yet dribbles of white creamy milk slipped from her lips down her chin. She leaned up and across me towards Amanda and placed her head over as she opened her mouth a little and a small waterfall of creamy cum slipped from her mouth into Amanda's awaiting tongue and lips as she took it and swallowed every drop she was provided with.

I fell backwards upon the bed, shattered and exhausted from my exploits tonight as the two girls at my side turned and leaned into me. Both wrapped their hands and arms across my chest and cuddled up at my side. The three of us laid there, and slowly began to fall asleep in our own time as the day drew to a close.
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