Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Three)

By John_Doe

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A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!
Chapter Three: Need A Hand With That!

Two days and nights had passed. And twice now I had jerked off in front of her, although the first by accident. The third night of her staying over, she informed me she had got me a movie to watch again tonight.

I was a little excited inside, but also due to what I thought was a slight twinkle in her eyes as she told me, along with her soft smile. It felt like she was telling me, ‘I got a movie so I can watch you jerk off again tonight’, but being coy about it all.

That night, we sat down in front of the television on the sofa. Drinks in hand, and again she let me have a little of her alcohol in my own to make me feel more at ease once more.

She had picked a little known film I had heard of but never seen. Starring Lindsay Lohan, which she now knew I had a crush on a little, and was called ‘I Know Who Killed Me’. A small cult type movie in which Lindsay played two roles of twins, with one being a stripper.

We sat and watched the film together. Once more, with the film having a slight erotic feel in areas to it, I began to get hard. At first, I was a bit unsure and nervous. It was obvious I was bulging inside and needed to jerk off though.

I turned my head to Julia, who I was sure had noticed it also. “Do you mind if I... you know?” I asked, trying to be polite and not shock her.

She turned her head, smiling. “Sure, go for it.”

She turned her head back and watched more of the film. I undid my trousers, unzipped and slid them down to my knees once more.

My cock plopped out as it bounced around, standing to attention. Hard and waiting to be jerked off. I raised my hand, grasped it, as I began to softly and slowly start jerking off.

Julia turned her head and watched me. I could swear I saw a slight glimmer of smile at one corner as if she had this all planned out especially. She looked at my face and softly spoke “Do you like the movie?”

I turned to look at her, “Yes, it’s great. Thank you for choosing it!” I told her.

“Good, I’m glad you like it.” As she glanced down at me continuingly stroking myself off. “Listen, I hope I don’t seem out of place here, but....”

I was nervous as hell. What was she going to say? 'Put it away, it’s disgusting,' or even 'I don’t like you doing this anymore' crossed my mind. I turned to look at her, still jerking off slowly.

She spoke “Would you like me to help you?”

I was a little taken back, as my eyes lit up. “Hmm, I don’t know. I’ve never had me before,” I said, nervously.

She smiled, trying to put me at ease. “Well maybe I can be the first to help you. If you would like me to?” she teased.

“Yes please,” I said, almost gulping my words out.

Her hand reached across. I unclasped my fingers around my cock. It was still fully erect and hard, flopping around on its own for a moment.

She softly wrapped her fingers of her hand around my cock. They were soft and it felt so different to my own hand jerking me off. “I’ll start off slow for you. You just keep enjoying the film!” she told me. I gently nodded.

Her hand softly raised and lowered holding my cock in her hand. It was such a new sensation I had never felt before, it felt...amazing. She continued to jerk me off, slowly before gently picking up a little pace.

My eyes watched the screen, as my breathing got a little heavier. She watched me, glancing up at my face and seeing me enjoying her jerking me off, and at my cock, so big and hard in her hand.

I breathed heavy, as she picked up quicker pace. Watching me last night, and caught the night before, she had obviously seen how I masturbated myself and tried to copy it knowing I liked it that way.

I started to softly moan through my lips. My head snapping back occasionally, as she watched. “Am I doing it alright for you, I’m not going too fast am I?” she kindly asked me.

“No. Oh God. Please don’t stop!” I said.

“I won’t!” She told me as she continued stroking me off.

I started pulling slight faces, scrunching it up as the feeling was rising inside my body. My moaning grew louder, as my hips started to jerk upwards, trying to help the rhythm of her hand stroking me, pushing my cock more within her grasps.

“Oh God. I’m gonna cum!” I spoke out, a little loudly.

“Cum for me, let it all splash out,” she whispered. Her soft voice was ecstasy in itself as she spoke.

I let out one long huge moan and groan mixed together. My body shook in ecstasy of response to her jerking me off. My cum splattered up and out.

For the first time in my life, it shot up in the air, although only an inch or more as it come splashing down over my cock as it continued to splutter out of the tip.

It gushed out, more than I had even felt myself cum before, as it flowed down the sides, and all over Julia’s hand who still stroked it, but now just ever so gently at a slower pace, trying her best to help me get every drop out of my cock.

I give several final few hard and quick jerks up off the sofa, as my hips rose and my cock spurted the last few drops out. I softly lowered my body back down onto the sofa again.

My breathing softened, as she just ever so softly stroked a few more times. My head fell back, as I breathed in and out.

I lowered my head after a few moments, and looked down. She softly released a hold of my cock as it started to go soft. I stared at the cum everywhere, and on her hand.

I turned and looked at her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get it over your hand,” I said, trying to apologize for getting her messy like that.

She just smiled at me and replied, “It’s okay. I knew it was going to happen.”

She reached to her side, at the side of the sofa. Pulling up a small towel she had placed there. Again, making me think she had this planned. She wiped the pearly cum from her hand.

She then reached over with the towel. She started to clean up the cum mess I had made on my cock, body and around me. “Here, let me clean that up for you!” She dabbed away, wiping it all clear.

“There you go, all like new!” she said, pulling her arm back with towel in hand. I carefully grabbed my clothing and pulled it up, covering myself again and fastening the clothes.

My face was flushed still, as she placed the towel at her side. She turned and looked at me. “So, did I do alright? Did you like it?” she asked. I turned to face her.

“Yes. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” I claimed.

She smiled. “Good, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Do you want to know a little secret?he'she asked.

“Yeah, alright,” I said.

“Well, I’ve never actually jerked a guy off before. That was my first time, so I’m happy you enjoyed it!” I was a little in shock. She claimed that was her first time, yet she did it so well like she knew exactly what she was doing.

“It was my first time too,” I quickly shot out, before finishing off saying what I meant to say. “I mean, the first time anyone has jerked me off. It’s usually my own hand that I have to use. I’ve never had or know anyone who would jerk me off before.

“You were really good though at it. Definitely much better than myself!” I added, without thinking.

She let out a smile, and seemed to softly blush a little. “Aww, thank you. That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!”

She leaned across and give me a peck on the cheek. I blushed even more now as she turned back and we watched the end of the movie.

Another night slowly passed by. I must have woke up a few times during it, each with a hard on, and each time I found myself jerking myself off while thinking of what had happened with Julia that day.