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Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Twelve)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!
Chapter Twelve: The Taste

Later that day, a phone call was received to which Julia answered and passed the phone over to myself. It was my parents, who had informed me that instead of returning back home the next day, they had decided to stay for another week as it was such a wonderful experience. Obviously, I was overjoyed at the news as it made me realize that I had a chance to spend more time with the girls.

Later that night, the three of us sat down to watch some television and a late night hot movie. Myself sat in the middle, the two girls sat either side of me. As with most late night films, lots of sexual scenes seem to appear in it as I could feel myself begin to get very aroused as nubile girls were running around on screen in their underwear, and having sex with boys.

As I sat there, Amanda glanced down to see the outline of my cock that had formed under my trousers and now forcing itself in it's attempt to break free of it's prison. She leaned into me and softly, and in a sexual erotic tone spoke to me as she whispered into my ear. "Why don't you take your cock out and stroke it for us babe!" as she breathed warm air into my ear which set me off even further.

She placed her palm upon my thigh and began to gently caress it back and forth, sending sexual feelings into my already growing cock. I unclipped my trousers and unzipped them, as I slid them down my legs till they landed around my ankles. My cock was already protruding from the flap in my boxer shorts as it stood to attention in the center. I took the sides and slipped my boxers down till they joined my other garment below.

Amanda continued to slide her soft palm back and forth, caressing my thigh on her side of the sofa. On the other, Julia decided to join in also, as she placed her soft hand upon my other thigh and began to caress it as the two girls raised the heat that was burning inside of my body of sexual lust. My cock was bouncing around with a mind of it's own waving, bobbing and wandering side to side from the touches of the girls hands upon my thighs.

I took the length of shaft in my hand and wrapped my fingers tightly around it as I began to slowly twist my hand from the wrist and stroke and jerk my hard erect cock in my hand. My foreskin pulled back to reveal the large and growing head that shone from above. Bursting at it's seams it appeared, as my hand slipped up and down, pulling my foreskin back and forth in my hand as I could feel the soft bulging of my cock growing harder with each jerk of my hand.

As I concentrated on jerking my cock, the two girls then slipped their way down off the sofa and crouched upon the floor at either side of my legs. Their hands still caressing my thighs as they moved in closer to my bulging cock in my hand. Amanda took hold of my hand that gripped my cock and pulled it away, as I watched to see Julia lean in, open her lips and softly caress her lips upon the swollen head of my cock. I gasped in excitement of this amazing and wonderful feeling that was exploding inside of my chest.

She lowered her head, as inches of my ever growing and hardened cock disappeared within the grasps of her soft warm and wet lips. I could feel the warmth of her mouth exploding around the head of my cock inside, her dripping wet tongue sliding around inside as it caressed my cock inside of her mouth. The wet saliva of her mouth swirling around and covering every inch of my cock. Her head began to slowly rise and drop, bobbing up and down as she slowly sucked upon my erection inside of her wet mouth.

Amanda moved her hand down, as she cupped my balls into her palm and softly and carefully squeezed them within her grip. Playing with them, teasing them inside if her hand as she offered more sexual enjoyment of this act being performed on me. Amanda then leaned in, as she stuck out her tongue and began to lick upon my balls, sliding from below up to the base of my cock as Julia's mouth continued to bob up and down, slowly still suckling on my erection.

The two girls continued to explore and suck and lick upon my cock and balls for several more minutes, until Julia pulled away and the two girls swapped places. Amanda rose up as she began to use her tongue and twirl it around the saliva soaked swollen head that seemed to want to burst it's seed from the slit upon the top. She flicked her tongue upon the underside of the sensitive area of my cock, sending sensations that was like fireworks exploding inside my stomach. Julia moved further down as she began to play with my balls, taking one in between her lips and sucking on it as she let her fingertips gently tap back and forth across the other ball in my sack.

Amanda turned her attention from flicking her tongue upon the head of my cock as she worked her wet saliva up across the length of my shaft inch by inch until she took the whole head and several more inches into her open warm mouth. She wrapped her lips tightly around the shaft and began to suck upon my cock gripped within her lips, as she bobbed her head up and down.

The two girls sucking and licking my cock and balls was driving me insane with absolute sexual desire and lust, as my breathing grew heavier and my chest flowed in and out. Groans of ecstasy slipped from between my lips as I leaned back upon the back of the sofa. My eyelids slowly closing from the feelings erupting inside of my body of my cock slipping inch by inch inside and out of Julia's warm and dripping wet mouth, as Amanda's tongue flicked and licked away upon my balls.

Amanda moved upwards as she soon joined Julia at the other side, as she plopped my cock from between her enclosed lips wrapped around the length of my cock and the two girls worked their way from the base of my cock and used their tongues to lick upwards to the swollen head. Then, as their lips just gently connected with each other an inch above my cock, they both began to move back south and work on my cock more. Each tongue caressing the both sides of my cock, leaving a wet trail of each other's saliva in their wake upon the foreskin that showed the blood bulging inside the veins upon the lengthened and hardened cock between them.

Each taking turns to caress my balls in their hands, and sliding their soft palms and fingertips back and forth upon my thighs, working their way in to my inner thighs and sending my cock into emotional torment of involuntary movement. I began to softly whisper out "I'm gonna cum!" as I could feel the eruptions inside my body began to explode.

The two girls moved to the head of my cock, swelling and glistening in the soft light. The slit oozing soft pre-cum that had slowly made it's way free as the two girls began to flick their tongues upon the head, licking and caressing it with their tongues. I knew I could no longer hold it inside any more, as I let out a huge groan of sexual explosion from my lips, my hands gripped tightly upon the cushions either side of me where the two girls sat not long before.

My jaw dropped open, moans floated from my lungs into the air, as my cock began to pump the seed from below as it forced it's way up through the hard shaft of it's path to it's destination. A wave of hot creamy and white cum spewed from the slit upon the swollen head of my cock, as it flew into the air and fell back down. Some of it connected on the cheeks and lips of the two girls, as I looked down and watched them still using their tongues to play with my swelling cock which was bulging on all sides as another wave of hot cum splashed free as it seeped out of the slit and spilled over the sides to where their tongues waited like a volcano erupting and spilling everywhere.

The girls each allowed the milky cum to slip down upon their tongues and against their soft skin and took it into their mouths and tasted my cum inside of their wet mouths. Licking their lips and using their tongue to lick more up from the drips that was falling down around all sides of my hardened cock between their faces. The last few drops just breaking out from the slit of my cock as Julia leaned up and wrapped her lips upon the swelling head and sucked upon it, as I felt myself being drained of every drop I could let go as it slipped into her mouth and onto her warm wet tongue as she took every drop inside of her mouth.

She wrapped her lips tightly closed as she pulled her head up and then leaned across to Amanda as the two girls locked their lips together and kissed passionately as I saw small drips of my cum spilling from their lips across their chins as it seemed Julia was passing some of my cum she had collected across to her best friend. They both swallowed what they devoured inside of them and licked each other's chins clean.

I sat there, wasted and empty with my legs almost aching and with little feeling in them that I knew it would take a while before I could stand as the two girls looked up towards me. "That tasted wonderful babe!" Julia informed me as she smiled.

"So milky and creamy, I hope you have more for us when we want it hun!" Amanda added on as the two girls stood up and stepped towards the kitchen.

"You take your time and rest babe, while we get some food ready for later!" Julia spoke as the two girls disappeared into the kitchen, leaving me sat upon the sofa with my trousers and boxers down around my ankles, and my cock which was now softening and falling back down to rest upon my balls. The emotional roller coaster still rushed around inside of my body as I tried my best to take it easy, compose myself and gather my breathing back to normal and wonder what sexual explorations would be explored next.
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