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Sexual Program Intended for Novices

In my world you have a choice when it comes to losing your virginity.
“What are you going to do, Audrey?” my mother asked me days before my eighteenth birthday.

I knew exactly what she was talking about. It was all anyone asked me for the past month. When anyone in my culture turned eighteen they were required to lose their virginity; if they still had it. The purpose of this ensured a less stressful adult life. One could better concentrate on their studies, job, or whatever they chose if they didn’t have to worry about such matters.

The law was put into effect many years ago and had seemed to work. It worked so well they devised a system to help people chose a lover. A lottery, if you will. It wasn’t mandatory but it made things a lot easier. Two of my girlfriends from school had used the program and they loved it.

My mother brushed my long blonde hair when she asked me about my future. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Some girls had good male friends who were their first but I went to an all-girl school so I didn’t know many guys.

“Mom,” I said. “What would you think if I used SPIN to decide for me?”

“I think that would be a lovely idea, sweetheart,” she said. “I never told anyone this before, not even your father, but I used SPIN for my first time.”

That was a shock for me. The program was introduced the year my mother turned eighteen and anyone who used the program back then was seen as a slut. Today, however, it was very much accepted. It made it easier for those like me who didn’t know any men outside the family.

With Mom’s blessing I decided the program was the way to go. I could already feel myself relax knowing one problem was dealt with. Of course I worried about the night it would finally happen.

The next morning Mom took me down to register. How it worked was a girl or boy, who was ready and it was at least twenty-four hours before their eighteenth year, would sign up to have a lover assigned to them. To qualify to become a lover you had to be at least twenty-five years old, disease free, and be an expert lover. Though I am not sure how they tested that.

That morning Mom told me to shower and shave every part of my body. She winked at me when she said that but I wasn’t sure what she meant. She must have seen the confused look on my face.

“Shave your pussy, dear.”

I blushed but nodded my head. I got in the shower and did as instructed. I soaped up my body and washed myself all over. My golden hair was washed with a special perfumed shampoo that made my hair smell like honeysuckle.

I turned off the shower and sat on the edge of the tub. Mom had given me pointers about getting rid of all the hair so I followed her advice. I took the clippers and trimmed it all down to my soft skin. The vibrations of the clippers sent shivers up my spine. When I put the cream on my remaining hair I let my fingers procrastinate on my moist pussy. I was getting turned on by everything; the clippers, the cream, and the fact that soon I would no longer be a virgin.

Once the cream was in place I used Dad’s razor and shaved every last trace of hair from my pussy. Mom said to apply oil once I was done. It would help keep it smooth. I rubbed the oil in my hands to warm it. Then I slid it down to my pussy and spread it over the smooth area. It felt amazing.

I looked at the clock and seen I didn’t have enough time to finish the job properly so I stopped and got dressed. The usual attire for registering was white. Other than that you could wear whatever you wanted. The sexier you looked the more choices you would get.

I put on a white sundress that came just below my ass. I put on some white cotton panties but no bra. When I was done Mom came in to fix my hair. She curled it and made it fall over my breasts, and then put a daisy in my hair. She knew they were my favorite flower. The scent of the daisy and the honeysuckle shampoo made for an intense scent.

I kissed Daddy goodbye and he wished me luck. Mom and I got in the car and were on our way. The nearest SPIN center was only fifteen minutes away. However, it was a small one and Mom wanted only the best for me so we drove into the big city. The city itself was huge and when we reached the center it was the size of a football stadium.

“Take off your panties,” Mom said when she parked the car. I pulled up my dress, slid the panties down my legs and stepped out of them. It was windy that day and the wind kept blowing my sundress up above my waist. I tried to keep it down but Mom told me to let it blow in the breeze. I did as she told me and boy did I get a lot of looks.

“Welcome to SPIN!” a cute redhead said when we walked in. “Are we registering today?”

Mom told her I was and she took down my name and ID number. She told us to have a seat and I would be called back for testing in a few minutes. We sat down and Mom went over what all I was to expect. I knew most of it from my friends but it reassured me to hear it from her.

We were in a waiting room filled with boys and girls all waiting for their exam. The boys kept looking at my legs trying to see up my dress. Mom whispered at me to uncross my legs a little just to tease the boys. I blushed but did so. It excited me to see their eyes pop open when they saw my bald pussy. Some of the girls took notice and smiled at me.

It didn’t last long because I was called back quickly. Since I was very close to my birthday I got to go before the others. When I got up to walk back there Mom stayed sitting.

“Are you not coming with me?” I asked.

“This is a journey you need to take on your own.”

I nodded and went with Jennifer, the redhead who checked us in. Once in the back it looked like a doctor’s office. There was a cold metal table that I sat on. Jennifer told me to undress and stood there waiting for me. All I had on was the dress and shoes. I slipped the dress over my head and kicked off my shoes. I thought about trying to cover up but for some reason I didn’t.

“Nice,” she said and took my clothes. “I will return these when the process is done.” She asked if I knew how things would go and I said I did. She smiled and told me to relax. Then she left.

I sat on the table for about ten minutes when a nurse came in. She was dark haired and her button up top barely contained her large breasts. Her skirt showed off her thin waist and thick hips.

“Hello, Audrey. I am here to take samples.”

She took my finger and pricked it with a needle to get a blood sample. After putting it away she told me she needed a urine sample. I asked where the bathroom was but she pointed to the table.

“Lay back and spread your legs.”

I did as she said and soon felt her hands on my waist. She put an oval suction mask over my pussy. Then she told me to relax and pee for her. I couldn’t go at first. It was such an awkward position. She said me it happened all the time.

Instead of doing anything she just started talking to me. She asked all kinds of common stuff. She asked about my family life, what I wanted to do, and things like that. When she got me to smile she smiled back and put her hands on my ribs. She traced her fingers up and down my side. It tickled some and caused me to relax. Then I felt my bladder give and I started peeing.

“It’s okay, love. Just let it flow.”

When I was done she cleaned me up and told me to stand.

“Well, that is all the unpleasant procedures you’ll have to go through. Now it’s time for the fun to begin,” she said and led me out of the room.

We went through a door and into a much larger room all filled with naked girls and guys. This is where I first saw a real cock. Almost all of the boys were hard and I couldn’t stop staring. Danielle, my nurse saw me staring and commented on it.

“Don’t worry, you’ll have one soon enough.”

I blushed but it made me wet just thinking about it. Danielle sat with me until they called my name, then she escorted me into another room. This one was much different than the first one. Whereas the first one was like a doctor’s office this one looked like someone’s living room.

“We try to make everything as comfortable as possible from here on out,” Danielle said. “But first, I need you to stand with your hands on your head and your legs spread shoulder length apart.”

When I was in position she came up behind me and put a rubber cord just under my breasts. This is to monitor your breathing she told me. Then she put a clamp on my finger to monitor my heart beat.

“Hold on a sec,” she said. Then she took a small cylinder metal device about one inch long and held it in front of me to see. Next she put it in her mouth and got it wet.

“Don’t move,” she said and put the device to my pussy and slipped it in. “This won’t break your hymen so don’t worry. It’s to monitor the humidity inside you.”

“Humidity?” I questioned.

“It’s to see how wet you get,” she smiled. “Now get comfortable on the couch and watch the TV.” She then kissed my cheek and left the room.

The TV came on after she left. The screen started out with a man masturbating. I was fascinated at what I saw. It only lasted a few seconds when it was replaced with a girl masturbating. Again this only lasted a few seconds. This went on for an hour. The end scene was a woman being used by several men.

When it was over Danielle came back and asked me how it went. I told her it went well. She pointed out that I had worked up quite a sweat. I hadn’t noticed. When I stood up she smiled.

“You really did enjoy yourself, didn’t you?” she said and pointed to the large wet spot on the couch.

I blushed all over but she just started taking the monitors off me. When she got to the one in my pussy she took her time and when it came out she rubbed my clit with it before letting it leave my body. I shivered when she did this. Then she really shocked me and put it in her mouth and pulled it out slowly with her lips pressed tightly around it.

Next she took me into another room. This one looked like an interrogation room seen in the movies. There was only a plain table and two plain metal chairs. On one wall was a mirror that I assumed had someone on the other side. The chair was a little cold when I sat down. This made me lose my current state of arousal.

A man came in and sat on the opposite side of me. The mirror was to his back.

“Hello, my name is Dr. Gladstone and I will be doing your psychological exam.”

No one told me about this part so I just looked at him with a blank stare. He said no one is supposed to talk about this part. It would taint the results.

“I’m going to give you a series of words. You are to just sit and listen to them.”

“Is that all?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s it. The people behind the mirror will determine the results of your expressions. But please don’t think about them. Just concentrate on the words. Okay?”

“Okay,” I agreed.

“Penis…Breasts…Ass…Abs…Lips…Cock…Pussy…Cum…Tits…Kiss…Tender… Rough…Passion…Fucking…Love…Anal…Held…Sixty-nine…Cock sucking…Holding hands…Bitch…Gag…Lesbian…Slut…Spanking…Cunnilingus…Gangbang…Whore…Slave.”

The whole process took about twenty minutes. When he was done he told me I could go outside and Danielle would be waiting for me. I walked out and she was there with a cup of tea for me. I drank it down while she walked me down the hall.

When we reached the next room it was like an office building with cubicles. I was one of only a few that was naked in the room. I was a little embarrassed but I kind of liked it too. Danielle took me to a desk where a man was sitting. He didn’t even seem to notice I was naked. Danielle left us alone.

He introduced himself as Kevin. He said he would be going over my results.

“Would you like sometime to eat or drink before we begin?” he asked.

“No, thanks. Danielle gave me some tea.”

He nodded and pulled up my file on his computer. He read to himself then looked at me.

“Okay, it seems here you have major bisexual tendencies. You also want to be dominated by men. Oh, it says here by women too. You responded the strongest to the words and visuals of gangbangs, lesbians, cock sucking, cunnilingus, and spanking. Does this surprise you?”

“Yes,” I blushed, “a little.”

“Don’t be embarrassed. This is why we have the test. To give you exactly what you want. As I matter of fact I have a solution here you might be interested in. I have a man and women who can make this happen today.”

“Today?” I was shocked.

“Yes, all you have to do is say yes.”

I hesitated but I really wanted to say yes.

“It’s okay, your mother has already gone home. She will be waiting for your call whenever you are ready to go home.”

“Well, who are they?”

“The man is in his late thirties, he is a Dom and one of our most popular. His name is Brad. The girl,” he paused and looked at his screen, “well actually, there are two who have volunteered. You know them both. Jennifer the secretary and Danielle the nurse both want you.”

This turned me on even more. I didn’t know what to do but I knew what I wanted.

“Can I get both of them and the man too?”

He smiled and nodded his head yes. Then he led me to another part of the complex. This time I went into a room filled with sex toys and a large bed.

“Make yourself comfortable,” he said. “They will be with your shortly.” He left the door open when he left.

I was shaking when Danielle came into the room. She smiled at me then pulled me close and kissed me. I had kissed other girls before but not like this. This was a real kiss. Her tongue touched my lips and I parted them, accepting her tongue like I was meant too. When the kiss broke I noticed Jennifer was now standing in the room. She was naked. I stared at her body until she told me to get on my knees.

I did as instructed while she walked over to me. Danielle was now undressing. I wanted to watch her undress but Jennifer had other ideas. She straddled my face and grabbed me by the hair of my head, forcing my face into her pussy.

“Eat,” was all she said.

I licked and sucked on her clit until she came in my mouth. I looked at her with a smile on my face. She pulled me up and kissed me like Danielle had done.

“You little slut,” Danielle said. “I can’t believe you ate her before me.”

I started to get back on my knees to service her but she said it was too late for that. She sat on the bed and told me to get over her knee. I did as commanded. I knew what she was going to do and it made my pussy soaking wet.

“Do not try and fight this,” she said and slapped my ass hard. I grunted out loud and the spanking continued. I thought it would be a playful spanking but it was a real one. After the fifth hit I started to cry.

“If you want me to stop all you have to do is ask,” she said.

I remained quiet and the spanking began again. It hurt but boy did it feel good at the same time. I lost count of the spanks because I was getting close to cumming. Finally, Jennifer came over and pulled my hair, forcing my face to rise up. When this happened I came all over Danielle’s legs. She stopped spanking me then and told me I was a good girl.

When I got off her lap I saw Brad standing in the room. He was completely naked and smiling at me. My eyes wondered down to his large cock. It was bigger than the ones I saw in the movie clips I had watched earlier. He told me to get on my hands and knees and crawl to him. I did and when I got there he ordered me to sit back on my feet.

Then I was told to put my hands behind my back as he placed his cock in my face.

“Suck it!”

I opened my mouth and took in the head of his cock. It was so big I couldn’t fit much more into my mouth. But I tried. Danielle and Jennifer came and got on either side of me. They put their hands on the back of my head and tried to get his cock deeper down my throat.

“That’s it,” Danielle said. “Suck that cock.”

I kept bobbing up and down on his cock, trying to make him cum. It wasn’t easy but I loved trying. After a few minutes he told me to stop and to get on the bed. It was time for me to lose my cherry.

I laid down on my back. Danielle and Jennifer laid down beside me it one on either side. They started kissing my body all over. One was sucking on my breasts while the other was kissing and sucking on my neck. I was in heaven. Jennifer placed her hand on my pussy and inserted the tip of her finger in me.

“Oh, she is soaking wet.”

Brad nodded his head and got on the bed with us. Jennifer had one of my legs held while Danielle had the other one. Brad laid his body on top of mine while one of the girls held his cock and lined it up with my pussy.

“Do you want this to be gentle?” he asked. “And remember, being honest is in your favor. So what will it be? Rough or gentle?”

I knew what I wanted but it was still hard to say.

“Rough,” I whispered.

Instead of making me repeat myself he shoved his cock into me in one long thrust. My hymen split and tears ran down from my eyes. Danielle kissed my tear as did Jennifer. Brad held his cock in place for a moment. When the tears dried up Jennifer nodded to him.

“Fuck this bitch,” Danielle said.

And he did just that. He pulled his cock out to the head them rammed it back home. I expected it to hurt like the first one but it didn’t. It felt amazing. He started fucking me in earnest then. All the while Danielle and Jennifer kept taking turns kissing me and seeing who could get their tongues farther in my mouth.

One of the girls, I couldn’t tell which, slipped their hand down to my clit and started rubbing me. It brought me to endless orgasms. I clamped down on Brad’s cock with my pussy when I came. This only caused him to fuck me harder.

This went on until I lost count of orgasms. Finally I felt Brad tense up and push his cock inside me as far as it would go. Then he just held it there, filling me with his cum. It made me cum again knowing he was getting off on me. When he was done he rolled off to the side. Jennifer made room for him beside her. I thought it was over but I was wrong.

“Clean him,” Danielle said.

I didn’t hesitate and rolled over and got down to his cock. I didn’t use my hands but sucked his cock right into my mouth. I sucked up and down, never missing an inch of it. Then I took his balls in my mouth and did the same to them. He told me what a good job I did then got up and left.

I continued to lay on the bed with Danielle. Jennifer said she had to get back to work. Danielle said she did too but had something to do first.

“What’s that?” I asked her while laying on my back.

“I still haven’t cum yet,” she said and straddled my face. She lowered her pussy and I opened my mouth to receive her. I licked her and sucked on her pussy like I was made to do it. She rocked her body back and forth on me. I loved it.

“Keep your mouth open,” she said and started cumming. She squirted in my mouth and I swallowed it all. She stayed on top of me while she came down. I kept kissing and licking her pussy. When it was done she got dressed and led me out. I walked through the main offices completely naked with cum on my lips and dripping down my leg. But I wasn’t embarrassed. I was proud and I didn’t mind everyone checking me out when I walked through.

We got to what is known as the exit room. There were a few boys in there but they were dressed. I wondered if Jennifer would bring me my clothes but she didn’t. I guess she had called my mom because she showed up to get me after about ten minutes. All the while the boys couldn’t keep their eyes off of me. I sat Indian style in the chair so they could see everything.

“Did you have a good time, dear?” Mom asked me when I got in the car. I told her I had the best time and went into every detail. I told her I loved it.

“I thought you would make a great slut,” she said. “Just like I did.”

We drove around to the entrance and Mom got out of the car. She told me to follow her. I still wasn’t wearing any clothes. We went to the counter and Jennifer was back at the desk.

“Is there a problem?” she asked.

“There sure as hell is. I brought my girl here to have her cherry taken by professionals who would make it amazing for her. But she said you guys only did a half-ass job of it. I demand you do it all over again.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jennifer said. “You come with me now,” she said and pointed at me.

As I followed her to the back rooms I turned around and mouthed the words “thank you” to mom.

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