Sexy pretty literature mistress(part1)

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schoolboy make love with his mistress and her girlfriend.

In my eyes, she was really beautiful with a 1.65 m high, a shapely body and angelic face. Each time thinking of her is that my dick got hard as a rod of steel. Much of time, when masturbating, I fantasized about her naked nice body with the legendary breasts, the smooth belly and the red tiny pussy, for support. That was only my imagination, not real. I used to wish she would be mine one day.

Who was she?   the answer was that she was my high shool literature mistress. Of course, as I said she was charming intelligent girl, specially she was very enthusiastic with her students. She would help and encourage bad students in her subject. So all of us at her class love and esteem her much. But she was very severe, punishing everyone chatting on study time. And I used to be invited to go out of the class room when teasing somegirls near by or just her in shool time.

One time, I took a few nude pics and some erotic story that I loaded down from a website named “” to the class.   Name of the stories was ( “ Nữ hoàng của anh -> your queen”, “ Một mẹ, một con-> Mother and son”…).   Everyone at the class read them sneakily then giggling so making noisy in studying time. The mistress saw something wrong in the class. She looked very furious, storming at violently for a while, then openning an investigation. She asked us.

Who brought them here?

Silence! Nobody said.

Who took them here? She hold up one of the nude pics very angrily with her blushed face.

A few girls giggled.

Eventually she exploited nothing then went out the class with her mouth numbling.

At that time, I was very afraid of someone would sneak on her what I had just done in the class. “If she know that I can be expeled from the school, having to find out some way to escape” , I thought silently

I was not good at literature theme so at the test times, I just got passed. One night I called her for asking something about my homeworks. She was glad to agree. Immediately I drove my motorbike to her home.

A few minutes later, I arrived the destination. It was very luxurious large villa that located in the central city. It was said her parent were the VIP that were usually absent from home for their business. Her brother was studying overseas. And so she usually stayed at very nice villa alone with a big dog.

I pressed the bell and waiting outside for a while then the lamps got lit, a stunning girl, in a white night skirt below her knees but it tightened her sexy body, appeared in front of me. She was my literature mistress. I stammered greeting her. With a face radiant smile, opening the door and she motioned me to come in!

Folowing her to the living room, a very luxurious room that the VIP have just got, I was amazed by everything adorned there, the entire expensive things.

-          With a gorgeous smile, she said sit down, please.

-          Thank you! I replyed embarrassedly as my eyes had just been left her voluptuous breasts.

-          Did you drink some? She asked as her eyes were being looked up in to my blushing face.

-          Please! Let me drink a cup of tea with ice, I stammered.

-          She bit her attractive lips charmingly and suggested “uhm! You drink a bottle of tea instead of   ice-tea?”

-          Ok, I replyed.

She moved toward the fridge at the kitchen. she bent to open the fridge’s door as she turned her back to me, the skirt was pulled up to her hips, I could see her tiny pink frilly panties. At that moment, I got tingled over my body, got stired up in my underwears.

She returned with 2 bottles of tea on her hands, smiling and said “ I like drinking them, I use them everyday”. “Oh, my god! She didn’t know my look at her when she picked up the beverage”, I thought silently.

We both drank and chatted warmly for a while. Suddenly I pretended to ask:

-          “ Where are your parent tonight? “ even though I knew they weren’t at home clearly.

-          “ They have some foreign affair so they have not been at home for 2 weeks. I am alone, and feel bored much.” She replyed rather sadly.

-          “ what about your brother? “ I continued

-          “ He is studying abroad until year 2012. “ she smiled.

And then she looked at me, gently said “ what can I help you tonight?”

I got out a book from my bag beside me, stood up, moved to her and sat down next to her, putting the book on my thighs then sent her my problems of the homework. We discussed for rather long time. During discussing time, Sometime   I touched her arm, her thigh and once my elbow pressed right a her big breast intentionally. At that moment, we looked up in to each other and smiling puzzledly without a word.

From her reactions, I know she had good impression on me. May be it was my good chance, I thought. Then eventually I decided desperately putting a hand on her thigh and rubbed softly. She said nothing, but she leaned her head against my shoulder. I sensed aroma from her perky body and felt like a electric current over my body. All my senses were excited strongly, especially the dick. An arm around her, and other caressed inside her thigh. She looked deep in to my eyes lustfully and we are kissing each other passionately for a long time. I saw she began moaning in to my mouth, softly twisting her gorgeous body, her tougue chasing mine. We gently bit our lips each other. The lips were all wet and slippery. My cock was very hard in my soft underclothes, as if it wanted to thrust through the layers of the clothes on my body . I felt rather hurting on my cock’s head and I couldn’t resist any more.

I stood up as she still sat on the couch, looking up at me with her absolutely beautiful black big eyes. I rapidly opened my belt, taking off the trouses, threw them in to the floor. Her turn, she gently sliped my underwears to my knees. Now the rigid long thick cock was swinging in front of her lustful face. Well! How beautiful it is! Touchedly she said. Then   she gripped the huge cock in her soft white hand, deftly moved it up and down along the shaft as she looked up in to me desiredly. She slowly moved her head towards, wrapping her pink lips around the cock to suck. I started thrusting my dick in and out of her wet mouth as my hands was on her head and her hands cupped my ass cheeks tightly. After about 5 minutes, I felt entire my body was tense as flow by flow of the sperm was ejecting deep in her mouth. Suddently her head was tilted back, the   intensive flow of white sperm gushed to my mistress’ gorgeous face. When the last drops of semen escaped from my body to the grey carpet on the floor, then Suddenly the bell rang rang outside the gate broke our pleasure.

                                     To be continuing…

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