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Shaina: Sex with my student

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I wrote this story on my teacher's behalf.
Hi. This Shaina. I'm a teacher who gives English tuitions. I've been teaching for three years now. I'm 27-years-old, 5 ft. 7 in., not very fair, slim with long black hair running down to my waist. People say I'm very attractive and my male students are absolutely floored by me.

I'm going to tell you about an affair I had with one of my male students, Jack. This happened many years ago when I had just started taking tuitions. Jack was poor in studies and his mother had made him take up tuitions in every subject! But I knew that Jack was not dumb. He had entered the adolescent stage very soon even before most boys reach it. His stage from boyhood to manhood had started at 12, and now at 16 he was almost like a full grown adult male - a man; like a fruit which is on the verge of becoming ripe. And like all boys who are on the threshold on manhood, Jack had in him wild energy. This energy came out in the form of hyperactivity, getting into fights with other boys and sexual activity, lots and lots of it. He was ignoring his studies and used to spend time masturbating in his room watching porn, pretty girls' pictures which included actresses and women whom he'd taken a fancy to.

I would take group tuitions, three girls and two boys. As chance may have it, Jack was the group where his class flame Natasha also happened to be in. I had observed him staring at her. He would carefully choose a seat immediately next to her so that he could stare at her tits and legs.

I used to be in a wild mood those days, with streaked hair and experimentative clothing. I was only 23, single, and just out of college. I would either wear tight tees that showed the contours of my small but perky tits or flimsy shirts which would set a guy aching to get a look inside, with shorts that just about covered my thighs, so my perfect ass was clearly visible. But I would always wear a secretary's dress or a T-shirt and jeans whenever I took tuitions.

Even while I was more than modestly clothed my bubbling figure was enticingly visible through the tightly hugging fabric of my secretary's dress and it suited me well. The boys had already started throwing glances at me and my assets, but I had never seen Jack looking me up. I realised that he was too preoccupied with Natasha and she being the studious kind, never thought much of him. When I came to realise this, I was excited. The thought of a boy like Jack thinking about a girl was exciting for me. For some reason I wished Jack would feel the same way about me. I started fantasizing about having sex with him. So I decided to give Jack something else to think about.

I started wearing sleeveless T-shirts, so my bare arms were fully exposed, I bought the tightest tees and the shortest shorts available and I also started wearing revealing dresses whenever Jack was due to come for tuitions. Initially, Jack didn't seem to notice a change in his teacher, but as other boys started discussing me and my attire, he began taking more interest in me and his interest in Natasha seemed to diminish.

Finally one day, something that I had been waiting for a long time, happened. It was late July and the rains had arrived. It was raining continuously for days. The rainy season is a time when the sex hormones of almost all animals are at their peak. Jack's group was due to come for tuitions, but that day school had been shut due to the heavy showers, so everybody just stayed put at home and never came for tuitions.

The door bell rang. I thought it must be some obedient student of mine, but when I opened the door, it turned out to be Jack! He was completely drenched. I asked him why he hadn't planned to stay at home and he said he thought I was going to take class. I told him he could go home if he liked, but with a strange smile he said he preferred to stay and do some learning. I was excited that Jack had come and thought that I might be able to spend some time with him so that he might get a closer look at me and I would get a chance to seduce him.

I led Jack to the bathroom so he could dry himself. I told him to take off his clothes so that I could put them in the dryer and to call out to me when he had taken off his clothes. I handed him a towel and said I was sorry that I didn't have anything for him to wear. He would have to make do with a towel until the clothes dried. My clothes were too girlish and they wouldn't fit him anyway.

After about a minute, he called out to me. I reached the bathroom to find Jack totally stripped of every cloth that he was wearing, his clothes including his underwear lying in a heap on the ground. He hadn't wrapped the towel around himself and was drying his hair. I stood there for a moment looking at his naked male body in front of me. Jack had noticed me looking at him, but he pretended not to bother that his teacher was standing before him while he was completely nude.

I was excited but I tried to ignore Jack and walked straight to where he had dropped his clothes. I kneeled in order to gather the clothes and pick them up for drying. Jack had dropped his clothes in a way where at a 10 o'clock angle; I could clearly see his big cock. His trick worked. I couldn't help looking. He had a long thick shaft, he wasn't circumcised, and his big balls were as the size of apricots enclosed in a pink scrotum. He already had a thick mass of pubic hair indicative of the fact that he was sexually mature. He clearly wasn't an adolescent on the threshold of manhood, but a sexually mature 'man'.

A fire rose in my belly. For years I had craved for a sex partner. I was tired of masturbating and fucking myself with carrots and zucchini's and now I longed for hot, throbbing male flesh deep inside me. I even fantasised about rape! I wanted Jack to use my female body. I wanted him to abuse me. Yes, I did.

He took cues from my facial expressions. He turned towards me smiling mischievously and threw the towel on the floor before me. Still kneeling, I looked down, looked at his cock and looked up at Jack. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other. Happy that his trick had worked with his teacher, he stepped closer to me, his cock now directly before my face. I couldn't help but look at it again. It was semi-flaccid and had already started to enlarge but as if in response to my look, it began twitching slowly up. I wanted badly to touch it. I let my fingers tentatively brush it. What happened next was astonishing. The cock immediately perked up as a result of my soft feminine touch, like a touch-me-not responding in reverse. It stood there, erect, as if to salute this feminine entity which had made it come to life, its only destination being its mating hole. I slowly raised my right hand and wrapped my fingers around the throbbing male organ.

Encouraged by his teacher's move, Jack put his hands on my shoulders and began to rub my bare shoulders and arms. I was wearing a secretary's dress - a white blouse with a revealing brassiere and a knee-length skirt that day. I'm sure Jack was getting a good look at my tits from the V of my blouse and I wanted that. I still held his cock in my hand trying to figure out what to do next. Jack continued to massage my arms and shoulders through the thin fabric of my blouse and I began masturbating him with my hands, sliding one hand up and down his cock and the other to gently tickle his balls and pinch the skin of his scrotum. This made Jack go absolutely wild with pleasure.

As I continued to masturbate him, Jack started moaning in pleasure and his cock stiffened in my hand like a metal rod, the foreskin now pulled back and the glans exposed. Soon a drop of precum oozed out of the hole of his glans. It glistened in the light of the bathroom like a golden diamond. I wanted to lick it off, but seeing Jack's rising excitement, I thought if I did, Jack would go off instantly. Jack looked down at his cock and seeing the drop of precum himself, moved his cock closer to my face. I looked at him, but he didn't say anything. He wanted me to lick the precum off. I didn't yield due to my apprehension, but Jack was resilient. Running his hands down my hair, he took hold of the back of my head, and directed my face to his cock in a way that the tip of his cock touched my lips. A small bit of precum was now on my upper and lower lips which I licked with my tongue. It tasted salty. I had never had a cock in my mouth let alone cum. I then proceeded to lick the now enlarged drop that had oozed as a result of his cock coming into contact with my lips.

Jack wanted more; he roughly pulled my head to his cock. He wanted me to put it into my mouth. He held my head and with his other hand held his cock and slid it into my mouth. This time I yielded. I took his entire manhood into my warm, wet mouth. His cock was so thick it filled the entire inside of my mouth. I used one hand to hold his cock as I sucked and bit on it and the other to tease his pulsating balls. I started giving Jack a blowjob moving my mouth up and down his thick shaft. This was my first ever blowjob, the first time I had a cock in my mouth and I absolutely loved it. Jack ran his hands down my hair, rubbed my shoulders and then proceeded to knead my breasts through the fabric of my blouse.

Jack began thrusting his pelvis in order to slide his cock in and out of my mouth as if fucking my now wet pussy. Jack began moving his cock in and out of my mouth, sometimes teasing me by taking it away so I would grab it and again put it into my mouth. I started softy biting his cock from the base of the shaft to the glans and tip. Then again I sucked at it as if sucking a popsicle. I began to get a weird musky taste in my mouth and realised that it must be the taste of semen. Jack was soon approaching orgasm and I could feel his excitement build as he vigorously fucked my mouth thrusting his cock in and out faster and deeper down my mouth and throat. He grabbed my hair and shoulder and soon the thrusting ceased. I knew that he had reached his point of explosion. Cum welled up from inside his testicles. Jack began spewing cum in huge amounts and pumped five to six neat streams of cum directly into his teacher's mouth. He blew the biggest and thickest wad of cock juice into my mouth. At first I found the taste of semen obnoxious, but as the thought of hot male seed flooding my mouth was so exciting that I almost came. I enjoyed it and swallowed as fast as I could. He came so much that it became difficult for me to swallow more and I let him finish on my face.

Now I was like a house on fire. I wanted sex and I wanted it hardcore and I knew Jack could give it to me. It wanted his thick cock to violate my virgin pussy. Jack stood in front of me and tried to recover from the orgasm I had just given him. I wasn't sure if he wanted to screw me, but anyhow I began to undress. I unbuttoned my blouse, then my skirt, but Jack stopped me. I was annoyed. This guy had got me all heated up for sex and now he didn't want to do it to me? Disappointment came over me. But it was not to be, Jack wanted more. He said that I was the most voluptuous cock-hardening babe he had ever seen and that he wanted to 'make love' to me and he wanted to fuck me first with my clothes still on.

Jack pulled my blouse halfway down so as to expose my shoulders, he proceeded to caress my exposed arms, shoulders and my creamy legs. It was ecstatic. He then held my waist with both hands and pulled me towards him. He gave me a rough kiss by shoving his tongue deep into my mouth, in and out as if fucking it with his cock. He sucked on my tongue and began swallowing my saliva. I did the same. We kissed for almost ten minutes and his cock had again begun to twitch slowly up. He caressed my waist which he loved to hold, my back, my tits through the bra, then my thighs and my legs. He went down on his knees and caressed the inside of my thighs slowly pulling my panty down allowing it to rest on my ankles, not removing it completely. He set his eyes on my pussy which to his surprise was completely shaved. He spread my legs. I stood absolutely still. I had surrendered myself completely to him and I was enjoying the pleasure he was giving me. He stood up again embraced me while caressing my face with his and kissing me intermittently, slid his hands down my breasts to my stomach, my waist, my pelvis, encircled and squeezed my bottoms and then pulling my skirt up, slowly slid his fingers into my hot wet cunt and began finger fucking me. Oh! I was totally in ecstasy as his fingers worked in and out of my pussy. The motion of his fingers soon took on a rhythm and I began to rock my hips to meet his strokes. He slowly whispered into my ear that he was preparing me for a good round of sex and that he would be much better with his cock. He then flicked my clit which brought me on the verge of an orgasm. He continued to fondle and finger fuck me until finally, I came. My juices spread all over his hand and his fucking stopped but the orgasm was so good that more juice flowed out of my pussy and ran down the insides of my bare legs. Jack kneeled down and began to lick the inside of my thighs upto my pussy and swallow my juices.

I had barely recovered from my first ecstatic orgasm when Jack asked me to kneel down on my all fours. As I could see, Jack's cock was ready for action again. He said he wanted to fuck me from behind, doggy-style. Still, only half-naked with my clothes on me and my panty pulled down upto my ankles, holding the wooden frame enclosing the sink, I knelt down. I tried to spread my legs as much as the elastic panty would allow me and I stuck my ass out for my lover, so that he had easy access to my pussy. Jack said he wanted me to direct his cock into my pussy, so I looked down under my legs to see where is cock was, held it in my right hand and directed into my churning receptacle.

At first Jack was motionless with his cock inside me. He said it was the first time that he had his dick inside a female. He asked me if I had had sex with anyone else. I said no, I was a virgin although my hymen had already split since I had masturbated with zucchinis. Anyway, now I was deflowered. I was no longer a girl, but a woman. Jack then proceeded to fuck me by sliding his cock slowly in and out and back in. My pussy was tight and hot and well lubricated. It was as if he was enjoying every stroke because I certainly was enjoying it. It was the first time that a guy was fucking me. He continued to fuck his teacher slowly, holding my ass, and my waist, caressing them. He then removed my blouse and bra and began kneading and pinching my now bare tits. He fucked me slow for a long time and I came several times. Then his strokes got faster as he began to pound my pussy sending shivers into me and bringing out waves of orgasm as both of us moaned with pleasure.

I felt the skin of his cock inside my cunt in his every stroke. His strokes would increase in speed and then slow down. In the slower strokes I knew he was enjoying the sensation of the skin of the inside of my cunt rubbing against his thick hot cock because he moaned with every stroke as his cock slid slowly in and out of my pussy. The faster strokes were indicative of his male instinct of wanting to pump his seed into a female and the slower strokes were indicative of the pleasure he wanted out of the act of sex. For a woman the pleasure is not in having an orgasm unlike a man, probably because she can have more orgasms than a man, it is in the pleasure of the actual act of sexual intercourse and the eventual receiving of the male seed and the culmination of orgasms of both partners when the man deposits his seed into the woman's vagina. Jack was giving me exactly that pleasure. I was engulfed in waves of orgasms and moaned like a bitch as my stud fucked me. I now awaited his seed to fill me up inside, but since he had already spent so much cum, I knew that this time the cock sauce would be less.

Jack stopped his screwing and said he wanted to fuck me in the missionary position. He kneeled backwards and I turned around, lay down on the floor and spread my legs wide for him. He inserted his cock in my cunt and then began caressing my arms as he kissed me all over my face, my neck and my tits. He kneaded and played with my tits and sucked on them like a child sucking for milk. He then pinned down both my hands with his fingers intertwined in mine and began to fuck me slowly while he pressed his mouth to mine and inserted his tongue into my mouth and kissed and sucked my mouth. He fucked and sucked simultaneously pulling away his mouth every now and then for breath. He fucked me with a steady rhythm continuously staring at my face, it made me shy and I smiled and looked away.

Jack fucked me for ten minutes in the missionary before he announced that he was about to come. I prepared myself to come along with him, but I hadn't prepared myself enough because Jack blew another huge load of cum inside his teacher. I was astonished as the jets of cum kept flooding my cunt, it seemed endless. I never knew a guy could have so much cum inside him the second time. But it was thrilling as I came half a dozen times as the male seed continued to flood my pussy.

Both of us were tired with the powerful orgasms we had given each other. I had had enough sex for one day and I decided to take a hot shower which would cleanse and rejuvenate me. We were already in the bathroom so I stepped into the bathing area and started the shower. Jack sat on the bathroom floor and watched me as I bathed. I asked him to join me and told him I would clean him up. He walked into the bath area next to me. I worked up a good lather and began to apply it on his wet body. I kneeled down to clean his dick which was now flaccid and lifeless and my touch had no effect on it anymore.

Jack bathed me in the same way but after he had applied soap all over, he made me bend down on all fours as he had when he had fucked me. I thought he might want to do it to me again. In any case, I was ready. He spread my but cheeks wide and I stuck my ass out for him. This time another part of me caught his fancy, my arsehole. He began to lather it with soap and rubbed it. He slowly slid one of his fingers into my tight arse. It made me shudder. I wanted him to fuck my arse. But that was it, he didn't do anything more.

We dried ourselves off and I proceeded to my room to get a new pair of clothes for myself. Jack's clothes were also washed and dried in the machine, ready for him to wear. I opened my cupboard and began to sift through my clothes when I felt Jack's warm hands on my shoulders. He then went down to rub my thighs and moved his hands up my legs and around my buttocks. He played with them kneading and caressing them. As he did this my bath towel slipped off my body and I was naked before him all over again. He held me by my waist and directed me to the edge of my bed. He placed my hands on the edge of the bed and pulled my feet out wide, again making me kneel in the doggy position. I turned around and looked at him. He had found a bottle of cream in my bathroom and he was applying it to his cock which was now totally erect again. 'Oh my', I thought he's going to fuck me again.

After lubricating his cock well he pulled my waist out so that my arsehole stuck out for him. I realised what he wanted. He was going to sodomise me. The very thought excited me. I had only masturbated with vegetables in my pussy and although I wanted to try it in my arse I hadn't done it because I felt it was taboo and a sin. But the prospect of having my young lover's huge cock inside my arse charged me up.

Jack slowly began to slide his huge member into the tiny hole. I relaxed my arse muscles to allow him to get deep into me. When he had his cock all the way in, he started to slide it in and out. The arse being tight made it difficult for him to slide his cock smoothly but the lubrication had helped and soon he had picked up a good rhythm. Jack had already fucked me twice, in my mouth and in my pussy, so the arse fucking lasted a good half hour. I completely enjoyed it and so did he. He announced that he was coming and soon I could feel jets of cum filling the inside of my arse. I could not imagine how a guy could have so much cum inside him. The volume was just astonishing.

This affair lasted for four years until he finished school. I enjoyed being his big little whore and he fucked me at least twice a week for a good grade in his English class. Unfortunately, I never saw him when he went to college, but I have no regrets. I have another student lover.
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