She asked for it

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She kept asking for it...
Tessa and Ronnie stayed in touch about as much as before their unforgettable movie night.

Things did not change much between them on one hand; on the other hand, nothing was the same anymore. He was now the first man to give her an orgasm, and she remembered his eyes just as well as she remembered her own name.

Since her beautiful night with Ronnie, Tessa decided to give some boy “Josh,” a chance to win her heart. But, that vanished fast as he proved to be just as pushy, demanding and protective as every other boy she thought about giving a chance. Kissing was okay at times and boring other times. Besides the couple of times she gave him a hand job and he rubbed her clit, nothing much happened between them. It had been a while since she had an orgasm, not to mention that she only had two orgasms ever. The first was at the hands of Ronnie, and the second was two days after when she was able to to rub herself to climax.

The holidays came and went and with the new year starting, Tessa decided to let Josh go for good to focus on her life, school, and most importantly, her well-being. She always was a smart girl, and as gorgeous as she was just before her ninteenth birthday. As sexual as her mind was and as many fantasies as she had, she also was certain that her virginity was not something she would simply give for someone. For her, it had to be special, very special.
Since Tessa became single, she had more time for other things like talking to Ronnie.

She had always fantasized about him taking her virginity, and she even told him about it once; however, being the caring man that he is, he didn't simply jump at the chance and pursue it, though he considered doing it because he knew for certain that this was what she really wanted.

One week, Tessa and Ronnie talked a lot back and forth mostly through text messaging. Half of their conversations were sexual, and the other half were goofy and sometimes about life issues. The conversations became more intense when Tessa started seriously talking about wanting Ronnie to take her virginity. She seemed very sure about it, but he wasn't. He felt guilty considering taking her virginity away. He felt that this was something precious and that she wasn’t ready. Thinking of her as the beauty queen that she was in his mind made the idea even harder to swallow.

It was Friday afternoon when Tessa asked Ronnie if he would take her out to a nice dinner when he instantly replied stating, "Yes, be ready at 8:30 p.m and I will pick you up.” He spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV. He shaved and wore his elegant black suit. At 8:30 PM sharp, he was at the corner of the street where they agreed he would pick her up since she still lived with her family. They went straight to his favorite restaurant talking very little on the way there. As they ordered and waited for their food, they talked a little about their week. The conversation stayed very light, but the tension between them—the sexual tension—did not. She was struck by how handsome and well tuned he looked, and he was in awe looking at her. In her beautiful red dress, she looked like a fully grown thirty-something year old beauty queen. They finished their dinner and went straight to Ronnie's apartment. They got in and he turned on one light, brought both of them a glass of wine, and sat down. Nothing was said for nearly twenty minutes. The silence was comfortable on one hand as neither one of them felt the need to break it, and on the other hand it felt like they were making love for the entire twenty minutes.

Tessa spoke first saying,"Dinner was good.”

“Thank you,” he replied, "my pleasure. It's about time we met again!"

She smiled in agreement. "Ronnie, I have been really thinking about this," she said, smiling uncomfortably.

"About what?" he said, smiling while knowing very well what she meant.

"I just want to get it over with. It is really frustrating me,” she said, looking all flustered.

"That's the main problem I have with you, Tessa, which is you simply want to get it over with,” he said assertively.

"Ronnie, no! I have been wanting this since the first time we met nine months ago. No one has ever made me feel the way you do. You make me feel like a woman. You make me feel special and you don't even try. I feel beautiful when I am with you, and I don't just want it over with. I want you to be my first. I have never been so sure about anything more than that in my whole life,” she said, gasping to take one more breath. "So, what?" she said, matter of factly. "Will you do it for me?"

Ronnie stood up, put both hands in his pockets, and said calmly, "You seem really sure about this. Do I really have a choice here?" He stayed on his feet for another ten minutes while she sat in her chair looking up at him waiting for him to make the next move. Ronnie started walking away as he said, "I will be back. Stay here please.” He went to his room to make sure it looked perfect, then lit one candle and went back to where Tessa was. "Join me,” he said, offering his hand to guide her on her feet. She looked beautiful and the spark in her eyes made him start to fall in love with her, but he let that thought go.

They got in his room, she first as he followed, and gently closed the door. They stood there for about five minutes facing each other before he approached her and gently kissed her lips. He held her in his arms for a while, and then started gently unzipping her dress as slowly as he could. Before they both knew it, her dress was on the floor at her feet and she was looking very vulnerable. Ronnie knew if he thought about it any longer he was just going to disappoint her and not finish what he aimed to do. He took her bra off and her panties followed. Now she was all naked, and after he took some time to appreciate her physical beauty, he turned her around and held her for a minute.

Then he started taking his clothes off, not wanting her to see him naked yet. He knew this was about her and not about him. Now fully naked, he asked Tessa to get on the bed as he followed her gently. Easing her nervous energy, he started playing with her hair and kissing her shoulders and neck. It worked. Tessa was now relaxed and sure that this was what she wanted.

She wanted this beautiful charming man to take her virginity away. She whispered, "I am ready, Ronnie.” Her voice and the way she said it completed his erection. As he gently guided her to be flat on her back, he molded her legs and knees to be in the best position possible. Tessa looked ready. Ronnie knew he had reached the point of no return. He checked her vagina to make sure she was wet enough. She was dripping wet, which confirmed to him how much she really wanted this.

While looking into her eyes, Ronnie started gently sliding his fully erect cock into the entrance of Tessa's welcoming pussy. He kept sliding it in as gently and slowly as he possibly could to make it as comfortable as it could possibly be for her virgin pussy. When he was finally all the way in, he stopped moving and with all the care he had for her, he asked her, “Do you feel okay?"

She smiled and ordered him to continue gently. Without losing his eye contact with her, Ronnie stared moving in and out very very gently until he heard the first moan coming out of her throat indicating the beginning of pleasure. But he knew he could not get too excited and, after all, he was penetrating a virgin, so he remained both gentle and careful with her vulnerable, dripping wet pussy.

Tiny streams of blood started coming out of Tessa's vagina adding more lubricant and easing the penetration. She started smiling wide without being able to wipe the smile off her face. Not long after that, she started shaking hard as her orgasm exploded out of her body. She screamed, "Mmm, yesssssss! Thank you, Ronnie. Thank you."

The intensity of the moment, her voice, and everything else made Ronnie orgasm a lot faster than he expected. He ejaculated inside of her while gently saying, "You are very welcome, Tessa.” He got closer to her, kissed her gently on the lips, pulled the cover over them, and held her. Nothing was said for one hour, but their silence was musical. Tessa fell asleep in his safe arms as he wasn't able to keep his eyes open any longer. The next morning things felt perfectly right and they spent the weekend doing relaxing and fun things together. On Sunday night he drove her home to get ready for another week of school.

The end...maybe.