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She Caught Me

The Little Head Grows Up.
The real problem with being a teenage male is having two heads, and no matter what the big one is thinking, the little one has his own opinion and wants to grow up to be the big head. Making matters worse, the little head picks the absolute worst times to grow. Your math teacher is an old spinster and your classmates are immature girls that spend the hour passing notes to each other; but little head doesn’t care, he pops up and wants to turn you into a classroom freak show.

But, sometimes he picks just the right time to pop up…

It was Saturday afternoon, and being on the swim team I needed to swim everyday. Having a generous neighbor with a pool next door allowed me to swim every day. They were an older couple and spent most of the year traveling so I was used to having the pool to myself.

They were out of town that day, so I popped in through the side gate. Dropping my towel, I dove in and to loosen up did a few freestyle laps. I followed with numerous laps of practicing my butterfly stroke. It was an intense workout and completing it; I could feel the familiar muscle burn of exhaustion.

Pulling myself out of the pool I headed to the lounge. I popped the buds in my ears and set my iPod to one of my favorite women singing La Isla Bonita. As her sweet voice filled my ears, I could imagine I was on a warm tropical beach.

The sun was warm and I was lying there with my eyes shut. When you are seventeen it doesn’t take much for little head to wake up and I felt my familiar friend complaining about the racing trunks he was being held captive by.

I reached down, slipping my hand under my suit and coaxed him upright. I knew I now had a sizable lump in my suit, but since I was alone it wouldn’t be embarrassing. My cock relished the sun’s warmth and grew to his full girth, in doing so adding his own heat to the sun’s. My cock was feeling surprisingly hot.

I started thinking about one of the school cheerleaders. She was a tease but had the body to get away with it. She was medium height, with waist length auburn hair, and her blue eyes were the color of my favorite actress. Her lips seemed to be in a perpetual pucker with a delightful cupid mouth. When she walked her hips seem to have a life of their own and her breast were the perfect size for my hands.

Unfortunately, those beautiful eyes were always looking at the football team; swimmers just don’t have cheerleaders. I didn’t care, I wanted her, and my cock was having its own fantasies of her as well. The heat in my suit was becoming unbearable. Just as the song ended I reached down and grabbed my cock through my swimsuit, just to give it a firm squeeze.

Just as I squeezed it, I heard someone’s sharp intake of breath. My eyes flew open and I jumped up. Standing right in front of me was a woman, her eyes wide and her mouth in a perfect oval.

I quickly put my hands in front of my suit, my cock straining against the pressure. I realized she had obviously been watching me and seen not only my erection but my grasping it as well. I felt instantly ashamed and wondered what she would do. I could imagine my parents being informed and the ridicule I would receive from others if they learned of it.

Her mouth slowly relaxed, “Oh, I’m sorry.” and then she smiled. She stood there smiling at me and then suddenly stared laughing. It was a soft laugh and her hand flew over her mouth as if she was embarrassed. Her eyes were going from my eyes down to my still stiff cock, which I was still hopelessly trying to cover with my hands.

I noticed she had a beach towel wrapped around her that did little to hide her full breast. She had to be ten years older than me but with intense blue eyes and cute freckles across her nose. Her red hair shown in the sun. She started to turn away and I finally found my voice.

“I’m uh..sorry, I didn’t know anyone was here”, I finally was able to croak out.

Still softly laughing, she turned back to me and stared in my eyes, her blue eyes searched my face and she became serious.

“You really shouldn’t be playing with that,” pointing now to my cock, “good boys don’t do that and men have women do it for them.”

“I… uhh” I stammered.

She then smiled, “Which are you?”

“I… I am Jason.” I said trying to change the subject, “I come here to practice for the swim team, I swim the butterfly.” I knew it was sounding stupid but she had the upper hand and I needed to have a minute to think.

She looked me up and down, as if she were judging my body. “Yes, you do have a swimmers body, but you seem to have a lot of drag down there. How do you expect to swim fast with that thing getting in the way?” She again pointed to my cock.

My cock must have ears since he responded as proudly as he could, poking his head out of the top of suit to see her. I felt suddenly proud of my little man and moved my hands to my hips. I could see her eyes become saucers and she smiled again, flashing beautiful white teeth and then suddenly licking her lips quickly. Her lips glistened.

“Looks like you want to be a man.”

She stepped forward and looked into my eyes, as if daring me to back down; then grabbed my cock and pulled me towards the water.

“Let’s see your best stroke.” And with that she suddenly pulled my suit down to my knees and pushed me backwards into the pool.

I surfaced just in time to see her legs disappear into the water as she dove in. Her towel was on the edge of the pool. A moment later she surfaced right in front of me, a mischievous smile on her lips. “What, are you still wearing that suit?”

I looked down into the water and realized she was nude, her full breast bobbing in the water like firm balloons. She dove down and I felt her hands tugging my suit down, I obliged her by kicking my suit off as she pulled it down to my feet.

She surfaced, grabbing my cock as if it were a handhold, her face mere inches from my face. Putting my arms around her I tried to pull her close, but she resisted and pushed my chest back.

“My aren’t you the anxious boy now,” she cooed.” Or are you ready to be a man?” She tugged on my cock, which loved her warm hand in the cool water.

“Are you just a swimmer or can you dive as well?” She continued tugging on my cock and smiled a wicked smile.

“What do you mean?” I loved every minute but wondered what she had in store for me.

With that, she dove down, her grasp of my cock leading her way. She then started kissing my cock underwater. Her hot lips felt like fire on my throbbing head. Then she opened her mouth and pulled my hips. My cock slid into her mouth. Her saliva lubricated me, her tongue rolled around my shaft still in her mouth.

She grabbed my hips with both hands and started thrusting, her actions pulling her down my shaft and back again, each stroke lubricating me, her mouth like an underwater vacuum. She continued that, drawing me in and pushing me out, I was wondering how long she could hold her breath.

Just as I became worried about the length of time she had been underwater, she released my cock from her mouth and surfaced, still grabbing my throbbing cock as she came up. She pulled my mouth to hers and we both were caught up in a frenzied kiss, her tongue lashing between my teeth, fighting my tongue for control and nibbling on my tongue as I tried to ram it down her throat.

She pulled back, and looked in my eyes. “Did you like that?”

I was barely able to reply a throaty response, “Hu-huh, just how long can you stay down?”

“Oh, long enough… want to see?

My smile was all the answer she needed. She took several deep breaths and still using my erection held in her hand, pulled herself down to my cock, grasped my balls, and slowly pulled me into her warm mouth. She continued pulling, my cock inching by her flickering tongue. Still pulling I could feel the head of my cock reach the back of her mouth. She did not stop there, and I felt her throat open to my cock, and she now grabbed my butt with one and pulled me in further. I could feel her lips against my groin and she still maintained pressure pulling me in.

She stopped then, but I could still feel the flicker of her tongue, now against the sensitive bottom of my shaft, flickering from my groin up my shaft. Slowly she started easing my cock out, her tongue continuing its action. She continued pulling me out until only my head was still in her mouth, her lips pulsating, her tongue lashing across my head.

Now she again pulled me in, my shaft returning to her familiar warm mouth, her tongue continuing its flicker, toward her throat and finally sliding fully down her throat again.

She held me there captive to her mouth, and I felt a vibration. I thought it came from her mouth, but as it increased in resonance I realized it came from her throat. She was humming, and the vibrations were pulsating through my cock with a deep rhythm. She changed notes and each change brought new sensations to my cock. She continued to hum and my cock was in heaven.

I could feel a familiar pressure building within me and knew I would soon shoot my semen into her, filling her mouth, and pushing itself down her throat. I felt her hand softly grasp my balls, and she squeezed as if she wanted all my semen to erupt.

She finally started pulling me out of her, her tongue continuing its flicker, her lips tightening around my shaft, all the while humming. My cock finally released from her magical mouth, she grasped it and again surfaced.

Taking in several deep breaths she looked into my eyes and said, “Well, are you a swimmer or a diver?”

Finally realizing what she meant I responded, “You can be the judge of that.”, I took several deep breaths and dove down. Grasping her firm ass, I could see a small tuft of red hair just above her pussy. I pulled myself into her my lips leading the way. I kissed her lips and tasting her sweetness, slid my tongue against them, slowly working my way up and down, all the while licking from side to side. Her hands found my head and grasping my hair pulled me tightly against her pussy. She was grinding herself against my lips and tongue; pulling me tighter and tighter.

My tongue darted into her hole, and found her moist heat. As my tongue lashed in and out, I felt her thighs wrap around my neck holding me there. She started trashing around, while her calves pulling my back into her.

I must have been down nearly two minutes when I felt her pulling me to surface. I took several breaths to recover and with one arm wrapped around her, I squeezed her firm breast. Her nipples had stiffened from the cool water and our stimulating exercise.

Looking quizzically at me she cooed, “What is you favorite song?”

“Huh? My favorite song? It is..”

“Don’t tell me, hum it to me.” And with that I felt her pulling my head down. I took several deep breaths and let her push me down her beautiful body to her pussy. I regained my previous position and slipped my tongue into her, I then spread my lips further, taking her clitoris into my mouth.

Thinking my favorite song was a tad slow; I started humming “Missionary Man”. As the first notes struck her clitoris, her hips jumped. A moment later her legs wrapped around me, her feet digging into my back. She was trashing around like a mountain lion in heat. I was trapped in heaven. I continued to hum, my tongue darting from her pussy to her clitoris. I knew I could not hold my breath for the entire song, so I increased the speed.

With the increased tempo, her thrashing found new energy. If not for her hands pulling my hair, her legs locked around my neck I would surely have lost my grip on her delicious pussy.

As my air was running out, I continued increasing the tempo. And each time she reacted with renewed passion. I felt she would pull my hair out. Suddenly, I could feel her starting to tense up. With my last air, I pushed my humming to a crescendo, my tongue furiously lapping her clitoris. She responded to it immediately; her muscles tensing, then wave after wave of release swept over her.

Finally releasing me, I quickly rose to the surface, gulping huge breaths of sweet air. She pulled me into a clutching hug; her head lay on my shoulder. I pulled back and looking into her beautiful face, was stunned to see tears running down her cheek. I kissed them.

Her eyes slowly opened, and although still moistened with tears, I could see the smile in them. Finally her lips parted and she gave the most satisfied smile.

“Yes, you are a diver, and a man.” It was all she said but from her face I knew she was feeling much more.

“But we aren’t done, are we?” She grabbed my still pulsating member and pulled it toward her pussy. She spread her legs and guided my cock into her pussy. The incredible heat washed over my cock and I pushed it deep into her moist cavern.

She wrapped her legs around my butt and pulled me into her further. With my cock locked into her she leaned back, releasing my shoulders and started massaging my chest, pinching my nipples. I held her ass and drove my cock deeper into her, the water splashing over her stomach.

With each stroke her head would dip under the water. Finally she took a deep breath and allowed her body to slip beneath the surface as I continued driving my cock into her incredible heat. Even under the water she continued to look at me, with each stroke her neck would arch and her breast would surface. Then as I pulled back she would raise her head, look into my eyes, take a breath and I would push into her again.

We continued for what seemed like eternity, the water kept me from increasing the tempo of my strokes, but the feeling of water rushing by my skin as each stroke hammered into her was delicious. I could feel the pressure in my groin building and knew I would soon cum. She pulled me even harder with her legs as her orgasm was approaching.

A few strokes more and I could feel a freight train of semen rushing down my body. I grasped her butt with all my might and drove myself into her as deeply as possible. My semen drove out my cock in a sudden gusher. Her neck strained back and I saw her face disappear underwater, her mouth open in an orgasmic explosion.

A moment later she surfaced, spewing water from her still open mouth. Another spasm and I again drove my cock deep into her. She took a deep breath and her face again disappeared under the water, her mouth still open.

This continued several more times and finally after my body was spent, she pulled herself to me. We embraced, tightly, afraid to break the spell.

Finally she pulled away, spun and dove down. A moment later she was at my side. She held up her hand, my swimsuit in it. “Don’t you think you may need this?”

She led me over to the edge of the pool, and I leisurely pulled on my suit. I pulled myself out of the pool, and bending over grasped her hand and pulled her up beside me.

Pointing to the outdoor shower, she gave me a shove. “Time to wash up.”

As I stepped into the shower, she bent over to pick up her towel from the pool edge. Turning on the shower, it momentarily blinded me. I expected to feel her warm body next to me, and turned around.

She was gone. I went to call her but it dawned on me I didn’t know her name.

_ _ _

I never saw her again, nor did I ever discover her name. But if she reads this, remembers the boy she turned into a man and into a diver, I hope it brings a smile to her lips; it does to this man.

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