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She's more than meets the eye. - Ch 1

He meets an internet lover in real life, only to find she's more than she appears to be.
It was Saturday night, and Damien had just resigned himself to closing out another week-long bout of boredom, alone. His life lacked any kind of excitement. One day blended into the next seamlessly. Nothing fun or even remotely interesting ever seemed to happen around him. The problem, he reckoned, lay within him. He saw nothing special or exciting about himself. He was just about as middle-of-the-road as you could get. Medium height, medium weight, mousy brown hair, average looks, average intelligence. A “salt of the earth type,” his mother would have called him. In any crowd of people, he was the guy blending in. Despite that, he always felt his biggest problem was that he was somehow… different from everybody else.

It wasn’t that he was ugly – he wasn’t. And it wasn’t that he was shy, or afraid to meet new people, either. He belonged to several internet websites where you could join, meet people with similar interests, and chat online or message each other. He just never seemed to connect with anyone face to face. He had a variety of interests, but one of his main passions was miniatures. He loved model cars, and model planes, building them and decorating them. He had several model train sets, painted to be as close to real life as he could get them. On occasion, he would set one up as a part of a diorama, complete with model trees, model buildings, and tiny model people that he had painted in different period costumes. It was a fairly solitary pursuit, especially for a man in his mid-thirties.

He also belonged to websites devoted to outdoor sports (though he participated but seldom) and he belonged to one website devoted to erotic literature and other erotic topics. He spent much of his free time surfing for new stories, photos, and movies to fuel his only form of sexual release – masturbation. He had even met several “friends” online who knew enough about his life and his personality to enjoy mutual masturbation with, using the online chat rooms as inspiration. On this particular Saturday, he logged in hoping to find a convenient “friend” also online, and also in need of manual release.

“Hey!” appeared in a chat window on his computer monitor. “Guess what?” He recognized the sender as someone with which he had had more than a few memorable sessions of online lust. Her screen name was SexySusie69, but he knew her real name was Rebecca. She was an attractive young woman in her mid-twenties, of mixed Japanese and American descent. Damien always got turned on when he imagined running his thick fingers through her long, lustrous black hair and kissing her eyelids softly. Not only were they online sex-chat buddies, but after many sessions of chatting about anything and everything, Damien had a very real fondness for the far away vixen.

“Hey, babe,” he responded. “What’s up?”

“Guess who’s coming to a town near you… MEEEEEE!” she replied. If the internet allowed shouting, it’s obvious that she would have been. She continued on, “My company’s sending me to a training seminar, so for a whole week! I’m going to be staying just up the road from you!”

“Really?” he asked, dumbfounded.

“I’d love to get together! I want to meet you, really meet you, SOOOOOOO BADDD!” she posted.

“Yeah.” He replied. “I wanna meet YOU sooo badddd too! LOL” They chatted for an hour, as she filled him in on her travel arrangements. She was going to be staying in a smart hotel, right on the beach. She was, she said over and over, just dying to meet Damien so badly – There was no way he could refuse. Both anticipation and apprehension filled him the longer they discussed their meeting. Finally, they set the date and time that she would be waiting for him in the lobby of her hotel. They both had seen photos of each other, so there would be no chance at a mistaken identity.

Time seemed to move interminably slow, but before Damien even knew it, The Day had arrived. He had many thoughts of standing her up, but she was so damned attractive, and she was honestly such a nice, sweet girl that he just couldn’t disappoint her that way. He only had two hopes; first that her photos were an accurate depiction of how she really looked, and second, that she wasn’t too horribly disappointed with him, after meeting him for real. He walked into the hotel lobby and stopped a short way inside the door. He looked around, hoping to see Rebecca before she saw him, but was suddenly grabbed in a huge bear hug, from behind. Strong arms gripped him low around his waist, and a sultry voice shouted “Damien!!!”

He smiled. He should have predicted this impetuous woman would blindside him like that! He pried her strong arms apart long enough to turn around and look her in her face. “Lordy!” he thought. “She’s just as pretty in real life as she is in her pics!” Dark brown eyes set in a sexy almond-shaped face, framed by long black hair met his gaze evenly. He couldn’t see her body, but he could feel it pressed tightly against his. Her breasts stood firm and high, and feeling their softness on his chest stirred tingles in his groin that he had hoped to avoid so soon. She held him tightly for a few moments, and then softly purred, “Hi. Nice to meet you.” Before he could say “Likewise”, she stood up on her tip-toes, pulled his head down to her, and gave him a quick kiss.

“Listen,” she said. “I’ve been cooped up all day in a boring classroom. Do you mind if we go for a walk before we eat? All I’ve been dreaming about, all day, is a nice walk on the beach.” She thought about how he would react to what she was about to tell him, and figured it would be better for both of them if they were somewhere away from crowds. She took his arm in hers, and urged him toward the rear of the lobby, and toward the beach. Once on the sand, they both removed their shoes, and strolled on, chatting of inconsequential nonsense. The setting sun cast an orange glow around them when she finally stopped walking, and led him up the steps of a vacant lifeguard stand.

They sat silently for a while, as the sky faded to red and the ocean turned black. Rebecca turned to Damien, and he turned to her. He caressed her cheek with one hand, drawing her in for a soft kiss. His lips opened and his tongue reached out gently, questing for hers. She began to kiss him in earnest, but then she remembered who she was. She pushed him away, turning her head. “Stop for a minute,” she whispered. His hand still on her cheek, he turned her back to face him. Tears pricked the corners of her eyes as he leaned back in for another kiss.

“Godamn it, I said stop for a minute!” she sobbed, the tears now streaming down her flushed cheeks.

“What’s the matter?” he asked earnestly. “Don’t you want -- did I do something wrong?”

“No, baby. You didn’t do anything.” She grabbed him by his shoulders, hugging him tightly until her sobs had ceased.

“You have to listen now, and make me a promise,” she said, quietly.

“Anything, hon.”

“You have to promise that you’ll listen to me, and don’t interrupt me at all, okay?” He nodded. “I don’t want to tell you what I’m about to say,” she began, “But I have to tell you. There are things about me that you have to know, and…” She paused, not knowing how to continue. “And if you decide to walk away, right now, I promise I won’t ever say anything about it.”

“Oh, it can’t be that bad…” Damien murmured.

She began to talk. In a monotone voice, she told him about growing up in a mixed house, confused. She told him about never really knowing who you were, or how you felt about yourself. She told him about never fitting in, about always being on the outside of every group. She told him about always being different from everybody else. “For a while, I thought I was gay,” she said.

“Really?” Damien asked. “There’s nothing wrong with being gay, or even bisexual, for that matter.”

“Time to drop the bombshell,” Rebecca thought to herself. She took a single, deep breath. “You don’t understand, Damien. I wasn’t always like you see me, here. I wasn’t always this way, this beautiful, big-tits Rebecca.” She turned away from him, so she didn’t have to meet his questioning gaze. Her voice dropped to a whisper, barely audible over the sound of the surf. “I wasn’t even born this ‘Rebecca’.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I was born as ‘Robert’,” her voice caught in her throat. “I was raised as ‘Robert’; I went to school ‘Robert’. I… was… always… ‘Robert!’…” Her voice finally broke at last. She sat there, looking away, but seeing nothing. Tears streamed down her cheeks openly. The only sign Damien saw of her distress was the rise and fall of her shoulders in time with her silent sobs. At that moment, he felt his heart melt, just a little. He knew how it felt to be different, to never fit in. He didn’t completely understand it, but he knew that Rebecca was a sweet, pretty girl, and he couldn’t stand to see her in such pain. He took her by her shoulders, and turned her to face him gently. He saw her tears flowing freely from closed eyes. Cupping her chin, he raised her face to his. When she opened her eyes, he saw her pain, innocent and undisguised. He felt emotion welling up deep inside his breast, and pulled her close to him, hugging her wordlessly. He vowed then to do his level best to do whatever it took to heal this lovely young lady’s hurts.

“Shhhhh,” he murmured. “It’s okay. It’s all okay now.”

They held one another for a long time, but it seemed like only moments passed. Rebecca rested her head on his chest and listened to his heart beating. Damien held her close, and the scent of strawberries rose from her hair. “Tell me about it,” he said quietly.

So she did. “I always knew I was different,” she said. “As a boy, I tried to do ‘boy things’, but they all just seemed stupid. I liked playing sports like basketball, and lacrosse, but not football or anything that required hard contact. I liked to dance, and I liked to hang out, but I never wanted to hang out with ‘the guys.’ I always wanted to be with the girls. I was never really attracted to the girls – I wanted to be one of them. When I first realized that I was attracted to guys, I… I tried being gay for a little while. That was a mistake! You never know how much bullshit gay guys have to put up with until you try to be one, you know?” She laughed bitterly.

“When I was in my teens, I figured out that I liked wearing pretty things. I liked wearing girlie things. It was about that time that I figured out I’d rather be a girl, who is really into guys, than a guy who was really into guys. I used to get home before anybody else, and slip into my big sister’s room. I would slip into her lacy panties, her bra, her slinky dresses. It felt natural for me somehow. I had just graduated high school when my father came home unexpectedly and caught me like that.”

“Really?” Damien asked. “And what did he say?”

“More like, ‘What did he do?’ He gave me until dinner time to have my things packed and be out of his house. Said he wasn’t about to have any ‘Goddamn fairy’ living off his sweat and toil. I told him to fuck off, and went on my way. It was hard, especially at first, but then I got some loans, got some jobs, got my college degree, and got a good job. Got some new tits, and…” her voice caught again in her throat. “And here I am.”

Damien took a deep breath in, and let it out slowly. He looked in her eyes, and said, “And I’m glad you’re here.” Leaning in, he touched his lips to hers lightly. She paused for a long moment, and then melted into him, her body molding to his. Their lips opened, and their tongues met, cautiously, tenderly. Damien stroked her face, and ran his fingers through her long smooth hair. His hands explored her body eagerly, one running through her hair and the other sliding down to end up at her waist. As they kissed, his desire got the best of him – he slid his hand under her shirt, slowly upwards toward her breast. She gasped as she felt his hand caressing her through her bra. Her small nipple grew taut. He broke away from her kiss long enough to bring both hands to her shirt. He had a brief moment of clumsiness, pulling it up and over her head – this was the first time he had done this to someone else in several years. He was rewarded by the view of her ripe breasts, barely contained by a sexy, lace bra.

“Wait,” she protested gently. “There are people walking right down by the sea!”

“Fuck ‘em!” he replied softly. “Let them get their own girl.”

Rebecca giggled and buried her face in the curve of his neck. His scent was a mixture of perspiration and some cologne she couldn’t identify. But when she licked him, he tasted of freedom. She reached behind her back, quickly unhooking her bra, but when she pulled the straps off her soft shoulders, Damien stopped her. He took over the task, kissing each inch of her skin newly revealed. The sheer cups fell away, baring Rebecca’s breasts to his view. Her nipples were smaller, but still attractive, drawing his lips to their brown tips. He licked them, and sucked them softly, alternating from right to left. As they stiffened slightly, he sucked harder, eliciting a moan from her throat. Damien kissed his way back up her throat, and softly nibbled on her bottom lip.

He placed his hand lightly on her skirt, right over the triangle where her thighs met. He felt a hot bulge through the cloth. “Then in here is…” he began.

Rebecca bowed her head, finding herself unable to meet his gaze. “Yes,” she whispered.

Damien himself could only whisper, afraid that any loud noise would shatter the night. “Can I… see it?” he asked shyly.

Rebecca slowly untangled her arms from around his torso. All her other partners had been gay men - knowing Damien as she did, she also knew that both of them were venturing into uncharted waters. She unzipped her short skirt, and he helped slide it off her hips and down to the floor of the lifeguard booth. Left only in a sexy little pair of boy shorts, her cock made a noticeable bulge. Damien placed his hand on it, feeling its warmth through the thin fabric. This was the first time he had ever touched a penis not his own, and he was nervous. As he traced its outline, he found that it seemed smaller than his own – maybe four, but surely no more than five inches. He felt it pulse. His eyes met Rebecca’s as his fingers snaked under the waistband of her panties, ready to pull them down.

Suddenly, Rebecca took both his hands in hers, holding them fast with a strength that belied her diminutive stature. “You don’t have to do this,” she said.

“I know,” he replied. “I want to. I want to... please you.”

Her eyes began to mist over as she said, “I don’t think anybody has ever said that to me before.”

Without waiting, he pulled her panties down, reaching around to ease them off her round butt. Once clear of her legs, he threw them to the sand below. He looked directly at her hard cock, unsure how to proceed. His hands were on her thighs, stroking their length. Even in the shadow of the lifeguard stand, he could see the veins showing through the skin of her circumcised cock. His circumcised cock. Hers… “Shit!” he thought. “What fucking difference does it make? I want to make her happy, cock or no cock!” He looked up to see her biting her bottom lip. In anticipation?

She reached out to him, and ran her fingers through his unruly mop of short hair. “I’m nervous too.” She said quietly.

“Well…” he began. Then a cocky grin spread across his face. “It’s my first time!”

Rebecca giggled loudly, not at all ashamed of her beautiful nakedness. Damien ran his hands up her legs to her flat stomach, and back down again. Her smooth skin felt wonderful beneath his fingers. He caressed her softly, feeling the muscles under her skin. Slowly, he slid his hands across her cock, standing up tightly next to her belly. He massaged it as if it were just another muscle, enjoying it for its heat, its texture. He encircled it with his fingers, noting how different it felt than when he was touching his own. He pulled the skin taut, and stroked it up and down a couple times as if testing its measure. He leaned in close, to catch her musky scent. He inhaled deeply.

A sudden calm filled him. He wanted nothing more than to please this woman that had become so important to him. Holding her cock away from her stomach, he looked up into her eyes as he leaned in closer. He extended his tongue, and licked her, from base to head. It tasted the same as her neck had, and her breast. It tasted the same as her thigh and wrist. It tasted of forbidden desires, and long-sought-after honesty. He loved it. He licked again and again, savoring its texture. Opening his mouth, he took it inside, laving it with his tongue. Rebecca moaned out, feeling relief in the long-awaited pleasure. Her hands stayed on his head, guiding him. He sucked her cock into his mouth, understanding now why the ladies all wrote ‘so soft, and yet so hard at the same time.’

Damien closed his eyes, lost in the sensation of loving the cock that was in his mouth. His saliva ran down, coating Rebecca’s cock. As she held his head, helping him find the pace she liked best, he took her butt in both hands, drawing her as deeply inside him as he could. Her cock wasn’t long enough to enter too far into his throat – he liked feeling his lips and tongue make contact with her. He felt her throbbing with need. As he bobbed his head up and down on her cock, his hands reached upward to her breasts, kneading their flesh. He pinched her nipples pulling them and increasing her need.

“Yes, Damien, yes!” she moaned. Her hips thrust at his face of their own accord. “Mmmmmm…” Damien felt her cock swelling, and pulsing. He knew she was going to cum any second.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh, OHHHHH!!!” she cried. He clamped his lips firmly around her, increasing his pace. Her hands held him tightly. Breathing like she had just run a marathon race, Rebecca cried out once as her stomach muscles clenched tightly. Damien sucked firmly as a hot jet of cum spurted out from her engorged cock, followed by another and another. Rebecca’s whole body jerked and convulsed as she spewed her essence into Damien’s waiting mouth. He swallowed, doing his best to not let any of her cum leak out past his taut lips. As her spasms eased, he began sucking again, drawing all of her sperm out and into his mouth. Gradually, he slowed, as her cock softened. He felt the moment when it became too sensitive to touch, and he let her escape his mouth with a pop.

He looked up into her face just in time to see her eyes flutter open. “That was amazing…” she said quietly, still struggling to breathe evenly.

He crossed his arms across her legs, leaning on them. “You taste great” he said simply. And it was true. He never would have imagined it, but he enjoyed the flavor of her cum, spicy and tangy. Rising up to her height, he kissed her and she kissed him back, their tongues entwining like jungle vines.

Soon, she pushed him away again, saying, “Can you get me my clothes?”

“Going somewhere?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, I am.” She replied. “I’m going to my room. And you’re coming with me…”

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