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Simple pleasures...

The first passion i ever had.

I can remember it so vividly. I was 17 and he was James. He was tall, blonde, tanned and absolutely gorgeous. Every girls fantasy. From our first words together anyone could tell we were a perfect match, Oh god a remember how I would tremble at his touch. Every time he put his arms around me I could feel the blood flowing through my body faster than usual. My eye' s would close and I would just let the sensation flood my body. He'd laugh and say how much he loved me and I believed every word. I wanted to believe him. I'd never thought about sex. I'd touch myself at night whenever I got a text off him, he would tell me everything i' d want! how he'd want his arms clinging to every curve in my body and how he wanted his hands tangled in luscious hair as he went into me deep. "I want to do this with you, I love you." I could feel my virgin pussy get wet when I heard him say that, I bit my lip. I'd think about it every night as I went to sleep and would slide my hand down my body. As I was saying I was only 17, but I wasn't completely innocent. My pussy was shaved. I didn't do it for James really, he never asked me to do it, personally I just preferred how it felt. How soft my mound would be when I touched it. It made me gasp. I'd never you know... fingered myself before. I'd rub my clit but never had I dared to reach into my wet love hole. James had tried but I only wanted him to do it. " I just think it would be good if you tried it, the thought of you fingering yourself makes me feel so..." as he said it his lips quivered. It was a Saturday and my mum had left me to my own devices today, we were up in my room and were just watching a film when James asked me if I ever masturbated to him.

"I never thought you liked that kind of thing." My eye' s were wide and my long brunette hair was curled lightly and hung over my shoulder.

"God your so innocent, I love it." He looked at me with such honesty I couldn't help it but turn in his arms and let my lips touch his so lightly. he was always so gentle with me! his lips fell onto my mine and kissed me so perfectly. His tongue entwined it's way into my mouth and I felt it tangle with mine. His wet mouth was so inviting. His teeth, so perfect and white, bit my full bottom lip lightly and I groaned deeply.

"You like that do you?" He withdrew from kissing me and gave me a cheeky grin.

I leaned into him so he could feel my chest against his and I arched my back seductively and raised my lips to the side of his face and beside his ear. I gave it a cheeky nibble and then whispered in my sexiest, huskiest voice...." .....Oh yes....."

It drove him wild! I didn't know anything about seduction really apart from the in the books I read and in some porn clips I had innocently stumbled upon but for this! my instincts were the only thing I could trust. But I seemed to be right this time, His eye' s were looking me up and down. His hands were all over my skinny waist and tanned legs. I didn't think of myself as being pretty but to be honest now I think it was just the usual teen anxiety.

His kisses were getting deeper now, His eye' s more intent then ever! I felt his hands go under my top and I couldn't help but let out a gasp. My body was lightly lay onto of him and our legs were entwined in deep passion. He rolled us over so he could feel my whole body. My small waist, my small tender arms, my long slim legs. Every inch of me was covered in his body and every kiss he gave me was like a bolt of lightning. It made my body shake in ecstasy.

"...James, I want you now!..." I was almost screaming now as his hands were roaming.

"But, But. ..I don't want to hurt you." He had paused to say this but he was still panting. I looked at him, His thin T-shirt was pulled sexily over his torso but I could see a glimpse of his toned chest through it and I knew I was ready, or maybe it was just the passion of the moment.

"James, I want you" My eye' s were full of admiration, my hands were now passing over his strong arms. "I've never wanted anything more."

Even hearing my own words made me wet, I could feel the pounding inside me, the want and the desire was filling me. He kissed me again. First my lips, then my neck and soon his hands were under my top and raising it over my head revealing my pert, firm breasts. He moaned at the sight of them and then looked up my face. I'm sure my cheeks were flushed but he kissed me again and then lay me firmly on my back and let his lips wander over my body sexily. My soft lips... .my tanned shoulder.... .my erect nipple. He sucked one and the feeling took me over, I tossed my head back and it arched my back! It was so amazing, the sensations he was causing was making the blood rush through me and my whole body started pulsating. before I could breathe I was in a full frontal orgasm, i' d never felt this before! it was like heaven. My eye' s shut and my arms flung themselves around him and pulled at his shirt, it was off and I was in total happiness. this feeling was like nothing I had even felt! I could feel my pussy juices flowing out of me and my knickers getting damp. James' face was content and he smiled up at me. All this because he was sucking and licking at my nipples, my mind was full of what could happen next! would it be better? Would I come more? Could this even get any better?! the sensation dies down and I was panting on the bed. My body was sweating and shake but I was in bliss.

James kissed his way up to my lips again and looked at me lay in his arms, his hand went down. Down and down until he was under my skirt and rubbing me through my knickers, his eye' s grew wide and he felt how wet I was and then that was it. He had pulled them off hungrily and I had undone his jeans and pulled them off in excitement. I looked on in bewilderment at what he possessed, I had never seen a penis before in real life. It looked huge and James saw the look on my face.

"What do you think?"

"I've never seen anything so.... big!" He was a decent 8" i' m guessing now but for such a small girl to me, it was huge. And thick.

"Do you want to touch it?" His gaze was inviting. I reached out and felt it. It was hard but the skin around it was soft and it felt nice as I stroked it with my hand. pre cum was coming out of the tiny slit and I reached out my tongue and liked it. It was salty but felt good in my parched mouth. He gasped.

"Do you want to suck it?"

"Um... It looks so big! Are you sure I could fit it?" He watched my face and then reached out and grabbed at my waist and brought me closer to him.

"I'll show you, I won't hurt you." His voice was so reassuring and so I went down so my mouth was in alignment with it, my hand took charge and I started to rub it firmly but not too roughly at the same time. He groaned. "Oh that's good.... Very very good." I brought my lips to the end of it and they trembled, I didn't want to do it wrong. I closed my eye' s and they felt the head go into my mouth. It's was softer then I remember it feeling and suddenly my instincts took control again. My tongue swirled around it and my wet lips closed over on the end of it and I repeated it again, my hand still stroking the base of his shaft and the other massaging his balls. They were covered in soft pubes and suddenly my body was heated again. His moans and groans filled the room and the quicker I did it the quicker they came! it was like they were the only thing that kept me going, that and the satisfaction of having his come in my mouth in the end. His hips jerked toward me and to my surprise his dick went further into my throat, I had early all of him in and the feeling made me squirt more juices suddenly. "I'm Coming!!" his voice was urgent and then I knew why, I warm stream of cum hit the back of my throat and I nearly gagged. He withdrew and fell back onto the bed. I was left with no other choice. I had to swallow. Slowly I relaxed my mouth and let the liquid fall into me. It's salty taste was gorgeous! I loved it.

"That was amazing!" my voice sounded like a five year old' s all of a sudden and my face screwed up slightly in confusion and I let out a giggle.

"No Jenny, That was INCREDIBLE!"  James was still panting. his chest moving up and down slowly and his dick was still twitching slightly. I climbed up and joined him on the bed. I let my naked body fall near his and he put and arm round me. We both looked dazed. James, obviously tired, closed his eye' s and I kissed him again. This time it was full of appreciation. I loved having his cock in my mouth and all of a sudden my mind was full of thoughts of how it would be to have him in me. To have that thick penis filling me up. Tearing my cherry....Hmmm.

"James. ..i want you to make love to me." Even in my head I didn't expect it to come out! I was thinking it but I didn't want the words to come out like that. I bit my lip and expected to him to laugh.

"I want to... .so much." My shocked face looked at him to see his face still calm and his eye' s still closed. i was almost starting to wander if i' d actually said it but then his head turned and I saw it in his eye' s as the opened. There was a yearning about them.

"Jenny, I've wanted this for so long, I just never wanted for you to think that's all I wanted."

"James I would never think that. I love you."

"I love you too." I felt his hands around me and I kissed him. My lips moist and delicious. I lay back and I felt his hard cock against my soft shaved mound. His legs were strong and supported his body. His hand went down in-between us and I saw him guide his dick to my pussy entrance. I could feel it. Ever so slightly. My face gave a flicker of fear and I prepared for the pain. My hands gripped at James' waist.

"Are you sure your ready?" He was so caring it almost made me want to cry there and then.

"I'm ready." He focused again and then I felt it. The slight pain that came as he slid his head into me. Slowly and carefully. I can't say it was an almighty pain. More an uncomfortable feeling. He looked up at me and kissed me again. and then guided the rest of him into me. It filled me so much and the sensation of having him stretching inside me made me gush more juices. We started grinding slowly and my pussy gripped him like a vice. His shaft was long and thick and the feeling of it, pushing, in and out of me made me gasp. James' face was hot and his smile was genuine. He was firmly in now.

"Go faster." I said it with such confidence. The pain had passed and now I just wanted his pleasure. He pressed deep into me and I squealed. my teeth sank into my lip and my body squirmed. he retreated quickly and then pushed again. deeper and deeper and I could feel it digging into me. His breathing heavy. My gasps quick. The pulsing of his dick was overwelming!....Faster....Harder!.....Oh god!!!

"Come in me James. I want to feel you come!"

My breasts jiggled and I felt him quicken more. holding me close to him and then it shot out of him like a bullet! Filled my pussy full and as soon as that happen my pussy clamped him! it kept gripping and releasing. My head was spinning and James was collapsed. It had came so hard in me! shot into me and I could feel it dripping still. smooth and silky it came out of me as James came out of me. My body was exhausted. My lips quivered. My arms shook. My chest panted.

My first, Ever.










Hope you liked this. Please put comments. Passion girl. x

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