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Sisterhood II: The First Lesson of Sluthood!

A 16 year old virgin begins her first lesson into becoming a slut by her sister!
Sisterhood II: The First Lesson Of Sluthood!

Emily, a sixteen year old nubile and very horny virgin teenager, had just been caught by her older, sluttier sister Grace (18) after watching her giving John a blow job in the living room, and masturbating herself over it..... Grace was furious, and decided to teach her younger sister a lesson she wouldn't forget as she forced her on the couch next to John.

Emily sat there, anxious, unsure of what her sister was going to do with her. She could see Grace's eyes as she stood over her, arms crossed, leaning her weight upon one side of her body.

"You probably call me a slut behind my back don't you? Because I fuck all these guys and suck all the cocks I want." Grace screamed at her younger sister.

"No, I wouldn't say that about you." Emily tried in vain to reply through fear.

"Well before this night is over, I'm gonna teach you how to be a slut just like I am!" Grace said. "Come on then!" she added.

"What?" Emily replied, confused.

"Show us what you got. Lift up your skirt and show us your panties." Grace spoke. Emily froze. "We ain't going anywhere until you begin! Your gonna be a slut just like me before this night is over, and by the end you'll be thanking me!" she added.

Emily looked at John at her side, leaning forward and perching at the end of the sofa. She felt uneasy about it, yet still slightly horny at what she was about to do. She stood up next to Grace, and lifted up her skirt. Her soft blue thong panties on display. John looked at them, and softly licked his lips. Grace dropped to her knees and stared at the front crotch area.

"Oh God, look at them. You've got a wet patch where you've been masturbating." Grace said. "Take them off!" she added.

"WHAT?" Emily snapped back.

"Come on, take your panties off. Can't do anything while your wearing panties now can we." Grace spoke as she looked up at Emily's confused face. "The first lesson to becoming a slut, is to have a guy worship you, and to do that, you make him eat your pussy so he'll never forget your taste. So take off your panties so he can get down there and lick your pussy out! You will love every moment of it, believe me, he's good at his job." she added.

Emily stared at Grace and John, and although anxious she was also still incredibly horny and wanted to see what would happen, and what it would feel like. She looked at John, and he was cute in an older way. She certainly wouldn't say no to him being her first, she thought to herself.

She slipped her fingers beneath the straps of her panties and pulled them down, as they dropped to her ankles. She stood there, and her instant reaction was to cover her pussy with her hands, a sense of shame crossing over her blushed face. Yet, at the same time feeling a little free in what she was doing, growing more relaxed.

Grace grabbed Emily's hips, turning her and pushing her gently backwards as she crashed back upon the couch once more. Emily's legs were kept tight together, her hand trying it's best to keep her pussy hidden from view.

"Open your legs!" Grace said. Emily sat, her legs tight together, before she slowly parted her thighs apart and revealed the slight shaven pussy to full view. A small landing strip just above her lips. Grace stared at her sister's pussy, and turned to John. "Okay babe. You wanted her, but you better treat her well, she is my sister after all! You hurt her, and it's me you have to respond to!" she spoke to John.

John fell forward off the edge of the couch and moved around to see the spread legs of Emily. The small patch of landing strip hair, and the sweet tight slit of her pussy. Her lips were a little puffy, and slightly opened, waiting to be entered within by something, or someone.

"You've got a really nice pussy babe!" John spoke softly as he glanced up towards Emily, sliding his tongue around his lips. "Just relax, I'm not gonna hurt you Emily, and you'll really enjoy it if you just try and relax!" he added on.

John moved in, as his hands gently held Emily's legs apart, and softly planted wet gentle kisses upon her thighs. Working his way up her legs, kissing, and offering small wet trails of his tongue across her soft skin. Working from one thigh to the other, upwards and inwards towards the soft mound of pussy that awaited his trailing tongue and mouth.

Emily could feel her stomach growing warmer. Even just the gentle caress of his lips and tongue across her inner thighs were beginning to make her feel all nice and fuzzy inside. She looked down, watching him get closer to her pussy and a little frightened. She had never had anyone go down on her before, and unsure what it would feel like but also anxious to have that first sensation of being eaten and licked out by a guy. And John, although slightly older, was a fit looking guy.

John stopped, inches away from Emily's pussy. "Mmm, your pussy smells so sweet babe!" he whispered to her. He then protruded his tongue, and began low down and as his tongue gently touched the lower edge of her pussy, Emily slightly shook her body in reaction to it. His tongue was wet, soft and so good she thought to herself. He slowly ran his tongue upwards, caressing across the folds of her pussy lips, and a little dipping between just at the tip as he finished licking over the top and off. He then went down again, starting lower and licking once more.

"Mmmm..." Emily murmured through her lips at the wonderful sensation she felt across her pussy, and the warmth embrace being heated inside the rest of her body. She closed her eyes, and lowered her head back, as deep breathes slipped from her mouth. John continues to lick away, guiding his tongue up and across her pussy lips, over and over. Occasionally, he would change from a simple yet effective lick, to a quick flicking of the tip of his tongue up and across her soft mound. Her thighs quivered whenever he did that, and she breathed harder, heavier, releasing soft grunts of ecstasy bellowing from her lungs "Ughhhhh!".

John moved his hands closer, almost gripping upon her soft ample charms of her ass cheeks, and his thumbs dipping to the edge of her pussy. He pulled upon them, spreading her pussy lips a little wider apart. The gentle syrup of her juices dripping from her wet cunt. He tasted her, allowing the honey delight to drip upon his tongue and take it inside. "Mmmm, your honey tastes very sweet babe. It's so fresh and tasty!" he said as he licked away upon the wet lips.

Grace was knelt back, but watching closely at John's lapping of her sister's juicy cunt. She herself suddenly began to notice she was growing much wetter as she enjoyed this sexual display in front of her. She leaned back, sitting upon her ass upon the floor, and leaning back against a chair. Her hands gently undone the buttons on her jean cut off shorts, and then one hand disappeared, as it dipped down under the shorts, and her panties to her own dripping cunt. She began to slowly masturbate watching, her hand sliding back and forth, rubbing upon her own wet pussy up and down, over and over. Short sharp breathing drifting from her own lips of the sexual excitement building up inside of her, and the view of her younger sister being eaten out by a guy.

John's tongue guided it's way forward, as he spread Emily's lips wider and it slowly delved inside of her wet cunt. "Ughhhh!" Emily gasped out as he entered into her. Her whole pelvis softy shaking in reaction to something slipping inside of her pussy for the first time. She felt unusual, yet at the same time wonderful and arousing. She could feel her inner walls of her cunt grappling with John's wet tongue inside, closing in upon it and tighten to grip upon the slippery customer within. "Mmmm.... Oh fuck..... that feels... Oh shit!" Emily spoke in mumbles of words and half finished sentences as each one broke with shakes of her body and ecstasy ripping around her small frame.

John's tongue swirled around inside her wet cunt, mixing his saliva with her syrupy juices that dripped down upon it. Sliding the soft flesh of his tongue against the inner sanctum of her walls, so soft, tender and silky to caress with his tongue. "Ohhhh..... oh fuck don't stop.... oh my God!" Emily called out as he guided his tongue around inside of her pussy.

Emily began to grind her hips, a reaction at first she didn't seem to notice but seemed a natural thing to do. Her pussy ground it's lips against John's mouth and chin, rubbing against it, as his tongue delved deeper into her cunt. At first her grinding of her pelvic was slow, gentle but as her heat grew, and the wonderful feelings she was gaining she ground it harder upon John's face. "Oh fuck yes..... oh my God... this feels amazing....!" she continues to say mixed with deep heavy breathes of her chest expanding in and out, as her hands gripped upon the cushions at either side of her position.

The sound of sex drifted around the room, and the gentle sounds of John's tongue lapping up at Emily's dripping cunt. The sound of wet juices being tasted, lapped and swallowed by him as he continued eating her pussy out with enthusiasm. Emily's passion was building and she knew she couldn't resist for much more. Her legs quivered, and her pelvic ground deep upon John's face, as she groaned. "Oh fuck yes..... fuck.... I'm gonna cum.... don't stop... I'm cumming!"

Emily screamed out, trying her hardest to keep quite by biting her bottom lip as a wave of electricity ripped throughout her whole body. Every inch of her beautiful, small frame shook with orgasmic torture as it pulled her in every direction possible. John's tongue continued to lap away inside her wet cunt, as more juicy honey dripped free from her and into his waiting mouth. "Fuck..... YESSSSSSSS!" Emily called out as it exploded heavily and her body gave her several aftershocks of small, quick explosions inside. Then it released, as her breathing slowed back down to normal, and her pussy stopped grinding upon John's face as he pulled away and looked at her wet cunt, and her pussy lips quivering slightly from her orgasm.

He licked his tongue around his lips, and wiped his chin of the wet trail of sweet honey juices she had left stained upon his lower face. He rose up a little and looked upon Emily, exhausted and laying back upon the couch. She smiled towards him, in acceptance of his wonderfully sexual pleasure she had provided for her.

Behind, Grace was still rubbing her own wet cunt, until she stopped and pulled her hand up. Her fingers wet, as she leaned forward. "So, how was she babe?" she asked John.

"She tasted so sweet and innocent." John replied as he turned and kissed Grace on the lips.

"Good, because now I think it's time she returned the favor. Don't you?" Grace added, with a devilish smile on her lips. "Sit down and get your cock out babe, coz I think it's time she learned how to suck a guy's cock and enjoy it if she's going to become a total slut like me!" she spoke with a sly smile on her face.....
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