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Sitting In Class

A masturbating-loving girl has her first time in the back of a classroom.

I grew up in a rather conservative household, but that was always fine because I was never one to go out and party and get involved in such things. I was fine staying home and living vicariously through my friends. Eventually I graduated high school and got to college. I was still a quiet kid, I got along with my roommate well enough, and I was usually able to find some people to have dinner with or walk to class with . So it was a pleasant time.

But I did have a secret. Somewhere along the way in my restrained childhood and hearing my friends and sitting through sex Ed and my own natural curiosity, I developed a penchant for online porn. I waited until I knew my parents were distracted and convinced I was doing work, and then I would look up all sorts of pictures and videos and stories. I didn’t care if it was straight, gay, any race or any sort of fantasy, I had to look and imagine it. Then I would sneak off to my room and rub myself till I could get the tension to build and I would stifle myself so no one would hear.
I never went on any dates, just because I never seemed to be the girl any guy wanted, but I always very revved up. The slightest passing thought in class would get my pussy wet and I would sit among all my friends trying to get myself as far as I could without a single one noticing. And that was just in high school.

In college, I knew way more people were having sex. The people in the room next door always had someone over, and they rarely attempted to cover their sounds. Which always meant another fit of silent orgasms for me. Even though I considered her a friend, I couldn’t wait till my roommate went home for the weekend or visited a friend so I could enjoy myself in comfort. I always knew when she was out of the room so I could watch my porn in peace.

I was of course very busy. I mean, I did have to maintain my grades, so I still didn’t go looking for guys, or really even think about doing anything beyond masturbating, even though I was almost always wet walking around campus. But I did have one class freshmen year that was incredible boring. We just sat at tables while the professor droned on. I knew of several kids who fell asleep or texted or surfed the web on laptops. I usually used this class for other purposes.

Generally I sat at the back table where no one else happened to sit even though it was by the door. Instead of doing all the work by myself, I discovered that I could take notes with one hand, while the other casually held an extra pen under the table, rubbing it against the slit of my jeans. It was such an intense feeling because it was so different that I was almost afraid I would leak so much it would leave a stain on the chair behind me. But no one ever noticed, so I got to enjoy class as much as I wanted.

A few weeks into semester, there was one day of class where I wasted no time and got right to business with my pen in position. Then a taller guy with blonde who usually sat in the row in front of me came in late and slid into the seat next to me. I was too far along to stop, so I tried to look very busy with my notes. He leaned over, though, and, looking straight at the pen on the edge of my crotch, said,

“Can I use your extra pen?”

Flushing, I knew, I slowly pulled my hand up and handed him the pen. Grinning, he took it, but didn’t write a single thing on the paper in front of him all class. Meanwhile, I was stuck in the middle of a near-orgasm and needed release, so I had to work the muscles near my pussy as hard as possible to get me so I could think again. It was the worst class, and afterwards, the guy next to me got up and walked out the door without a word, still holding my pen in his hands.

It took me a while to calm down after that, but I figured the guy would go back to his usual place next class and I could again have my peace. I got to class early next time hoping to get an early start. I had just started running the pen over the jeans on my pussy when the blonde guy from last class sauntered in and sat right next to me, even though most of the seats were still open. I immediately tensed up, still needing a release but stuck with him next to me. I tried to ignore him and casually move my hand away from my crotch,

But before I really even got anywhere, he leaned over and grabbed the pen, still dangerously close to my pussy, and said,

“So I lost your last pen. Mind if I use this one? Or do you need it for something else?”

Despite my secret sexual fantasies, I was still a bit of that socially awkward geek from high school, and talking to guys was just not my thing. I tried to stammer out something about it being fine, but if he would please return this one. But he barely let me finish when he said,

“You know, I think I can actually help you with this one.”

Then leaning near the table to block it from view, he slid his hand right between my legs and started rubbing his fingers right where my pen had previously been working for me.

I gasped at the shock of this new sensation but tried to cover it up, because by this time, much of the class had taken their seats and the teacher had walked in. However, this guy seemed to have no intention of stopping, and not wanting to make a scene, as well as enjoying this turn of events, I let him keep going.

His fingers started slowly, moving around and exploring the area between my legs. Now, I’m not fat, but I’m no skinny-mini, so I have a bit of chub rub down there, so I tried to position myself so he had better access. I carefully slid my legs around the chair and tucked my feet behind the chair’s legs to keep open better, and I lifted my hips forward.

He seemed to like this better, as he spread his hand further along my previously private area. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him grinning. He was steadily picking up pace on my crotch, rubbing faster and faster, and I could feel my breath getting shallower as the feelings spread warmth through my lower body. My knees were even feeling weak, and I was still sitting down. This lasted through the class, and just as before, as soon as the lecture was done, he jumped up and left without looking back, leaving me red-faced and unable to think straight. It was with great effort that I managed to get back to my room.

But I decided to get myself ready for the next class. This time I wore a skirt. I contemplated not wearing underwear, but I couldn’t shake all of my upbringing off at once. I got there early, and just like last time, he came in, took the seat next to me and asked if he could use my pen. Coolly, I handed him the pen, which grinning he took with his right hand while sliding his left between my legs.

Right away I could tell that the skirt was a much better idea. His fingers were much closer to my pussy and felt that much better. Almost immediately a wet spot began to grow on my panties, and he took his time rubbing that area. I would have given anything if I could let out a sound, because the tension and ecstasy were mounting in me. As the class went on, I barely even looked at the teacher I was so concentrated on my pussy. After a while, his fingers fumbled for a second, then pulled the cotton fabric of my panties to the side as he shoved a finger into my pussy hole. I don’t know how I didn’t scream out. As wet as I was, I was still a virgin who had done little more than masturbate, so the shock of feeling something in me almost made me explode. I hunched over the table, clutching my pen, trying to control my breathing as his finger probed my insides and my juices seeped out onto his hand and the chair. I was definitely leaving behind a stain after this class.

Suddenly, I decided I should probably give him a taste of his own medicine, and as I gained control, I slowly lowered my hand and slid it over to his own crotch. I slid it down between his legs, and immediately felt his penis twitch and stiffen under my hand. This time, I was the one grinning while he gasped. I began my own exploration of his nether regions. I wasted no time in locating his zipper and carefully pulling it down. I knew that no one would notice since we were the only ones in back, and the way he was turned blocked the door. It was exhilarating as my hand reached into the hole in his pants to the member that was steadily growing harder under his boxers. I moved around till I found the opening of them and touched the skin of his penis. By this point, I could tell he had full erection, and it was huge as it strained against all the fabric. While he fingered me, I wrapped my hand around his dick and slid along it till I reached the head and lightly touch the tip with my fingers. I could feel his pre-cum, so I knew I wasn’t the only one getting hot and bothered.

Suddenly, everyone in the class stood up and started filing out. Quickly we pulled our hands from and each other and tried to make it look like we were packing our stuff. I leaned over as though digging through my backpack while he shuffled papers. When the last person had left, he stood up and his penis stuck out of the zipper hole in his jeans. It was just as large as it had felt in my hand, and I could only gape at it. I never wanted anything more in my life than to have that in my pussy.

“You know, I don’t think I finished helping you out, there,” he said.

Automatically I stood up. He was so much taller than me that I had to bend my neck to look at his face, and I did so, he leaned downed, grabbed my head, and smashed his lips against mine. The force was shocking, but I immediately responded, opening my lips to let his tongue in, leaning my body against his, feeling his cock press against me. His hands started to roam down my body as we kissed. He briefly stopped to slide his hands under my bra, and I clutched his shoulders to keep myself standing as he played with my hard nipples. I had never tried that before, and the feeling shook me.

Then as his hands reached my buttocks and he slid them under my skirt, he grabbed the back of my legs and swung me onto the table in one swift movement. I gasped as I landed, not having expected to be airborne, but he left little time for such things. Right away he pulled off my panties and began fingering my pussy again. This time I groaned and leaned my head back in pleasure while still holding his shoulders. I heard him unbutton his jeans and let them fall to the ground, and I opened my eyes as he pulled my body across the table closer to him.

I was still trying to hold him as he grabbed his cock in his hands and rubbed its head over my sopping slit. I bit back a scream as the contact sent a shock wave through my body.

“Just put it in already!” I gasped.

And he did. He came into me thick and hard, my wet hole taking him easily. He filled me right away, and instinctively I wrapped my legs around his waist to keep him closer. He began thrusting into me, first slowly, then picking up speed. My hips tried to meet every thrust and my hands struggled to grab his head so I could kiss him deeper.

On and on he thrusted his cock in me, filling me more and more each time. Every nerve in my body was sending off sparks, and I didn’t know how my pussy didn’t catch fire. Then I felt it coming, that last push. His cock was twitching in me and I held him as tight as I could when suddenly we both broke. Our cries were stifled against each others lips, but I felt his load exploding deep in me as my own came pouring out.

We stayed in that position for a few minutes longer, breathing heavy from the exertion. Then slowly, he pulled out of me, penis still wet and dripping, but losing its erection. I felt like my own lower body was jelly as I reached to grab my panties. We took a minute to make ourselves presentable, though I was still shaky. We both started walking for the door, and as he reached it, he said,

“So, see you next class?”

Then, still grinning, he walked sown the hallway while I smiled in anticipation.

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