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two lovers meet on one memorable night
It was one of the best winters we had in the last couple years. I was now 19 and my friends thought we should take advantage of the weather and rent a chalet by the hill. We arrived all ready to get on the slopes, we decided to leave straight away and not waste the day. Our ski trips were always a lot of fun but this year was special. Erica had decided to join us. Throughout high school I always found myself doing odd, some may say perverse things around her. She was in my Latin class and I would make it a point to follow her just to see her walking in those tight jeans. Our relationship throughout high school was nothing special. One of my friends had gone out with her soon after I met her so I didn't really pursue it. That did not last long, but we moved to different universities and she left my town. So seeing her was a bit of a problem. Erica was feeling sore the next day and said that she did not feel like going. Her best friend tara said she would stay with her, but my best friend, Tom, knew I could use the time alone so he persuaded his girl, tara to come with him and I stayed back.

Erica and I always had very good conversations so we started talking about university the friends we had met and what we missed about high school. That night a storm hit and stranded our friends at the other end of the ski resort. The heater had also been acting up so it got very cold. We decided to call it a night and we both went to our separate bed rooms. I decided a bit later that it was really cold and I should go spend some time in the hot tub to warm up. I took a beer and sat down in the tub. half and hour later I saw erica come out, she was shivering. And had a sexy red bikini and a thong on. The bikini pushed up her breasts and the cold made her nipples hard I felt my erection starting to grow. There was an awkward silence and I decided to invite her into the tub. She came in but you could tell she noticed me checking her out as she was blushing. She stepped up and slipped on the edge and fell I caught her, unknowingly grabbing her breasts. They felt so warm and firm. She reached down to gain her balance but found another surprise quivering beneath the water. She must not have realized for a few seconds but then I saw her eyes flinch and she processed what she was touching. It seems these moments of awkwardness are the points where I am bravest. I told her how I had felt about her and that I had loved her since I first met her in grade 9. To my surprise she said she felt the same way and had only not acted on it because Tara said she had a crush on me. Tara had met tom in grade 12 and I was sure she loved him and, she was a great person, but my reaction to this was, "Bitch" Just then Tara kissed me, "we could have had four years together, lets not waste any more" She pulled of my shorts and I undid her bikini. I kissed her down her neck then started kissing her breasts the sweetness of her skin masked the taste of the chlorine water that was running down her breasts and dripping off her now erect nipples. I started sucking on one nipple and as I did she grabbed my other hand and put it on her other breast. I started fondling her left breast while sucking her other nipple. I then made my way slowly down her flat stomach pausing slightly at her belly button then moving down her toned legs. I then made may way to the lips of her pussy. I gently kissed them and felt her react, I stuck my tongue inside of her and tasted the sweet juices inside. I made my way up to her clitoris and gently sucked it while sliding my fingers inside of her. Soon she was cuming and was very quick to return the favour. She started sucking me stiff cock while fondling my balls. I told her I was about to cum and she said I want you to do it inside of me I said I did not have a condom, but she said she was on the pill. I told her we should go up the the bed but she wanted it right now she jumped on me and I put myself inside of her. She was on top and had all the control, I felt some slight resistance and knew that I had just taken her virginity as she had mine. Then I was inside It was so tight and I had never felt anything like that before. Her thrusts became more intense and so, feeling she was now comfortable I started to thrust in tune with her and then we both had intense orgasms and went to sleep together. I woke up the next morning my hand cupping her breasts, she was already awake and she said we should go make some breakfast as our friends should be back soon. We made the breakfast together and then sat together in-front of the fire. Tom and Tara were the first back and as they came through the door and saw my arm around Erica, Tom just smiled at me but Tara looked shocked. I took some pride in that look knowing she had kept us apart all these years. The rest came back and we had a great last day on the slopes.