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Sleepover Surprise

It was just a sleepover, but she had to dare me.
My name's Jennifer and I'm an eighteen year old virgin. My boobs are C cups and I'm physically fit. I have curly, blonde hair and brown eyes. My best friend is Katherine, who has virtually nothing for breasts. She seriously is as flat as a newly paved road. Anyway getting back to me, I've never had a loving boyfriend. That is, until Katherine called me. If it wasn't for that one call, I'd never have found someone.

"Hello?" I answered my phone and set down the nail polish I was using to paint my nails.

"Hey, my mom said I could invite someone over so do you wanna sleep over tonight?"

"Hell yeah!" I giggled, "What time should I be over?"

"Um, can you come in a half an hour?"

"Yup," I popped the 'P'.

"M'kay, see ya then!" she said and quickly added, "My brother will be there too."

A loud groan escaped my mouth in disgust, "Ew why? I thought he had a new job or something?"

"He does but they close early on Saturdays."

"Wonderful, okay see ya soon!" I replied and hung up. Great, I have to do my hair now. Her brother, Zac, always makes fun of my hair. Right now, the curls are a bit messy. Quickly, I took out my makeup kit and plugged in my curling iron.

Within minutes, I changed into a plunging, billowy top, did my makeup, and fixed my hair. I grabbed my keys and started towards Katherine's house.


"Hey!" Katherine yelled as I knocked on her front door.

"I've missed you!" I giggled and sat my cheerleading bag on the floor of her entrance way.

"Yeah, me too!" She smiled and picked my bag up for me as I took my shoes off. Her brother was standing in the kitchen doorway, staring at me. I spotted his bulge and smiled.

"Hey Zac!"

He swallowed whatever he was eating and waved, before running down the hallway. 


Eventually, we settled in the rec room to watch a movie. Half way in the movie, a really funny part came up about a girl who made an orgasm face and moaned. Her brother came in the room right at the time. "Whoa, she wants sex!"

I nearly choked from laughter. "Awkward Zac!" He left the room for some unknown reason and Katherine asked me to go make popcorn for her and me to share. I walked up the stairs to her kitchen and searched for the popcorn. As I was reaching up in a cabinet, I heard a noise behind me. It was Zac. His face was a bright red, probably because I just caught him staring at my ass.

"You scared me," I whispered with a slight smile on my face.

"Ah, sorry," he muttered and opened the fridge.

I didn't say anything and turned my attention back to finding popcorn. When I did find it, I couldn't reach it because it was too far back. I felt someone brush against my side and reach for the popcorn. Zac quietly handed it to me. The cabinet was in the corner of the room and I could feel his developing bulge brush against my body which surprisingly made me horny.

I watched him walk out the room and started towards the microwave.


The movie had just ended and Katherine and I started playing truth or dare.

"Truth or Dare?" she asked me.


"Go ask my brother to masturbate in front of you," she giggled like I'd never do it.

"Okay," I smiled and headed for the stairs.

"It was a joke, you don't have to!" she loudly whispered.

I shrugged and started up the stairs anyway and down the hallway to his room. I took a deep breath and knocked. "Hey Zac? Can I come in?"

I heard a loud thud and then he spoke. "Why?"

"I was dared to ask you something."

He silently opened the door and I shut it when I entered. "What were you dared to ask me?"

I gulped and took another deep breath, "Will you masturbate in front of me?"

He looked genuinely surprised. "My sister dared you to do this?"

I silently nodded my head.

He said nothing but unzipped his pants. Zac was way taller than me and probably about 6'1. He has abs from the one time I saw him without a shirt. He certainly needed a haircut but his brown hair was still attractive. He had brown eyes and was twenty. I watched him remove his boxers and I stared at his 8 inch cock. It was pretty big in my eyes considering I'm a virgin. He started going up and down slowly, but then he picked up the pace. He made quiet groans until he was getting closer to his climax. I don't know what over took me, but my mouth found his shaft and rapidly went up and down. His groans slightly increased in sound and as I looked up at him I could tell he was trying to contain them.

Then, I felt warm liquid in my mouth. I lifted my mouth up and licked up anything that escaped from it. I swallowed his cum and smiled devilishly. Silently, I sat up and placed my lips on his. His tongue found mine and for the longest time we made out. I was surprised when he started groping my breasts but I enjoyed it.

I broke our kiss and pulled my shirt off. He sat back and stared at me. Hopefully, he liked what he saw. Without warning, he unclasped my bra and instructed me to take the rest off. I followed his command and looked up at him. I could feel wet kisses being trailed up and down my body and he stopped when he got to my breasts. "I've wanted to do this for such a long time."

Pleasure built up as soon as his hot mouth sucked on my hard nipples. Quiet moans occasionally escaped my mouth.

Zac stopped for a moment and then inserted two fingers into my wet pussy. I tried not to moan but I couldn't help myself. The intense pleasure was all so new to me. I'd never been able to masturbate like this. He quicken the pace and I nearly yelled. His free hand covered my mouth to keep me from moaning too loud.

I tightly closed my eyes as he went even faster. I could feel a climax rip through my body and muffled moans escaped. Zac removed his fingers and started licking my pussy clean; which intensified my orgasm.

He lifted his mouth and stared at me before slowly inserting his cock inside me. He took his time but it still hurt a little. Once all 8 inches of him was buried inside me, he slowly went in and out.

"You have a fucking tight pussy!" he gasped in pleasure.

All I could do was try not to moan loudly. "Fuck me harder!"

His pace quickened and I grabbed his head board. Again, I could feel my pussy tightening around his cock until a wave of ecstasy burst through my body.

He pulled out quickly and sprayed his load all over my sweating body. I spread it all around my body and licked my fingers.We cuddled for a little and then exchanged cell phone numbers. 

I knew I should go back downstairs. We both dressed and said our goodbyes, but I knew it wouldn't be our last time.

This is my first story so please leave a comment telling me how I did.

Should I write part two?

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