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Slow and Steady

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A night neither of us will ever forget.
A Night Neither of Us will Ever Forget
School let out and I had a smile on my face. Tonight was the night. I had bought a box of condoms, she had even tested putting them on a few times, but tonight was finally the night they were going to be put to good use.

Let me pause to tell you a little bit about myself and my girlfriend, Emily. I am about 6'1, quarterback/captain of the football team and all around pretty athletic. I'm not huge down below but there is about 7 inches x 2 inches to work with. She is the showstopper. A knockout brunette with gorgeous flowing hair and as ass to die for. She wears a 32b bra and he beautiful breasts fit in to your mouth like a grapefruit. Her skin complexion is fair with gorgeous blue eyes and a smile that could just make you melt. She was always afraid to fool around. Our first kiss was a pretty big deal to her so you can imagine what it was like the first time my hand slid downstairs.

We always had a healthy sexual relationship after she started to looses up, my soft fingers on her warm cunt would just make her purr. We had talked about having sex for a long time but she was really afraid to actually go through with it. I knew she wanted to, her panties would get wet just talking about it. And the night before her and I finally decided tonight would be the night. Her parents were out of town at a horse show and would be staying the weekend away.

I walked away from the field house to my car, I told my mom I was staying over at a friends house and she bought it. All my stuff was packed up and I headed straight to her house. From the moment I walked in the door you could taste the sexual tension between us. I always know when she wants me by a certain look in her eye and this was the most obvious it has ever been.

I kissed her hard and long. dropping my bag as her back hit the wall. I picked her legs up and put them around my waist. Never letting my tongue leave her mouth. She knew how to kiss so well. I was already hard as a rock and she knew it. Her hips squirmed and played with my cock underneath our pants. She wore a thin purple pair of night pants and a thong underneath, and with my basketball shorts there was a lot being felt between the both of us. I could barely make out the soft folds of her soft vagina. I was screaming hard.

She put her arms around my kneck and I put my hands underneath her ass for a little more support and she loved my hands on her ass. We walked through the kitchen, right through her brick hallway leading back to her room. I bit her lip softly as we stepped into her room and threw her on the bed. She loves feeling helpless. I went after her and her shirt was off in a matter of seconds. Her orange bra was a welcome surprise and quickly removed. Her tits set perky and cute with her beautiful nipples posed like cherries in the middle. I had my shirt off and removed my shorts simultaneously and picked her legs up and crawled underneath her. I played with her soft cunt under her pants and teased her with my tongue running it softly between her folds. I slowly got up and took off her pants revealing her gorgeous pink panties. They were my favorite she had. I kissed my way down her leg, stopping at her inner thigh to make her squirm a little. I slowly snuck a hand up and when she couldnt take it any more I put a finger on her cunt and slowly rubbed. I knew she was in ecstasy and this was exactly where I wanted her. I kissed my way up her stomach, pausing to lick and suck on her little nipples and hear her moan. It was like music to my ears. I didnt know someone could be this turned on.

I kissed her hard and long and worked my hand faster with my index and middle finger at her opening and my thumb on her clit. Her body was under my complete control. I traced the outside of her panties and moved them over to one side for her glistening pussy to summon my fingers inside it. I plunged one finger inside it with buttery ease. I dont think she has ever been this turned on. She is almost screaming at this point. I slide two fingers in and widen her out a bit. Her tight cunt is milking my fingers. He nails dig in to my back as she moans into my mouth. I retreat from the kiss and take off her panties. I let my tongue waste no time and dive in to her aromatic cunt. She tastes so sweet beneath me. he body is going into convulsions and she starts begging me to stop. "Stop Stop baby you are going to make me Cum!!! Ohhhhh" she screams. I look up and say "Okay" and plunge my tongue deep into her wet pussy. she screams and slides down the bead and shoves my head into her as she cums.

She cant speak but wants so much more. she pushes me down on to the bed and crawls on top of me kissing me hard. I feel her wetness on my stomach. Her hand snakes down and finds my dick hard as a rock and smiled. She goes straight down her throat with it, not missing a beat. My body is at her mercy now. Her tongue plays with my head at the top and then she buries it deep in her mouth. I let her keep this up for about three minutes before I cant have anything but her sweet pussy on my dick. She looks up at me and I tell her I want to be inside her. without a word we both get move toward each other and kiss a hard and long kiss. I break it and tell her I am going to get a condom out of the bag. She says no I want all you, my mom put me on the pill three weeks ago. I almost lost my composure here but kept it all together. I flipped her over and bent her over on the bed. Her gorgeous ass staring me in the face. I gaver her cunt one last lick and she squirmed. Then I went for it. I grabbed her hips and put my dick right on the opening of her pussy. "Be soft baby, I haven't had you in there before" she said as she slowly slid back on to my cock. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. Her tight cunt clinched my cock more than I ever thought possible.

Her hymen had already been broken with a tampon so there was no mess but she was almost screaming in pain. My dick felt like it was being milked by her muscles. As her cunt adjusted to the new intruder she started to feel the pleasure of my cock splitting her in two. She screamed "Ohhhhh my goddddddd" and I grunted as she backed up on me "she told me to fuck her hard", she wanted it rammed in her. I pulled back, nearly slipping out and dove back in, pickin up a pace. Her ass started to slap against me as I fell in to ecstasy. I was really getting it in there pretty hard at this point and she sounded like she was about to come again. After about five minutes she let go of all inhibitions and came to a second screaming orgasm. I turned her over and got on top of her and started plowing in to her cunt. Driving my dick deep into her it was all I could do to hold back the cum. she kissed me hard and moaned, telling me how much she loved me and wanted me so bad. It just made me fuck her harder. She started screaming again and I sucked on her nipples as I jammed my cock into her. He breathing was starting to get a lot more ragged and I didnt know how much longer I was going to be able to hold on.

I rolled over on to my back and she came with me. I dont even think I cam out of her as we rolled. Her hair was all disheveled and she was glistening with sweat, but she wasnt going to stop. She picked herself up and fell back down on my cock. I grabbed her and pulled her toward me, pulling my cock nearly out of her and I started to work it back in her slowly. Her moans were too much for me and I felt my balls start to tighten. I really started pounding it in her, holding her tight and ramming my dick into her. She screamed as her pussy started to clench in a third orgasm. and I lost all my composure and blew it in her.

I held her so tight and lovingly as I went soft. We sat in a mixture of our own juices, on her and I and on her bed and slowly fell asleep in each others arms. This was only the beginning of a pretty ridiculous first night of sex.

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