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Somebody New

A shy girl tries to change herself under the influence of her outgoing friend.
Tori sat silently on the bed while Samantha babbled away with every bit of confidence. How could Sam be so calm, Tori wondered? It didn't seem right that while Tori's knees shook with nervousness that Sam should be excited... but Sam was so very different than Tori... and Sam was the kind of girl Tori longed to be. Sam had blonde, wavy hair that grew down to her midback. Her eyes were hazel but mostly green. Her skin was always perfect... and Tori admired her so. But the admiration went deeper than just her looks... it was Sams confidence and outgoing personality that Tori longed to somehow gain in her own life. If not for this admiration, Tori probably wouldn't be doing this crazy thing. Tori gazed solemnly at herself in Sams vanity mirror. Her brown hair fell around her face in a short wispy cut. Her brown eyes looked down at her average body. She barely had a rack, unlike Sam who only had to wear a size large thanks to her chest. A doorbell downstairs interupted Tori's thoughts. "EEE! Tor, they're here! Stay up here and I'll bring them up. Oh, oh! But first, does this look hot enough?" Sam said, untying her robe to reveal a terribly skimpy nightie. It was red with a black lace at the bottom. It was slightly see through and Tori could see that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Classy..." Tori joked.

"Pfft. Sure, you're fully dressed... but what you're about to do is not at all lady like!" Sam snickered. She then went to greet their company.

Tori looked down at herself again. She was wearing a pink b cup bra under her grey tank top. She stood up and checked herself out. Her jeans were rather baggy for a girl of her size. She really wished that she had borrowed something of Sams to make herself look better.

Footsteps were heard coming up the stairs, along with Sams laughter and the voice of two boys. Tori's heart began to pound. She began to finger-brush her hair and sat down really fast. When the boys entered, Sam had her arm around who was obviously her choice. He was a muscular jock looking fellow. He had his eyes glued to Sam.

"This is Tori, the girl I emailed you guys about," Sam said pointing towards Tori. Tori lifted her hand in a shy wave and the boy claimed by Sam gave a nod and the other boy gave a smile. He was a rather lanky boy with blue eyes and dark hair. Tori could see him, almost feel him, eyeing her body. She felt uncomfortable but there was no way she was going to back out this far in the game. 

"So uh, If you two don't mind," Sam said talking to the dark haired boy and Tori, "You guys can go to my guest room. I want my room..."

"Yeah..." the two said. Tori stared over awkwardly at the boy. He led the way out of the room and Tori showed him nervously to the guest room. When they stepped inside the boy asked Tori for her name to break the ice.

"Oh, I'm Tori... and your name is...?"

"Bruce. Uh, if you don't mind me asking... how old are you?"

"I'm 18," Tori answered.

"You sure?" Bruce said.

"Yeah, need some ID?" Tori attempted to joke.

"No, I'll take your word... anyway, I'm 25,"

"Yeah?" Tori fidgeted awkwardly.

"Are you a virgin?" Bruce asked suddenly.

"I... I mean... yeah," Tori said feeling even more nervous.

"Thought so," Bruce said in a teasing way.

"So..." Tori said.

Bruce took Tori's face in his hands and began to kiss her. She kissed back, her heart pounding. He began to move her toward the bed, laying her back gently. He unbuttoned her jeans and slid his hand beside her inner thigh, going into her panties, he began to run his fingers up and down her lips. Tori sat very still, not really sure what to do. He didn't seem to mind. He slowly began to rub the inside of the lips, rubbing all around but not on her clit. Tori felt goosebumps creep on her skin. She let out a little sigh. Bruce then began to rub her clit in a very gentle way. Tori tensed up. No one had even touched her before. She couldn't help but to push herself forward, forcing Bruce to rub harder. He followed her body language and began to rub harder and harder He took his index finger and slid it down to her hole. He slid it in and out slowly, adding his middle finger before going faster. Tori began to breathe heavily. She pulled away and sat up, starting to take her tank top off. Bruce stared at her skinny body and couldn't help but to put his hands around her, moving up to her chest, and then down to her jeans. He slid them down and helped her get them off. He pulled off his own shirt and then his own jeans. Toris heart was pounding even harder. She stared down at the bulge in his boxers and shivered. She reached her trembling hand over and began to stroke it through the boxers. He pulled his boxers down, longing for her to touch him bare. She reached over again and wrapped her fingers around it, sliding her hand up and down. She couldn't believe how hard it really was. 

"Tori? Could you do a strip tease for me?" Bruce asked.

"Wha?! Oh... sure. I mean... I can try..." Tori said, blushing shyly. She stood up and began to slowly take off her bra. She slid one strap off her right shoulder and then the other. She pulled her arms through and slowly unhooked the back. She pulled the bra away from her breasts and tossed the bra down to the floor beside her. She slid her hands up and down her torso. She shook, feeling intimidated by Bruces gaze. She slid off her panties a little bit slower than she took off her bra. This was it, she thought. 

"Hah... not much of a strip tease..." Tori said nervously.

"It was hot to me..." Bruce said, standing up. He came toward her and pushed her a little more forcefully onto the bed. He spread her legs apart and layed himself over her. He propped himself up with one hand, taking his dick in the other. He began to rub it up and down her vagina. Tori trembled in anticipation. Bruce put the tip of his dick to her hole. He poked at her a bit, not yet going in. He thrust forward a little, barely poking the head in. Tori tensed up. He went slowly deeper and deeper. Tori tensed up in pain and pleasure. It hurt really bad but her body was trembling. He pulled out slowly and then rammed it in suddenly. Tori cried out in pain. 

"S-sorry," Bruce muttered before pushing himself in her again. She cried out a little bit again. He kept thrusting into her, feeling her blood come out. Soon it didn't hurt anymore. Tori felt a weird sensation. She wrapped her arms around him and began to push herself onto him, putting him deeper inside of her. She began to pant, so she bit her lip to try and silence herself but then she couldn't breathe. His body rubbed her clit as he thrust into her. She shifted a bit and it suddenly felt even better. She kept shifting that way until the feeling grew too much too take. She let out a moan. This made Bruce thrust even faster. She could feel it coming... she felt so weak... but she couldn't hold back. She orgasmed. It was so early, she felt embarrassed. Bruce seemed a bit surprised. He kept going while Tori was tense and pleasured. He came soon after, pulling out only a moment before. Tori just layed silently, staring at the ceiling. It seemed unreal... 

Just a few hours before that moment, Sam and Tori were online messaging boys. Tori knew these boys form the gym she worked out at and invited them over, asking Tori if she was up to fuck a stranger. Tori reluctantly agreed. That agreement led to this... her first time with a total stranger.

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