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Something Impossible to Forget

Some things you can never expect...
There is one thing that no man – regardless of age or experience – can forget: His first complete sexual experience. In that I am like all of the rest of my gender. The only oddity is my relatively young age at the time and who it was that got my cherry.

I'll also add that this is one of those “no shit” stories. It really happened the way I'm telling it and the ages, jobs, and even names are accurate. The statute of limitations has long since passed. Moreover, I'll go to my grave thanking the beautiful woman who made a boy into a man over a two month period. I’ll spare you most of the details because those are not why you are reading this story.

It was 1976. We lived in a small town in UpState SC. My folks had divorced about four years prior and my mother, myself, and my younger sister were living in Windwood Gardens Apartments, #48. I was of what was then LEGAL age for a boy in South Carolina, but barely. Another birthday was due in a couple of days. Right after my last birthday I had contracted some odd disease that caused all of my glands to swell, (no, not mumps), and had caused fierce headaches. After about three days it subsided, but I began to grow at a tremendous rate. By the time of this story I was about 5 '8”, muscular and a narrow waist. My shoulders were getting wider as well. I'd love to tell you that I grew an enormous cock, but that didn't happen. I was no more than average in length, but it has always been thicker than normal – or so I am told. (In later life I confirmed that wee bit and am happy with it.)

We had been in the apartment almost a year when someone moved into the building on the hillside behind ours. Though our apartment was on the second floor, the terrain set their apartment windows level with my bedroom window. I recall looking out and seeing several big men, one in a deputy's uniform, moving boxes and furniture into that unit under the supervision of an angel. Well, maybe not, but at the time she was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. She was about my height with a narrow waist, round ass, and a set of boobs at least three times the size of either my mother's or my aunt's – the only breasts that I had ever caught glimpses of outside of my wet dreams and seek-peeks of my Dad's porn when we visited him every other weekend.

I watched this beauty intently all afternoon, her very light-brown hair blowing in the breeze, and I dreamed of her boobs and her hair on my iron-hard dick. I can't recall for sure, but I must have jacked off a half-dozen times sitting there at that window. Then they were all in their cars and gone for the night. A good thing, too, as my young cock was getting very raw!

It was spring break and school was out, so the next morning I had breakfast with mom, threw on a pair of cut-off jeans, (too small due to my rapid growth), and was out the door as soon as my mother left for work. My plan was to hang out in the field nearby and maybe hunt up a few snakes. Just as I got to the top of the hill, though, a County Sheriff's car pulled into the parking lot and out stepped my angel wearing a brown uniform, badge, and a gun! All I could do was stare. When she looked over at me and smiled it seemed that my heart had stopped. When she spoke and asked me to help her move a few things in, I nearly fainted!

Together we moved a few small boxes into her apartment. She explained that she was just getting off duty and wanted nothing more than to get out of her gear. She rummaged through a box, grabbed a couple of things, and went to the back rooms. A few moments later she walked out into the living room again. The first thing I remember seeing was the .357 Magnum revolver in her hand which she promptly locked into a steel box. Next was her cut-off jeans – even smaller and shorter than mine – and the white 'beater' she wore as a shirt.

No bra. No bra! Her big tits were perfectly molded in the tight cotton fabric. They were heavy and full with high mounted nipples that were perpetually erect. (They were a 38 D, I found out later.) To this day I admire boobs like that above all others. I was both in heaven and extreme pain due to a raging hard-on. She went to the fridge and brought out two Cokes in the small 6 ounce bottles. I took one and just watched as those pouty lips touched the rim of the bottle. I knew nothing of blow jobs then, but I knew that was even sexier than her skin tight shirt.

Over the next hour or two we unpacked box after box. She giggled when I got the box with her undies, but I unpacked it anyways, making sure that every piece was properly folded and placed in the drawer Teresa (that was her name, by the way) designated. We stopped for another drink and I noticed that the heat had set her to sweating and that the white 'beater' was now nearly transparent. It was so thin and wet that I could clearly see not just her brown nipples, but that she had bikini tan lines. I thought I'd cum if I didn't look away, and so I did.

We talked for a while, and knowing no better or anything about seduction, I spoke with her truthfully and tried to ask intelligent questions. Teresa seemed to appreciate the conversation even more than the work I had done. She also knew quite well the effect she was having on me and was enjoying my discomfort.

There was one room we had not unpacked, but Teresa said it would wait and that she wanted to handle that by herself. It being close to Mom coming home for lunch, I excused myself and headed home. I was halfway across the yard when Teresa called out to me and asked that I come back the next morning. I promised that I would.

Mom seemed pleased with me when I told her that I had spent the morning helping a new neighbor move in. She made my favorite dinner that night. I recall pumping my cock several times that afternoon, yet I still came in my sleep that night.

The next morning I was up right on time and dressed just as before. Mom's Pontiac Bonneville wasn't even out of the parking lot before I was up the hill and waiting on Teresa to arrive. She too was earlier than the day before. We unlocked her apartment and walked in. Her power was on now and the air conditioning was working well. I assumed that I'd not get the great show I had had the day before.

Yet when she came out of her room she wore another pair of cut-offs. These, however, were nearly in tatters and from the worn holes on her ass I could see her soft flesh wanting to escape. Teresa's top was just a tiny bikini top that didn't do much more than cover her nipples, leaving the round underside of her breast exposed to my gaze. I remember seriously considering sitting on my hands because I didn't think I could trust them not to reach of those glorious orbs all on their own.

We just sat and talked for a while before getting to work. The first thing was to hang blinds and drapes. Then we set up her kitchen. Finally, the only things left were a rather large painting and a huge mirror. The painting went up in the dining area with no trouble. The heavy mirror was another matter. It needed an anchor, which Teresa didn't have. I recalled a few in our toolbox and was gone in a flash. When I returned there was incense and soft music playing. Teresa was dancing, swaying with the music. All I could do was watch.

Eventually Teresa noticed that I had returned and giggled to herself again. I couldn't fathom what was so funny, but looking back it may have been my hard cock straining to be free. It could have been the thought of what she was planning to do next. I'll never know.

She made her mind up where the mirror was to be placed. Right above her big green couch. (These were the days of 'olive green' and 'harvest gold' everything...) Since I had done this before, I offered to set the anchor myself. Teresa told me to stand in the middle of the couch to reach the spot required. I stepped up, got my balance by spreading my legs a little, and marked the spot. Teresa handed me the parts as I needed them and the job went quickly. Just as I was finishing turning the long screw into place I heard Teresa say, “Be careful and don't fall!” And she placed her hands on my bare waist from behind.

I couldn't help but let out a moan when I felt her hands on my skin and she responded by sliding her hands up my sides and across my shoulders. Then I felt her fingernails glide down my back to the waist band of my shorts. I sucked in a breath and propped myself on the wall with both hands, still facing the wall and only feeling what she was doing. Her fingers worked their way around to the buttons on my cut-off Levi's and, one by one, undid them all.

When she pulled them over my ass and down past my knees I felt my cock spring up and out, and harder than ever before. Next, I felt her breath on my ass just before her teeth gently raked the flesh and her left hand went between my legs and cupped my balls from behind. Teresa then reached around and ever-so-gently grasped my prick and stroked it. After a moment her hand went away and I heard her spit. Her hand was back, wet, warm, slick. It didn't take long with those skilled fingers, but I do remember being only able to say “NOW!” Without a second lost, her left hand left my churning balls and came around to cup the purple head as I shot streams of cum.

When I caught my breath I stepped out of my shorts and backwards off of the couch. When I started to turn to face Teresa, she wrapped her arms around me and pressed her now naked boobs against my back.

I remember clearly wondering two things:
1) When she could have lost that bikini top?
And also:
2) Where did all of that cum go, because her left palm was on my chest and it was hardly damp at all.

Man! Those boobs felt so good against my skin! I could feel her nipples so very hard, like two pebbles against my back. Every time I tried to turn, she turned with me so that I couldn't see her. She giggled and finally laughed out loud. As I squirmed she began to moan. Then I felt something warm and wet on my back that soon began to drip. I thought Teresa was hurt or crying and stood very still for a moment.

She squeezed me closer to her naked chest and whispered in my ear, “Are you alright with this?”

Was I alright? I was in heaven and told her so.

Her breath was in my other ear now. “Please, God, suck my tits! Suck them hard. I need it bad!”

That was all I needed to hear. I spun like a top and gazed for the first time on naked boobs. Then I noticed a drop of a white liquid forming on her left nipple. Milk? Real woman's milk? In an instant my mouth was latched onto that nipple and I sucked hard. My reward was a stream of warm milk filling my mouth. Soon I was going from tit to tit, squeezing and sucking, all the time listening to this angel giving me directions and doing my level best to do as I was told.

I must have worked on her boobs for a half hour. Somehow during this we ended up on the couch with me laying between her thighs rubbing my nude cock against her jean covered mound. Eventually Teresa's milk stopped and a few minutes after that she pushed me back and into a sitting position. I was every bit as hard as before and amazingly comfortable siting there without clothes.

She then went to her knees in front of me and explained the situation. She loved sex. She liked her men younger and eager, and that this wasn't a relationship of any sort. Then she told me of the law and that while there was only four years difference in our ages that she would be in serious trouble if anyone ever found out. I swore that I would tell no one.

She looked deep into my eyes and must have liked what she saw because her head then went lower and I discovered exactly why her drinking that Coke had turned me on so. A few minutes later I also figured out where that first load of cum went when I exploded in her mouth. She opened up to show me my cum sitting there on her tongue before swallowing it all. In less than an hour I had had my first tug-job, seen my first real boobs and drank milk from them, and had had my first blow-job. Teresa was the last woman for the next twenty-five years with the skill to get me off with only her mouth.

Afterwards, we lay together on the couch and talked. She taught me much about women and what they want, how to touch them, and how they react to my touch – all by example and still wearing those cut-off jeans. She also told me that she had a child – a baby girl – that was just being weaned from her breast, but that she adored the way her milk-filled boobs looked and felt and was in no hurry to see them dry up. At that point, neither was I!

Then she stood, took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom and the very bed I had helped put together the day before. Teresa then clasped her hands together above her head, stretching her magnificent body to the limit, and let me finally removed the ragged jean shorts from her body. What was hid there was a treasure trove of joy. These were the days before naked pussies were common and hers was no exception. Sure, she kept it well trimmed to wear the tiny bikinis that she preferred, but not shaved. I remember looking up at her body from my knees and thinking of the things I had heard of and all she had showed me earlier. Very shortly I was learning a new lesson: This one was on how best to use my tongue on a woman.

I can't say she screamed out in orgasm, but I do remember how she shivered from head to toe just before pulling me up onto the bed and on top of her. Teresa then guided my cock into a wet and ready pussy for the first time. I don't have to tell any man reading this how that felt! I remember how odd it seemed that the strokes I was using on her came naturally, instinctively.

When she felt my need to come rising, she would stop me and introduce me to a new position. This happened three or four times before she presented her ass to me on all fours, tossed her thick mane of hair onto her back, and had me enter her swollen pussy from behind. This time she bucked back against my cock hard and begged me to pull her hair. I can still see the muscled curve of her back below me as I simply went mad, driving into her pussy as hard and fast as I possibly could, until my balls tightened and I felt for the first time what it felt like to spray my cum into a woman's hungry pussy.

We rested for a little while. I don't know how long. Soon, though, she slid down my body, licking as she went. My soft cock went into her mouth and she expertly sucked me to hardness once again. This time she was on top. Teresa rode me for all she was worth and at one point leaned forward so I could suck a little more milk from her breast as she squeezed some from the other onto my chest as I filled her again.

Eventually we got up, drank a Coke, and kissed for a while before bothering to get dressed. I asked if I should come back the next day, but was told “no."

I remember that that answer stung a little at the time. Teresa reminded me that my birthday was coming the day after that and that I should plan to “help” her all day. That was a birthday to remember! For that matter, so was that entire spring and summer. Still, nothing could compare to that first time.

We moved that fall and I lost track of Teresa and her baby girl for a while. I heard that she married a couple of years later and worked for years as a dispatcher for the local Sheriff's Office. I ran into her once some ten years later outside of a local store while I was home on leave from the Navy. We talked for a while, then she handed me a cold Coke, and gave me a kiss before walking away.

I called after her saying, “Thank you, Teresa. For everything.”

She turned and looked at me with an almost shocked look in her face. Then she said, “Believe me, it really was my pleasure.” And with a wink, she was gone from my life.

Some two years later my sexual life began in earnest, but no matter what else I've learned towards being a gentle or fierce lover, it was that angel, Teresa, who put me on track and first taught me of sexual love. She will forever be the young beauty that I met all those years ago.

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