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Something New

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The wife and I have been making plans for our aniversary. Part of the plans included an extended trip. This was months in the making. The stay would be long so we had to work out things at home so that there would not be any problems not to mention the plans with were we were going.

The day finally arrived. We had packed everything that we could but decided we could do some shopping for anything else we might need. We boarded the plane and we were off. The excitment was brewing and making a long trip seem 4 times longer. I could see it in her eyes and she was getting frusterated at the length of the trip.

We finally made it to our destination. Luckly I had lined up a car earlier and it was waiting for us at the gate. We quickly packed our bags in the car and were off to our home away from home. We made it to our vacation spot and got unpacked and things sorted so that it felt kinda like home. We still had hours to burn before night so we decided to get some shopping out of the way.

She wanted some new cloths so we headed to the area of town were there were clothing shops lined up and down the street. She wanted some sexy stuff for both of us and luckly there were a few shops on the street that had what she was looking for. We shopped for a few hours picking up exciting cloths etc for both. We also hit a market to pick up some much needed food items.

That night we had a quick meal and headed for bed. The excitment of what was coming was just too much. We could not resist making love before finally falling too sleep.

The next day was the day of our appointment. We got up early and showered etc to get ready for the meeting. We headed off working our way through the streets till we found the address. The place did not look like much from the outside but we entered anyway.

Inside we found a clinic type enviroment. We talked with the lady at the front desk briefly and then were escorted toward the rear. We were lead into a room with a couple beds. We were preped and were given a injection to help us relax and sleep. When I awoke it had only seemed like a brief nap but actually it was hours. I looked over at my wife and we both just smiled. I felt a slight pain behind my right ear and lifted my hand to feel it. There was a small hard object under the skin behind my right ear. There was what felt like a small paper cut near the object. On the stand next to me lay a small head peice that wrapped around your ear. Similar to some phone headsets but without a talk peice.

After a few minutes a doctor came in and looked us both over. He asked how we both felt and we both smiled at him. He said everything went well and he would get our new equipment ready to be picked up at the front desk when we were ready to leave. We got ready to go and stopped att he desk. There was a very high-tech laptop computer waiting for us with a box which included headsets etc. We were walked through the laptop and how to use it. It was pretty simple actually. Just start it up and when everything was in place, just click enter.

As we headed to our home away from home, the feelings were hard to hide. See things were different, definatly different. A new technology had been developed and we were one of the few couples to get to try it out. Can't describe it but the easiest way to put it was that our soals were taken out of our bodies and swapped. Yes, I was now the wife in body and my wife was now the husband in body. Meaning she was me and I was she. We had always joked about walking in each other's shoes for a month. This technology was able to make that happen and was totally reversable which is why we were given the equipment to take home. We could now swap anytime we wanted.

It is hard to explain what it felt to have a vagina instead of a penis and to have boobs etc. I also had new feelings inside that made me kinda tingle. My nipples got hard and my new pussy was getting extremely wet on the way "home." I looked over at my "hubby" and he was smiling and moving about on the way home. I saw a large lump in his pants and he was trying to adjust it. I kinda laughed at him, knowing all to well when he was dealing with.

The wait was hard but we made it back to our home away from home safely. Once we got in the door, the equipment was set down and we looked into each other's eyes and kissed. He ran his hands up and down my body, feeling my tits and ass as we kissed. I reached down and gave his cock a squeeze and that is all it took. Quickly we stripped down as we headed for the couch. We could not wait. He lay me on the couch kissing my neck and chest. I reached down and grabbed his hard cock and slowly stroked it.

The new feelings I was having were hard to get past. I was tingling all over, my pussy was throbbing and was dripping. My tits felt hard and my nipples almost hurt as they were so hard.

He worked his way to my nipples and slowly licked and softly sucked them. This sent shivers to my toes and my clit felt like a balloon as it swelled. He worked his way down my belly and finally arrived at my pussy. It did not take much, I felt like I was going to explode inside. His breath on my pussy and clit just about put me over the edge. I felt him softly lick my clit and then it was engulfed in between his lips and that was it.

I felt a rush like no other. My body bucked and bucked as I yelled out "YES." He licked and sucked my clit some more but I had to make him stop. I could not take it any more. I pushed him back and just sat there a few seconds. I looked at him and his cock was bouncing up and down, I looked into his eyes and they were glazed over. I knew the feeling since it used to be what I felt not more then a day ago.

I could not resist him and his cock. I had to have it in my mouth. I moved over and he got on the couch next to me. I slowly stroked his cock as I kissed his belly. His cock was next to my cheek and I had a new hunger like I have never had before. My mouth was watering. I slowly kissed his cock and I heard him moan, I then licked it up and down, kissing his balls when I got to the bottom. He threw his head back and started pumping his cock at my face.

As I got to the top of his hard hard cock, I opened my mouth just slightly and took the head between my lips. I swirled my tounge around the head as my spit began to run out of my mouth down the sides of his cock. I gave the head a few quick sucks which sent his legs shaking. Knowing all too well, I had an idea that it would not take much. I few more quick sucks and I slid down his cock and it seemed to grow even harder. As I pulled back up his hard cock it pulsed and then he yelled out. A few rapid pulses and his cum came shooting out of his cock into my mouth. I took it all, swallowing as fast as I could. I have never tasted cum before and it was new and very exciting. I was craving it! When it stopped, I had not let even one drop escape. 

His cock stayed hard as a rock. Not sure why because I could never stay hard afterward. It would always be an hour or more before I could get it up. Must have been something in to do with the swap. But one thing is for sure, it was hard as a rock and I had to have it in my pussy. I lay back on the couch, pulling him with me and I screamed, "Fuck me with that thing NOW." I had to feel it and feel it now. 

He got between my legs and lined his cock up with my dripping pussy and slowly slid it in. I started bucking as soon as the head got between my pussy lips. The feeling of being filled slowly was something completely new to me. I loved it. The bump on his hard cock rubbed the parts in my new pussy and it made me want to scream out.

When he was all the way in he hit the back and I started to shake. Such a new sensation and I wanted more. He slowly pulled out and I just about cried and then he slide it back in quickly." Oh fuck me harder, fuck me harder, slam that cock in my pussy," was all I could say. It was like he turned into a machine. He pistoned his hard cock in and out of my pussy. After about 5 minutes of hard fast fucking. he threw his head back. I was gyrating and shaking the whole time. He slammed hard into me and a deep loud growl came out of his lips. I felt the burning of his hot cum as it shot into my pussy. That was it. I screamed and it felt like my body was going to implode. Everything tightened up as my pussy clenched his cock and pulsed as it milked him dry.

We had not even made it to the bedroom yet. Wow, this was going to be an intresting get-away.

After a short rest, we headed to the shower. Again I sucked that cock. I just could not get enough. He came down my throat with a huge amount of cum.

Enough for now, possibly more to come about our adventure.

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