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Something Strange in Iowa, Part Two

A man attends his wife's family reunion and gets to know her young cousin better than he hoped.
Cain leaned forward, and slid his hands under Ellie's round young bottom. He lifted her and stood up in one smooth motion. She shrieked quietly, mindful of the people sleeping in the room below them, and hid her face in his neck as he sat her on the Sunday School table in front of him. He leaned in and kissed her and she responded energetically. Cain's erection was becoming increasingly uncomfortable in his pants, but he didn't want to scare the girl, so he kept it covered. He did surreptitiously reach inside to straighten things up and make himself more comfortable as they were kissing. Suddenly Ellie cried out and hugged him tighter. He didn't think she was cumming again, just overwhelmed from the sensations and emotions. He kissed down her face to her ear and nibbled on the lobe gently, trying to calm her.

"Oh! Cain that's incredible!" she cooed as she gripped his broad shoulders with her small hands. "It feels so good!"

Cain decided not to talk. He lowered her back to the table. It was a little cold, but he didn't think she would notice through the stylish denim jacket that she was wearing. He kept kissing down her neck as he lay her down. He kissed into her hairline as she turned her head. Unlike her mother, Ellie was a brunette, her dark hair a little longer than shoulder length. It was thick and fairly straight, with just a little wave. And it smelled wonderful.

Cain thought that he could spend days just inhaling her fragrance. It sent chills up his spine that had nothing to do with the chilly temperatures. Instinctively he reached up and entwined his fingers in her hair. He knew that he should be gentle, but he closed his hand in her hair, giving it the slightest amount of traction.

"Oh!" she cried and began shuddering again with a small climax.

With his right hand tangled in Ellie's hair, Cain nuzzled at her neck, kissing, but not biting. He had his left hand on her belly and slid it slowly up between her lovely breasts. She was sixteen, a young lady, but probably not done growing yet. Her lovely mother, his wife's cousin was probably a large 'B' cup, and Ellie wasn't far behind.

Cain moved his kisses back up to her mouth and she returned them enthusiastically.

"Cain! I can't believe this!" she said. "But I don't think...I's not right."

"No," he said, nibbling on her pouting bottom lip. "It's probably not. Would you like me to stop? I will if you say so."

"Oh, you really should," she said as she held his head in her hands and devoured his mouth again.

"Yes, dear, but when you do that," he said, "all the blood rushes out of my brain and goes somewhere else."

"It does?" she said, still kissing.

"Umph," he said, wrapping his left arm around her back and holding her to him while his right held the back of her head.

Ellie wrapped her legs around his waist, and he leaned over the table. Cain was starting to become fatigued by the awkward position, but it felt too good to stop.

All too soon, he had to pull away and support his upper body with his right hand.

"Sweetheart," he said. "How far do you want this to go?"

"How far can it go?" she asked. "It's not right for you to have sex with anyone but your wife. It's not right for me to have sex with anyone yet. My mom's your wife's cousin, so we're kind of related. Would that be gross? And you're a lot older than me."

"All true," he said, leaning down to capture her lips for a delicious, slow kiss. "However, there's sex and there's sex."

"You mean oral sex?" she asked. "I don't think I could," she hesitated. "Isn't it kind of gross?"

"Kind of," he said, "at first. It feels amazing though. And there's something very addictive about being able to give your partner that much pleasure."

Her eyes were huge. "Really?" she said. "Carolyn does that for you? You do it to her?"

Should he be honest?

"Truthfully," he said carefully, "yes and no. Yes, Carolyn does it for me quite often, but she doesn't let me do it for her."

"Why?" Ellie asked, her lovely brow furrowed.

"Well, as you might expect," he said, "Carolyn has some body-image issues. And her parents, her mother specifically, taught her that oral sex was nasty. Too bad for your Uncle Don!"

She giggled.

"It's not...nasty?" she asked tentatively.

"Not if both partners are conscientious about hygiene," Cain said. He explained about hair trimming, washing, etc.

Ellie looked away from Cain. "I don't have much hair down there to trim," she said and blushed furiously.

"That's okay," he said and leaned down to kiss the corner of her mouth. "Would you like to show me?" he asked.

She shivered again. "I don't know."

"Would you like to show me your breasts?" he asked quietly.

Again she blushed. "They're very small," she said.

"They're lovely!" Cain whispered.

With shaking hands, she reached up and began unbuttoning her blouse. He watched her eyes as she watched him. He reached up with one hand and brushed her cheek with the back of his fingers as she continued to unbutton. She got to the bottom and pulled the two halves apart with a shy smile.

Before he looked down, he leaned in for a quick, soft kiss and said, "Thank you."

Ellie closed her eyes and leaned her head back as he trailed his kisses down over her chin, down her neck and onto her chest. He kissed right down her sternum and over the middle of her modest bra. Of course, the clasp was in the back and she had both the blouse and a jacket on.

Cain very gently pulled on the right sleeve of her blouse and had her pull her arm from both it and the jacket, and repeated this procedure on the left. As each arm came out of her clothing, she wrapped it around his neck in an attempt to maintain her modesty. Cain reached behind her and opened the clasp of her bra, allowing it to fall open.

He could feel her breath quicken and a slight whimper escape her. He whispered comforting words to her and lay her back down on her clothing.

He could see the fear in her face and smiled to her as he rested his fingers on her shoulders and slid the straps down her arms.

He watched as the delicate material slid down the gentle slope of her breasts, eventually revealing her delicate pink areola and nipples.

"Oh, Ellie," Cain said, looking up into her eyes, "they're beautiful!"

Impulsively she reached up and pulled his head down and kissed him again, sobbing into his mouth.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"My mom and dad always said that I was...beautiful, but I never believed them," she said, tears running down her face.

"I suspect they weren't talking about your breasts, but you can believe them," Cain said with sincerity. She laughed and nodded.

He pulled away just enough to disentangle her arms from the undergarment.

"May I kiss them now?" he asked.

She shuddered again and looked frightened, but nodded. 

Cain smiled and leaned down, kissing the top of her chest on each side. Ellie's breathing deepened. He moved down to her left and kissed her side. She lightly ran her fingers through his hair.

He kissed across her abdomen to her right side and up to the top of her chest again then down between her breasts.

"Oh," she said softly.

Gently, Cain put both hands on her belly and slid them up to hold the bottoms of both breasts.

"Oh god!" she said quietly.

Cain slid to his left and kissed around the entire circle of her right breast. Ellie started humming wordlessly and he moved over to do the same thing, very slowly, to her left breast.

Ellie was now holding Cain's head with both hands, not directing his movement, but alternatively stroking his head and clenching her fingers in his hair.

Cain moved back to his left and hovered over her right nipple, allowing her to feel his breath on it before he touched it with his lips. Her nipples had hardened long before, but now they seemed to be reaching for his mouth, thrusting up from the soft surrounding tissue. Cain stretched out and brushed just the tip of her nipple with the tip of his tongue.

The sound Ellie made was shrill and he feared for a moment that she would wake the sleeping people in the next room and spoil their fun. He pulled back and shushed her with smile.

He moved over and gently flicked her left nipple the same way, bringing out another quieter cry.

In an attempt to get her to make a different, less piercing noise, Cain wrapped her whole nipple in his mouth and sucked gently as he kneaded the flesh with his hand.

"OH MY GOD!!" she almost shouted. Immediately she started shaking again with a small orgasm. As he moved to her right breast, she continued shaking and clutching his head. Her head and shoulders came up off the table and she kept repeating "Oh my god! Oh my god! ...Oh My God...OHMYGOD!"

Finally he let up and moved back up to capture her mouth for another kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and clung on as if to a life preserver. He could feel wet tears on her cheeks.

"Sweetie, are you okay?" he asked into her mouth.

The sound she made didn't sound like a word to Cain, but he took it to be an affirmative. They kept kissing. He ran his hands up and down the sides of her chest in an attempt to keep her warm. The one thing that he did not want was for her to cover up her naked loveliness just yet.

Finally Ellie released Cain and lay back on the table, her legs still around his waist.

"You are incredible," she said with all seriousness. "Carolyn is a very lucky woman."

"I'm glad you think so," he said. "Please don't tell her that."

Ellie giggled and put her hand on the side of his face. "You're just helping me. I don't think you're cheating on her."

"I don't think that she would see it quite the same way," Cain said. "Nor would your parents."

"No, I don't think so," she laughed.

He looked down at her breasts again. "You really are lovely," he said looking back to her eyes.

"So are you," she said, blushing again. This time he saw the blush start at her breasts and move up to her face.

"That's so sweet of you," he said. "You don't think I'm kind of scary looking?"

"No," she said. "Just a big, rugged, handsome man."

"If we don't do anything else," he said, "I would like to teach you that oral sex is not nasty."

He saw fear in her eyes again. "You mean...what exactly?"

"I mean that I want to give you a real, full orgasm using my mouth and fingers on your pussy," he said.

"Oh my god," she said.

Cain laughed. "You keep saying that."

Ellie giggled nervously. "I do, don't I?" she said.

Cain leaned down and kissed first her left nipple, and then her right and looked up to see her reaction. Her eyes were wide, as she looked at him. Then she closed her eyes, set her mouth in a firm line and nodded her head once.

"Oh my god," Cain said to himself. "Please, just one thing," he said. She looked at him, a quizzical expression on her face. "You have to be a little quieter, or your family will kill me."

Ellie smiled and nodded enthusiastically, shivering with cold and anticipation.

He had pulled over one of the folding chairs and scooted Ellie back so that she had enough room to rest her feet on the edge of the table. He had helped her off with her jeans and folded them up to make a pillow for her head. She had on cute white panties with pink flowers and a bow. A curious mixture of sexy and childish, just like Ellie herself.

When he was ready, Cain slipped his fingers in the elastic waist of her panties and lifted her hips gently. He could feel her shivering but she raised up off the table. He pulled the tiny garment over the curve of her butt and smelled her natural fragrance as they moved toward her knees. It made his head swim.

Ellie instinctively covered her sex with her hands as he moved her panties down her legs and off. Very gently he placed her feet back on the table and took a minute to breathe in her scent.

Leaning forward, he kissed the inside of each thigh, from close to the knee, all the way down. Ellie kept her left hand covering her pussy but held the top of his head with her right. He could see that she had her eyes closed and her head back.

Watching her face, he leaned in and kissed her hand as it covered her center. He heard her moan. He kept kissing it, licking as far between her fingers as he could. He ran his tongue around the edges, and down onto her mound as far as he could reach.

Every time his lips or tongue reached any part of her pubis, she twitched and groaned. Eventually Cain noticed that her hand was no longer just covering her pussy, it was rubbing it. That was so hot that he could feel himself getting closer to ejaculating without physical stimulation. That would never do and he made an effort to calm down.

Leaning back in, Cain began kissing her hand directly over her vagina. As her petite hand moved in gentle circles, he eventually reached a portion of her labia. Once captured with his tongue, he didn't give it back up to her hand. He felt a gentle vibration begin in the young lady's legs accompanied by a long, tremulous, "Ohhhhh...."

Cain kept possession of her lip and nibbled and kissed right beside Ellie's massaging hand. Finally, her left hand joined her right on his head and she lifted her head and looked at him, saying nothing.

Cain looked up at her, winked and leaned in to kiss her nether lips. He brought his hands up and spread her lips with either thumb to expose the inner lips and her clit. He breathed deeply and admired the most beautiful thing that he thought he had ever seen. Ellie's inner lips unfolded like fragile butterfly wings. They led up to a graceful hood over her shy clitoris.

"Ellie, I suspect you may tire of hearing me say this, but you are beautiful," Cain said.

She moaned in response.

Leaning in, Cain raked his tongue up from her lovely inner lips, over the hood of her clit, and to the top of her slit. She tasted salty and fresh. He kissed her pussy deeply, causing the trembling in her thighs to start again. This time he didn't stop. He moved down over her slit, kissing, nibbling, and sucking. He wrapped his teeth in his lips and put gentle pressure on her clit. He shook his whole head back and forth, vibrating her entire pussy.

Her shaking became deeper. Looking up, he could see tremors in her abdomen. The sounds coming from her mouth weren't words anymore, but primal, almost scary.

He went back to work, licking, sucking, vibrating. Finally, using his right index finger, he slid it inside her, gently feeling for a hymen that he hoped wasn't there any more.

Ellie gasped at the intrusion, head and shoulders coming up off the table. She almost shouted, shook, and pulled his head to her pussy with both hands. Even though his jaw was aching, he kept it up. He licked and sucked her clit and kept working his finger inside her as she had the most intense orgasm that he had ever been part of.

Finally, finally, she came down the other side. Cain looked quickly behind him to make sure that no one had come in the door while he had been busy. Luckily, no one had.

With one last long, lingering kiss on her external lips, Cain sat back in his chair. He pulled the naked young woman onto his lap and she wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him, breathing heavily.

Neither of them spoke for several long minutes.

"Are you cold?" he asked finally.

"Yeah," she said, tremors still evident in her voice.

"Let's get you dressed," he said.

"Wait," she said. She turned to him and kissed him, tasting herself in the process. She pulled back, appearing to be lost in thought. "Oral sex," she said in a faraway voice, "it's not nasty." As she said this, a slow smile spread across her face.

Cain smiled. "No, it's not."

"Teach me the rest," she said.

"Oh my god," he said.

Ellie giggled.

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