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Sophie Part 2

Sophie's story continues when she finds a dildo.
The following week was a busy one for me as two of my weekday ladies were off so I had to be at the shop all day, everyday, as well as re-stocking the shelves in the evening. I was quiet exhausted by the end of the day and didn’t have the energy to sneak off into the spare room to pleasure myself.

On Saturday I was a little less hassled as my two helpers were both eager for work and I could sit back and run the till for the day instead of running backwards and forwards from the stock room. At the end of the day I locked up and was sitting in my office doing the accounts for the day when I noticed that one of the girls had left a sports bag behind. I opened it to see if I could find out which of the girls owned it and found a pair of high heeled, calf length boots and various other items of clothing and underwear. From the size’s on the clothes I realised the bag must belong to Vicky, as Dawn, the other girl, would be too large to fit them. I rang Vicky’s mobile number and told her she’d forgotten her bag.

‘Oh, it’s stuff I was wearing last night. I stayed at a friend’s house and came direct from there to work this morning. I don’t need any of the stuff in there and I’m away for a week so I won’t be able to collect it. Can you look after it for me until next Saturday please? Sorry to be a pain,’ Vicky said.

I told her it wasn’t a problem and that I would take it home with me for safekeeping and bring it back on Saturday. As I left I put the bag in my car, drove home then dropped the bag in the spare room for and forgot about it. The rest of the weekend was spent recovering from the previous week and my erotic adventures with the cushion were largely forgotten about.

I was working again on Monday but my regular ladies were back on Tuesday, which enabled me to catch up on some paperwork at home. I worked solidly through the morning, disturbed only by our cleaner running the vacuum cleaner downstairs. By 11am I was finished, alone and feeling a little warm, as the study isn’t very well ventilated and it was hot outside. I decided to take a quick shower then maybe pop out and do a little shopping.

I walked upstairs to our bedroom and removed my clothes. Before the last weekend I would have put a robe on, but now I relished the idea of walking around the house naked, especially during the day, as I was very excited and thrilled by the idea of someone seeing me! I walked into the bathroom then changed my mind and walked back out and into the spare room. I opened the windows to let the slight breeze blow in and looked out over our well-kept garden. Again I wondered if there was anyone watching me from the houses opposite but couldn’t see anyone and realised that the two gardens combined put the houses nearly 150ft away from each other. I doubted if it would be possible for anyone to see me from inside the house without the use of binoculars!

I began to think about the people who live in the house opposite. They’re both in their early 30’s and both very good looking people. They have a couple of young children and they spend a lot of time playing games on their lawn during the summer. My husband often complains about the noise they make but I like the sound of people enjoying themselves. As I watched their house the door into their conservatory opened and their two children, one boy, one girl, ran into it wearing swimming costumes. They opened the door and ran out on to the lawn skipping and giggling loudly. As I watched the side door to the garage opened and their father appeared carrying an inflatable paddling pool. He was dressed in a pair of swimming trunks and nothing else.

He’s a handsome man, tall, blonde and very well muscled. I stood back from the window a little and watched as he set the pool up and then started to fill it with water. My nipples hardened as I watched him and I realised I was getting really turned on by the sight of his body! His wife appeared from the kitchen door wearing a very small, string bikini. She had a great body for someone who had given birth to two children. She’s a little taller than me with a full figure, flat stomach and long legs. She’s also a natural blonde like her husband. I watched as they kissed each other and then lay on the lawn to sunbathe for the afternoon. The kids ran in and out of the paddling pool, splashing each other and screeching their delight into the hot, afternoon air.

I turned back into the room in a very aroused state and noticed the bag I’d brought home from the shop for the first time. Without thinking I pulled it up on to the bed and opened it, curious about the contents. I emptied the contents on to the bed and looked through them. I couldn’t believe Vicky had been out in the clothes that the bag contained.

There was a black, sheer, see-through, nylon top; a very small leather thong; a pair of calf length, high heeled leather boots with very pointy toes; a pair of black stockings and finally a long leather coat. It slowly dawned on me that Vicky’s ‘friend’ was probably her boyfriend and they hadn’t been out on the Friday night! Another impulse made me check the pockets of the bag and I blushed with shock and excitement when I found huge, clear silicon, anatomically correct dildo in one of them! The dildo was at least 8” long and very thick. It had what looked like a suction of cup on the end of it

I couldn’t believe what I was looking at on the bed and couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting looking at the clothes and dildo. My own underwear collection is mostly made up of white cotton panties and bras. More for comfort than erotica as my husband hardly ever sees me in my underwear. I’ve always worn tights as my mother brought me up to believe that women who wore stockings were tarts and harlots!

I looked at the clothing lying on the bed and, mentally telling my mother to shut up, I slowly pulled the stockings on my legs. Next I pulled the nylon top over my head and down over my breasts. I picked up the thong and hesitated for a moment before pulling it on. The thong felt wonderfully tight over my sex and the leather strap parting my buttocks was exciting me far more than I would have ever thought possible. I examined the boots to check the size and smiled when I saw that they were the same size as my feet. I quickly pulled them over my legs, zipping them up slowly and wondering if I’d be able to walk in them. I only own shoes with low heels and don’t have any experience walking in high heels. Finally I pulled the leather coat on and carefully stood up.

I walked up and down the room for a minute getting used to the heels then turned to face the wall of mirrored wardrobe doors. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; I looked sensational and very sexy! I pranced around for 10 minutes posing, pouting and looking at myself from every angle I could. I was getting over heated in the leather coat and discarded it then spent another 10 minutes posing in the underwear.

The top I especially liked as it seemed to accent my little breasts bringing attention to them. I loved the way the tight top pushed against my flesh and the way my bullet nipples pushed back against it. The thong seemed to move against my body rather than with it causing major ripples of excitement as I strutted around the room. I’d quickly got the hang of walking in the heels, which weren’t as high as I’d first thought.

Eventually I stopped and stood in front of the window looking down at my neighbour’s garden. The kids and mother had disappeared but the man was still there. He was pruning some bushes at the far end of his garden, against the dividing fence. I moved closer to the window to watch him as he straggled to cut the bushes. On one hand I wanted him to look up and see me in my sexy outfit; on the other I didn’t want the shame if he decided to tell my husband. I could feel myself getting wet at the thought and finally couldn’t stand it anymore and stepped back from the window. I quickly removed the leather thong and turned to reach for my favourite cushion but saw the dildo sitting on the bed.

I stood in front of the mirror dressed in someone else’s clothes and holding their dildo. Holding a sex toy and wearing sexy clothes for the first time in my 29 years in fact. I examined the toy and couldn’t help comparing it with my husbands cock. In fact there was no comparison. My husband’s cock isn’t that big and I’d never had it that close to my face that I could actually see any detail on it. Not like this silicon cock (I was getting to love that word). I put the end of it to my lips and licked the end. It didn’t really taste of anything but I got a thrill anyway. I opened my lips and slid the end of it into my mouth watching myself in the mirror. My knees were feeling weak and I kept forgetting to breath!

I took the dildo out of my mouth before I collapsed and walked back to the bed lying down on my back. I moved the dildo down my body, teasing myself, until it was pushing through my thick pubic hair and over my clitoris. I turned it around so it was pointing at my cunt and pushed it hard against me. It slid straight past my lips and into my cunt making me gasp and cry out. It was much bigger than my husband and felt fantastic. I fucked myself with the end of it for a couple of minutes before getting braver and sliding more in. I kept pushing until it was almost complete buried in me. The feeling of size and penetration was marvellous and I let out a deep sigh.

I turned my head to look at myself in the mirrors, enjoying the site of my stocking clad thighs, the leather boots and the black nylon covering my hard nipples. I turned on my side to face the mirrors and cocked my left leg up so I could see the dildo in my cunt. I began fucking myself with the dildo, pulling it slowly out of me then penetrating my self quickly and hard. I felt myself coming to orgasm quickly and struggled to control my movements to make it last. My hips pushed hard on to the dildo as my hands thrust it into my cunt and finally I couldn’t hold back anymore. I cried out again as I came, muffling myself with a pillow so the neighbour didn’t hear me.

I lay back on the bed, leaving the dildo deep inside me and caressed my body with my hands. I closed my thighs on the dildo feeling it move inside me and triggering another smaller orgasm. My hands moved down to my pubic hair and I pushed my fingers on to my clitoris. I’d never touched it other than with the cushion, or been touched there but knew from magazine articles that it was the centre of female pleasure. Nothing I’d read had prepared me for the sensations I got when I rubbed it firmly with my fingertips.

It felt like electricity passing from my loins down my legs, bouncing off my feet and running back up my spine to my eyes. I don’t think I rubbed more than five times before I was coming again, arching my back and opening my legs as my cunt clamped down on the dildo. I rubbed again and the same thing happened but this time I had to cry out loud, my legs shook too and my eyesight went blurry. I pushed down on my clit for a third time and virtually lost consciousness as wave after wave of little orgasms spread around my body. I flung my arms back away from my clit to try and stop what was happening but I had to endure several more waves of pleasure before it began to subside!

Eventually I began to recover and managed to pull the dildo out of me. I undressed and cleaned the dildo, feeling a little embarrassed at having used someone else’s clothes and toy to make myself cum. I spent an hour in the bath drifting and enjoying the feeling of the cool water before getting up and walking around the house naked again. I tried to ignore the call of the bag in the spare room and lasted nearly 30 minutes before I was back in the spare room fucking myself with the dildo again, this time sitting with my back to the bed and my legs spread watching myself in the mirror as the dildo slide in and out of my wet cunt. I came again, not so violently this time but a long and drawn out orgasm that had me quivering with delight. By the time I’d cleaned up and hidden the bag (I didn’t want my husband finding it!) it was 5pm and I had to think about cooking dinner.

The next day I was back in the spare room as soon as my husband had left for work. I knew this would be my only chance this week to play with the contents of the bag before I had to give them back to Vicky. I dressed in the stockings, boots, thong and top then walked around the house doing my morning chores. Eventually I ended up back in the spare room with the dildo in my hand. I noticed the cupped base for the second time and an idea formed in my head. I took the dildo into the bathroom and pushed it against the toilet seat, suction end first. It stuck and seemed very firmly attached. I removed the thong then straddled the toilet seat and attached dildo.

I sunk down on to the cock, remembering the one time I’d tried this with my husband and the way his erection had failed. This time the erection was never going to fail and I lowered myself until the dildo was buried inside me. I reached down and began to gently massage my clit as I moved up and down on the dildo, wishing I could see myself in a mirror. I slowly fucked myself for 5 minutes before my legs started to ache.

I pulled the dildo off and walked into the spare room, removing all the clothing except the stockings, which were rapidly becoming my favourite item of clothing, probably because the only part of my body I’ve always been comfortable and confident about are my legs. On impulse I stuck the dildo on to one of the mirrored doors and pulled it to make sure the whole door wasn’t going to come off and smash down on top of me. It seemed solid and I wondered how best to fuck the dildo.

My original intention was to lie on my back and push myself on to the dildo but that proved too hard. I moved the dildo further up and the mirror and got on all fours. Just getting in that position wearing nothing but stockings thrilled me but moving back and guiding the rubber cock into my cunt then looking back and watching it penetrate me in the mirror sent me over the edge. I was trembling as I began to fuck myself.

The dildo seemed to penetrate deeper in this position making me gasp with every thrust. I played with my nipples with one hand, gripping them with my nails and twisting them hard to make myself cry out. I loved the sight of the cock pushing through my hairy lips and stretching me wide as I pushed back on to it. I began to picture the man I’d seen in the park the previous week stood behind me, holding on to my hips and thrusting his big cock into me. I imagined that he was holding me down and making me take his cock, calling me a slut and a whore. I started to voice what I was thinking he was saying; calling myself humiliating names in as rough a voice as I could imagine.

The effect was wild and I found myself coming hard again. I gripped my nipples between fingernails again and pulled as hard as I could making myself almost scream in pain. It felt so good that I did it again and pushed myself to a second hard, long orgasm. I fell face first on to the carpet, the dildo leaving my cunt with a wet ‘plop’ sound which made me quiver in its rudeness. I lay there exhausted for what must have been close to 20 minutes before getting up and cleaning the dildo and myself. I realised I’d laddered the stockings somehow and made a mental note to get some more from the shop to replace these. I also made a mental note not to wear Vicky’s top again in case I laddered that. I had no idea where I could buy a replacement for that!

I resisted the pull of the dildo until 3pm then had a fairly moderate session with it laying back on the bed and fucking myself until I had a nice orgasm. When I’d finished I lie there thinking that I must try and buy a dildo of my own. Then I had the naughty thought that it would be even nicer to fuck someone in the same, perverted way I’d been using the dildo. My neighbour from over the way would be ideal as he looked like he could be very aggressive in bed. I was amazed at myself, as I’d never had any of these thoughts before. How much can one person change in less than two weeks?

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