Special Delivery (Kim and Mary, Pt. 2)

By CallMeMissD

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UPS delivers a special package
Mary talked Kim into it. Since their play session with the dong they’d experimented with each other a little more. Fingering each other and trying oral. Kim and Mary were sitting in the living room when the doorbell rang. Mary jumped up and ran to the door.

She opened it and there stood a hunk of a man. Dark chin length hair with light colored eyes. He had broad shoulders and thickly shaped biceps that strained the UPS uniform shirt he wore.

“Hey, I gotta package here for a Mary.” The deep timbre of his voice sent a shiver through Mary and she got an idea.

“Oh yes. My new toy.” Mary looked up at the man, who stood over her by at least 4 inches. Licking her lips, his eyes followed the action, his stare intense. “This one vibrates. Can’t wait to try it out with my friend.” Nodding over her shoulder at Kim. The delivery man cast his gaze over Mary’s shoulder too.

“Hmmm. Would you, ah, need any help? I’m pretty handy. I’m Brindle by the way.” Brindle leaned with one arm over his head, against the doorframe. His presence covered Mary, already doing naughty things to her, deep down inside. Grabbing his wrist she lead him inside and locked the door.

Kim saw Mary chatting with the delivery man and then dragging him in the house. She sat up and asked Mary what she was doing.

“Brindle is here to lend a hand,” Mary told Kim

“Or cock, or mouth. Whatever is necessary,” Brindle added with a smile. The constant hot throb in Mary’s core needed attention now. Mary set the package aside. She stepped up to Brindle and started unbuttoning his shirt. Brindle brushed Mary’s thick hair back behind her shoulder and sucked her earlobe between his teeth, worrying the lobe with his tongue.

“Mmmm, good.” Mary murmured.

Kim had come up behind Brindle, rubbing her hands down the front of his uniform shorts. Kim could feel his hardening cock through the thin barrier of clothing. Brindle continued to kiss his way down Mary’s neck while unbuckling his shorts. He took Kim’s hand and put it into his shorts. Going commando, a plus. Kim wrapped her hand around the heat of Brindle’s erection. She could feel herself growing wet and tingles spread through her center. Kim had to step back and let Mary take off Brindle’s shirt.

“Gotta bed?” Brindle asked. Mary smiled and nodded. Carrying his shirt, Mary led him down the hall to her room, with Kim following.

Mary locked her door and turned to Kim and Brindle. “Let’s get naked.”

They got undressed and into bed. Brindle was in the middle of two hot women. Looking barely legal and doing wicked things to his body. Kim was licking and biting one nipple and Mary was on the other side. They coordinated their movements, moving their way down his body, licking, kissing and biting. Spreading his legs, he felt Mary palm his cock and lick the head, slowly. From the sensitive underside to the plum shaped crown. Over and over. Kim licked up his shaft then back down to his balls, then she sucked one of his balls in her mouth.

With the combined thought of a fantasy come true and the dual sensation of two mouths on his cock, Brindle was on the brink of coming too soon. He tapped Mary’s shoulder motioning her towards him. Kim took over sucking his cock fully. Slow, steady strokes. Her tight, hot mouth felt so good.

Brindle had Mary spread her legs over his mouth as he lay there getting head. He speared a firm tongue through her glistening pussy, circling the tip of his tongue around her clit. He pulled her closer and plunged his tongue into her slit. So tight. Her juices coated his tongue, and dripped down his chin.

Kim tried to take Brindle all the way down her throat but he was thick and she could only get him about halfway. She worked the cock head with quick sucking and slow swirling licks.

“Oh, shit. Ok. I’m ready for some pussy,” Brindle announced as he grabbed his discarded shorts. He took out his wallet and the one condom he had. “Yall got rubbers?” Mary nodded. “Good.” Brindle rolled the condom on in one stroke. He got up, turning Kim so she was flat on her back. He ran his hand down her body. Small, firm tits. Tiny waist. His fingers got to her pussy and he tested her, running his fingers across her clit. Kim moaned. Curving his fingers up, he slipped one in, so tight. She was wet and ready.

Mary loved the idea that she was about to watch her friend get fucked. Her pussy was weeping. She rubbed her clit and slipped two fingers into herself. This was so hot. Brindle brought Kim’s legs up, arching her ass up in the air. Positioning himself at her entrance, he pushed in deep. Kim grimaced in pain.

He felt resistance. "You’re a virgin?" Kim nodded. "Oh fuck me."

“No, fuck me, please.” Kim clenched her inner walls.

Brindle groaned as his cock was wrapped in the silky heat of her tight pussy. Pushing in deeper, Brindle was seated fully in Kim’s pussy. So fucking tight. Sweat dampened Brindle’s face. He leaned in and started thrusting into Kim. Her pussy stretched around his cock and slippery sex noises filled the room. Kim’s little moans triggered a hot desire in Brindle. He started pounded her pussy. Hard, deep strokes. Her moans got louder. If it were possible her pussy got tighter.

“Uh, oh yeah.” Kim moaned.

Mary straddled Kim’s face. Her weeping pussy centered over Kim’s open mouth. Kim stuck her tongue deep into Mary’s slit and Mary rocked down and watched as Brindle’s cock pumped into her friend.

Kim let a shout out and clenched down on Brindle’s thick cock. Brindle leaned down over Kim, grinding his cock deep into her pussy. After a couple more thrusts he shot his load deep into her. Mary let out a loud moan as she came and her juices dripped down Kim’s face and chin. Mary sat back against the headboard, bringing her head down over her friend’s face.

“That was so hot. Oh my god Kim.” Mary leaned over Kim, kissing her with an open mouth, tongues dancing wildly. Mary tasted herself on Kim’s tongue.

Brindle let his cock slip from Kim’s tight pussy, watching them kiss.