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Stealing her virginity

Josh takes his best friend virginity
She looked amazing. Her small yellow bikini just covered her up as she dried her hair out with a towel. Her brown locks fell to her shoulders once more and she turned toward me. I quickly looked away, praying that she hadn't caught me staring. "Ready?" I asked.

"Yes. Sorry I took so long..."

"It's alright."

"Thanks for the ride home, Josh. I'm exhausted from the day at the beach." "Anytime, Sammi! But, I was actually planning on taking you to my place. We can chill in the hot tub, or watch a movie."

Her blue eyes sparkled. "Sounds fun!"

"Good! Let's go!"

We drove off, heading towards my house. She started to sing and shake around to a song on the radio. She was turning me on so bad, I could barely hold it back. Fortunatley, we pulled into my driveway and the song came to a halt.

We went inside and she imedatly picked a movie and put it in. One of the previews was another song, and she once again began to dance. I bit my lip. I crossed my legs. I couldnt stop it this time. My boner popped up, a large lump in my suit. Sammi stopped dancing and looked at it.


"Is that a...a...a boner?"

I became baffled. "You... You don't know what a BONER looks like?" She blushed. "No..."

"Does that mean..."

"I'm a virgin? Yes. Does... THAT..." She pointed at my boner, "Mean that you like my dancing?"

"Um... Yeah..." We stood there awkwardly for a while.

Then she straightened. "I'm flattered."

I looked at her. "I'm flattered" usually meant she wanted something.


"You boosted my self esteem. Let me return the favor."

In moments, she had thrown my trunks across the room. She stared in awe of my eight and a half inch long, two inch wide cock, almost fully hard.

"Can I...kiss it?"

I nodded, still in shock.

She leaned forward and kissed it. Slowly, she began to lick it, and eventually she took the head into her mouth. She moved her head up and down along it, increasing speed. Her Tounge circled the head as she took in as much as she could. She was amazing. It was hard to believe that she was a virgin. Still stroking my shaft, she began to taste my balls.

"Mmmm...." She moaned. She then placed the head in her mouth once more and I blew my load in her mouth. It was all swallowed quickly.

I was speechless.

"Did I do good?" she said in her little innocent voice.

"Oh. Yes. Absolutely."

She grinned, giving me a hand job.

She looked back at my cock, swelling back to it's previous form.

"Hard already?" She said, smiling. She began to slowly pull the bottoms to her bikini off.

Her pussy was shaved, and gorgeous. Pink and waiting.

"Go ahead."

Unbelieving, I walked toward her and laid her on the couch. Slowly but surely, I put my cock inside her. She gasped in surprise. I began to go faster and faster, she was screaming in pleasure. With every thrust I went deeper inside her, feeling her insides throb around my dick. She was so good. The best I'd ever had.

She shrieked as I shoved my entire dick inside of her. Then, before she could think, I pulled all but the head out and jammed it all back in. She clawed my back, screaming my name. We began to have our orgasms an we came in unison. We lay there for several minutes, just breathing, my penis resting inside her. I slowly pulled out, and both of our cum spilled out of her. She sat up, blinked, and looked at me. She slowly stood up walked over to me, and kissed me.

"We, Josh, are going to be the best couple ever."

She grabbed her things and fell asleep in my bed.

I grinned. Dreams do come true.

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