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Step one: Giving In

Becoming his never felt so good
I’ll be honest, I’m horny and I’m absolutely sick of waiting. I’m a 29 year old virgin and I've decided it's time I do something about it. So tonight I dressed in a red and black wrap dress and black stiletto heels. After a quick fluff of my hair I was ready. I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I knew what was going to happen when I got there.

I went to a club called ‘Body on me’. The music was loud and the place was packed. I hadn’t been in the place for a good minute and already I had four dudes rub up against me. Although, I knew none of the four were going to be the one tonight I was positive that I had made the right decision. So putting a smile on my face I swiveled my hips to the beat of the music and made my way to the bar. I ordered a Shirley Temple, I wanted to enjoy and remember my experience tonight.

As I turned my back to the bar and sipped my drink I took in my surroundings. Before I could really get a good look at the place I saw him. He was tall with broad shoulders, creamy smooth skin and piercing eyes. He must have seen me at the same time I saw him. He began walking toward me. As he got closer I sat my drink on the bar as he stopped right in front of me and smiled.

“How you doing?” he leaned down and whispered in my ear. 

I let my eyes roam slowly up and down his body. His trim waist, his strong arms, and his long legs. I licked my lips and leaned into him, letting my lips just barely touch his ear and said, “Better.”

With an even wider smile on his face he walked closer to me, scooting the lower half of my body onto the seat behind me and stepping in between my legs. He asked, “How much better do you want to feel?” He leaned in closer and his tongue snaked out and rimmed my ear ever so slowly.

One of his hands went to my lower back while the other went to my thigh. I could feel his breath blow over my ear; his tongue sucked the lobe of my ear into his mouth before dipping inside.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” he said. I could feel his lips move into a smile on my ear. Before he could pull back I grabbed his collar and moved my tongue along his ear the same way he had done to mine

Smiling, I whispered, “Then let’s go.”

Taking my hand he pulled me from my seated position and led me to the door. Outside the club he twirled me in front of him and pulled my back to his front. I could feel his pulsing erection against my ass. Moving his hand in between the folds of my wrap dress he rubbed my stomach.

“Mmmmm you smell delightful.” He licked my neck “My name is Jon. What’s your name and is there anything I should know before I make you mine?”

“Tiffany and please be gentle.”

“Of course.” When we got to his car, he leaned back against the car. Looking me up and down he grabbed the sash that held my dress together and pulled me to him. “Tiffany, what do you have on under here?” He smiled as his hands ran up the side of my dress, stroking the sides of my breast and rubbing my behind.

“Mmmmmm,” I groaned, “why don’t you open it and find out?” I couldn’t believe I was going to do this. I'd never had a man touch me like this before. He hadn’t even really touched my skin yet. He chuckled and grabbed my behind. Moving his hand to my sash he untied it. The bottom half of my dress swung open. His hands eagerly went to my exposed flesh, rubbing along my thick waist, trailing along the curve of my back, before coming to rest on my behind.

Kissing my neck I felt his lips curl into a smile. Licking up my neck to my ear he murmured, “I love a woman who comes prepared.” Moving fast he pressed the front of my body against the side of his car while he ground his dick into my behind. “You love my dick on your ass don’t you?”

All I could do was moan. I wasn’t used to this sensation, this heat rushing up my back, wrapping around, sliding down my breast, and coming to rest in a flowing heat right in my vagina. He moved the bottom half of my dress around and exposed my behind. “Mmmm, when I get finished with you, you're going to be mine.” He ended this sentence with a firm slap on my behind. I felt my eyes glaze over as I moaned again. “You like that don’t you?”

I couldn’t speak as he slapped my behind again and again and again. Then his hand moved between my legs and touched a place no man had ever touched. I felt his rough calloused finger move along my vagina lips before easing in. “Ohhhhhhh, Please, please, keep touching me there it feels soooooo good!” I ground my vagina on his hand, his finger touching the nub in between my vagina lips.

“Yep we’re going to have a great time.” Withdrawing his finger he slapped my vagina and said “Get in.” I moaned in displeasure. I wanted him to take right then, I didn’t care who was watching.

He moved away from me giving me room to turn. As I went to tie my sash he stopped me. “I didn’t say close it.”

With my dress hanging open he walked me to the front of the car and told me to bend over the hood. I felt the coolness of the car against my breast. He swung the back of my dress up my back so my behind was out. He began smacking my bottom with every word he spoke. “When..(smack).. I..(smack).. tell ..(smack) to..(smack).. do..(smack).. something..(smack).. do..(smack).. it..(smack)...”

There was no malice in his voice only longing; and although, each smack was hard I couldn’t help but moan. It felt so good. “Yes, Jon,” I moaned out. “I promise it won’t happen again.”

With a few more smacks he turned me around and leaned me back against the car. He slid his hand down and over my breast, down my stomach and straight to my vagina. ”Whose pussy is this?” he asked sliding a finger in. I moaned but couldn’t answer. It was my first time feeling this sensation and I didn’t know how to respond. Pumping his finger in and out for a few seconds that felt like minutes I moaned louder. He quickly pulled his finger out of my pussy and slapped it a few times. “Tiffany, whose pussy is it?”

He slapped it again and I moaned out, “Yours Jon.”

“Good,” he said rubbing my vagina and sliding his tongue up my neck to my ear. “Since you don’t want to leave I guess I just have to take you right here. Get on your knees.” He stood up. I looked around noting we were in the dark area of the parking lot. Quickly dropping to my knees I looked up at him. He smiled. “Now, unbuckle my pants.” I licked my lips and did as I was told. “Pull my cock out Tiffany. You look hungry.”

Doing as instructed I pulled out his penis. With hesitant hands I began to rub his long thick penis. It was beautiful. I felt his strength, I felt his power, I felt his energy. Leaning forward I kissed the tip, sticking my tongue out and licking the slit. Gently putting the tip in my mouth I began sucking it, swirling my tongue around it. Pulling the tip out I began to lick and nibble along the shaft before putting the tip in my mouth. I repeated this a few more times before he growled and held my head and shoved his penis in my mouth.

“No more teasing.” I began to hum around his cock. He moaned. Placing my hands on top of his I began to bounce my head up and down his cock. I switched between going slow and going fast. From his moaning and growling I think he was enjoying himself. “Touch yourself,” he said as he pulled me off his penis and sat me on the hood of his car. I rubbed my hands over my breast. I slid one hand down my body and into my vagina. I kept my eyes on him. “That is right; shove your fingers into my pussy,” he said. I loved hearing him talk dirty to me. I moaned as my fingers stroked in and out of my pussy. “Taste yourself.”

Pulling my hand from my vagina and replacing it with my other, I shoved my fingers in my vagina and mouth at the same time. He growled as I moaned. “Ohhh, baby stroke your pussy faster.” He pumped his hands up and down his penis. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I rubbed faster. I couldn’t even imagine what I looked liked spread eagle on the hood of his car, my dress wide open all around me, the fingers of one hand stroking in and out of my pussy, and my other hand in my mouth sucking my juices off my fingers.

I felt him grab the wrist of the hand in my vagina. “Now it's my turn.” He pulled my hand away rubbed the head of his penis against my vagina before shoving his penis inside and shoving my fingers in his mouth. I tensed up, it felt like he was splitting me in two but it felt so good. He moved faster inside of me not aware off the innocence he just took. He moved faster inside me, sucked harder on my fingers. I moaned and he growled. Before I knew it we exploded at the same time. Breathing heavily he said, “It’s going to be along night.” Smiling he pulled his penis out, slapped my vagina again and said, “Get in the car.”

I moaned and followed his instructions. I wasn’t sure where the night would lead but I knew it couldn’t go wrong as long as I was in his arms.

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