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Stephanie has her first bisex and threesome

My Cuban lover has a surprise for me

It was a cool spring evening as Carl and I sat on the edge of the pool, our feet submerged trying to decide if the water was to cold for the first dip of the season. Although he didn't really drink, Carl had opened a bottle of wine for me and kept my glass full.  Conversation always flowed easily between us and soon we were splashing each other with the cold water and laughing.  Carl leaned over and kissed me gently looking deep into my blue eyes. I could feel myself blush and shyly look away glancing down at the blue pool water as his hands cupped my breasts

My large nipples were already hard from the cold water soaking my blouse as he rolled them back and forth between his finger tips. Looking up from the water our eyes met and we shared the first of many passionate kisses of the night. And although I didn't know it at the time, before the night was over, we would share much more.

"Baby girl your shivering" Carl said as he grabbed my hands and pulled me up. Wrapping a towel around my shoulders he led me to the bedroom and told me to get undressed while he drew me a hot bath. Carl left the bathroom and I got in the tub hoping he would join me. He returned in a few minutes with another glass of wine and some matches. He lit the candles on the edge of the tub and began running his hand through my hair as he handed me the wine.

"I want you to finish all of that before you get out of the tub, I have a surprise for you tonight and you will enjoy it more if you are relaxed"  he said. " Aren't you going to join me?"  I asked. " Not tonight, besides I have to put the finishing touches on the surprise." Carl said as he turned off the lights and left the room. I fell back against the tub and closed my eyes and did just as he had wanted.  It didn't take long before my hand made its way to my pussy. I slid my finger up and down the entire slit a few times before I paused and circled it on my clit and then back down, pushing it entirely deep within my hole, longing for my lovers cock.  Not wanting to spoil the first and best orgasm of the night, I had to stop at the edge of bliss.  I finished the wine and got out of the bath and dried off wrapping the towel around me.     

Opening the door I could see Carl was on the bed wearing boxers and was leaning up against the headboard. There was a tripod with a camera at the foot of the bed. I could see the red light glowing in the candle light so I knew it was recording. Carl often takes still photos of me, but this was the first time there was a camera in the room. We had talked about making a home movie before so I was excited.

  " Drop the towel and come and join me on the bed" Carl said. He pulled me close to him so my back was leaning up against his chest. I laid my head back as he kissed my neck and said something beautiful to me in Spanish. I moaned slightly and instinctively spread my knees apart as his hands roughly kneaded my breasts. "Steph, you are so beautiful and you know how much I love you don't you,"  he said. I nodded my head yes.  "Tonight we are going to express our love for each other in a different way. We can stop any time you want, but I want you to relax and enjoy tonight. Do you think you can do this for me?"

Again I nodded yes. Just then in the door way an attractive woman appeared. She was wearing a short red baby doll dress. She was shapely like me with dark black hair. Carl nodded for her to join us on the bed and I tried to close my legs as she walked towards us. Carl quickly stopped me by grabbing the inside of my knees and forcing them to stay open. " Your right Carl, she does have a nice cunt. I'm Tami." she said as she crawled between my legs.

  Sensing my apprehension Carl said " It's gonna be okay baby, I'm right here, close your eyes."  Carl let go of my knees as Tami crawled between them. My head raced, I wanted to run but my body betrayed me when I felt Tami's soft hands caress my breasts and her hot mouth draw my nipple into it. I could feel the fear leave my body as I relaxed into Carl's embrace. Her tongue swirled around nipples, flicking them with her pointed tongue. I could feel my pussy pooling with desire for this beautiful creature. I could also feel Carl's rock hard dick stuck into the small of my back. Tami slid down and stuck her tongue deep inside me and began sucking on my swollen clit until I cried out.

I turned my head towards Carl and kissed him passionately as Tami hungrily lapped up my juices. She raised her mouth to ours and all three of our tongues embraced. Enjoying the musky scent and sweet taste Tami's presence brought to our kiss.  Carl stood up and let his boxers fall to the ground. I pushed Tami to the bed and let my hands search and explore her body. Her pussy was hot and slippery and my finger slid in and out easily. I could smell her desire and took great pleasure in knowing that I had made her so aroused. I lowered my mouth to her bush and tasted her. 

My ass was high in the air and I felt Carl position himself behind me. I felt first one and then two fingers press into my tight pink ass. In and out they went to help fuel my desire. Next in one hard trust Carl's thick cock was in my pussy fucking me hard. "That's it baby, eat her." I could here the love and desire in his voice which only made me suck harder.  I hungrily sucked at her hole as my tongue plunged in and out, until a wave of  passion over took her. I slowed down and gently lapped up all of her sweet nectar.  Care full not to waste a drop. Tami was still laying on her back when Carl stopped fucking me from behind and told me suck his cock.  I spun around and straddled Tami's face as I lowered my cunt to her open mouth.

  I was now facing Carl and reached out with my hand and took his manhood into my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and slid his cock in and out of my mouth. My tongue swirled  around his dick as my hand slipped up and down his shaft exposing the sensitive head to my tongue. I could feel myself about to cum as Tami continued eating me. Carl jerked my head back and thrusted deep down my throat as his hot seed exploded down my throat. I arched my back and came hard on Tami's tongue. Carl and I feel into each others arms and he held me tightly. Tami quickly got up and began dressing. "Thank you " he said as he held me. Looking directly into my eyes she said "it was my pleasure."  And she left as quickly as she had arrived.

Carl spooned me and said " I was so proud of you tonight baby. I feel like I am the luckiest man alive." I felt so close to him in that moment. The bond between us was taken to a new level. Carl slid his hard cock between my ass cheeks and began slowly rocking back and forth pushing more and more of his thick cock into my tight hole. I began to moan and pressed back to meet each thrust until my ass was spread to the max. Biting my lip, I was in bliss somewhere between pain and pleasure as he fucked me yet again. " You like getting fucked in the ass don't you Savannah, that's why your moaning."   I whispered "yes."  " Say it louder so the camera can hear you," he said. "Yes" I said in a loud voice. 

"I bet that's not all you would like is it." he said as he continued stroking my ass.

Before I could answer he whispered "the night is not over baby, I want you to meet my friend......Jay.   

Tom seemed to come from no where, he must have been in the room the entire time watching us. Carl continued slowly, deeply fucking my ass as Tom sat on the bed and stroked my hair. I was so close to cumming and Tom 's presence added excitement. "Cum for you man," Carl said "Cum with just your ass getting stroked." I felt Carl push deeper and faster until my cunt spasmed. I could feel the wetness rolling down my inner thighs onto his cock. Totally spent my eyes searched Tom's for some sense of what was to come.

  "So this is your Savannah?" Tom said as he glanced at Carl and stood up and began undressing. "I've heard a lot about you Savannah, I think it's going to be a night you wont forget."  His cock sprang forth and almost hit me right in the face. Tom stood in front of me stroking his cock. "Look Baby it's really long, I cant wait to see it sliding in and out of your cunt." Carl said. He pulled his cock from my ass, "I'm going to go wash up for tonight" he said walking to the bathroom. "I'll leave the two of you to get better acquainted.

  I began to protest telling Carl I didn't want to be left alone when Tom silenced me by stuffing his cock into my mouth. It felt so different. Long and not nearly as thick as my man's. It was easier to suck on. My tongue ran up and down the sides swirling my tongue on the head tasting him, even that was different. Tom 's rough hands fondled my breasts. My nipples were already so aroused by my last orgasm that he sent an electric surge straight to my cunt. 

I heard Carl walk back into the bedroom, I could smell his cologne. "That's it Savannah, suck his cock."  He was clicking pictures as he walked around the bed. "Man, I'm gonna cum." Tom said. "Don't cum in her mouth, she only swallows mine. Anywhere, but not in her mouth." Carl explained. Tom quickly pulled his throbbing cock from my mouth as he shot his load on my face and tits. "I just caught all of that on film, man that was hot, " Carl exclaimed.  "Tilt your head back so I can a good shot." Carl said. "I'll do better than that," baby. I tilted my head back and let Tom 's cum appear it was dripping from the corner's of my mouth. Taking my index finger I traced  around my cum soaked nipples bringing my red fingertip to my lips to taste.

Carl continued snapping photos as I gave him the sexiest look I could. "I told you she was something else didn't I ?" he said to Tom. Carl put down the camera and told me to go get cleaned up. that we were going out for the evening. He said he had a black dress hanging in the closet for me to wear. He left the room and I was alone.

I was alone with my thoughts for the first time tonight and my head raced.....'I cant believe I just did all of that. I went down on a woman and loved it and Carl watched me suck another man's dick. Where are we going.?  Why is he calling me Savannah now? I had more questions than answers but Carl knocked on the door and said I needed to hurry. I went to the bathroom and only had enough time to use a washcloth and wipe off. I touched up my makeup and pinned my long hair loosely up with a clip.  I  was slipping into the the black halter dress when Carl walked up behind me caressed my bare back. "You've never looked more beautiful "  he said as he kissed me and tied the string behind my neck. "Let's go." 

We entered the club arm and arm. I felt proud to be on the arm of two sexy men, especially my baby, Carl. Once inside we sat at the bar and ordered drinks soaking up the scene. The lights were dimmed and the techno music playing gave the club an edgy feeling. The place was sexually charged. The women wore little clothing. Couples danced together taking turns kissing each others wives. " What kind of a club is this? I asked Carl. He either didn't hear me or didn't want to tell me because he never answered me. I just sat back and enjoyed my drink as Tom and Carl talked to each other. Carl had his arm around my waist and would lean over and kiss me every once in a while.

There was no question that I belonged to him. There was a pole in the middle of the bar and the women were taking turns entertaining the crowd. I began to think we were at a strip club. Tom got up and left us at the bar. I had several more drinks and was feeling tipsy, especially after the wine I drank before we left.  Carl said it was time we checked out the rest of the club so we finished our drinks and walked through a maze of corridors until we came to a dark room with a mattress in the middle of the floor.  The only light came from a spot light shinning down on a woman masturbating alone on the mattress. It was Tami. It was all beginning to make sense to me now. Carl led me to the center of the room, just at the edge of the mattress and turned me so I was facing Tami. I looked down at her beautiful body and I could feel myself longing to touch her, to taste her again.

I wanted her. Standing behind me his hands cupped my breasts as he kissed my neck and whispered " baby, don't be afraid. You know what to do, you have already done it once tonight. We just want to watch, I want to watch." He untied the halter dress at my neck and my tits fell out for everyone in the room to see. I closed my eyes trying to ignore the feelings of lust and seduction that were washing over me. As Carl began pulling at my nipples I felt the heat from the spot light on my body. Carl reached around and lifted my skirt. He began playing with my clit and pushed his fingers in and out of my soaking cunt. Tami continued masturbating but her eyes were transfixed on what Carl was doing, watching his every move.

Next he unzipped the dress at my waist and let it fall to the ground. "She's waiting for you Savannah" Carl said as he gently pushed me towards Tami. I stood nude in front of all these people. I couldn't see them because of the bright lights, but I could hear them and I knew they were there. Carl stepped back into the darkness. I was terrified, but I had never felt more turned on in my life.  I bent down and crawled onto the mattress with Tami.

I fell into her arms and began kissing her soft lips and caressing her breasts with my hands. Turning her over on her back I began kissing my way down her body, drawing each nipple into my mouth and gently biting them the way I like. Tami seemed to enjoy me biting them because she let out a soft moan from her lips. I continued down her body until I reached the moistness of her womanhood. I loved her scent and breathed in deeply before licking her slit. My tongue swirled around her cunt, darting in and out quickly until finding the special button to suck on. I  stuck one finger deep into her ass and another into her cunt as I continued to suck on her clit. She began squirming under my tongue until she came hard. I lapped up every bit of her cum and then slowly and methodically licked her until she recovered.

  I lowered my cunt onto her face as she began to eat me. My hands caressed my body slowly, stopping to play with my erect nipples. I then realized a group of  about 8 men had encircled the mattress and were openly stroking there cocks. I saw Carl walk towards me. His dick was rock hard inside his pants. " I'm going to find the  perfect cock to fuck my baby." he said. He walked up to the first guy and reached out and took his cock in his hand. He stroked it a few times before going onto the next one. Tami continued licking my pussy as Carl inspected each man's dick. It  was so hot watching my man. I couldn't see the men behind me but Carl said he had found the man. "

Get on all fours baby, he is going to fuck you from behind." I did as he requested and felt someone approach me from behind. Carl held his cock and guided it into my cunt. It felt so good to finally be full. It was long and he stroked me hard and deep. Tami was still on her back licking my clit and this man's cock and balls as he pulled in and out of me. Carl walked to the front of the mattress and unzipped his pants letting them fall to the ground. He put his thick cock into my mouth and I began eagerly sucking on it. He had a great view of me getting fucked by this nameless cock,  Tami hungrily licking us both and of my tits swinging back in forth with each thrust.

All around us the rest of the men were jacking off, shooting there loads randomly on us. You could hear the moans from the crowd and you knew everyone was enjoying the show. I couldn't take it any more and came hard  just as the dick inside of me did the same. I continued sucking Carl's cock  until he shot sweet cum down my throat. I swallowed it all, like I always do. Carl helped me get up and kissed me tenderly. I could hear some faint clapping in the background as he and I walked away. He led me to a small mirrored room  and closed the door.

He pulled me close to him and held me tightly. " Did you enjoy tonight?"He asked. " Yes, it was hot baby.  I just wish I knew who was fucking me tonight." I said.  Carl laughed and said it was Tom. " Do you really think I would let some random guy I don't know fuck you?" he asked.  " I love you baby, you are more woman than I ever dreamed of having. I will never let you go,"  he said.

He began making love to me slowly and passionately the way only he can. And several hours later when we emerged from our small room, I realized a crowd had been watching the entire time through the two way mirrors.... 

 I appreciate all your e-mails so let me know what you think of it and please don’t forget to vote. I am new to this writing thing and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Savanah

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