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Strawberry Wine

I winced at first, a sharp pain went through my body as he entered me.
Summerwas finally here and I was just blossoming intoexistence. My breast had filled out and become a perky C-cup, my ass was perfectly round and filled a pair of jeans out nicely. My hair was long and dark just resting above my waistline. My skin slightly sun kissed from our beach vacation to celebrate the ending of a another school year. It was the summer of '96 and I was listening to "Strawberry Wine" on the radio in my bedroom and singing along.

I had gotten a job at the local teen club, it was newly built and the perfect place to hang out and have fun. I was lucky enough to be getting paid for being there. Getting ready for my first night at work was nerve racking, I wanted to make sure that I looked good. I went to the closet and pulled out a Mr. Bubble T-shirt and a pair of cut-off shorts. I pulled my hair up in a pony tail and made sure my makeup was perfection. Once I found the perfect earrings and shoes I headed out the door.

Once I got to work I went to my station. I worked behind the counter, so everyone had to come to me to get drinks or snacks. It was perfect really, I was in the middle of everything and everyone. It was Friday night and most of my friends from school had shown up to check out the new club. Not everyone danced, some just listened to music or hung out.

"Crystal!" I heard Beth scream over the music. "Hey!" She was waving to me from across the floor. I waved back to her and she came over.

"Hey girl," I smiled. "Having fun?"

"Yeah, it's not too bad." She laughed. "Beats the hell out of going across town to the old club. That place was run down and full of creeps."

"Yeah well, at least working here I can listen to good music and talk to people." I stood there behind the counter looking out at the floor. I saw a guy with blank jeans, black shirt and black hair. "Who's that guy?" I asked Beth.

"Who?" She turned and looked.

"The guy in all black?" I pointed. "Is he depressed or something?"

"No," Beth laughed. "That's Kyle, he's trouble. Trust me, you don't want to get involved." Beth looked back at me. She could tell I wasn't going to take her warning. "So, you want me to introduce you?" She asked.

"Yeah, bring him over." He was mesmerizing. I don't know what it was about him but I couldn't take my eyes off him. She waved him over and he came up smiling.

"I have a friend for you to meet," I heard her tell him.

He looked over at me and with a half grin he held out his hand and said, "Hi, my name is Elmo. Wanna tickle me?"

I busted out laughing, "Hi, I'm Crystal." He and I spent the rest of the night talking and laughing. He was so funny and cute. When the night came to an end he handed me a piece of paper with his number that said "what now" at the top. I didn't know what to say, he wasn't like any guy I had met before. The words "what now" stayed with me all night and I kept thinking about what they meant.

The next day I woke up with a smile on my face. I was still thinking of him and his silly pick up line and his "what now". I decided to give him a call. We made plans to go to the rock quarry outside of town later that afternoon. I was supposed to meet him there. I went into my closet and pulled out a hot pink bikini a pair of cut-off shorts and a white tank top. I pulled my long hair back and put on just a touch of make-up and headed out to the quarry.

When I arrived at the quarry, Kyle was waiting on me. He had on a pair of jeans and a blue polo shirt. He almost looked like a different person. We had to park about a half mile from the quarry and walk alongside the railroad tracks to get to the swimming hole. I grabbed my towel out of the back seat and we headed down the tracks. I was still mesmerized by him, I couldn't figure out why. We reached the quarry and he sat on a big rock down by the water. There weren't any other people around so we had the place to ourselves. He looked back at me and motioned for me to join him. I sat down next to him and looked out over the water. The quarry was massive, I had never swam in it and really didn't intend to do so today.

"So, why'd you call me?" He asked me, very matter of fact.

"I don't know," I answered. "I guess I was wondering 'what now'?" I smiled back at him.

"Well, what now?" He asked with a half grin. He turned to me and put his hand on my thigh. I glanced up at him, starring right into his eyes. His hand slowly moved up my thigh as he leaned in and kissed me. I could feel a rush of heat crash down on me. "I'm gonna jump in." He said and got up and walked over to the edge. He tossed his shirt to the side and then dropped his pants. He wasn't wearing a bathing suit. He wasn't wearing anything.

My jaw dropped, "are you seriously skinny dipping?" I couldn't believe it. I was speechless. He ran into the water and swam around.

"Come on, get in!" He called to me. I stood up and took off my shorts and tank. I walked towards the water. "No fair, you got your bathing suit on!" He teased.

"I am not skinny dipping!" I called back to him. "No way!" He made a frown face and poked out his lips.

"Just the top?" He asked. "You can keep the bottoms on..." He was trying so hard and it was so cute. I decided to give in and have a little fun. I untied my bikini top and tossed it over with my clothes, covering my breast with my arm.

I got into the water and swam over to him. "Happy?" I asked.

"Very," he came closer and grabbed my waist pulling me to him. "I like the way breast feel pressed up against me." He said and kissed me hard. The heat wave returned and my body melted into his. I could feel his cock hard pressing against my leg. His hands searching my body as his tongue danced around my mouth.

"Wait," I pulled back. "I'm a virgin." I bit my bottom lip waiting to hear his reply.

He looked into my eyes and brushed my cheek. "I guess I need to take it slower then, huh?" He kissed me gently. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. If you tell me to stop I will, no matter what." I could tell he has being sincere and I appreciated the fact that he understood. It wasn't that I wasn't ready, I just wanted that moment to be perfect. In a quarry skinny dipping is not the perfect moment.

"We can still play," I said taking his cock into my hand. "I may not want to have sex right at this moment, but that doesn't mean I don't want to have fun." I smiled and kissed him, my hand gently stroking his hard cock. He slipped his arms around my waist and lifted me up wrapping my legs around him. I could feel his cock gently pushing against my bikini bottoms. He lowered his lips to my breast and began sucking and gently biting my erect nipple. I let out a soft moan as I felt his hand slip under my bikini bottom and slide one finger into my pussy.

"You okay?" He asked. I let out another soft moan and urged him to keep going. He slipped another finger in. "Tight, very tight." He said as he gently fucked my pussy. I began to moan a little louder as his fingers moved slowly in and out of my pussy. His lips and tongue still dancing around my nipples. My face felt hot and my body was trembling. He began rubbing my clit with his thumb as his fingers were invading my pussy hole. I could feel an orgasmic wave crashing down on me.

"Oh, yes!" I exclaimed as I reached climax. I kissed him again, thanking him for the release. Then I felt bad, his cock was still very hard and he was being so understanding. I lead him out of the water and back over to the big rock. The rock was about the size of a small bed and it was flat and smooth. I climbed up and told him to do the same. It was starting to get a little dark outside and I was still feeling very horny. I told him to lay back on the rock as I lowered my mouth to his cock.

"You don't have to," He told me. "But I wish you would," he smiled. I opened my lips and tasted the head of his cock. Gently kissing the tip of it, savoring the moment. My tongue danced around the head of his cock, flicking and teasing as I watched the expressions on his face. I lowered my mouth down and took his cock deep into my mouth. I moaned and sucked on his cock, gently vibrating it in my mouth. His cock twitched and grew harder and harder as I worked my magic. I looked up at him and smiled. "Take your bottoms off." He requested.

I pulled my bottoms off and sat on the rock nude with nothing but the moon above. He looked at me sitting there in front of him, exposed, horny, waiting. He leaned in and kissed me, softly at first then more intense. He pulled my legs apart exposing my pussy to the moon. His hand found my pussy once again, this time I was ready. He inserted two fingers into my pussy hole once again. I moved my hips to the rhythm of his hand. I reached over and took his cock in my hand and stroked it as he explored my pussy.

"Can I taste you?" He asked. "Can I taste your pussy?"

"Mmm-hmm," I was so into it I couldn't speak. All I knew was that I wanted him.

He laid down on his back and pulled me over to him. "Climb on top of me facing my cock," he directed. I did as he requested. He pulled my hips down to his face and lowered my pussy to his lips. I felt his fingers part my lips holding them open as his tongue licked my clit. I had my hand around his cock, gently stroking it as he continued to tease my clit. "Suck my cock," he ordered. I was more than happy to oblige.

I lowered my mouth onto his cock and began sucking and licking, enjoying the sensation of his mouth on my pussy. His tongue danced around my clit, I moaned wanting more. I took the entire length of his cock into my mouth, moaning and sucking once again. I thrust my pussy towards his face, urging him to do more. He devoured my pussy, making out with it as if it was the last thing he would ever do. I sucked harder on his cock, I wanted to let him know how much I was enjoying his mouth. He put two fingers back in my pussy and continued to suck on my clit. The combination was too much and I quickly orgasm.

I climbed off him ready to suck him off. He stopped me, bringing my face to his and kissed me. At that point I knew I was ready. I wanted to feel his hard cock in my pussy. I wanted him to take me completely. He sat up and pulled me on top of him. I was sitting in his lap, his cock gently pressed against my pussy. He kissed me softly and asked, "are you ready?"

"Yeah," I smiled at him. " I am." I kissed him again. My pussy still tingling, dripping wet with anticipation. He reached under and guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy.

"Are you sure?" He asked one last time.

"I'm sure," I kissed him again and gently lowered my pussy onto his cock. I winced at first, a sharp pain went through my body as he entered me. He moved slowly, letting my pussy ease into it. After a few minutes the pain turned into pleasure and I began rocking my hips driving his cock deeper into my pussy.

"Easy," he cautioned. "You are very tight and I want this to last. You go to fast and I'll cum." He placed his hands around my waist guiding me while he let himself get used to my pussy. We kissed passionately as our bodies became one. We began moving faster, grinding out bodies together. I was bouncing up and down on this cock, riding like a true cowgirl. He grabbed my ass with one hand and wrapped his arm behind me grabbing my shoulder with the other. He pushed his cock hard inside me, thrusting faster and faster I could feel my body coming to climax quickly. With one final thrust I felt hot cum shoot inside the walls of my pussy and body shook in orgasm.

Out of breath and satisfied I climbed off him. We lay there on the rock together, sweaty and glistening in the afterglow of our play. He turned and looked at me, again with that half grin, "So... What now?" We laughed.

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