Strip Search (Instructional Training)

By Sandrine

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Officer Xiong presents me with a virgin
My new role as Xiong’s slut suited me perfectly. He fucked me whenever he wanted in whatever position he pleased. I could ready myself for him physically as soon as I heard his footsteps. He had an insatiable sexual appetite and I had an endless need for him to penetrate me with his cock. I never imagined myself “needing” sex, but I certainly needed it from him daily.

One day things were about to change in a way that I never expected.

One morning, Xiong entered my cell, but this time he wasn’t alone. With him was another young male Chinese officer. He looked to be about 19 years old. He was wearing a green uniform identical to Xiong’s.

“This is Natalie. She is a good prisoner. She will be an easy subject for you to practice on and will give you no trouble,” Xiong said to him.

“Natalie- this is Officer Gao, he has been trained to perform body cavity searches on female subjects. Today, he will demonstrate what he has learned,” Xiong said completing the introductions.

“Gao, you must follow all procedures as taught. Is that understood?” he added.

“Yes, sir,” Officer Gao said meekly.

“Natalie-stand up!” Xiong ordered.

“What is this about?” I asked nervously.

“I said ‘stand up!’” Xiong repeated more sternly.

I took the sheet off and swallowed hard as I got out of bed. I felt the flush in my cheeks as I stood completely naked before the young Chinese officer. Xiong stood next to me.

Gao looked down-his face turning red. It was clear that he was even more uncomfortable than I was.

“Demonstrate what you have learned!” Xiong ordered while taking a pen from his jacket and writing on a clipboard.

Xiong stepped back as Gao nervously approached me. He put on his white medical gloves as he visually scanned my naked body, swallowing hard.

“This is the first time he is performing a cavity search on a female subject,” Xiong said. With those words, Gao nervously averted his eyes from me.

“You are wasting time,” Xiong shouted to him.

“I must perform a full body cavity search. Do you have any objections?” Gao asked shyly as if he were reading a script.

I glanced at Xiong.

“No, sir, I do not,” I stated. I was the one naked before him, yet I was feeling his shame.

Gao took a pen light and examined my eyes and ears.

“Please open your mouth, miss,” he instructed.

I did as I was told and he looked inside my mouth.

“Thank you miss. Now, lift your arms, please,” he asked politely.

“STOP!” Xiong ordered interrupting the test in progress.

“Gao, what have you forgotten? You did not look under the female subject’s tongue!”

The female subject” I thought. Now, I didn’t have a name.

“I am sorry, I am sorry,” Gao said swallowing hard.

“Please lift your tongue!” he asked. Xiong was clearly making him very nervous.

I lifted my tongue for his examination. He nodded.

“Please present your hands for inspection,” he said.

Gao glanced at my fingers and fingernails. His face was still red. I could see his focus on my erect nipples and not the examination he was performing.

“Very Good!” Xiong declared.

“You may continue, Officer Gao.”

“Please lift your arms!” he asked.

I lifted my arm above my head as he examined under them.

“Lift her breasts and then examine her nipples. Touch them to be sure there is no residue on them!” Xiong instructed.

Gao traced my nipples with the tip of his finger. My sexual arousal was growing by the second as Xiong observed him. I wanted the both of them to fuck me, but now I was only a test subject for Gao.

“Her nipples are clean, sir,” Gao stated.

“Very good,” Xiong said as he wrote on his clipboard.

“Continue on,” Xiong said.

Gao caressed my chest and abdomen, pressing my stomach to the point of discomfort. His hand stopped just above my pussy.

“Now you will perform a thorough vaginal search of the female subject.” Xiong instructed.

“Yes, sir,” Gao replied nervously.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide my arousal as my clit throbbed at the thought of this young man violating me under Xiong’s orders. I took a deep breath and tried not to focus on the anticipated pleasure.

Gao spoke in a quiet, yet shaky voice.

“Miss, I will need to do a vaginal search to you. Please turn around and place the palm of your hands against the wall. Spread your legs wide, please. I will be quick.” Xiong smiled and nodded at the young man’s humble request.

He took a penlight from his shirt as I turned around and placed my palms against the wall, my legs spread wide.

I felt him open my pussy lips as he looked inside the most intimate part of my body. Slowly, I felt his fingers inside me, probing deeper. He started pumping me, but it hurt and I gasped in pain.

“Do not hurt her!” Xiong ordered.

“I am sorry,” Gao said.

“Miss, I am sorry,” he said again.

“I will try again,” he said.

He slid his fingers inside my pussy finger fucking it as Xiong watched. Xiong stood next to me as Gao performed the task and pinched my nipple as I started moaning in pleasure.

“You are a pig!” Xiong whispered to me.

“Oh God!” I started moaning aloud, no longer able to hide my arousal.

Gao’s fingers were gentle, it was clear that he thought he was performing a search, but he was hitting my g-spot and completely unaware he was doing so. I didn’t care anymore; I couldn’t hide what my body was enjoying.

“Please make me cum!” I begged not caring about being the subject of a demonstration.

Xiong laughed as he rubbed my tits.

“Gao, rub her clitoris!” Xiong ordered. He immediately placed his finger on my aching clit, but did not rub it.

“I said to rub her!” Xiong ordered.

Gao pulled his fingers out. Instead of rubbing me, he stood up, still blushing. He had a visible hard-on pressing through his military pants.

“Look what you did to him!” Xiong said pointing to his colleague’s pants. He was very much amused by the situation.

“Do you want to fuck her, Gao?!” Xiong challenged.

“No, sir,” he replied. I thought he would die from the shame.

“You must forgive him Natalie. He has only been with a woman in his mind.” Xiong said. If he was on a mission to humiliate this young man, he was succeeding.

“You can fuck her, Gao. She is my slut. I will give her to you to fuck!” he said as he placed his clipboard on the floor.

I bit my lower lip, not knowing what to say.

“Your first sex experience will be with my slut!” Xiong said to him.

I took Gao’s hand and placed it on my breast.

He did not move it away.

“Do you want to have sex with me?” I ask seductively.

He did not answer.

“Take off your clothes, Gao. Today you will be a man.” Xiong said.

“I will be your teacher,” I whispered to the young man. He looked back at Xiong.

“Natalie-undress him,” Xiong ordered.

“Don’t be nervous, you don’t have to have sex with me if you don’t want to,” I said soothingly.

“I want to,” Gao whispered back.

Slowly I undressed him, handing his uniform to Xiong who placed it on the chair. Gao had a beautiful body, nearly hairless and smooth. His cock was wider than I imagined it to be and very erect.

Gao did not make eye contact with me, but slowly stroked his cock. I could see the tip of his penis glistening.

“Can I kiss it?” I asked as I moved my face towards his manhood.

“Yes, kiss it,” he replied as he sat on the bed and leaned back.

Xiong watched the start of the sex show as he unzipped his pants and removed his clothes. The three of us now were completely naked as I placed gentle kisses on Gao’s dick.

“Suck it for him,” Xiong said.

Slowly, I took his cock in my mouth as Gao looked up at the ceiling. He had a look of shock and pleasure on his face. He placed the palm of his hand on the back of my head.

“Yes,” he whispered softly as Xiong stroked his own cock as he watched.

I took all of him in my mouth, gently caressing his inner thighs and balls. He stroked the top of my head. His touch was so soothing, so erotic. I didn’t feel like a cheap slut with him, but I was still under Xiong’s watchful eye and he wasn’t going to be denied of any action.

I think our lives were about to change.

(To be continued).