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Strip Tennis

This story takes place about two years ago.

At the time I was a junior at Millard North High School in Omaha, NE. I had moved up there with my parents as a freshman and being that it’s Omaha and I was moving from Kansas City, a large and fun city by comparison, I hated it. It took me most of my sophomore year and an encounter with the police to calm down my teenage outrage at being taken from my home and friends.

But more then anything else what pulled me through that time of youthful angst was the chance meeting I had that led to my befriending of a young girl a few months younger then myself by the name of Nichole. I don’t know if you, my reader, have ever had a person that you could rely on and trust to always have your back, to look out for you like a sister or a brother, but that’s how it was between Nichole and me.

I was just getting home from work at about 10pm, and damn I was tired. You try working 40 hours a week while still going through all the shit that high school can dish out. I had an assignment from history and an essay for creative writing that were do on Monday, but being that it was Friday I wasn’t sweating them just yet. Often it was my way to leave an assignment till the last moment and then bullshit my way through it. Not the best way to do things but I was still pulling B's in most my classes.

Just as I was walking down stair to my basement room my phone went off. Being that I was kind of a loner there really was only one person it could be, and after checking the caller I.D. my suspicions were confirmed.

“What’s up Nikki?”

“(Sob) Sean, (hic) I just walked in on the worst thing!” Nichole cried into my ear.

“Nikki what happened? Where are you, I’m coming to get you.” To hell with my homework.

“Can you (hic) meet me (sob) at Wal-Mart?”

“Be there in a minute.” So saying, I threw on my pants (it's my home if I want to go around without pants on when I’m the only one awake then damn it I will…) and shoes, grabbed my car keys and sped off down the road.

After meeting up with Nichole in the McDonald’s in the Wal-Mart and calming her down a little she told me her story.

After a shift at work she had come home to find all the lights out. Not altogether out of the norm because her mother often forgot to pay the bill. Walking along the hall to her living room she heard a long low moan. Quietly making her way into the room she pulled out a lighter she carried and upon flicking it into light saw her boyfriend of two years and her totally nude sister entwined on the floor. As her boyfriend looked up, she ran from the room and called me.

I used a coupon to buy her a small shake — tacky, I know, but she was my friend not my date and gas was a bitch to pay for — and took her home saying she could stay the night.

When we got back to my place I decided the best thing I could do for her was take her mind off the whole thing. With this in mind I pulled out my Wii and asked if she dared take me on in a game of tennis. She smiled and grabbed a controller. Halfway through the third game she was getting pissed, after all we both liked to win and I wasn’t going to go easy on her just because she’d had a bad night. It was my serve, up went the ball, smack went my racket, and bam! Another point for me! As I looked over to gloat I suddenly had stars in my eyes and a fist in-between them.

Not one to be out done in a fight, I did the only thing I could do. I tackled her. Straddling her legs and holding her hands above her head I pulled her shirt up and started to tickle her belly. I moved to blow on her belly, a move I had done numerous times to her and had always ended up with me having a big shit-eating grin on my face and her laughing her head off. But she bucked her hips and I ended up face first in her tits. In the moments before I rolled off her I inhaled her scent and rubbed my face in her boobs through the thin fabric of her tank top.

As we lay there on the floor of my living room catching our breath we both knew we were on the edge of a very thin line. I sat there hoping my hard cock wasn’t showing through my jeans but not wanting to check. Without warning she jumped up and grinned. Gone was the girl crying in Wal-Mart, now a sly grin lit her face.

“I have a bet for you Sean,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “For every point that one of us scores in tennis the other has to take off a piece of clothing. The winner can ask one wish of the other and they must do it.”

“Haven’t you been watching? I’m beating you left and right!” I said as I was getting to my feet.

“Yes, but I figure the only way I’ll win at this rate is if I distract you somehow….” Like I said, we both liked to win.

Let me take a moment to describe Nichole, as she looked right then. Standing about 5’4 with dirty blond hair, small but perky breasts with small nipples that were just poking through her teal tank top. No bra whatsoever. From the top of her jean shorts I caught the smallest glimmer of a pink thong rising up like a glimpse of the dawn. Slender and athletic, firm of ass and with her hips cocked ever so slightly to the right, how could any young hormone crazed teenage boy with a hard on turn her down?

“Strip tennis? You’ve got a deal.”

So saying I picked up my controller and we began to play.

The first 3 points quickly went to me and before you’d know it both her shoes and one of her socks were on the floor. But she came back and scored 3 of her own and tied it up. With us each 2 shoes and a sock down we went back and forth across the TV. The point went to her and off went my sock and advantage her. But I scored again tying it up and forcing her sock to flee. A point to her and my shirt fell to the ground, but I rallied back and turned for my first view of her. But she denied me her breasts and instead slowly slid her shorts down her shapely legs. I could just make out the shape of her mound beneath her panties. As I turned back to the TV she hit a backhand that almost caught me unaware, even though I knew she would try to sneak it in. Barely making it I returned the ball and claimed my point. She served without taking any clothes off but I hit it back and score the final point of the game.

Turning back to her with a smile on my face I didn’t even see her jump. Before I knew what was happening I was flat on my back with 110 pounds of girl on top of me. As she tried to beat me about the head I flipped her over and in one smooth move peeled her shirt off and latched on to her nipple with my teeth. Finding herself now on bottom and not in the best of positions to fend me off she instead pulled my head closer and started to whisper in my ear. When in Rome I guess. I don’t even know what she said but it sent me over the edge.

I quickly pulled my jeans off and positioned myself in front of her mouth. Without needing to be told ,she opened her mouth and started to give me the best blowjob I’d ever had. I had fooled around with other girls but blowjobs and touching were as far as I had ever gone. However, the Internet is a lovely thing and I knew a ton about sex, in theory. The moment my cock entered her mouth I was determined to put those theories to the test.

She was going slow but I didn’t want slow and soft. I grabbed her head and pushed all 9 inches of my dick down the back of her throat. I went on face fucking her like this for many minutes but as I started to get close to climax it pulled out of her mouth. I didn’t want to come just yet.

“Get up and bend over the edge of the couch.” I told her, as I stood over her, my voice husky with anticipation at what I was going to do. She did as I asked and I got my first view of her pussy as I pulled her pink panties down to her knees. I could see that she was already wet and ready but I bent over and tasted her pussy. She was shaved and her clit was swollen and throbbing. As my tongue darted out and licked up and down her slit, she gave a low moan that only deepened as my tongue flicked over her engorged clit.

Having had my taste I stood up and without waiting a moment plunged as far into her as I could. With a cry she threw back her head. I quickly covered her mouth just then, remembering that my parents were asleep just a floor above. I continued to thrust deep into her snatch over and over and before long I felt the walls of her pussy spasm and I knew she was having an orgasm. A minute later I followed her example and shot my load deep into her.

As we lay across the couch edge panting, I felt my cock quiver, still half hard. I pulled out of her pussy and turned her around and stuck it back into her waiting mouth. At the thought of her tasting our juices mixed on my dick, I sprang back to life in her mouth and turned her back over again. We were now hunched over doggy style on the floor in front of the couch and I spread her ass and started to nudge her anus. She jerked a bit and I could tell she was afraid but she didn't stop me so I pushed in anyway. God Damn she was TIGHT! At first I could only get the first couple inches in but I kept pushing till I was buried in her ass. I stopped for a second to take in the fact that not only was I ass deep (literally) in a real woman, but that it was my best friend!

I started to take long deep strokes and, to hell with waking my parents up, I let her moan. With each stroke she let out a moan of half pain, half ecstasy. Increasing my tempo I started to finger fuck her as I ramped into her ass. Once again I felt her start to climax and once again it sent me over the edge. I shot string after string into her ass. We collapsed right there on the floor and fell asleep.

A few hours later with dawn just around the bend I woke up, knowing that my parents should be spared the sight of a nude son and his also nude best friend on their living room floor. Careful not to wake Nichole, I moved our clothing down to my room and picked her up gently and took her to my bed. I crawled in beside her and fell back to sleep.

I woke to find a still nude Nichole smiling down at me.

“You never did get to make a wish,” she said with a glint in her eye.

At that I reached for something by the side of my bed. “Do my homework for me?”
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