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The story of how I lost my virginity
Andrew was a tall, older, simple city boy whom I had met in my college history class. He was also quite the character. Charming, attentive, and friendly,he listened to every thing I said and always offered his opinion in return, which I always looked forward to hearing. Just to hear him talk, be near him, see his tanned, questioning face, was fasinating. The more we talked, the more I began to like him, and Andrew and I always converesed. We'd talk about our family, our social life, our life experiences, and thats how we ended up on the subject of my being a virgin. However embarrased I was, because he was so much more experienced and older than I, I still told him about my mediocre life. I was sheltered most of my life, I never took risks or dared to step outside of the box and I expressed how I was sick of it. Andrew told me he understood and then gave me a chance to change all that.

One particular day, Andrew and I met at the school library to work on a history project together. As we blankly stared at books and timelines of different wars, I could feel there was something stirring in his mind.

"Kitty, you know how you said you wanted to do something daring?" Andrew whispers softly to me over the table we shared.
"Yeah..." I replied, wondering where he was going with this.

"If you want, we could do something about that...right now." He offers. "I could take your virginity."

I wasn't so shocked at the offer to take my virginity as I was about the timing in which he did so. We had talked about this before and I had vowed that I trusted him enough to have my first time be with him. But we were in a public place in the late afternoon.

"Now? As in right now?" I asked nervously. "As in this second?"

"What better way to remember your first time then to do it with an adrenaline rush?"

He doesn't wait for my answer but gets up and reaches to take my hand. I follow him towards the back corner of the library and wait for several seconds after he sneeks into the girls restroom to do the same.

There, in the girls bathroom of our school library, in a cold stall, I was about to give to Andrew what I had never given to any man before. He stepped toward me, reaching to cup my chin and he kissed me. It led to a more passionate kiss, the kind that makes you pull the body in front of you closer and makes the inside of your thighs grow warm. Andrew could sense I wanted more and so he moved his hands down the sides of my stomache on to my waist. Before I knew it, my pants were unbuttoned and he was urging them off.

We kissed and touched and caressed, all while undressing each other in a fast-pased hunger. With nothing but my bra and panties on, and him wearing nothing more than boxers, he pushed my back into the cold, tiled wall and kissed my neck, moving his right hand down my stomach to my waist, making me tremble. He ran his hand over my hot, curious pussy and then ran his fingers ever so lightly across my mound. His left hand was working at grabbing one breast at a time for support as he sucked on them, biting them then flicking my nipples with his tounge.

This tall, tanned, buff tease now took his hands and placed them around my waist and grabbed onto my ass. He squeezed and slapped them, and then he pushed himself closer into me, rubbing his hard, rising cock on my wet, yearning pussy. My study buddy then grabbed me and urged me to the cold, dirty floor, ordered me to rip off my underwear as he ripped off his.

"Now, I'm going to make you mine." He promised and laid on top of me.

I was sweating, hot, anixious, and scared. I wanted this, I was so wet that I could feel my juices already running down to my ass cheeks as I laid on the floor, but I was scared too. Of the pain.

But Andrew kissed me some more, he played with my clit and I almost screamed.

"Oh, God! Oh! I dont think I can take it!" I whimpered and bucked my body up towards his fingers. "Please, Andrew, please take me! Take this pussy! Please take my virginity!"

I had no idea what came over me but he seemed to like it. He grabbed my legs, stuck them in the air, and inserted himself in me. I almost cried out from the pain, it hurt so fucking bad. I was scared that the hot wetness I felt was turing out to be blood. And then I could hear people outside, people nearing the back corner of the library. This seemed to fuel Andrew.

"Oh yes, such a nice fucking tight pussy! Oh god!" He started pumping in and out. "And anyone could catch us baby, anyone could walk right in here and find me fucking you."

"I dont care!" I yelped as the pain of force turned into pain of pleasure. "God just fuck me! Please! Make this virgin pussy yours! Make me cum! I want to cum!"

I was moving to the motions of him pounding me. Faster and faster, our skin slapped together, it made farting-like noises but it felt to good to question anything. I wanted him on me, in me, to consume me. I grabbed his shoulders and forced him to pound harder.

"Pound this pussy! Make me bleed!" I pleaded. "Please Andrew, please fuck my vigin pussy, fuck me so good the tightness is gone!"

Andrew was hard at work, slamming into me. I was getting close, I could feel it. I could also heara couple ofgirls nearing the bathroom door.

"God Andrew they're coming!" I warned. "Fuck me Andrew! Make me cum before they come! Make me cum! Fuck me harder! AHHHH! OOHHHHH! Oh my fucking god!"

I jerked and twitched from my orgasm.

"Urrrrgh!" He realeased himelf into me. "Aw fuck baby, your tight pussy almost put me in overload."

And just then, the door creaked.

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