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Summer in California

This is a story about my junior year in high school and two incredible sisters that made my life interesting that year.

First a bit about me. My name is John and I live in California. I’m now 52 years old and recently divorced. I have never been overweight and am 6 foot tall dark eyes brown hair.

It was the 1970’s and I was having what I thought was the time of my life. Hey I had a car, a part time job, was still living at home, school was fun, and I was playing a lot of baseball. Oh and teenage girls with firm tits and bubble butts were everywhere. What could be better right?

Well indeed it did get better that year thanks to my new girlfriend Kelly and her sister Karen.

Let me tell you a little bit about Kelly. She was a natural brunette with shoulder length hair and about 5'5'' tall. Her frame was not thin but not fat either. Curves in just the right places. Her tits were not that large, maybe a B-cup but what she lacked up top she more that made up for in her butt and between her legs. She had this incredible bubble butt that was like a small bubble on top of a little larger bubble that would bounce oh-so-right when she walked and suddenly stopped walking. I don’t think she realized what effect she was having on the male population when she walked (well now that I really think back on it she probably did know). The other thing that made her so attractive was that she was smart, not a brainiac, but smart.

I got to know Kelly because we had some of the same classes together, i.e. chemistry, Algebra, etc. So as we became an “item” we decided, because she lived close to school that we would go to her house after school and study and do our homework together. She had cleared this with her parents. Her mother was a stay at home mom and her dad was always working during the day.

Since I had P.E. or baseball practice the last period of the day I would usually just leave my gym shorts on or put on a clean pair that I would have in my gym locker. When the last period of the day was over Kelly would meet me at my car and we would go to her house.

The first couple of times at Kelly’s house were quite normal. Kelly would change out of her school clothes and into shorts and a top and then we would go into her room close the door and sit at her desk and either study or do homework. Her mom would check in on us maybe once or twice and ask if we might want something to snack on or drink.

It was after the third or fourth time of going to her house that our homework routine changed. Kelly had changed into one of her favorite pair of small white shorts and very small sheer bikini panties that always seemed a little too little for her butt (she always wore small bikini panties. In those days you could always see the panty lines through the girls pants. We could tell who wore the string bikini panties and who wore regular bikini panties). Her shorts where opaque enough so no one could see her brown bush.

Anyway after studying for about an hour Kelly said she was tired of studying and leaned her head on my shoulder and caressed my arm very lightly. I responded by placing my arm around her bare shoulder and caressing it while telling her how good looking she was and how lucky I was to have her as a girlfriend. She looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes and kissed me softly on the cheek and whispered “I’m the lucky one.” I was glad we both felt the same way.

As her hand continued to lightly caress my arm she slowly and lightly moved her hand to the inside of my thigh and continued the light caress with just the tips of her finger nails. Slowly and deliberatly her finger tips inched closer to the side of my gym shorts and moved inside only to find my white briefs covering my now semi-hard teenage penis. She whispered “darn it”. I told her not to worry and stood up, removed my gym shorts and briefs, then put my shorts back on. While I did this I noticed her eyes were glued to my penis and I made sure to give it a little extra bounce and flop than was necessary. (I’ve never considered myself well hung about 7” but very thick with a pronounced circumcised head. And as I’ve gotten older have that nice “J” thing going on as I look in the mirror after a shower). When I sat back down, I asked, ...“better?” She gave me a naughty little look and softly uttered Ummmmmm. Kelly now continued her magic inside my gym shorts lightly caressing the shaft of my penis while she also kissed and nibbled on my ear. Her finger tips were fantastic as she slowly and methodically ran them from under the base and up the shaft of my penis to the pee hole. Once there she coaxed the pre-cum out and smeared it around on the head. Her finger tips paid particular attention to the ridge on the head of my penis which seemed to fascinate her. Kelly then lightly pulled her hand away and I asked her “is there something wrong?” She said “I don’t want you to lose your seed and make a mess on your gym shorts”. Then she announced with a naughty look, “there will be plenty of time in the future to plant that seed where it belongs.”

While I had been in my teenage male bliss Kelly had slung her leg over my lap and I could clearly see inside one leg of her shorts to her sheer bikini panties. They were the kind that had the same see through sheer material in the crotch as the top part so I could see her nice full plump pussy lips with her matted brown pubic hair some of which was sneaking outside of the panty crotch. I was also beginning to detect that familiar smell. I then moved forward to kiss her lips and as I did moved my hand inside the leg opening of her shorts and rolled her panty crotch to one side of her plump pussy. The crotch itself was sopping wet. I then proceeded to run my middle finger up and down her teenage slit and occasionally dip it into her vagina. Her inner labia folds were very pronounced and seemed to glide around my finger. When I was sure I had an abundance of her pussy juice on my finger I pulled it away and up to my nose. Her scent was tangy and intoxicating. (You’ve heard of teenage boys never wanting to wash their finger. That was me!) I finally pulled my finger away from my nose to notice that Kelly’s hand had replaced mine and her fingers were working her twat up and down and left to right. She was in such a state of apparent self bliss that all I could think of to do was walk around to her side and kiss her cheek and lips and tell her how beautiful she was. Soon Kelly had her climax and she looked spent but satisfied and glowing.

My next thought was, what if her mom knocks and comes in now? Kelly was half naked, my cock was hanging half out of my gym shorts, and the entire room seemed to smell like Kelly’s pussy (which was not a bad thing believe me!) Fortunately her mom did not come in and we had time to get things back together and I gathered my books and gave Kelly a very long french kiss before she walked me out to the car and told me good bye.

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