Summer Lovin'

By honeybabee

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Sarah has been accepted to a summer camp for 2 months, and meets nathan. What will happen?
I awoke to the sounds of birds chirping and fluttering in their nests. I sat up weary from my deep sleep and stretched my arms bumping the wooden ceiling above. Week 3 at summer camp has passed so far, and its not that bad actually. Being as agile as possible, I slinked down the ladder of the red bunk-bed and felt my feet rest against the hardwood flooring. All the other girls were asleep still, and I needed to be first in the shower before all the steaming water ran out. I grabbed my towel and walked down a dirt path to the bathrooms. I could see the boys camp not too far away, and it looked as still as ours. I stepped into the shower stall and took my long blonde hair from the ponytail restricting it. Stepping into the shower, I took off my towel and looked into the mirror that hung on the door. My breasts were small, but extremely perky and wide awake. I closed the curtain and began to wash my hair, and down to my pussy. It was shaved, and very tight. I'm still a virgin. 

Walking out of the shower, I dried off myself and put on a pair of short shorts and a crop top, letting my natural curls frame my face. When I walked out, the girls have just began to awake from their slumbers. Smiling, I entered the mess hall and sat across from my friend, Nathan who I met on the first week here. He always saved me a seat. We shared breakfast and he took me back to my cabin for free time. 

Nathan today however, was acting odd. He stared at my lips and my chest, but I ignored it. I'm used to boys behaving this way around me. The bell rang, and it was time for activities. Nathan lead me down to swimming at the dock, and he helped me into the water. Everythings going normal right now and we are doing the typical splashing, giggling, flirting. 

RING the bell sounds. Time for dinner already, for we skipped lunch. But today, I decided to go and take a shower, I hate lake water on my skin and hair. 

"You can use the boys showers if you want Sarah," Said Nathan. "The girls cabins are all the way on the other side of camp."

"Sure, sounds good." I smiled and we walked over to the boys cabins. He handed me a towel to borrow. I walked into the bathroom, but Nathan was following me. He grabbed my by the wrist and started me in the eyes.

"Uhm... Nathan... I need to shower now." I said, alarmed. He's acting very odd.

"Sarah.. I love you." He said, nervously. 

Taken aback, this man has been my friend for weeks now, and he already loves me? 

"Yeah.. You too." I said queerly while trying to break his hold.

Nathan pulled me into a deep, wet kiss. I moaned against his lips, I don't want this... Do I?

"Nathan.. stop..." I said while trying to lean out of the kiss.

"Come on you slut. You want this." He spoke kissing deeper. It's true. I do want this.

We walked into the shower and he pushed me up against the cold wall tiles. He took off my towel and began to slowly inch down my stomach to my aching pussy. He kissed it softly, and without warning he plunged his tongue deep inside me. I began to buck against his wile tongue, but this didn't effect a thing. He took his fingers and buried them deep inside me, while he moved up to suckle on my pink, hard nipples. 

"Slut likes it when I finger her wet pussy huh?" he spoke into my boobs.

"Ohhhh yes." I moaned while still bucking. 

He removed his fingers from my pussy and took out his large, 7 inch cock. I looked down and smiled while licking my lips. 

"Suck it, you whore." He demanded while pushing me down to my knees. I gladly dropped down and hovered my mouth above his cock. I let my hot breath slowly patronize his dick until he couldn't take it anymore. I took his cock and devoured it. He was taken by surprise and he screamed at the top of his lungs. I took his cock all the way to the back of the throat while moaning. He grabbed my by the breasts and pulled me up, and drove his cock into my pussy. I yelled, this pain was awful, but so good at the same time. He became more gentle, and pumped in and out while holding on to my breasts. 

"You fucking whore. You are such a bad girl." He spoke while going deeper.

"Oh baby, i'm such a slut. Make me cum." I moaned. Im about to cum I thought while pinching his nipples and reaching down to play with my clit. 

"Fuck, I'm going to cum" I yelled while bucking against his cock. 

"Then cum you slut!" He yelled while pulsing in deeper and harder.

My body began to shudder, and I moaned with all my power. He went deeper and harder as I came and my cum slowly began to drizzle down over his hard delicious cock. He pulled out, and pushed it into my mouth. I happily licked off all my cum, and moaned while doing it too.

I took a hand and began to jack him off, with my mouth wide open. He shuddered and screamed, and unleashed his load all over my breasts and mouth. I swallowed what I could.

He pulled me off my feet, and began to kiss me. We kissed for what seemed forever.

"I can't wait to take another shower with you baby." He spoke unto my lips.

"Me either" I said smiling and tugging at his hair.

Little did I know my roommate was outside the shower.