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Summer on the Farm

Sara, Elaine and Ken were virgins and it was time to change that.
Sara and Ken were friends. Every summer they were together and explored the mysteries of growing up. They made plans for a fun summer. Little did Ken know what was to happen. Ken came from the city and Sara from the country. Sara was one of five of Ken’s summer friends, all girls. She grew up on a farm in central New Hampshire. She turned 17 over the winter and could not wait for summer. Ken grew up in the second largest city in Massachusetts. This was his last trip to the farm for the summer.

Each of the five summer friends were girls. They were all teenagers and all came to live on the farm for the summer experience. Ken and his brother stayed on the farm together in the barn. It was nothing fancy, but it was an adventure. Ken’s brother was more interested in exploring farm life and spent most of the time driving tractors or trucks. Ken got to know the girls and the finer parts of their lives. Ken was off to college at the end of the summer, so he wanted to enjoy his last summer.

The year was 1965, the start of the hippie movement. It slowly spread over the country. Sara was feeling into free love and peace. She loved the music and was a free spirit. Ken and Sara formed a bond that started when they were just children. They spent so much time together, they knew each other’s moves, moods and ideas.

Sara was a young woman 5’4” tall, 105 pounds, 36C-24-35. Her hair was dark red, which curled naturally. Her eyes were green and could be soft or stare right through you. Freckles covered her nubile body. Her only exposure to boys was her summer friends. Her town was so small that the all girl private school educated the girls of the town as part of giving back to the community. She had no boy friend. She had never been on a date. Her best friend was Elaine. She was a petite blond 5’ tall, 100 pounds, 36DD-22-34. They confided in each other.

Sara and Ken became aware of each other in a different manner this summer. They felt closer than ever. Something drew them to each other, but they could not understand what was happening. They had always been close. They shared secrets. They knew whom each other liked and wanted. Even though they lived 150 miles apart, they shared much of their lives. What happened that summer was inevitable and expected because they were so close.

The weekend was here and it was time to take a trip to the beach. The group of summer friends got into the station wagon with all the blankets, coolers, radios and beach chairs for the trip. Ken and Sara sat in the back with all the stuff. The two teens lay on the blankets with their bodies touching at every turn and bounce. The continual touching aroused Ken and Sara felt the effect of the arousal. The trip lasted about 90 minutes. Ken was aware of what was happening but could do nothing about it. Sara wanted to spend the day with Ken.

The bathing suits they all wore were one piece and covered everything, nothing too sexy or provocative. In fact, Sara had a problem but was not aware of the effect it had on curious boys. She had never trimmed her pubic hair. On most women, clothing hid it. Sara had some red brown curls poking out on both sides of her bathing suit. Try as she may it would not stay covered. Ken saw this and it made the situation worse. He and Sara laid out their blanket and used their towels as pillows. They ate lunch together, listened to the radio and took a walk on the beach. To cool off Ken threw Sara into the surf. She pretended to hate it, but craved the attention from Ken.

When they were walking on the beach, they held hands and looked like two teenagers in love. This was what they were, but just did not know it yet. They hugged and wrapped their arms around each other. They had even kissed. Everyone thought their behavior was cute and was just something they were going through. However, to Ken and Sara what they were feeling was real. They were becoming lovers. They on one level knew it was bad, but it felt so good. No one in the summer group of friends tried to stop it. It kept happening and their infatuation grew from day to day. All they knew was they wanted each other and they had to make it happen.

Elaine had confided in Sara that she had a crush on Ken. She wanted to spend time alone with him. She wanted to be as close to Ken as Sara was. Whenever she could, she would be with Sara so she could see Ken. Elaine and Sara spent one Friday night together in a sleepover with a campfire. All the group of summer friends sat around the campfire making 'Smores'. They were listening to the radio and looking at the stars. They had laid out blankets and pillows and were going to spend the night sleeping under the stars. Elaine, Sara and Ken stayed outside, but the rest of the group of summer friends went into the house too afraid to sleep with the animals.

The fire was still going well and it was a warm night. Elaine was feeling brave so she got up and walked over to where Ken was sleeping. She stood over him looking down. Ken rolled onto his back looking up at her. The moon was bright enough that he could see her. She was wearing pajamas that had pants and a shirt top.

She slowly unbuttoned her top and hesitated to expose her breasts to Ken. Desire and lust won out. She opened the top and gave Ken a look at her lovely breasts. Her nipples were tall and erect. She wanted so much for Ken to touch and squeeze them. Ken took a sharp intake of breath at the sight of those breasts. They were better than his friend Sara’s breasts. He wanted to sit up and take her in his arms but it would have to wait. At least they had made the first move in the dance of love. Sara giggled and this brought Elaine back to earth. She quickly closed her shirt and ran back to her blanket.

Sara had been watching the show with great interest. Not to be outdone she went over to Ken and lay down beside him. She grabbed his hand and held it to her cheek. She caressed and kissed his hand rubbing her tongue and lips on it. She was looking to see what happened to Ken. As she suspected there was a bulge growing in the bottoms of his pajamas. Sara giggled a little.

Holding his hand, she moved it slowly down her face across her chin over her neck and down to her chest. Her top was unbuttoned but not open so that Ken could see her breasts. She moved his hand to her breast. Her nipples were hard with anticipation.

Ken didn’t move. He took in a big gulp of air as he sensed her arousal. He felt an ache and throb in his loins. Sara let go of Ken’s hand and let him feel her waiting breasts. Ken moved his hand around and could not get enough of her.

He started to move over to get in a better position when the light from the house went on. Someone was coming. Quickly and quietly, Sara went back to her blanket. Ken moaned with disappointment. The fun was over for tonight. After Sara’s mom went back into the house things were quiet again. Ken went to sleep.

Sara and Elaine however were still aroused from teasing Ken. They were both lying on the same blanket. They were both horny teenagers. They were both virgins who were afraid to find out what becoming a woman meant. They started to kiss each other as they had done in the past. Their tongues pushed and pulled against each other. Their lips made smacking sounds. They were moaning with pleasure just from kissing.

Sara started to unbutton Elaine’s top. Elaine’s exposed breasts appeared in the moonlight but Sara’s hands quickly covered them. Elaine raised herself up as the warm hands caressed her breasts. Her nipples grew taut and hard. A small drop of liquid appeared from them. She had never seen this before in all the sessions she had with herself or Sara. It must have been the influence of the excitement of Ken being there watching.

Sara moved her head down to Elaine’s breasts and started sucking and biting them. She tried to get as much of the breast in her mouth as possible. Elaine could feel a tingling in her lower body. It was an empty yearning feeling, which only an orgasm could change. It was like being hungry but lower and more centralized. She had never felt this before.

Sara moved one of her hands to this lower area. She started to feel the fine hair of Elaine’s pussy. It was dripping wet. Sara grabbed some of that wetness, brought it to her mouth and tasted it. It was sweet and could have been nectar of the Gods. She rubbed the pussy area seeking out the slit, which ran from the clit to the opening of her wet pussy. She stroked the slit. Elaine started to breathe heavily as her arousal grew.

Elaine could feel an orgasm building inside her but had never felt one full on. Sara found the clit and started to rub, pinch and flick it. This drove Elaine wild and her orgasm exploded from her pussy. There were juices coming from her running down her thighs and over here butt. She just lay there basking in the afterglow of her first orgasm.

Elaine turned to Sara and kissed her repeatedly. She loved her friend for what they have been doing for a while. It was her turn to bring the same joy and feelings to Sara. While Sara brought Elaine great pleasure and her first orgasm, Sara felt aroused too.

Elaine did not have to do much to get things going but that was good. She was not sure what she was supposed to do or how to get started. She clumsily grasped Sara’s breasts. She massaged them with the nipples getting firm but nowhere as hard as hers.

She moved her hand down to where Sara’s red curly tendrils were wet with love juice. Sara was ready for the probing and stroking. Elaine found the clit and started moving her finger up and down the slit. It was really wet and receptive. Sara’s clit was poking out of its hood aching to be stimulated. Elaine flicked and pinched it.

This movement alone brought Sara to an orgasm, but not as strong as Elaine's had been. Elaine felt the orgasm happen and rolled away happy to have brought it off. Sara moaned and rolled over and went to sleep. Sara was not disappointed nor did she expect anything bigger than what she got.

Ken laid there listening to the girls going at it. He wanted so much to join in. If he had, there might have been more fireworks with Sara's mom and dad. Better to wait for a safer time. He may not get them both but at least he could expect to have his friend Sara. They had agreed to that. The time was coming.

Tomorrow was Monday so Sara's dad had to work. On Thursday, everyone but dad was to go to the city to get their teeth cleaned and have a shopping trip for school clothes. This would take all day and the house would be empty. It turned out Elaine had taken Sara and Ken into town earlier and gotten their teeth cleaned and some new clothes for school. Because of that, Ken and Sara did not have to go with them.

They also were old enough to stay alone all day. Ken and Sara were all smiles about staying home. They could finally be alone. It was time for the fun to begin. Unfortunately, Elaine was going to an outdoor function and could not be there too. Ken and Sara were sad, but they had each other.

When Thursday came Sara and Ken couldn’t wait for everyone to leave. Ken and his brother had been sleeping out in the barn. This is where the fun and party was to happen.

The group of summer friends piled into the station wagon and off they went. Sara and Ken stood outside and waved goodbye. They tried to act sad but were so happy inside.

They went in the house, gathered up a radio, some drinks, blankets and snacks and proceeded out to the barn. They made sure that everything was secure and no one was going to disturb their fun. They set up the play area and had everything ready. Sara and Ken stood side-by-side looking down at their love pit.

It was time. They turned to each other, grabbed hands, moved closer and kissed a long loving kiss. Their arms moved around each other to hold them close to feel the love and longing for each other.

Slowly their mouths opened and their tongues touched. The embers of a sleeping fire rekindled in each of their bodies. Small flames of passion were growing in their loins. They stood for a long time just holding and caressing each other’s faces. They broke away and moved over to the place where they were to become man and woman.

Usually when they undressed together, they did it themselves. Today was going to be different.

Ken reached down to Sara’s waist and lifted the jersey up over Sara’s head. He ran his hands over her body feeling it for the first time. It was so soft and warm to the touch. He touched the valley between her breasts. Sara shuddered. It felt so good. It was right. She wanted Ken so much.

Ken reached around behind Sara and unclasped her bra. As he brought his hands back around to the front he caressed the sides and underneath of Sara’s breasts. Sara sucked in a breath. His touch was so wonderful. Ken rubbed her breasts lightly teasing the nipples to grow in size. Sara let out a little moan. She was feeling so good.

Ken moved his hands down to her waist. He unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. He pulled them down, picked them up and put them with the rest of her clothes. He returned to her body, placed his hands on her waist and moved them behind her down onto her butt.

He squeezed her butt and she moved closer into him. When she did this, she felt the large bulge in his pants. She had seen him naked but never aroused. She couldn’t wait. Ken rolled her panties down her butt and her legs. As he went down to pick them up, he kissed her from her waist to her ankles.

This was starting to drive Sara crazy. It felt so wonderful. She was now naked in front of her friend. She turned around so he could see all of her. Ken held his breath, and then told her she was the most beautiful woman he had seen.

Now it was Sara’s turn. She stood in front of Ken with her arms hanging from his shoulders looking up to kiss him. They kissed and the flames reignited. She moved her hands down his shoulders over his arms and chest feeling the muscles underneath his shirt. She wanted to rip his clothes off, but restrained herself.

She got to his narrow waist and lifted his shirt up over his head. She proceeded to kiss his chest and rub her hands through the light hair there. His muscles rippled and she felt a tingle in her belly. She started to kiss him down his body.

She stopped at this waist. She grabbed his belt and unbuckled it, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. All the while, she was looking at the growing bulge in his pants. She couldn’t wait to see what was there. His pants fell to the floor. Sara picked them up, folded them and placed them with her clothes neatly stacked.

She turned back and looked down. The bulge had really grown now that it was free. Sara was afraid. What had she unleashed? It looked to be huge. She knelt down. Her eyes were level with the bulge. It was time.

Release the beast. She slowly put her hands on the waistband of his underwear. She pulled them down and this huge aroused penis stood out straight almost hitting her in the eye. She gasped. She giggled. She couldn’t wait to have it.

She had seen Ken naked before, but he was always flaccid. He was ready to make her a woman. She reached out touching it, feeling it as if it were a piece of meat, taking its weight, measuring it. Her fingers encircled it and she stroked it a little. Ken groaned, as it felt so good. It was time they were ready.

All of a sudden, there was a banging on the barn door. The mood and moment came crashing to a halt. They both felt as if their plans changed and someone caught them. Someone was going to spoil the moment and ruin the whole day. Ken lay down under the blanket. Sara put on her t-shirt and shorts. She opened the barn door. Elaine was standing there with the biggest smile on her face. Her family cancelled the outing. Here she was. Sara started to squeal and Elaine joined in. Ken sat up with a big grin on his face. The girls closed the door and locked it again. They walked over to where Ken sat still covered with the blanket.

Sara took off her clothes and joined Ken. Elaine put down her purse and took off her jacket. She stood up and started to remove her clothes. She was shy. Sara and Ken stopped her.

Ken stood up and walked over to her. He took her in his arms and kissed her. She kissed him back with hungry kisses and lust in her eyes.

Ken took a step back and put his hands on Elaine’s waist. He pulled her t-shirt over her head. He kissed her lips again and started to kiss down her body. He kissed between her breasts and she swooned.

Ken put his arms around her and undid her bra. He moved his hands around the sides of her breasts and under her bra. Her nipples had all ready grown hard and large. He bent down and kissed her breasts and nipples. She held his head against them.

He moved his hands to her waist again. He unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. They fell to the floor. He kissed down her legs, picked up her shorts and put them with the clothes.

He could see there was a wet spot on her panties. It looked like she was ready to go. He put his fingers in her waistband and took off her panties. He kissed her blond mound. She giggled but held his head there so he could taste her.

He stood up put his arms around her and kissed for a long time. Their tongues were dueling during the kiss. The prelude was over. It was now or never. Three virgins ready to leap off the cliff.

Sara had been watching this performance. She was stroking herself. She wanted so much to feel them both next to her. Ken and Elaine came over and lay down beside her. Ken was in the middle. They lay there for a few minutes not knowing what to do next.

Sara was ready. Ken was coming back up. Elaine was simmering waiting for her arousal. Elaine really wanted Ken so she decided to make the first moves. She rolled on her side and kissed Ken on the neck. This caused Ken to turn and face her getting up on one elbow.

He reached down and started caressing her breasts. Elaine gasped and held her breath. It felt so good. No man had ever touched her like this. Ken’s hands were strong but firm. She loved the feel. The warmth she felt was traveling down to her pussy. She could feel the wetness there. Ken kissed her breasts taking a nipple and nipping it.

Elaine moaned. She reached for him. She stroked his chest and arms feeling his muscles ripple. She was in her glory. She was in love. She had always loved Ken. Now he was hers for a while to do with as she pleased.

Slowly with some fear, she moved her hand down to his growing manhood. It pointed directly at her. She wanted to feel it to hold it to kiss it. She bent down and placed her lips on the head of Ken’s long hard cock.

It jumped. She screamed. Everyone giggled. She kissed it again. Then she opened her lips to put it in her mouth and wrap her tongue around it. It was big and difficult to get in her mouth. She got it in part way. She grabbed it with her hand started to stroke it slowly.

Ken moaned, so she knew she was pleasing him. Ken moved his hand onto Elaine’s womanhood. It was wet and ready. The lips had swollen and spread slightly.

Her clit had popped out from its hood. Ken pinched the clit and rubbed it. This caused some moans from Elaine. He moved his fingers up and down her slit going deeper into it.

He found the entrance to her pussy. He put a finger inside and she jumped. It felt so good. He stroked in and out and she started to buck up and down. He added a second finger and she moaned louder and longer. She had an orgasm as she normally could give herself. The difference was there were more to come.

She started to ask Ken to fuck her. She wanted his manhood inside her. Ken was ready. He rolled over above her. She spread her legs and pushed her pussy up to meet him. As he started to put himself inside, she felt it get real tight and it hurt.

They went slowly as they both hurt a little, but it was a good hurt. He felt a lot of resistance about three inches in. This was her maidenhead. She really was a virgin. Ken withdrew a little then pushed a little harder. They both felt a pop and Ken moved in faster.

Elaine cried out. She hurt badly but pleasure was overcoming her pain. Ken started to move in and out and play with her clit. After about 3 minutes, Elaine had an enormous long flowing orgasm. It was more than she ever had and it felt glorious.

Ken kept pushing and hit the g-spot. In another few minutes, Elaine squirted all over Ken and out of herself. She fainted and Ken got scared. As he pulled out, Elaine came to and kissed Ken real hard thanking him.

It was Sara’s turn. Sara had been waiting watching what went on. She was ready. As she watched, she masturbated and was so wet. Ken was still hard.

Sara kissed his manhood and stroked it. She couldn’t wait and had Ken lay on his back. She mounted him as if he was one of the horses. He went inside her and had the same feelings as Elaine.

Sara was a real virgin too. That bridge was crossed and Sara started to ride him hard. She had him half way in her when her first hard orgasm hit. She stopped shuddered and smiled. Then started back up riding him.

Sara eventually got him completely inside her. It was wonderful. She had three more orgasms. Ken was still hard and had not climaxed yet. Sara was determined to have Ken climax inside her and spray his sperm everywhere.

She had been on the pill for over a year so no danger there. Her pussy had wrapped around Ken and was pulling on his manhood.

Sucking on him from inside her body there was nothing he had to do. He was growing and felt a quickening in his balls and a rushing feeling as his sperm gushed into Sara. Sara felt it coming and she had a squirting orgasm at the same time. They both rolled over spent and waiting to start over again.

Elaine was unhappy because Ken had not given her his sperm. Ken told her to wait a few minutes and she would have all she could handle. Sure enough, he grew hard and gave Elaine what she wanted. While Ken serviced Elaine, she took care of Sara.

They had sex with each other at least ten times over the next four hours. The last time Sara and Elaine stroked Ken to spray over their hair, faces and breasts. There was pussy full to overflowing. Either a willing pussy or a mouth drained Ken’s manhood each time. They tried every position and every angle. They did not explore each other’s butt hole. That was off limits for now.

Everyone was happy, when they finished. They were no longer virgins. They had an air of we are cool. I am woman hear me roar. Ken beat his chest like the lead gorilla of the pack. No longer did they have to fear each other’s touch. There was no longer any mystery.

Summer lasted another three weeks. Sara, Elaine and Ken had many more times when they shared their bodies. They had threesomes and twosomes. The only thing they knew was that they were all in love and had to figure out how to keep this going. Ken had to go to college. Sara and Elaine had to finish the last year of high school. They spent many school holidays together. No one could take the memory of that summer away from them forever.

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