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Summer's End: A Loss Of Innocence - Part 2

Summer's dream spins out of reach as she steps closer to that to losing her virginity.
A few minutes later, Steven got up and kicked his shorts off. He walked down the beach and into the water. He was standing at the water’s edge looking out at me. His body was the same body I had seen years ago just filled out and more muscular.

It was my moment to pretend I was Halle Berry. I was going to slowly walk out of the water with a sexy bikini, dive knife and gorgeous figure. Except I was nude, wet and still washing cum off my stomach, but it was going to be perfect. It would be a moment more romantic than the beach scene in “From Here to Eternity”.

I started walking toward him. Slowly letting the surface of the water drop below my breasts. The water level kept going down so my stomach, pussy and legs were finally revealed. I kept moving closer and closer. I was trying to make it as slow and seductive as I could, but the ocean had other ideas.

I heard it rather than saw it. There was a low rumbling and the water around my feet started to retreat into the ocean. My feet sank into the sand. A large wave crested and crashed into the small of my back. I was launched forward into the sand. The wave continued rolling forward gathering me up and depositing me at Steven’s feet.

With wet stringy hair I looked up from my hands and knees right at Steven’s now flaccid cock.

“That didn’t go exactly as planned,” I laughed and rolled onto my back.

“It was really sexy right up until the wave part. You have no idea what it was doing for me. How did you plan the wave to hit you at just that moment?”

“Oh, shut up.”

“Does this sort of thing happen to you a lot? I have got to get a camera. What’s that show ‘Funniest Nude Home Videos’? I think this one would have been a winner.”

“Are you done making fun of me? Can you help me up? Please.”

Steven stepped over across my chest and reached down between his legs for my hands. With very little effort Steven started to pull me up.

“Oh, ooh,” I said while looking at Steven’s cock. “Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.”

“What? What’s wrong?” Steven questioned while holding me still.

“Nothing, I just want to look for a second,” I said with a smile.

Steven lowered me back to the ground and dropped onto his hands and knees above me, “Are you always like this?”

“Like what?” I sassed.

“Like, I don’t know. Flirty, silly, playful, sweet and bold.”

“I’m not sure I’m any of those. I think nervous, scared and frightened would be better words.”

“If this is nervous, scared and frightened I can’t wait to see you when you’re flirty, silly, playful and sweet.”

“You know, I always thought that I would get a kiss from my lover before he came. I think I’m doing things a little bit out of order.”

“Is that what you want? A kiss?”

“A kiss would be nice, but it’s only one of the things I want.”

“What else do you wan.. wooo?” Steven asked as I closed the fingers of one hand around the shaft of his now semi-hard cock and my other hand closed around his balls.

“What’s wrong?”

“Your hands are a little cold.”

“Is this what they mean when they say ‘you got him by the balls’?”

“Yeah, I think that could be considered a literal interpretation,” Steven grunted as I was stroking his hardening cock.

“Do you know that this is the first time I’ve ever touched a man’s cock?”

“I think I better kiss you quick.”

I smiled up at Steven and asked, “Why’s that?”

“I don’t want to be accused of cumming on a beautiful girl twice without having given her a proper kiss,” Steven said as his lips closed against mine.

After a few minutes of Steven’s soft lips caressing mine and my hand stroking his cock Steven tensed. Steven pulled his head back and grunted as his hot cum started to spill onto my stomach. Once Steven finished cumming he rolled onto the beach next to me and gasped for air.

“What are you doing to me?”

“I think that was called a handjob. It seemed pretty effective to me.”

“Oh it was effective all right. Damn.”


“I’m gonna go take a shower,” I said trying to keep my voice from showing my nervousness.

“How about I come and shower with you?” Steven said while slipping his hand onto my upper thigh.

“Oh, now you want to touch me. Am I worthy or have you lowered your standards?” I teased as I stood up.

“Well, I’ve seen your ass and ...”

Cocking my head to the side I placed my hands on my hips. “Be careful!”

“... It’s a really cute ass. There is no need to lower my standards.”

A smile crossed my lips as the compliment sank in. The man that helped me do my middle school homework seven years ago thinks I have a cute ass. The hours of practicing writing my name, "Mrs. Summer Moriaty", were rewarded with four simple words, ‘A really cute ass’.

“I’m a mess. I really needs a shower.”

“I have to admit it. The way my cum reflects in the moon light on your stomach is turning me on. Come here!”

“Nope. You had your chance,” I said wrinkling my nose. “I’m going to take a shower. Bye!”

Steven lunged at me and pulled me to the ground. His arms wrapped around my back and cradled my neck so I fell softly to the ground. His face moved close to mind and our lips touched. “You have fifteen minutes. I wouldn't waste any time because I want you nice and clean.”

Steven stood up and lifted me to my feet. One last kiss and he turned toward the ocean. "Fourteen minutes. Get going.”

I grabbed my clothes and took off at a run. I didn't stop outside to rinse off or bother to put my clothes away. I raced up the stairs and into the bathroom.

Thirteen minutes. Thirteen minutes was all I had between now and when I’m going to lose my virginity. Thirteen minutes until the man I dreamt about was finally going to be with me. I reached into the shower to test the water, but it was still cold.

Looking into the mirror I saw my reflection and muttered, “Fuck! Dammit, Oh my God! Really?” My stringy wet hair was caked with sand. There was sand sticking to my stomach where Steven’s cum had been. My back was covered in sand. I was a mess and I had twelve minutes.

“Fuck! Cold! Cold! Cold!” I screamed as I stepped into the still cold water of the shower. I grabbed the bottle of shampoo and spun the top off. I flipped the shampoo bottle and poured some into my hand. The bottle crashed to the floor. There was no time for measured amounts; I had twelve minutes. I furiously started scrubbing at my hair, but it resisted. There where knots everywhere and they were cemented in place by the sand mixture. I moved on to my body. Rubbing shampoo on my body I beat the sand down inch by inch. It was like rubbing sand paper across my skin. The bottom of the shower was becoming a mixture of brown sand and shampoo suds.
“Oh my God I’m never gonna be ready! Fuck.”

I reached between my legs to wash away any sand that was there but felt a light stubble. “No. Why didn't I shave this morning?” I ran my hand into my hair to get some shampoo on my fingers and rubbed it in. With razor in hand I quickly shaved. “Dammit. I’m not gonna make it.”

I grabbed a towel and dried off as quickly as I could. I started the task of pulling the brush through my hair, but my hair resisted. There was the sound of plastic bristles popping as I pull harder..

“Candles. I have to light some candles.” The candles were already on the nightstands and dressers. Finally something was going my way.

“Matches? Where are the matches?”

I was looking through drawers to find the matches and brushing my hair at the same time. Panic was welling up deep inside me.

Reaching into my top dresser drawer my hand came into contact with the soft texture of silk. I instantly stopped. I lifted the one piece of lingerie I owned from the drawer. Direct from Victoria’s Secret was a pretty white silk baby doll. I threw it over my head and slipped one arm through. The dampness of my skin caused the material to stick to my skin, but I forced my other arm up anyway. The fragile spaghetti strap tried to resist the rude intrusion of my arm but it broke.

I heard the sliding doors slamming shut and locking downstairs.

The tears started to well up in my eyes. The image I had of this moment in my life was fading. The perfect man, perfect place, perfect outfit, candles burning and me waiting to accept my lover into my arms and bed.

I could hear the footsteps on the stairs as Steven was coming to take my virginity. The tears were starting to overflow my eyes and spill onto my cheeks.

Steven opened the door slowly.

I was stilling trying to brush my hair but I could only focus on the broken strap dangling down the front of my baby doll.

Steven flicked the light switch and light filled the room.

It was over. I had rehearsed this night in my mind hundreds of times. I could see the moment in my mind. Passion, desire and most of all love. The image was now gone. He was going to laugh at me. Soon I would become just another trophy. He was probably going to just fuck me and leave.

“Turn the light off!” I whimpered through sobs.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Why didn't you just fuck me out on the beach? Instead I look like hell. My hair is a knotted mess. This stupid baby doll is ripped and my boob is hanging out. I have sand all over me and I couldn't find the fucking matches to light the candles with,” I mumbled as my voice trailed off.

A smile started to cross Steven’s lips but he quickly put a hand up cover is mouth. “In a really messy sort of way you look beyond sexy right now.”

“I do not!” I insisted. I turned toward the bathroom and took a step when Steven commanded me to stop.

“What?” I grumbled.

“You really do have the cutest little ass.”

My baby doll had somehow got stuck at the top of my butt. It could have been the sand and water that was still on me or just the “Virginity God’s” conspiring against me but it didn't matter. No man would want me right now.

As I entered the bathroom I caught my reflection in the mirror. It was even more hideous than I thought. The hair on the left side of my head was a jumbled mess. There was still sand all over me and my left boob was hanging out from where my baby doll strap had torn.

“Grrrr,” I snarled at the reflection in the mirror and mirror snarled back causing my mood to darken even more. Even my own reflection didn't like me.

I started wrestling with my baby doll in an attempted to end my evening’s follies, but the wrestling only served to rub sand into my skin and cause it to fall down my body onto the floor. When I was finally free I threw the offending garment out of the bathroom where it landed in a pile on the floor.

“What’s wrong with me? I can lie naked with my legs spread and I can’t even get laid,” I mumbled.

I heard a laugh from just outside the opening of the door, “Oh just shu . . . be quiet.”

I couldn't be mad at Steven. He hadn't done anything wrong, well, except not fuck me. That would be a great story to tell the grand kids one day, “Oh yeah, Grandpa and I got into a really big fight because he wouldn't take my virginity. I was naked on a beach with my legs spread and everything. I know can you believe him?”

There was more laughing from outside the bathroom. Shaking my head I stepped into the shower and turned on the water. A blast of cold water shot out of the shower head hitting me in the face and chest. I jumped back and slipped on the shampoo that had spilt on the bottom of the shower. I only got out a partial scream before I landed squarely on my butt on the floor of the shower. Steven rushed into the bathroom and turned the corner into the shower to find me crashed on the floor in a sitting position. There were suds and sand everywhere and the shower water was spraying down on me.

I looked up to find Steven standing over me struggling unsuccessfully to keep from laughing. His body was spasming with each swallowed laugh until he just stopped trying to fight it. As Steven was laughing I couldn't help but look up him and watch as his penis and balls started bouncing up and down. This in turn caused me to start laughing. The mood in the bathroom was changing and all because of a man’s bouncing balls.

“Your balls bounce when you laugh,” I said through a pouty smile.

“So you go through a calamity of errors only to end up falling on your ass and you notice that my balls bounce when I laugh. Are you okay? That sounded like it would hurt.”

“Well, they do!” I said while making pouty duck lips. “And my butt hurts.”

Steven reached down and took my hands to start lifting me to my feet. “Do not look at my penis this time.”

“You’re no fun. It’s really kind of cute.”

“You’re one beautiful mess,” Steven said as I leaned into his hug.

The feeling of his arms around me caused me to forget about my sore butt. Steven’s hug was like a magic potion. Everything that had gone wrong tonight seemed to completely disappear. The hug soon turned to a tender hand against my cheek and the softest of kisses.

All thoughts of the last thirty minutes were gone and as I leaned into Steven I could feel that his cute penis was hard again.

“Is that because of me?” I asked with a devilish smile.

“Oh my God, girl. Yes, that’s because of you.” Steven said while kissing my lips.

My hand slipped between Steven and me and I wrapped my fingers around his hard cock, “Can I play with it?” I said with a broad smile on my face and my tongue just slipping between my teeth.

“Let’s wash up and get in bed and I’ll show you all sorts of fun things.”

“How about ... no,” I said with a playful lust in my eyes. “I think we should wash up and you can teach me some things to make me dirty again before we get out? Then we can get out and you can show me those other fun things.”

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