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Summer's End: A Loss Of Innocence - Conclusion

Summer has a night to remember
Steven bent over to pick up the bottle of shampoo and suddenly stopped. His face slowly turned into a broad grin as he looked up at me.

“What?” I asked. “What are you doing?”

“Can I look at it?” Steven asked as his eyes scanned down my body.

“At wh . . .” I suddenly stopped. “. . . ewww, no it’s ugly.” I darted my hands toward my pussy but Steven had other plans and caught my hands.

“I’ve already looked and I don’t think it’s ugly at all. In fact I think your little pussy is adorable. Just like you.” Steven said as he turned his face toward my stomach and started kissing around my pubic mound.

Steven released my hands and started caressing my thighs. His kisses were tender little pecks. Very slow and gentle. With each kiss his mouth moved closer to my pussy. I knew it was going to happen. He was going to touch me. Well, he was going to touch me with his mouth.

“Eww, gross! Do I kiss him after he does it?” I thought.

Steven placed his thumb on top of my clitoral hood and pressed down gently. I grabbed his head and pulled him tighter into me as an involuntary giggle escaped from my mouth. His kisses were stilling going lower and lower and suddenly stopped. I was bending over Steven and hugging his head between my legs. Every kiss or movement of his thumb caused me to erupt in a fit of giggles. I kept trying to squeeze my legs together. It may have been to try forcing him to stop or just a nervous reaction to being touched for the first time but Steven quickly put a stop to it. He slipped his arm and shoulder between my legs. My leg was now resting on his shoulder; my pussy was now completely exposed.

Steven looked up at me with that big smile on his face. “I think you’re gonna like this.”

“What, whaoooooooooo,” was all that came out as Steven slipped a finger inside my pussy and launched an attack on my clit with his tongue.

Steven ignored my giggles and repeated attempts to push his hand and face away. He just kept flicking my clit with his tongue and caressing the inside of my pussy with his finger.

“Stop, stop, I have to pee. Oh fuck. Ooooooh. I have to pee,” I choked out.

I was thrashing my head side to side. I would get a face full of water when I looked one way and a breath of air on the other.

“I gotta . . . fuckkkk . . . pee. No. Stop. Stop. I really dooo. Oh no . . . fuckkk. Are you fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck, fuck, fucking kidding me. Oh my God,” I said while grabbing the shower head. My legs were quivering.

It hit like a hammer. It was nothing like Cosmopolitan magazine said it would be. There was no slowly cresting wave. There no wave at all. It was a light switch. It went from nothing to “full blow, breath stealing, pussy spasming, in your face orgasm”. I lost all motor control. My legs were quivering masses of jelly and my head was thrashing side to side.

Steven didn’t stop. He didn’t seem to hear a word of my attempts to talk. It was either that or that possibly that fact that I was speaking in a language that no one had ever heard before. He seemed to find new and even more torturous ways to dart his tongue against my clit. I did what every completely and totally rational person would do in that moment. I threw my head back and slammed it into the tile wall. As if my motor control wasn’t being challenged enough I lost my balance and started to fall. Steven caught me before I hit the floor and gently laid me down. He hovered over me and shielded me from the falling water and started to move toward my lips.

“Well, that’s a first. I wish you would have warned me you were like that.”

“Like what?” Oh, he wants to kiss me. He’s so close.

“Like that orgasm. Is that normal?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never had one before.” Ahhhh, no. Here it comes. Just close your eyes and give him a “pucker” kiss. No tongue, no tongue.

Steven gently placed his lips against mine and started kissing. At that same moment Steven lowered his waist and hips down. I could feel his hard cock between my legs. This is it. My virginity will be gone. I closed my eyes and accepted that this moment was going to be it. The kiss was growing more and more passionate. Steven worked his tongue in to my mouth but I didn’t notice. He was kissing me but every fiber of my body was focused on the pressure of his cock against the opening of my pussy. Is he going to be gentle or will he just going thrust into me? I’m ready. Do it. I tried adjusting my hips to force Steven’s penis into me but it didn’t happen. Do it already. His tongue’s in my mouth. Just do it already I’m drowning from this damn shower.

“Let’s dry off and move this to the other room,” Steven said.

“Okay!” I half croaked and half yelled as I was snapped back to reality.


As Steven got out of the shower I decided I would stay in a little longer, so I gently placed my sore butt on the tile bench. It was really just a way to stall so I could regain my composure; I don’t think I could walk right now if I wanted to. That was my first orgasm and I was still a little shaken by how it hit me. And, well considering how everything had gone so far this evening I think I deserved a few minutes.

Sitting there I finally worked all the sand out of my hair and off my body. I was somewhat presentable and I was ready. I was ready to be taken. If Steven doesn’t do it this time I’m gonna run down the beach to where the Marines were and offer myself to the first man I met. With my luck it would be “Save a Virgin Night” and they would return me with my purity intact. Oh, I hope I’m not saying this out loud.

As I stepped out of the shower and started to dry off I noticed that my silk baby doll was hanging on the door handle. Both spaghetti straps were intact. Steven found a way to fix the torn strap. A smile started to spread across my lips. It’s a sign. Maybe he does really want to do this.

I towel dried my hair and brushed it out. It wasn’t perfect but it was passable.

“I gotta brush my teeth. I can’t believe he kissed me!” I muttered as a quiver rolled through my body.

The baby doll slipped easily over my arms and fell into place. There was no exposed ass, torn strap or hanging boob. It looked like I remembered it in the store.

My heart was starting to flutter and my hands were shaking. With one last look in the mirror I turned toward the door. Sound the horns and let the “The Call of the Virgins March” begin. When I opened the door that room was as I had dreamt. The candles were lit offering a pale glow around the room. The double doors to the balcony were open and a gentle breeze was causing the sheers to drift in the wind. There was music faintly playing somewhere in the house, and thankfully it wasn’t “The Call of Virgins March”. Steven walked up in front of me and stopped. He glanced up and down and quickly smiled.

“You’re beautiful,” said Steven as he leaned in to kiss me gently on my lips.

“Thank you,” I said slightly lowering my head only to catch sight of Steven penis. Steven’s hard penis. “You’ve got an erection again.”

Chuckling, Steven said, “Well, not exactly ‘again’. More like ‘still’. Do you have any idea how hard, pun intended, it is to run around the house with a hard-on.”

This crazy thought of Steven started to run through my head. I could picture it bouncing and swaying as he ran down the stairs. A little laugh slipped out.

“No, I’m serious. Do you know how many sharp looking knives you have down stairs. Oh and every time I closed a drawer I was a little nervous that my balls were going to get crushed.” I couldn’t help but laugh. “Excuse me Miss-y, this is no laughing matter,” Steven said laughing.

I nuzzled up close to Steven and took his hard cock in one hand and cradled his balls in my other. “Does this help you feel safer?”

“That’s nice but I’m not sure anyone’s safe around you.”

“How about now?” I asked as I directed Steven to the bed using his penis and balls to move him to the edge of the bed.

“I think the ‘falling’ risks have been dramatically reduced.”

“Lie down,” I commanded and Steven promptly responded.

I started kissing the inside of Steven’s leg and slowly worked up his thigh. I could see his balls getting closer with each kiss. Oh, no. I didn’t think this through. I was getting closer and closer to his balls as I left wet kisses on the inside of his thigh. Oh God, I’m such a slut. Then I did it. I started to kiss Steven’s balls. Just a few little closed lip kisses at first but then I opened my mouth and sucked. One of his balls slipped between my lips into my mouth. I gently licked and let it slip out. What am I doing? I started kissing the base of Steven’s cock. I licked from the shaft up to the tip and stopped. Right at the spot where the underside of Steven’s cock met the tip there was a little piece of skin. I started to kiss it. Then I sucked it into my wet mouth.

“Oh fuck that feels nice,” Steven moaned.

I took his cock in my hand and lifted him up so he was pointing straight in the air.

“Tell me if I’m hurting you. I’ve never done this before,” I said and took the tip of his cock in my mouth.

What the fuck am I doing I thought as I started to take more of Steven’s cock in my mouth? I took more of his hard cock in my mouth then stopped. I squeezed my lips around his cock and slowly dragged my lips up his shaft to the tip. I kept repeating this nice and slow until I felt a slimy texture on my tongue. It had a salty taste.

“Did you cum?” I asked while kneeling up between his legs and covering my mouth with both hands.

“No, why? What’s wrong?”

“I tasted something. It was salty.”

Steven smiled and said “It was probably pre-cum.” Steven took his cock in his hand and pointed it up. He slowly stroked it from the base to the tip and stopped as a glistening droplet appeared. “Look.”

Steven was looking at me as a big smile spread across my face. “Can I . . .” I started to say but put my hand over my mouth.

“What?” Steven asked smiling back.

“I want to . . .” I started to say again but stopped. “Can you make more?”

“Maybe.” Steven said as he did a few quick strokes up his shaft then squeezed tight and stoked to the top and stopped. The droplet of pre-cum got bigger.

“I want to try it. Can I?”

“Sure. Just stroke me then squeeze tight on the underside while you stroke it up.”

I took Steven in my hand and looked in his eyes. “That’s not what I mean,” I said and smiled as I took the tip of Steven’s cock in my mouth and tasted the droplet of pre-cum.

“Holy fuck,” Steven groaned as I took him back into my mouth.

As I worked Steven’s cock deeper and deeper into my mouth I could hear him getting more worked up. It was a matter of minutes before Steven said “Stop. I’m gonna cum.”

With both of my hands on wrapped around his hard cock I started kept kissing the soft skin tip. A teasing grin was on my lips as I said, “What if I don’t want to stop?”

“I can’t hold it much longer.”

“Then don’t,” I slipped my lips around the swollen tip and took him in my mouth. Steven was right. He couldn’t hold it much longer and started to cum. I didn’t know what to expect so I kept my lips tight around his shaft and pulsed my sucking on his shaft.

As the first pulse of cum started to spread on my tongue I started to panic. What the fuck am I doing? Oh my God, Oh my God. The pulses continued. Heavy at first but lessening with each pulse. The cum started to seep out of my mouth and down shaft. I could feel it in my mouth, on my lips and on my chin and now covering my hand. I slipped his cock out of my mouth and stopped for a second. With my hand tight around the shaft I stroked him, once, twice, three times. Finally I squeezed tightly and pressed my thumb against the underside of his cock and moved my hand to the tip. A little bead of cum appeared at the tip.

“Is that how you do it?” I asked as I closed my lips on the tip of Steven’s cock and licked the cum.

I stopped and looked up at Steven and said “I think we made a mess.”

“I’ve never cum this often or this quickly. What are you doing to me?”

“Well,” I paused. “I think that was called a blowjob.”

I crawled up next to Steven and was about to lay down when he said, “Come here and kiss me.”

I shook my head side to side and turned my face away from Steven. “No, I’m a mess.”

Steven grabbed me and flipped us over. I was on my back with Steven suddenly on top of me.

“Stop. You don’t want to kiss me right now.”

“Why? Because of a little cum,” Steven said and leaned down and passionately kissed me. “I don’t care about that. I care that you did something so intimate and beautiful and really fucking amazing.”

I started to blush and looked away.

“I think you should practice at least another ten, maybe twenty times over the next week. I’m perfectly willing to let you use my body. I know, I know that’s generous of me but I’m only thinking of you.”

“Cute. It’s nice of you to put yourself out like that,” I blushed. “What you did in the shower was pretty amazing too.”

“What are you talking about?” Steven teased.

“You know what I mean.”

“No, tell me.”

I looked down at Steven’s chest and whispered “That thing you did with your tongue.”

“How is it you’re so silly one second and so shy the next?” Steven asked.

I bit my lip and smiled while I shrugged my shoulders.

“Good because I’m going to do it again.” Steven started by kissing my neck. He continued working his way down between my breasts to my stomach and finally to my pussy. He didn’t stop licking my clit until another leg quivering orgasm had taken hold of my body causing me to grab the sheets and moan out in pleasure.

Steven kept his body between my legs when he came up for a kiss. Thirty minutes ago I was panicked about kissing him after you used is mouth on me, now I didn’t care. The feeling of his tongue was like nothing I had experienced before and I didn’t care that his face was covered with my juices.

“May I make love to you?” Steven asked.

“Yes,” I answered as I placed both hands on Steven’s cheeks and kissed him.

Steven positioned the tip of his cock at the opening of my pussy and pressed lightly. The wetness of my pussy allowed him to slip the tip in without any resistance. I kept my eyes locked onto Steven’s and held my breath. Steven pushed a little more. I inhaled deeply and let out a little whimper. I could feel Steven’s hard cock sliding into me a little at a time. Steven’s eyes were locked onto my face.

“Are you okay?” Steven asked.

“Mmmhhhhh, yup,” I whimpered as I felt a slightly pinching sensation. “Keep going.”

“That’s it. I’m completely in.”

“Don’t move yet.” It seemed like hours but eventually my body started to relax and the pinching pain started to ease.

“Oh my God you’re so tight. You feel amazing,” Steven said.

“Don’t make me laugh.” I whispered as I laughed inside causing a series of pained whimpers to escape me.

Steven slowly started to withdraw his cock.

“No. Don’t stop.”

“I’m not stopped. I’m just starting,” Steven said as the pushed his cock into me.

“OHHHHHH!” I moaned as Steven started to rhythmically ease his cock in and out of me. With each motion the pain started to be replaced with pleasure.

I could hear myself moaning with each thrust. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter with each thrust. Steven’s cock was really starting to feel good inside me. Steven slipped his hand between us and started to caress my clit. I could feel my orgasm getting closer and closer. This time it wasn’t a hammer hitting me but more of a musical crescendo.

As my orgasm hit all the muscles in my pussy clamped down on Steven’s cock. Steven thrusted deep and locked his hips to mine. A mix of pleasure and pain surged through me as he held himself tight. I could feel a mild pulsing inside my pussy. Steven pulled back and thrust deep again. The nerves in my body screamed again as I felt a mix pleasure and pain.

Steven collapsed on top of me and struggled for air. I could feel his heart pounding where his chest was resting on my breasts. As Steven tried to recover he rested on top of me. His spent cock was still inside my pussy. I didn’t want it to end so I kept kissing his soft lips and cheeks. Steven’s cock started to get softer and softer until he finally slipped out of me. I gasped as his cock slipped free.

Steven rolled off of me and onto the bed. As he slipped his arm under my neck an involuntarily quiver rolled over my body. I felt something wet seep out of me. It went down between my butt cheeks and onto the bed. A second quivered shook my body.


“I . . . umm . . . I just felt something wet go down my butt.”

“I think that might be a little cum. There can’t possibly be much after what you’ve done to me tonight.”

“Are you complaining?” I asked with a smile.

“Oh no. Not at all.”

“Well, I have one complaint.”

“Really? What’s that?”

“We did this all wrong.”

“How do you figure?”

“You came on me before you even kissed me. I gave you a handjob and you finally kissed me. You used your tongue on me. I gave you a blowjob. You used your tongue on me again and finally fucked me. But you never once touched my breasts. If I have it right you never got to ‘second base’ tonight. We’re going to have to go back and start all over again.”

Steven laughed and said, “I don’t think I could get it up against if I had to.”

“So I’m either a complete slut or I’m still pretty innocent. I mean think about it. I can still say that no one has gotten to second base with me.” I teased while lightly running my fingers up the length of Steven’s limp shaft.

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