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Sweet Sixteen And Never Been Kissed; Part One.

Sweet Sixteen And Never Been Kissed; Part One.

A sixteen-year-old virgin is introduced to girl-on-girl sex by a school-friend.

I was an unattractive teenager. Even I knew that. Gawky, clumsy, small, no self-confidence at all, and shy to the point of blushing if a stranger even looked at me. I had a tendency to walk with head down and avoiding eye-contact with everyone. Needless to say, the boys were not exactly queuing up to date me.

Not that I had any interest in boys. To be honest, they left me cold and completely uninterested. The nearest I had ever had regarding what might be called "romantic interest" was a few erotic dreams about one of my school-mistresses, and about a girl in the year above mine, who I had seen a few times in Games class when my year shared changing rooms with hers. So it was no wonder that I was quite literally 'Sweet Sixteen and never been kissed'.

It was at the end of a day, after Games, Physical Education, whatever it is called now. I was the last to go for a shower after the lesson, as I had been helping Miss Dawkins to put away the equipment. Hockey, I think it was. As I went for my shower, I noticed one girl was still getting dressed. Karen, the girl I had dreamt about.

I hurried through my shower, wanting to go home, and came out of the wet room in just my towel. I was surprised to see the girl was still there. Having got dressed already, I thought she would have been like the others and dashed off home, this being the last lesson of the day.

As I dried myself, Karen came over to me. She was beautiful, a few inches taller than me, long dark hair, with generous, well-developed boobs, slim shapely legs that looked stunning in her short school skirt, and lips made for kissing. Without a word, she put one hand on my boob, the other going behind my neck and pulling me to her, kissing me.

Without thinking, I gave myself up to her, enjoying my first proper kiss. The towel was forgotten as I melted into her embrace, feeling her hand stroking my boobs. As she pulled away from me, I looked at her face, searching for any sign of mockery or disdain. All I could see were shining eyes filled with affection and a smile that touched my soul. I smiled back at her, getting another kiss as a reward.

"I'm Karen," she announced, "I have been wanting to do that for months."

"I am Marie," I told her, shyly, "why would you want to kiss me?"

She looked at me in astonishment. "Why wouldn't I?" she queried, "you are beautiful. I wish I was as slim and sexy as you."

I gaped open-mouthed at my dream girl telling me how sexy I was. Me?

"Please, don't tease me," I pleaded, "I know what I am, and I don't need making fun of. So, if this is just a joke at my expense, please stop it."

"Oh, my darling girl," she murmured gently, "you really do not know how special you are, do you?"

"How do you mean?" I queried, "what is special about me?"

Karen smiled, passing me my clothes and waiting while I dressed. Then she took my arm, and led me out of the changing rooms, walking me to the school gates.

"Where do you live?" she asked.

I told her, and her smile grew even wider. "Perfect," she told me, "not far from me. Let's go."

As we walked, we talked, or rather she talked and I listened. By the time we reached my house, I was starting to feel comfortable with her. We went in, and Karen asked my Mom if I could go round to her house later. I think Mom was surprised and pleased that I had found a friend at last, and she agreed readily.

 Karen gave me her address and went. This was in those long-ago days before 'social media', in a time where one actually left the house and went to the home of a friend, and spent time with them in person.

After my evening meal, I went around to Karen's, being greeted by her parents. Karen took me up to her bedroom, closing the door behind us, and immediately kissing me, with me responding more clumsily but enthusiastically.

We sat on her bed, talking for a while, and her explaining that where I saw skinny, she saw slim. Where I saw flat-chested, she saw pert, perky boobs. And where I saw shy and awkward, she saw sweet and innocent. Even while we talked, she was stroking her hands over my body, kissing gently and hugging me.

After a while, we heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Quick, stand up," she hissed, "take your top off." I did as she ordered, quickly, not questioning her. As usual, I was not wearing a bra, having taken it off as soon as I got home. She grabbed a top of hers from the wardrobe and started putting it over my head, waiting without putting it on me fully. When her Dad opened the bedroom door, he was greeted with a view of me topless.

"Dad, how could you?" Karen yelled, "I was letting Marie try on that top that was too small for me, and you come barging in when she is half naked."

Her father backed out fast, stammering excuses. Once he had gone, Karen kissed me triumphantly.

"That will make sure he never comes in again without knocking," she told me, "that way we will not get surprised if we happen to be busy kissing or anything else."

I smiled, understanding what she meant by that 'anything else'. Strangely enough, although I had never given it any thought, I suddenly realized we were what most would call lesbians, yet it felt totally natural, not wrong at all.

We spent most evenings either in Karen's room or in my bedroom, my mother having no idea at all that a girl could be attracted to another girl. Or rather, it was something she had never mentioned. It was Saturday before I went to Karen's to find we had the house to ourselves.

"Dad is at work, my brother is out with his mates" she explained, "and Mom is out shopping with a friend, so we are on our own until mid-afternoon."

She took me upstairs and started taking my top off. She looked at me topless, her hand seeming to shake as she reached out to touch a nipple. Nobody had ever touched any part of my body since I was a child, so the touch of her fingers was like an electric charge going through me.

 My nipples were tingling, and when she bent her head and took one nipple into her mouth, it was like fireworks going off. I arched my back, pushing my undersized boobs up towards her mouth and moaning softly. I pulled at her top frantically, and she took it off, and undid her bra, releasing her gorgeous boobs.

She offered them to me, and I eagerly took a nipple into my mouth, teasing the other boob with my hand. Now it was her turn to moan as I teased the nipples to hardness. She finally pushed me back into the bed, her hands grabbing at my jeans, unbuttoning them and pulling them down, along with my panties, leaving me naked.

Her hands started exploring me, teasing tits and inner thighs, belly, ribs, then moving down between my legs. Legs that opened without conscious thought, inviting her probing fingers inside. I had thought nothing could possibly feel better than the way she made me feel when teasing my tits, but her fingers sliding along my slit, flicking my love-button, Oh Wow! That took me to a whole new level of pleasure that I had not even suspected existed.

 I pushed up at her hands, wanting more, needing more. I was told later that I was whimpering as she rubbed, but at the time all I knew was that I had never felt anything like this before and I wanted it to last forever. Karen's fingers slid smoothly inside me, I was already so wet and ready for her. A complete virgin in every way, knowing that was about to change.

She was finger-fucking me smoothly, her other hand rubbing the clit, and my breath was coming in short urgent gasps. Then, the Universe exploded, lights flashing inside my head, and a scream coming from somewhere deep inside me as I experienced my first climax.

I collapsed back onto the bed, not even aware that I had arched upwards as I came. I was almost crying as I dragged Karen onto me, kissing her hurriedly, and holding her as though I was never going to let her go.

"Oh my God, Marie," Karen exclaimed, "was that your first? I had no idea, darling."

I smiled happily at her, nodding my head.

"Show me how to do that to you," I murmured, "I want to make you feel this wonderful."

She took off the rest of her clothing, lying down with legs apart, and letting me explore her body. I had never before touched another person intimately, let alone had a naked girl wanting me to enjoy her. Almost without thinking, my hands were stroking, searching out her sensitive areas, watching her react to my touches.

When I ventured down between her open legs, my fingers traced along her wetness, and I smiled as I watched her squirm while I stroked her. It seemed so natural to bend my head and taste that sweetness, and from the way she reacted to the touch of my tongue, I could tell it was good for her.

I carried on teasing with my tongue, sometimes licking along the slit, at other times, probing into her tightness. My hands were squeezing and rubbing her clit, and she was bucking as I played with her. Then she was grabbing me, hands tangled in my hair, pulling me hard to her and I watched her come for me, feeling a sense of accomplishment and success.

We lay together, hands idly stroking and touching, soft kisses making us smile at each other. We talked, silly girl-talk, telling each other how beautiful they were, how good they tasted, and how good it was to be with them. 

"What kind of vibe do you have?" Karen asked eventually, "or do you have different ones for different times?"

"Vibes?" I questioned, "you mean like in bad vibes, good vibes, the feeling you get from somebody?"

"No, Silly," she laughed, "I mean like sex toys, you know? Vibrators?"

Realisation finally dawned on me, and I blushed, ashamed of my ignorance. "I am sorry, you must think I am so stupid, not knowing what you meant. I don't have any," I confessed, "never had one. To be honest, I would not know where to get one from."

Karen looked at me in amazement.

"You are not stupid, just sweet and innocent. Did your mother never tell you about them?" she asked, "or a friend?"

"Mom never talks about sex," I admitted, "and I have never had any friend I could talk to about sex."

"Well, you have one now," she assured me, "and I am going to educate you properly, sexy girl."

She leaned over me, reaching into the drawer of her bedside cabinet, and coming back with several vibes. She looked through them, before deciding on a medium sized one, about six or seven inches long and slim.

"This one will do nicely to start you with," she informed me, "as you are new to it, you need a nice slim one. We can get you bigger and thicker ones when you are ready for them."

She lay me back, opening my legs, and slid the vibe into me. Taking my hand, she put it on the base of the vibe, showing me how to turn it up higher. She released my hand and sat back.

"Okay, now you use it on yourself," she told me, "and you can keep that one. Just hide it where your Mom won't find it."

I looked at her in surprise. She wanted me to use the vibe on myself while she watched? That sounded wrong, yet it produced a lovely tingle inside me. I started to pump the vibe in and out, reveling in the sensations it created, and feeling so naughty as I saw Karen smiling at me while she watched.

I started off slowly, but as my arousal grew, I felt the need to turn it to full speed, and then I was pumping it harder and faster, vibe-fucking myself in front of my lover, until I came hard, screaming in pure pleasure. I was trembling as I slid it reluctantly out of my soaking pussy. Karen lay on top of me, kissing my face and neck, and I was responding to her kisses.

"That looked so sexy, darling," she whispered into my ear, "it makes me want you again."

"You can have me anytime you want, my wonderful lover," I told her, "anytime, anyway. You must know that I am yours."

She smiled, and arranged me so that our legs were scissored, with me lying flat and her kneeling. She lifted one of my legs high, resting it against her shoulder, and started rocking back and forth, rubbing her pussy and clit against mine. I had never imagined anything could feel this good, and I lay helpless, her willing sex-toy, as she pussy-fucked us both to an incredible climax that left us laid back tangled together, our pussies twitching and tingling.

We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon playing and exploring each other. Then when Karen thought her Mother or brother could be back anytime, we spent the rest of the day with her showing me ways to look better, and making me feel much more confident and secure in who I was.

The effectiveness of her teaching was evident later that afternoon when we were downstairs in the kitchen, getting drinks, and her older brother, Richard, a gorgeous eighteen-year-old, along with one of his mates, actually started to hit on me, until Karen warned them off. It seemed the Ugly Duckling was turning into a swan.

"Never let yourself be caught on your own by those two," she warned, "they will have your knickers off and your legs in the air before you can yell for help."

I laughed at the idea. "Karen, they would never even look at me with you around," I told her, "why should they?"

She kissed me softly. "Marie, you are so innocent," she admonished me, "did you not see the bulge in Richard's jeans as he was stood close to you? Believe me, sexy darling, unless you want to be fucked by them?"

"No, of course I don't," I protested, "why would I when I have you to make me scream with pleasure?"

"We have not even started your education yet," Karen murmured, "I have so much more to teach you. Today was just the first day of your lessons, pretty pussy."



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