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Swimming Pool

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Erica and Andrew were best friends. They'd known each other for years. Erica was 18, and had just graduated from high school. Andrew was 19, and had graduated from the same high school.

Erica was a beautiful girl, with long, flowing brown hair, deep brown eyes, and a marvelous smile.

Andrew was the athletic type. He played high school football and baseball. He was tall, blond, and gorgeous.

All of the girls always wanted Andrew, but none of them ever appealed to him. He always seemed like he was taken, even though he'd never had a real girlfriend. He just never looked for anyone. He had Erica. She was all the girl he needed in his life. Neither of them ever knew it, but secretly, they both wanted each other.

Erica called Andrew one day, and asked him if he'd like to come over to go swimming. It was hot, so he said he'd be over in about twenty minutes. She said okay and they hung up the phone.

Andrew showed up in his swim shorts, a wife-beater, and his towel around his neck. Erica loved the way he looked in that outfit, but would have loved to rip it off of him right there. He walked in the front door and went straight to the backyard where the pool was. Erica ran upstairs to put her bathing suit on. Her bedroom window was right above the pool, so she watched him pull off his shirt and dive in. He came up out of the water and shook out his hair. He noticed that she was watching him and turned around. She quickly looked away and put on her suit.

Andrew was sitting in a lounge chair when she came out to the pool deck.

He jokingly asked her, "Did you enjoy the little show?"

She just laughed and told him she didn't know what he was talking about.

"Oh, come on now, I know you were watching me."

"I was not."

"Okay. You don't have to admit it. I don't mind."

She just looked at him like he was crazy. He got up from the chair and picked her up. She didn't know what he was going to do, so she tried to wiggle her way out of his grasp. She couldn't do it, but she wasn't going to stop. He knew he needed to do something fast, because holding her in his arms like that was making him horny. He didn't want her to know his little secret, so he threw her into the pool.

She came out of the water to realize that he was standing next to her in it. She splashed water at him and tried to swim away. He grabbed her ankle and pulled her closer to him.

"You're beautiful when you fight back, you know that?" he said when she turned over to face him.

"Huh? Thanks, I guess," she answered as their eyes locked together.

She didn't want him to realize how she felt, so she turned away and splashed him in the face.

They splashed around for a while, and then decided to lay out on the deck. They were both very tan from all the time spent on her deck, but they liked to sunbathe, so it was no big deal to get more tan.

Erica went inside to get the sunscreen, so Andrew just lay there for a minute. Erica came back out and asked Andrew if he wanted sunscreen on his back. Without even thinking, he said yes, so she rubbed sunscreen all over his back and the backs of his legs. After she was done, she handed him the bottle and lay down on her towel.

He started to rub the lotion on her back,, when she said, "Wait a sec." and untied the string that held her top in place.

This let the top slip down to the towel and release her 34c breasts. Andrew was in heaven. He had dreamed of what her breasts looked like, and he was so close to them now that he almost couldn't stand it. He was hornier than ever now, but couldn't let on that he wanted her. He gently massaged the lotion into her back and legs, then returned to his towel, lying on his stomach, so she couldn't see the lump in his shorts.

"We've been friends a long time now," Erica said.


"I've been wondering for a while now, why haven't you ever had a girlfriend?"

"I don't know. Why?"

She ties her top again.

"I was just curious."

With that, she got up and dove in to the pool again.

He followed her. He wanted to know what was really on her mind.

She avoided his grasp for a while, but finally he caught her. He sat her on his lap. "Why are you so interested?" he asked her once she stopped trying to get away. "Because... I don't know. I'm just interested. Is that so bad?"

"I didn't say it was bad. I just wanted to know."

"Oh ok. I don't know if I should do this..."

"Do what?"

And she lightly kissed him on the lips.

He released her because he was kind of shocked, and she got off his lap. She looked at him to see his reaction, and he grabbed her by the arm, pulled her close, and kissed her deeply. She didn't want the kiss to end.

She ran her fingers through his hair while he slid his hands down her sides. She jumped a little because it tickled. He moved his hands up her back to the tie of her top. He pulled the string gently and it came loose. Her chest fell free of their restraints and he pulled it over her head. They pressed their bodies together, her chest against his. He backed up slightly and took one of her breasts in his hand. He massaged it with his hand and then began to kiss it. They sank down in the water as he continued to caress her breast with his tongue.

She could feel the lump in his shorts now. She reached down and grasped it in her hand. She gently massaged his cock. He let out a quiet moan. He reached under the water and placed his hand between her legs. She spread her legs farther and he moved her bathing suit to the side.

He massaged her clit with his thumb and teased her lips with his middle finger. Then he pushed his finger past her lips and into her pussy. He pushed it in slowly, so as not to hurt her virgin pussy. She moaned out in pleasure. He slid another finger inside her.

She started moving her hand faster and harder over his hard cock.

He moaned again. "Oh yes, ahhh!"

She was breathing hard now as his fingers kept moving in and out of her.

"Oh, God! Andrew! Yes, yes!"

She moved closer to him and pulled off his swim shorts. He pulled out his fingers and pulled off her bottoms too. She pulled him closer to her and wrapped her legs around him. Andrew kissed her passionately and pushed her down on his rock hard cock. She yelled out but he didn't move away from her mouth.

"Are you ok? Do you want me to stop?"

"I’m fine, don't stop." she breathed to him.

He kissed her again. He pushed her on him again, this time easier. She moaned a little, but it didn't hurt nearly as bad.

They started moving together, pushing the water out from between them. Her muscles started to tense up around him as they moved. He could feel her tight, wet pussy milking his cock. They were both moaning in unison as they both came to orgasm.

She screamed out in ecstasy as she came. The feeling of her warm wetness around his cock pushed him over the edge. He came too, with a roaring moan. His body jerked under her and she felt his warm liquid inside her.

She kissed him passionately and they stayed together for a moment, breathing hard and trying to regain their strength. He got soft again and slid himself out of her.

They continued to hold each other for a few minutes, but then they had to find their clothes again. They both put their suits back on and laid out in the sun. They both fell asleep, laying next to one another.

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